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45 Responses to “Blacks vote for Obama = not racist; Whites vote against Obama = racist!….Really? [Reader Post]”

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    Liberal1 (Objectivity)

    “If black people can support Obama solely on the basis of his skin color and not be accused of racism why aren’t white entitled to support Romney solely on the basis if his skin color and not be accused of racism?”

    Who has ever affirmed the antecedent of this proposition?

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    Nan G

    This black minister Bishop E.W.Jackson, certainly cannot be called ”racist.”
    Yet he calls on black Christians to think very seriously about their loyalty to a political party which has strayed very far from their own closely held values.
    He does not endorse any other party or politician.
    But booing God off the stage during the DNC made a deep impression on him as did other parts of the Democrat Party Platform which go against traditional marriage, for homosexuality and other values issues.

    Blacks are allowed to vote however they want for whatever reason they want…..just like everyone else.
    One thing I despise about Democrats is how they turn on those people who don’t vote how Democrats expect their CLASS or STATUS to ALL vote.
    Thus we have Democrats putting down a woman for perhaps being an ”anchor baby.”
    We have Democrats who call some homosexuals who choose to be conservative, ”self-hating.”
    We have Democrats who call some blacks ”house niggers,” for not voting with their bloc.
    We have Democrats who actually labeled black opponents ”only partly black,” (not a charge they dare make anymore, huh?)
    We have Democrats who label Native American/Alaskan conservatives as ”off the reservation.”
    And so on.
    Who is being shameful?
    Those Democrats who want to box people up based on their XXX-American status and ignore those people’s thinking abilities and freedoms to make up informed decisions for themselves without labels.

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    Hard Right

    @Liberal1 (Objectivity):

    Tell you what, get around a bunch of your fellow liberals and say you’re going to vote for Romney because he’s white. Then tell us what happens. I dare you.
    Get around another group of liberals and say you are voting for obama because he’s black. You’ll see a difference in reaction.

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    Obama plays too much golf. Obama’s plans didn’t work. Obama doesn’t work. Obama is a black failure — he has failed his own kind. The economy sucks. Obama bail-outs failed. Food prices and package shrinkage hurt people. Gasoline prices are TWICE what they were when Bush left office. Obama foreign policy is a failure; and Fast-and-Furious is still killing people. How can you tell that Obama’s fiscal policies are a real failure? The FED is “trying” yet another (3rd-QE) sham to try to prop up the dollar; when actually they are creating INFLATION. Yep! By divining more money — yours is worth-less.

    Oh yes. And the deficit has skyrocketed – a negative – with the Obama stimulus having done N-O-T-H-I-N-G.

    There you have it. Am I a racists? Maybe, but I think not.

    Of the approximately 11% blacks in the U.S., LESS THAN HALF are adults (black youth under 18 are more than 50%). That’s maybe 6% blacks that could vote; perhaps only 4% will vote. Many adult blacks are in prison; many are Christian (anti-same-sex-marriage) and won’t vote for Obama. So where does may 3% get Obama? NOWHERE!

    I’m voting for the white guys. Yeah! Romney and Ryan. Those guys are as white as the driven snow. You gotta love it.

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    Nan G

    Obama tells us all what he feels about doing his job.
    They’re making me do my homework. They’re keeping me indoors all the time it’s a drag.”
    So, he ”played hookie!”
    Obama visited a local campaign office and brought them all pizzas

    He doesn’t know what the national debt was when he took office.
    $1 billion?
    $10 TRILLION.

    He doesn’t know when the election is.
    34 days from now?
    36 days from now.

    What does Obama DO all day?
    We know he didn’t read those Libyan Mission Requests of MORE Security Prior to 9/11/12 Attack.

    But NOT voting for Obama is ”racist!”

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    Hard Right


    1) We are all for prosecuting such crimes regardless of party (unlike you)
    2) Stop trying to derail the thread to distract from the hypocrisy of folks like yourself.

  7. 12


    @Hard Right, #11:

    We are all for prosecuting such crimes regardless of party (unlike you)

    Oh, no doubt. That probably explains why the GOP hired a guy who had a history of serious allegations along similar lines to set up their current registration effort, and insisted that a different company name be used to keep up appearances.

    I would have mentioned this in the appropriate thread, except for the curious fact that there is none.

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    Nathan Blue

    @Greg: Perhaps you should start your own blog, then? I didn’t know FA was supposed to be all-knowing. Go over to HuffPo: the home page is plastered with Pro-Obama nonsense. You’d love it.

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    Didn’t a lot of white [Liberal/Independents] vote for Obama in 2008……because the underlying ‘theory’ was that having a Black President [well, ok – a half black, half white President] would create some kind of ‘healing’ in the Nation?

    Well, sorry, but, from what I am reading….EVEN THAT DIDN’T WORK…Obama is a very divisive person… All his speeches from 2008 [forward with very, very few exceptions] were a crock of bullshit….does anyone really ‘think’ he is trying to ‘heal our Nation’ ???…

    …If anyone wants to argue this point…please explain to me – to everyone just how this President has gone about healing this nation?!?

    Oh, and as far as the [here we go again] racism bullshit….I’ve looked at a good many stills of President Obama ‘campaigning’ with the ‘crowd’ in the picture …. has anyone noticed in the seats or standing just behind Obama’s head/body shot…just how many white people vs black people there is in each particular shot??

    Why is that…I wonder ????

    Go, ahead – check it out…. then allow the racism meme fizzle…flat

    This whole racism bullshit has become such a worn out dish rag….so ignorant…so divisive and such a joke.

    I am an equal opportunity observer….I think ANYONE who votes for OFRAUD with his failed policies and his failed record, let alone his lies – Let them be Black – White – Olive – Latino – Purple – Green they are all Idiots…

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    “That probably explains why the GOP hired a guy who had a history of serious allegations along similar lines to set up their current registration effort, and insisted that a different company name be used to keep up appearances.”

    Greg: “hired a guy” what guy??? What are you talking about???

  11. 16


    @FAITH7, #15:

    Nathan Sproul, and Strategic Allied Consulting.

    The RNC hired his company to conduct 2012 voter registration drives. It’s now being investigated for voter registration fraud in Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Colorado and Virginia. Large sums of money have changed hands. In California, a similar investigation is being conducted of Grassroots Outreach, LLC. That company was discovered to have the same address as Sproul’s Arizona office. Grassroots recruited employees for their California registration activities using ads having identical wording as the Strategic Allied Consulting ads.

    An earlier incarnation of Sproul’s registration company was involved in a 2004 scandal involving allegations of registration fraud. Workers were accused of routinely shredding registration application from likely democratic voters.

    The RNC dumped Strategic Allied Consulting soon after the current story surfaced, but the company had been central to multi-state republican registration efforts since June.

  12. 17


    @Greg: BOHICA man: as an avid internet junkie committed to the removal of the obamination, I am cornfused. What be yee talkin bout mon? How about citing your screed to allow a critical review of the reference/(s); you do understand critical thinking?

  13. 18


    @FAITH7: If you will: “well, ok – a half black, half white President”? Actually: well, ok – less than half-black African P-POTUS (part Egyptian and Arabic = >50%). The only thing 50% about him is white woman with questionable common sense/morals (if he is actually from obama and not Frank Davis).

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    Sua Sponte

    You have to understand that as a cake-eater, Greg is only capable of thread derailment in the face of facts and truth. Admitance to the facts would lead to admittance of fail, a cake-eater no no. So in order to deflect from multiple shortfalls and inadequacies, you toss out some chafe…..

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