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Much like the previous attacks on Romney for having had the audacity of visiting New Orleans after the storm, and several days before the campaigner-in-chief saw fit to do the same, Romney is once again under sieged by Obama’s campaign and by the media for stating the obvious, defending our sovereignty and standing up for one of our most sacred values, our freedom of speech.

Romney was correct to deride the Obamateurish statement out of our embassy in Cairo:

The Embassy of the United States in Cairo condemns the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions. Today, the 11th anniversary of the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States, Americans are honoring our patriots and those who serve our nation as the fitting response to the enemies of democracy. Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy. We firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others.

(“Condemn efforts to offend believers”, Tell that to the Catholics…)

In America we respect the right to free speech, regardless of how insensitive or stupid the speaker may be, anyone doubtful of our commitment to this concept, need not look any further than to our Vice President Joe Biden.

But what I still can’t believe after reading the Cairo statement, is that there are so many people in our state department who are so stuck on stupid as to actually believe, that by saying to a bunch of rabid fanatics that “we don’t want to hurt their feelings”, a pre-orchestrated planned attack to test America’s will, would somehow be averted. Worse yet, is the naiveté of not securing our embassies on the eleventh anniversary of September 11; it is as if this administration truly believes its own rhetoric about “man-made-disasters”, “oversea contingency plan” and that the Fort Hood massacre was nothing more than a “workplace violence” case.

At this point we don’t know if the revolts will spread or be contained, about the only thing that we can say with certainty, is that regardless what happens next, the media will not hold this administration accountable for any of this. On the contrary, as we heard today thanks to an open microphone incident, the Islamofascist are not the media’s swore enemy, their number one enemy is Romney, whom they were all conspiring to discredit and ridicule prior to his press conference today. Never mind that Obama’s press conference consisted of a read a statement and as customary refused to take any questions from the press.

It is said that prior to going into Iraq, Colin Powell told Bush that “if you brake it you own it”, the same is true of Obama’s Arab Spring, he promised us Hope and Change in the Middle East and actively involved us in the removal of Mubarak and Kaddafi. I can’t say that I had any sympathy for either one of them, but at the moment their alternatives seem a lot worse. We changed two dictators who considered themselves our allies or at the very least collaborated with our interests in the region, with two other dictators who hate us and seek to undermine our interests and that of our allies in the region.

Try as he may to distance himself from the “Arab Spring” at this time, the reality is that Obama helped to build that.

PJ Acosta

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  1. 1

    Beth just south of Berkeley and just east of San Francisco

    State Department employees stuck on stupid, mainstream media doing campaign work for Obama through their reporting … so very true, Paul. You must have read, as I did, yesterday’s San Francisco Chronicle: full-court press on Romney’s alleged shooting from the hip, both articles and opinion pieces.

    In the newsrack this morning, USA Today saying Obama’s lead is a problem for Romney; online, Rasmussen has Romney up by 3.

    I concluded the letter to the editor I know the “Comicle” won’t publish with “Tonight you’re going to party like it’s 1979. Tomorrow you’ll be a chapter in someone’s new book, Liberal Media for Dhimmis.”

    Felt good to fire it off into the void anyway.

  2. 2

    Nan G

    I haven’t been home or even near media for a few hours.
    Friday prayers led to more or less violence?
    17 different countries are having ”spontaneous” demonstrations.
    (If you know Muslim countries, the imams and other authority figures tell their mobs when and where to show up and how mad to act when they get there.)
    What’s with all the bomb threats on US college campuses?
    University campuses in Texas and North Dakota were evacuated on Friday after phoned-in bomb threats.
    Real, fake or just exam-avoidance?
    And how can we have had advance warning but not acted to protect threatened embassies?
    Of course now Obama denies it was ”actionable” information.
    And you cannot go part-dhimmi.
    Either you go dhimmi and clamp down on all your underlings (us folks) or you act like free people.
    Hillary has tried to walk an imaginary tightrope as to dhimmitude:

    Sec. Clinton keeps to 2011 UN
    pledge to ‘shame’ and ‘pressure’
    Americans who denigrate Islam

    She not only condemned but also blamed an online film that is offensive to Muslims for the attacks on American diplomatic missions in the middle east. “Let me state very clearly and I hope it is obvious that the United States government had nothing to do with this video,” she said. “We absolutely reject its content and message.

  3. 3


    @Nan G:

    “Let me state very clearly and I hope it is obvious that the United States government had nothing to do with this video,” she said. “We absolutely reject its content and message.

    That’s fine. I can live with that. But what about affirming the right of the film-maker to put out a film like this? Oh. Crickets. I see.

    Back in 1999, Hillary had this to say about the “dung” painting of the Virgin Mary;

    “It’s not appropriate to penalise and punish an institution such as the Brooklyn Museum,” she said.

    That was in response to Guiliani threatening to pull funding for the museum in which it was shown.

    Hillary further added;

    she “would not go to see” The Holy Virgin Mary and said she shared “the feeling that I know many New Yorkers have that there are parts of this exhibit that would be deeply offensive”.

    So, it’s offensive, and she wouldn’t go see it, but to remove funding for the museum showing the art was not “appropriate”. One must believe that her words about the funding were meant as support for “free speech”.

    Except, of course, in the case of this film. No words of support for “free speech” to go along with her condemnation now.

    Hypocrisy? You be the judge.

  4. 4


    It’s going to come out that there was intelligence/forewarning about possible violence and need for added security….not to mention it being anniversary of 9/11. that was never acted on. Coupled with that, it appears our president wasn’t fond of daily intelligence briefings and routinely skipped them (although he reads the paper). As far as Romney being accused of playing politics….While these embassies were burning…Obama, after disavowing the same statement Romney did, skips his daily brief (again)..although took the paper to read…and heads to “Vegas” for a fund raiser. Hmm. That’s not political…no no. Nothing to see here..move along, move along.

    By 3am last night..the exhaustive media coverage of …Mitt Romney’s condemnation of a statement that the WH also took issues with…had come full circle to conclude…. Yes folks, Mitt Romney = G. Bush. So, if you vote for Mitt now…that means you are voting to bring G W Bush back to go on a “yee-haad” in the ME. That makes it easier for Obama…..”politically”to turn this ME debacle into a Romney issue without having to answer any questions. Good job “reporting” by the media.

  5. 5


    @johngalt, #3:

    That’s fine. I can live with that. But what about affirming the right of the film-maker to put out a film like this? Oh. Crickets. I see.

    Don’t you honestly believe that such affirmations might be better made at some point when mobs of Muslim extremists enraged about the insult aren’t surrounding American embassies and the people who have taken refuge inside them?

    Who the hell do we have to make that affirmation for? We all know that we have such a right. It isn’t in doubt. The jackass who made the movie just proved it. We don’t need to assert our rights or protect our rights by provocation that puts our people at even greater danger, do we?

  6. 6


    As a former pro-chice Liberal, the politics of the last three years have converted me to a pro-life, practicing Catholic who will proudly be voting for Mitt Romney and any other conservative running for office in my state in November. The abhorent and horrific pictures I have seen of our Ambassador’s dead body being defiled by the Muslim animals on the internet and the rapidly expanding rioting throughout the Arab world is incomrehensible to this little old lady schoolteacher. God help us and our military and diplomats that Obama’s ignorance and naivete have placed in harm’s way.

  7. 7




    Who the hell do we have to make that affirmation for? We all know that we have such a right. It isn’t in doubt.

    We probably should make that affirmation for the guy who said this because he’s obviously confused on the concept:

    So, the extreme Muslim Egyptian Christian jackass in the U.S. has innocent American blood on his hands, and should be summarily deported back to Egypt, or to any country foolish enough to give him asylum. Personally, I don’t much give a damn what happens to him afterward.

    Resident aliens have no business using the freedoms of a nation that has generously allowed them to enter in a manner that gets citizens of that nation killed.

    Obviously someone is more than willing to have someone deported for exercising their rights under the US Constitution.

    This, ladies and gentleman, is the face of the American Left.

  8. 8


    @Carlye, #6:

    It has been stated that the photos are actually of bystanders moving the man through the crowd and to a hospital following the rocket attack on the area where he had taken refuge. The RPGs set the building afire. Unconfirmed reports are that another American found there was already dead of smoke inhalation.

    I think we shouldn’t jump to any conclusions about what the photos are depicting. You’re seeing “our Ambassador’s dead body being defiled by the Muslim animals” because that’s how you’re interpreting the image. There are people, having no facts beyond what we have, who are encouraging that interpretation. That’s nothing more than exploitation of the man’s death.

  9. 9


    @Aye, #7:

    I’m afraid I’m beginning get past any further wondering about the American right. They’ve tipped their hand, exposed their real priorities, and revealed the shallowness of their values. They’d sell their soul for political advantage–possibly not even being aware that a transaction is underway.

  10. 10

    Big Daddy Rabbit

    The current resident at the White House is not America’s friend. He has made it clear, in his own words, where he stands, where he wll stand with Islam. Until he is out of power and all those that aid and abete him, this country..you and me, as American citizens…are in danger. And the worse part is, you and the other cool-aid drinkers refuse to see it, but if this country goes down, you will go down with it the same as everyone else. Whether you are eaten first or last by the alligator, makes no differnce…you are still alligator food.

  11. 11



    johngalt: That’s fine. I can live with that. But what about affirming the right of the film-maker to put out a film like this? Oh. Crickets. I see.

    Not crickets, johngalt. Perhaps you are the unwilling victim of selective reading. If you feel it’s important for heads of State to reiterate what we, in the US, hold as near and dear – and that other more violent and backwards nations can’t handle emotionally – free speech – it’s there if you look. It’s just you may find the full context of quotes unavailable on some conservative sites.

    Clinton sought to explain to Muslims upset over the film that America has neither the capability nor the desire to censor its citizens.

    “I know it is hard for some people to understand why the United States cannot or does not just prevent these kinds of reprehensible videos from ever seeing the light of day,” she said. “Now, I would note that in today’s world with today’s technologies that is impossible. But even if it were possible, our country does have a long tradition of free expression, which is enshrined in our Constitution and in our law. We do not stop individual citizens from expressing their views no matter how distasteful they may be.”


    Per Neil Munro at the Daily Caller on Sept 12th, he criticizes Obama’s comments as late, but reports:

    “We believe in the First Amendment,” Obama told CBS’s Steve Kroft during an interview arranged days earlier.

    “It is one of the hallmarks of our Constitution that I’m sworn to uphold, and so we are always going to uphold the rights for individuals to speak their mind,” he said, according to a transcript narrated by White House spokesman Jay Carney.

    The transcript was released several hours after Obama had a Rose garden statement to condemn criticism of Islam.


    The Cairo embassy sent out “a press release saying that the film that had disturbed so many Muslims around the world wasn’t representative of what Americans believe about Islam, in an effort to cool the situation down,” Obama claimed.

    In fact, the message labeled criticism of Islam as “abuse.”

    “Respect for religious beliefs is a cornerstone of American democracy [and] we firmly reject the actions by those who abuse the universal right of free speech to hurt the religious beliefs of others,” said the Cairo embassy statement, which was released and reiterated before and during the Islamist riot.

    Mr. Munro negatively views the Embassy release, annoyed that they criticized Bacile’s irresponsible film as “abuse” of free speech, but then goes on to “abuse” the embassy in the same way with his own criticism. Does that also not infringe on their rights to express criticism of Bacile? Sometimes people don’t think things thru clearly….

    However if you want to be bipartisan in your criticism of not making a point of mentioning “free speech”, you might want to read Kevin Koffler’s White House Dossier, who’s annoyed that Romney didn’t expound on our Constitutional rights when criticizing the “Bacile’s” distasteful production either. He gave kudos only to John Boehner, who mentioned it (probably, not sure of the timing of each person’s comments) first.

    Since then, probably even Romney’s come out and used the words that you pine to hear… 1st Amendment or free speech. Don’t know. But I think that’s likely a given. To put this simply for some of our vocabulary challenged types loitering here, everyone “defends” the right of Bacile to be an outspoken bigot, but only a few “support” his bigotry.

  12. 13


    “According to Arabic sources, the demonstrations sparked by The Egyptian Salafists planned for Friday 14th, 2012 seem to have transferred away from being about the filom that insulted Prophet Muhammad and toward enforcing the rights of police officers and military to grow beards.


    Egyptian Salafists, the party that sparked the riots all over the Middle East……………..

    declares its participastion today in a demostration to be launced from Omar Mosque to Tahrir Square after Friday prayers in solidarity with bearded police officers. The Salafist front emphasized the following, that the Beard is a right guaranteed by Sharia.

    It’s Beard Day and most of Egyptian media announced the demostration………………………..

    This brings us to another point: Why would there be a “beard day” when it’s supposed to be “Muhammad film day”?

    Answer: it’s not about a film. It’s about enforcing Sharia as the Salafists promised, both “locally and globally”.


    So who do we believe? A former Muslim who was involved in terrorism and keeps a close eye on the Middle East or FA pundits who are looking for scapegoats?

  13. 14


    @Greg: Greg, as***les like you and the other lefties were placing all of our troops at risk while I was in Iraq. Go look at all of the stupid things you liberals did that created additional danger for us. Curt documented all of the AP stories (fraudlent) concerning a non existen CPT Jamiel. Look at all of the liberals who traped into Iraq to get their photo taken. Oh, that is right. you lefties reserve the right to be selective on who has the right to say things that place our government employees at risk!

  14. 16


    And Hillary Clinton is a slug who talks out of both sides of her ass.

    “Two days after an act of war was committed against the United States in both Egypt and Libya, on sovereign American territory, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was in the Ben Franklin Room in Washington, D.C. celebrating the end of Ramadan (Eid Murbarak). withher was Ali Sulaiman Aujali, Libya’s Ambassador to the United States, who resigned from that position under Gadhafi in early 2011 but became Libya’s Ambassador to the U.S. again in August of that year.

    Here is how Clinto began her speech, via the State Department website:

    Good evening, and although I am many weeks overdue in saying it: Eid Murbarak. No matter how belated we are honoring Eid and the end of Ramadan, this is a cherished tradition here at the State Department. And I would like to thank all of you for being here, including the many members of the Diplomatic Corps.

    Tonight, our gathering is much more somber than any of us would like. This comes during sad and difficult days for the State Department familyl. We lost four Americans. They were good and brave men. They were committed to the cause of building a brighter future for the people of Libya. And we condemn the violence in the strongest terms, the violence against our posts in Benghazi, in Egypt, and now in Yemen.

    The Libyan ambassador is with us tonight, and I want to take a moment to thank him for the support that his government, and the Libyan people, have shown to the United States in this tragedy, particularly the outpouring of feelings of grief and loss because of the killing of our ambassador.

    Ambassador Aujali, would you mind saying a few words?”

    You got that? Celebrating Eid is a “tradition” of the American State Department. Since when? Hillary, speaking for the White House, condemns the assassination of four Americans. CONDEMNS. Not one word about how we will no longer tolerate the total disrepect of Americans in the Middle East who were there to help establish peace. Well, now, I’m sure that Hillary’s tough talk is causing the Libyan government sleepless nights.

    And she thanks the Libyan people. Who the hell does she think assassinated those four Americans? The Poles? Maybe the French? Perhaps they were really Irishmen posing as Arabs of Libya? Who were tasked with guarding our Consulate in Libya? Oh, that’s right, THE LIBYAN MILITARY.

    And why the hell is the Libyan ambassador still on American soil after an act of war? Especially one that supported the release of the Lockerbie bomber, Abdel Baset al Megrahi from a Scotland jail because he felt that Megrahi was wrongly convicted of a act of terrorism. Not to mention that one month before becoming ambassador again, he spoke at the annual Islamic Society of North America convention, and was introduced by none other than Ahmed Rehab, Executive Director of CAIR-Chicago.

    The visa of every Lybian in the United States should be revoked immediately and their consulate shut down with their ambassador expelled, with a note pinned to his jacket that tells the Lybian government, no one more immigrant, not one more dime, until you get your act together. When your people are starving, tell them the Bank of the U.S. Taxpayer got closed on September 11, 2012.

    This kissing of radical Islamic Middle Eastern ass on the part of our government has got to end. Islamists respect two things; power and strength and all the appeasing will only serve to get more Americans murdered. And it seems that Hillary is helping facilitate those coming deaths.

  15. 17



    If you’re trying to make a point and hurl personal insults, retire, you’ve failed on both counts.

    First, as Shoebat points out, the protest movement that the Islamists want to keep charged have (and I quote) “transferred away from being about the film that insulted Prophet Muhammad”. Real world translation for the reading challenged? The film was their excuse (metaphorically) yesterday, and (metaphorically) tomorrow’s excuse will be something else. So it’s hard to convince anyone… most especially those who actually may be protesting the film for genuine intents in the crowd… that the film had *no* influence on the events, because it did. And that was what it was supposed to do. That’s failure #1.

    Failure #2? Again with deplorable translation skills, and accusations of “scapegoats”.. which is obviously directed at me. The problem with your all or nothing mentality – of which you don’t suffer from alone – is it has no place in the real scheme of things. Incidents like Bacile’s film today, Terry Jones Qu’ran burning last year, or the rhetoric that flamed during the days of the Cordoba House are akin to Islamic/Alinsky tools, used to keep the moderate Muslim masses disgruntled with the West and Zionists. It’s designed to portray the West as filled with those that hate all of Islam, and to bring moderate Muslims into their fold as the lesser evil. I’m quite sure than if anyone over there bothered to read FA, that would bolster their case.

    Bacile’s film production is not a “scapegoat”, it is a propaganda tool that benefits only the Islamists. Bacile himself? He’s not a “scapegoat” either. In fact, it was he and Sudak… supposedly Egyptian Coptic Christians and sworn enemies of Islamists – who passed the film to a fundamentalist Egyptian News outlets for broadcast in the days prior to Sept 11th.

    Now ask yourself… why would an (alleged) Egyptian Coptic provide an anti-Muslim film to their enemy – a hard liner Egyptian Islamist commentator – to air on local broadcasts before the events?

  16. 18



    Obviously I hit a never with you. Ummmm, could there be a reason for that, or are you just defending yourself against a mythical foe?

    KMA, I am through with you and your policy of insulting those you don’t agree with. Take it to the alley. That’s where you belong.

  17. 19

    Nan G

    Obama proposes BIG CUTS in Protection of Foreign Missions.
    Obama’s Sequestration Plan Would Cut $1.084 Billion From The State Department’s Diplomatic And Consular Program, Including $2 Million For The Protection Of Foreign Missions And Officials, And $129 Million For Embassy Security, Construction, And Maintenance. (“OMB Report Pursuant To The Sequestration Transparency Act Of 2012,” Office Of Management And Budget, pp. 135-136, 9/14/12)

    See it here:

  18. 20



    Gosh darn, retire… what will I do without such stimulating and intelligent discourse in the future… /sarc It’s about time that you’re “through” with me… again. Can you stick to it this time? Pretty please?

  19. 23



    We all know that we have such a right.

    Except when we don’t, which you alluded to in the posting that Aye quoted. Or now, when you say this;

    We don’t need to assert our rights or protect our rights by provocation that puts our people at even greater danger, do we?

    Do we all agree with the film? Have there been other films, other written works, other art, that we don’t all agree with? But you called for the film-maker’s deportation. That’s essentially censorship, Greg. Censorship by threat of removal of the person responsible. Don’t ever claim to hold up the mantle of free speech again, Greg. You will be called on it.

  20. 24



    Not crickets, johngalt. Perhaps you are the unwilling victim of selective reading.

    Hmmm. I must have missed that. I admit that what Hillary said in that statement I can agree with.

    The statements from Hillary that I gathered were from Tuesday and Wednesday.

    Was she merely making up, on Thursday, for her lack of free speech support on Tue/Wed.? I don’t know. I’ll give her the bod, though, and assume that it wasn’t due to that, but merely that on Thursday, after the initial situation died down somewhat, a more reflective and complete statement could be made.

  21. 26

    another vet

    @Randy: You mean the lefties who called us and Bush war criminals and the insurgents, AQ, and the other terrorist groups freedom fighters? Amazing how those anti-war protestors went away after the 2008 elections. Think those die hard supporters of the troops were connected to the democrats?

  22. 27



    Read my post #16, and then tell me if you still agree with Hillary, or her actions. Remember, her Muslim ass kissing was done yesterday, while the bodies of four Americans were not even enroute to the States yet.

  23. 29


    @johngalt, #23:

    That’s essentially censorship, Greg.

    That is essentially venting of what I consider to be totally justifiable anger. Although, if this guy were in fact subject to deportation on some legitimate basis, I wouldn’t be the least bit upset to see the country rid of him. He apparently has a long criminal history; now his irresponsible actions from the safety of the United States have gotten good people killed.

    I have no problem with his exercise of free speech. I strongly encourage him to exercise it somewhere else. Rights come with responsibilities. To ignore the responsibility is not a defense of the right. It’s a backhanded attack on it.

  24. 30



    @MOS 8541, I’ll try to keep that in mind. Altho sometimes the amusement is oh so tempting… LOL

    @johngalt, the TPM article quoting Hillary was dated Thurs at 11AM, and stated that she said that on Thursday. So it had to have been in the Thursday morning hours. I believe the point that conservative Hill reporter, Kevin Koffler, was making is that none of them… Obama, Hillary or Romney, brought in the free speech bit until later in the game. He only gave credit to Boehner for coming in with it first.

    And speaking of credit… or perhaps not unfairly singling out Greg alone… there have been others who have called for the filmmakers’ deportation, or even more.

    Ditto mentioned it, tho it’s hard to tell if he’s only half or all the way serious since while deporting to Egypt, he wanted to telegraph them he was coming. Considering that Bacile/Sadak both provided the Egypt hardliner broadcaster, Sheik Khaled Abdalla, and other Egyptian networks with his work of art, he might be hailed as a hero. A bit odd for an alleged Copt to be actively distributing anti-Muslim material to Egyptian media, don’t you think?

    Dave Brickner wants to deport everyone who voted for Obama, plus the POTUS if he’s found to be here illegally.

    And Michelle wants to deport *all* Muslims, plus “blow the country off the map”.

    I seem to remember someone saying round up all the Libyans in America, but can’t remember who.

    Kinda silly since “Bacile” says he a citizen. But then, he hasn’t been honest about anything yet, so who knows. If he did this to facilitate attacks deliberately, since the cumulative actions give off a very suspicious odor, then deportation is too good for him. Trial and sentencing for aiding terrorists is in order. But the point is the emotional hyperbole is not confined to Greg.

  25. 31


    Beth just south of Berkeley and just east of San Francisco
    hi again, nice to have you visit,
    yes it is nice to let it go, and you must be able to take a lot of pressure,
    because we haven’t hear from you in a while,

  26. 33



    And speaking of credit… or perhaps not unfairly singling out Greg alone… there have been others who have called for the filmmakers’ deportation, or even more.

    To be fair, Mata, Greg is the only one of those addressing my comments.

  27. 34



    You know, Greg, your language and comments are more damaging to your viewpoint than any I could issue here. Please, by all means, keep talking about free speech and deporting people for it. Don’t be surprised, though, if someone comes along and compares you to the Gestapo, or Soviet Secret Police.

  28. 36

    Nan G

    In 2008 the DNC Platform spoke against guns adding that, “what works (in super-tight gun control laws) in Chicago might not work in Cheyenne.”
    In 2012 the DNC dropped the “what works in Chicago,” part of their platform.
    To this day the Chicago Tribune has been showing that Obama’s strict gun control laws have NOT worked for Chicago.
    He helped build that!

    8 wounded, 3 dead in city shootings FRIDAY.
    Each shooting victim is mentioned.
    Up until Friday, the Tracking homicides in Chicago site listed ONLY 10 dead this September compared with 39 in September 2011.
    Make that 13 this month and time for many more.
    So far, in all of the Islamic protests four Westerners and 7 Muslims are dead, no word on the wounded.
    Obama helped build that, too.

  29. 37


    I guess we’ll all just have to take it with a grain of irony that the film in question was intended to express that the peaceful, tolerant religion of Islam/Muslims is an immoral, intolerant, and violent cult?

  30. 39


    I was witness to a pack of 5 coyotees being chase away by 2 eagles who had killed a baby deer ,
    it happenned about 50 feet away of my eyes, and the two eagles ate and left after a few minutes, and the 5 coyotes came back and ate, and after a few minutes, one who seem to be the chief, he was also the biggest one he picked up one leg and start moving away, and the four followed him until they disappear from my view in the thick woods another at least 75 feet without dropping that quite big enough leg of the deer.

  31. 40

    Nan G

    Egypt won!
    “The U.S. State Department is currently in negotiations with the Egyptian government for the transfer of custody of Omar Abdel-Rahman, also known as “the Blind Sheikh,” for humanitarian and health reasons, a source close to the the Obama administration told The Blaze.”

    You saw all the posters.
    This is what they really wanted.
    He will live like a hero.
    Our own Lockerbie bomber freed to the terrorists who he is worshiped by.

  32. 41

    P Acosta

    @Nan G: And in spite of all this, how is it possible for so many Americans to even consider re-electing this guy? It is as if half of the country lives in an alternative world.

  33. 42

    Nan G

    @P Acosta:
    Over his years in office Obama has done very few things.
    He dithers.
    He golfs.
    He gives speeches.
    And most relevant to this posting, #40, he sends up trial balloons.
    What reception will this idea get?
    If Obama doesn’t lose some of his base over it, or enough of his swing voters, he might just do it.
    OTOH, if Obama sees that people would be outraged by it….despite his attempts to bring us all to the point of ”outrage fatigue”….he won’t do it.

  34. 43



  35. 44



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