Hit The Road Barack, And Don’t You Come Back No More

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It’s Newsweek, the title of the cover article reads, “Hit The Road, Barack”, and the Left has their collective panties tied in a knot. It has not a been pretty sight, but perhaps Newseek’s new editor, Tina Brown, has realized there is no honor or dignity in being another propaganda rag for a failed president and following him into oblivion and ignominy.

Ferguson wrote:

Welcome to Obama’s America … nearly half the population is not represented on a taxable return — almost exactly the same proportion that lives in a household where at least one member receives some type of government benefit. We are becoming the 50–50 nation — half of us paying the taxes, the other half receiving the benefits.

We are fast becoming a two-tier nation, a small band of makers and an increasingly large band of takers.

You may remember the song:

There is irony aplenty, and fate’s rewards for hubris is waiting just down the road for many.

The article was written by Niall Ferguson, a Brit who chose America over Britain, because of the higher standards of intellect; although, he may have second thoughts on that judgement, after reading the sanctimonious and childish outrage from his Liberal peers.

Ferguson has committed academic hearsay and political blasphemy; he has criticized Barack Obama. In fact, he pointed out the failures of the Obama Administration, not with lies and innuendo, but with facts and logic.

Ferguson writes:

-The total number of private-sector jobs is still 4.3 million below the January 2008 peak.

– Since 2008, 3.6 million Americans have been added to Social Security’s disability insurance program.

– Growth in 2011 was an anemic 1.8%. Obama had predicted it would be 4%.

– Without the the stimulus, the Obama administration predicted unemployment would be 6% by now. With the stimulus, it was supposed to be 5.6%. In reality, “official” unemployment is 8.3%, but that doesn’t count the millions who have simply given up looking for work.

– Real median annual household income has dropped more than 5 percent since June 2009.

These are the economic predictions Obama based his presidency upon, courtesy of the geniuses like Krugman, who is always ready to paint a rosy picture of Socialism and the corruption of Obama. Read carefully: without the stimulus, unemployment would be at 6%, with the stimulus it would be at 5.6%. Simply amazing, these intellectual goofs still have the audacity to defend their abilities and ideology, but that is an inherent flaw of basing policy on Socialist ideology, those in charge only resort to facts and the truth when they fit within the confines of the ideology. However, to be fair, the economists failed to factor in the Green Energy Scams like Solyndra and the felonious deals with the unions which became massive drains on stimulus funds and the legitimate money supply. In the future, under corrupt Liberal administrations, economists will need to factor in the actual cost of corruption of crony capitalism, since that money disappears from the economy and can never be considered part of a legitimate stimulus or budget; still, you’d think they were aware of the situation, but maybe they couldn’t predict the massive scope of Obama’s corruption.

The phony intellectuals of the Left who continuously carry water for Obama are birthing cats because one of their own had the audacity to point out the overwhelming failures of the Obama Administration. Failures that have been made patently obvious by Obama basing his entire campaign on why you shouldn’t vote for the Romney/Ryan ticket. Romney hates women, wants to kill grandma, puts his dog on the roof of his car instead of eating it, and he is a felon who runs a mean campaign. Without these facts, Obama wouldn’t have a campaign platform.

Ferguson writes:

“America under this president is a superpower in retreat, if not retirement.”

Let Krugman and his circle jerk group of self-righteous friends from academia rage in mock indignation, they only expose their banality and partisan ideology, but for the common man who doesn’t write for the NYT (Where they refuse to publish commentary with the slightest hint of a counter argument or sarcasm; thus they always have fawning reviews and complete acceptance of their fair haired writers like Krugman, if there is no negativity, it doesn’t exist, one of the main precepts of a totalitarian press.) or have a cushy job with tenure at Harvard, Ferguson’s words relate all too easily the harsh reality of everyday life:

Far from developing a coherent strategy, he believed — perhaps encouraged by the premature award of the Nobel Peace Prize — that all he needed to do was to make touchy-feely speeches around the world explaining to foreigners that he was not George W. Bush.

Thus the dubious signs of theoretical recovery being heralded by Obama’s sycophantic economists become a bit tiring to the man facing the loss of his business and his home. Yes, Krugman and his Socialist synchronized tail-wagging economists don’t really face reality; they are content to tell us repeatedly that failure is success as if they were on a continuous commercial sound loop for Obama.

Andrew Sullivan

My old and good friend Niall Ferguson has written an essay arguing against re-electing Obama. So for the second time in four years, we will be backing separate candidates. One reason is that I believe that the Bush-Cheney wars turned out to be disastrous and a second war against Iran could be catastrophic. Niall has had no such change of heart and remains an advocate of American imperial power. Another is that I do not share Niall’s view of the Obama administration’s record, which I think he massively – and rather self-evidently – distorts.

Oh, how useful the creation of a straw man can be, when you have no facts or wit to offer a counter-point.

James Fallows

As a Harvard Alum, I Apologize….

And in reply, Ferguson writes: “As an Oxford alum, I laugh.”

James Fallows droned on with a pathetic attempt at condescension:

You should read the article for yourself, but a few other highlights:

– “Remarkably the president polls relatively strongly on national security.”

Remarkably the name Osama bin Laden does not appear in this article.

– On Afghanistan and Iraq: “Understandably, the men and women who have served there wonder what exactly their sacrifice was for, if any notion that we are nation building has been quietly dumped. Only when both countries sink back into civil war will we realize the real price of Obama’s foreign policy.”

The men and women who served in Iraq and Afghanistan were not told that “nation building” was the reason for their sacrifice. A review of the relevant history will reveal that they were sent in to rout the Taliban and al Qaeda, and to prevent Saddam Hussein from exercising his impending threat to use weapons of mass destruction. Everything since then has been “mission creep” of a spectacular variety, and unlike Ferguson most Americans view it as a success rather than failure of Obama’s to be reducing rather than expanding America’s commitment in both wars.

“Understandably, the men and women who have served there wonder what exactly their sacrifice was for, if any notion that we are nation building has been quietly dumped.” For those who like grammar, I offer this sentence as an example of the superior writing skills of these intellectual elites.

From Brad Delong’swebsite, we have this enlightened writing espousing freedom of thought and expression that is so important to the Left.

Fire his ass.

Fire his ass from Newsweek, and the Daily Beast.

Convene a committee at Harvard to impose proper sanctions on this degree of intellectual dishonesty.[1]

There is a limit, somewhere. And Ferguson has gone beyond it.

Ferguson’s wit is finely honed; yet his detractors left themselves vulnerable to comedic evisceration.

Oh, the irony: “Convene a committee at Harvard to impose proper sanctions on this degree of intellectual dishonesty.” We shall ignore Brad’s deviant assault on grammar and concentrate on his higher intellectual standards.

From Roger Kimball:

Ferguson’s whole piece is worth reading; I’ll confine myself to two bits. Responding to what Ferguson says about Obama’s notorious “You didn’t build that” speech, one critic says: “It’s bizarre that Ferguson thinks government policies didn’t help create America’s middle class. America was the first country to make high school compulsory.” Ferguson:

Fact checked and — oh no! I really did get that wrong. It was the government that created the middle class, as well as the Golden Gate Bridge! Remind me to tell Karl Marx about this. It will come as news to him that, contrary to his life’s work, the superstructure in fact created the base. (Come to think of it, this is going to come as shock to a lot of American liberals too. Imagine! The state actually created the bourgeoisie! Who knew?)

What is important above all else, in this bit of tortured silliness among effete pontificating intellectual snobs, is that a former propaganda medium for the Left seems to have realized, portraying failure as success leads to inevitable failure. Economists like Ferguson and other Liberals have seen their ideals and philosophy perverted and corrupted by the lowest forms Chicago machine politics; the best they can do is to disavow Obama’s crony Capitalism form of statism and regroup with more honest and reliable politicians. Obama’s persona was based entirely on lies and deceit. This type of administration can only function until the lies are no longer believed; at that point, the deception falls apart. Krugman and his fellow prevaricators are unwilling to concede defeat; for them, there is still a slight chance of salvaging the Obama presidency and their reputations as well. Unfortunately for them, honesty and integrity will prevail in the long run. If they choose to ride the stricken Obama ship onto the breakers of defeat and humiliation, they will become even more meaningless and insignificant in the future. It’s entirely up to them, Ferguson saw the light and bailed in time to save his reputation and integrity.

A professional horseman for over 40 years, Skook continues to work with horses. He is in an ongoing educational program, learning life's lessons from one of the world's greatest instructors, the horse. Skook has finished an historical novel that traces a mitochondrial line of DNA from 50,000 years ago to the present. It goes to the copyeditor next month.

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  1. 1


    Honesty and integrity. A strange mix in the liberal circles for sure.

    One wonders though just how much of the Obama Propaganda Ministry will actually come to their senses on the issues. A co-opted media is a great tool for any wanna be dictator or hard core Socialist type (of which I honestly feel Obama leads the pack) but as I have said in the past, the media should be on edge. As everything else connected to the tyrants through all of history, one something or someone has served their purpose, they become the hunted . Media types beware. You will be expendable especially if the lemmings (Oops. I’m sorry. I mean the electorate!) finally stops believing the blatant lies and filth you are spewing.

    Great analysis as always and we get the Great Ray Charles to boot! A fabulous way to start a Saturday morning!

  2. 2


    Joe, I am glad you enjoyed the read. I tried to be as mean-spirited and condescending as the Liberal/Progressive critics; although, like Ferguson, I threw in a little wit to get a slight smile from the reader.

    Ferguson is being hammered by these intellectual lightweights and he certainly doesn’t need relief from me, but I enjoyed reading the flawed writing and logic of America’s elite intellectuals; with dimwits like these advising and cheering on Obama, he and more importantly we didn’t have a chance.

    Welcome to the world of manure economics, courtesy of Obama and his eggheads.

  3. 4


    NEIL Amstrong just died,

  4. 6


    Greg you are just as touchy as the intellectual elites at he prospect of a propaganda rag breaking rank. It’s true Newsweek has been a Liberal rag for decades, but we take solace in the prospect of them offering a different perspective, almost as much as the Left’s indignation at the idea of expressing a non-conforming idea. You responded on cue with a predictable response, much like the elite economists and their mock horror.

    I am traveling across hundreds of miles of desert, self-righteous cries of righteous indignation will probably wait until this evening for a response. This one is being sent over a phone and I am much more reliable with a regulation keyboard.

    RIP fearless astronaut who was a hero to so many, Vaya con dios.

  5. 7

    James Raider

    Good one Skook. It is not surprising to see the avalanche of reaction to the Ferguson article.

    Tina Brown is skating away in fear by saying she doesn’t agree with most of the article, and claims she published it to stimulate discussion. Whatever her motives, the response from the uninformed and myopic socialists, which is filled with hate, and lies, is very obvious. The attacks on Ferguson and on Newsweek, from all corners of the MSM is absurd beyond reason.

    Perhaps this will prove to be positive. The middle 20% sway-able can’t view these attacks as anything but idiotic ideological and indefensible bluster, attempting to defend a vacuous and corrupt leader.

  6. 8


    Yes, now we have Abramson of the NYT acting horrified that her editor accused her ever so slightly of having a Liberal bias, along with the rest of the staff. (After subscribing for two years and not having one comment published during that interval, I have dropped my online subscription, they only accept profound Liberal bias commentary)

    Abramson and the Times are going to do an internl investigation of fact checking to see if there is indeed Liberal bias. Oh how utterly ridiculous, that’s like denying the Democrats stood for segregation and suppressing the Black vote. At least, until they figured out how the enslave Blacks without chains.

    An internal investigation to see if there is bias, now that is rich food for laughter. Yet when a respected propaganda rag like Newsweek publishes a dissenting view they jump like their panties are on fire.

  7. 9

    James Raider

    @Skookum: #8,

    Abramson and the Times are going to do an internl investigation of fact checking to see if there is indeed Liberal bias. Oh how utterly ridiculous,

    Absolutely. This is rather conclusive evidence that they lack basic intelligence. The whole lot of them. Even if there’s a smart one in the bunch, he/she won’t have the guts to risk the job.

    If they’re too blind to grasp their own biases, how can they be trusted to present the public anything of significance to the country? They can’t. It has been many years since I first stopped relying on anything from the NYT for anything of value. It’s a truth that once trust is lost, it’s impossible to regain. For me all trust for them vacated the premisses well over 20 years ago. Sounds like there are many of us who hold that perception.

  8. 10


    GIVE AN OXEN PULL DEMO, with two OXENS weighing 3510 pounds and pulling 5000 pounds of weight,

  9. 11


    Bees, I need the link. That is my kind of video. Do you see why they were used to pull the wagons to the west coast. They can eat almost anything on the trail, where horses would be starving. I need to capture their true value in the old days because most people today have no idea wonderful and important these beast of burden were in those early days .

  10. 12


    I read that on my local paper and the black and white picture is on it, there are no way I can make a link
    and I wouldn’t know how to start, but you can take my word on it, when I SAW THAT, IT MADE ME THINK OF THAT AMERICAN FARMER saying he had a visit from an government employee telling him he was not allow this and that for his child to help, and so on, he was so upset,and shaken, by that ignorant telling him how to do his job, it really hit me too, and that OXENS SHOW PICTURE FROM A 11 YEAR OLD CONNECTED ME WITH THE GOOD FARMER, HE HAD A SON ALSO YOUNGER WHICH LOVED HIS COW, AND WAS ASSIGN JOBS ON HIS DAD’S FARM.

  11. 13


    @James Raider: James: I wholly agree with you. I have always accepted donations of left over NYTs editions for use as pan liners for my parakeets and shred the papers for use potty training puppies. I surely wouldn’t, and have never wasted even 1 cent of a NYT’s edition.

  12. 15

    Nan G

    The RNC is planning on being kinder to Obama than Newsweek.
    Their convention theme is based around the idea of Obama: “nice guy but failed President.”
    This really cuts off Obama at the knees over his extremely nasty and untrue allegations against Romney.
    Romney is NOT a Felon.
    Romney is NOT a murderer.
    Romney is NOT a tax evader.

    But, hey, Obama goes with what he thinks will work for him.
    Why he wants anther 4 years is beyond me.
    All he does is avoid the job.
    Ever check his daily ”work” schedule?
    It is sort of ”sleep in, then take the rest of the day off.”

  13. 16


    Marine 72
    you won’t believe how I spend my day, today.
    I have been searching to find the paper which I copied my comment from,
    I just found it among a multiple cut out news papers,
    every time I like some part, I cut it out, and I ARRIVED AT A COLLECTION SO BIG, I DIDN’T KNOW WHERE I had put this one, so I had to go through all of them, and you know the reality always happen on the last paper of the humomgous amount in the two big box of cut out.

  14. 17

    James Raider

    @Nan G: #15,

    “nice guy but failed President.”

    One can only assume that the RNC wants to go with the flow of the MSM’s constant promotion of Obama as a “nice guy,” rather than push that rope up the hill of ‘undecided’ consciousness.

    While I think that the word “nice” is for the most part a useless word which borders on insult when used to describe anything or anyone, its inference here is misplaced.

    There is nothing agreeable or congenial or pleasant about a narcissist. Most Narcissists I’ve met were very capable of delivering smiling, back-slapping pretence of friendliness. The treachery was delivered with very toothy smiles. When I was younger, I admit that I was suckered really well a few times.

    And BTW, it so happens that the worse of those narcissists I’ve known, absolutely disliked their mothers, for multitudes of reasons. They also yearned for fathers they’d never known. . . . . I’m just sayin’

  15. 18


    @James Raider:

    There is also nothing “nice” about a person who basically tells everyone “do as I say, not as I do”. I’m thinking, of course, about civility. Whenever a conservative, or GOP politician, or talking head, says the slightest controversial statement, Obama and the left make a huge production out of the “right” not engaging in civil discourse, and then turn around and make outrageous attacks against those on the right.

    “Civility for thee, but not for me” is not the hallmark of a “nice” guy.

    The guy is nothing more than a Chicago thug who happened to fail at being the President.

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