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27 Responses to “When a Leftist Calls You a Racist There Is Only One Way to Respond – “Thank You” [Reader Post]”

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    Your first analogy, about being the victim of a “date-rape”, is kind of apt, IMO.

    As for the politicians, no matter what the level of office that they hold, I will say this: We elect them based on their ideological viewpoints, and should expect them to vote as that viewpoint dictates, BUT, we also elect them to represent us, even if our viewpoint differs from the personal ideological viewpoint, as as such, we should expect them to vote as our demands dictate. That being the case, when we vote in someone who has very little overlap with our own viewpoints, Obamacare is what we can expect. Unfortunately, most people in the country are only focused on a few, narrow issues, and not a candidate’s wider spectrum of principles.

    The politicians, though, once elected, vote based on their ideological viewpoint no matter what. And this is why when the majority of the country was yelling for the rape to stop, Congress just kept right on ramming it in.

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    I can just imagine the response of Liberal 1 (Objectivity) to this post!
    For many years the true believers (in Government) have been led by their hearts. If they believed that a law would fix some perceived problem, the law was enacted. Subsequent failure of the law to fix the perceived problem, and nasty side effects of the new law, went ignored. My favorite is AFDC, to repair the problem of single mothers. It produced more single mothers! Fundamental law: you subsidize something to get more of it. You tax something to get less of it.
    So we have subsidized minorities through Affirmative Action. What has been the result? Persons of unequal competency, of course. So instead of eliminating racism, we have made it an institution. With our first Affirmative Action President, we are in horrible economic shape. And he likes what he sees, and wants a lot more of it. Greece, here we come.
    Oh, well. Sometimes sanity and facts just get in the way, and you have to jump into that volcano, just because everybody else is jumping too.

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    If they believed that a law would fix some perceived problem, the law was enacted

    As I posted in another topic, “there ought to be a law!” has been the most destructive phrase uttered in free societies. It leads to more problems than solutions, which leads to more of that phrase being spoken, leading to even more problems than solutions.

    And on the heels of that come the ideologically driven people who shout “racism”, “sexism”, “homophobe”, etc., to guilt people into cowering to their demands. Too many people are jumping into that volcano rather than be labeled a racist, sexist, or whatever other labels they can come up with that seek to disparage those standing up to the tyrants.

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    Our Government, Politicians, Liberal, Progressives, Unions, the ACLU, NAACP, Judges and Justices…etc…etc…[yawn] etc..have literally created a ‘business’ [ha!] that PERPETUATES PROBLEMS…for their own SELF INTEREST and POWER and their Everlasting Jobs!

    The [Intentional ] misuse of our Tax Monies by Our President(s), Politicians – Congress and the Senate [stimulus/failed companies/Jobs] – Billions of dollars propping up leeches, frauds, and incompetents…. Billions of dollars going to our enemies and propping up countries, and dictators….
    WE HAVE A SAY – with OUR VOTES,!!! Let’s use them WISELY THIS TIME….

    If you voted for Obama to prove you’re not a racist, Vote for Romney to prove you’re not a

    Thank-You….no, really – THANK YOU!!!!

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    Richard Wheeler

    Brother Bob Very well written—“Pres. Sarah Limbaugh”LOL
    Did an employer actually MAKE you listen to Sean Hannity? Sweet mercy. Is this the Republican answer to our ‘ultra liberal socialist professors.’
    Skooks #13 Can a couple of doses of Sean daily toughen up those “Leftist wimps?”

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    BroB, this is a well written and amusing article.

    Only a brain dead Progressive sycophant would argue that they don’t control the media and the education systems from K through University. Oh, I acknowledge there are pockets of freedom loving teachers and heroic teachers who reject the Socialist Party Line, I salute them; unfortunately, they are in a minority and often under administrative and peer pressures. Otherwise, text books courtesy of small “c” Communists like Bill Ayers and other literate Communists like him control the content by writing the texts.

    Ayers learned decades ago, that meeting the freedom lovers head-on would be a disaster, too many of the Leftist coalition are wimps. Wimps who are insecure without Big Brother’s benevolent hand supporting them.

    Thus it was far more practical to continue the revolution covertly by undermining the educational system and destroying the fabric of the morals and belief system of traditional American culture, one of the greatest enemies of Communism. In our universities, the attacks are far less subtle. The student who professes a love of country and a belief in freedom is quickly ostracized and ridiculed by instructors. Harassment and a lower GPA are the tools by which the professorial class inflicts “reeducation”. And like the reeducation camps of Stalin and Mao, beleaguered students can always find relief by recanting and joining and professing the party line.

    We as Republicans must be ready to encourage our younger people to stand against this evil and to assume positions in our education systems.

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    Nan, there are eight fingers on Chadoo’s hand. There is a simple explanation for everything.

    If you ask all your male friends, I am sure they will tell you it is a form of male bonding for guys to sit around and hold hands while you enjoy a fag, err excuse, me a smoke. That was just Freudian underwear showing, sort of like holding hands with another man while you smoke.

    In old English a fag or faggot was an ember from a fire, it later became a cigarette, and later yet, became an impolite word for a homosexual.

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    Richard Wheeler

    Skooks What’s really cool is how the eight fingured guy and Barry have managed to intertwine their fingers while holding the fag er joint. They must smoke it simultaneously.Awesome dudes..

    NanG. What else ya got?

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    Brother Bob


    Wow! Even Liberal(objectivity) couldn’t come up with one of his inane responses? Score! And yes, I was the one person who “liked” his comment!

    @Richard Wheeler: LOL – that was back in 2004, and on my drive home I listened mainly to Hannity with some Air America mixed in for fun. And totally of my own free will!

    @Nan G: Fun diversion – thanks for throwing that in!

    @Skookum: Too funny! That reminded me of an old “Family Guy” episode where some Brits bought the gang’s favorite bar and were all hanging out there. After being told the definition you just mentioned one character pointed to one of the Brits and said, “Well get this cigarette out of my face!

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    Nan G

    Since I have a digital print shop at my disposal, I sent a copy of the photo over there.
    The digital experts there just got back to me…..

    There is a possibility it is a photo-shopped picture.
    Note the two men’s bodies never touch.
    There seems to be a part of a hand (or skin) near Obama’s knee and boot.
    Unless their hands are in motion the eight fingers are unusually blurry.
    Who knows?

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    @Richard Wheeler:

    The psychology behind this is quite fascinating. Perhaps there are people who are simply committed to placing Obama on a level with a Bin Ladin or a Stalin. Internally, this might be as simple as flipping a switch, but externally, to account for it to others, this requires explanations and reasons. As each year of his presidency passes and these reasons do not make themselves available, this creates an extremely uncomfortable cognitive dissonance. The discrepancy between their feelings and reality must be reconciled, and so in comes Birtherism, in comes “Obama is a drug addict”, in comes “Obama is a Muslim”. Each of these conspiracies is decimated by evidence, but the vacuum remains. As desperation for a reason grows, logic and selectivity become more elastic. Inevitably, we end up here, with “Obama is secretly gay”. For a few days, at least, these individuals will be at peace, as equilibrium is restored. It is a temporary peace, alas. Expect more interesting theories to emerge, such as: “Obama texts while driving”, “Obama is addicted to scratch tickets”, “Obama shot J.R.”.

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    Nan G

    So, Twice now Obama has had a GAY Easter Egg Roll.
    Who here thinks Obama will have openly gay Muslims at his Iftar dinner?
    (At any one of his Iftar dinners.)
    How long is a lunar month, really?

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    Nan G

    Does Obama love whites and hate blacks?
    Following the shooting deaths of 12 movie goers in Chicago last week, Obama made a point to visit victims and their families within days – with the media invited to follow his every presidential gesture of course.
    Why then has Obama ignored the repeated tragic deaths of people killed on an almost daily basis in his hometown of Chicago – deaths that number more than 300% of those killed in the Colorado theater shooting?

    40 people – 3 of those under the age of 18 have been killed in Obama’s ”hometown” of Chicago just this JULY!
    Tracking homicides in Chicago
    Somebody had to do it!

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