Obama Euphoria Dwindling; 2008 Donators Not Giving In 2012

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Looks like all those Obama fanatics that gave and gave and gave some more in 2008 aren't feeling it this time around:

In 2008, more than 550,000 gave more than $200 to Barack Obama, entering their names in the longest list of individual donors ever seen in American politics.

That list was a snapshot of the hope Obama inspired in a cross sections of liberals, young professionals, African-Americans, and Democrats who saw in him a generational and historic moment. But now, as Obama struggles to keep pace with his 2008 fundraising clip, that list offers a cross-section of Democratic disappointment and alienation. According to a BuzzFeed analysis of campaign finance data, 88% of the people who gave $200 or more in 2008 — 537,806 people — have not yet given that sum this year. And this drop-off isn’t simply an artifact of timing. A full 87% of the people who gave $200 — the sum that triggers an itemized report to the Federal Elections Commission — through April of 2008, 182,078 people, had not contributed by the end of last month.

Interviews with dozens of those drop-off donors reveal the stories of Democrats who still plan to pull the lever for the president, but whose support has gone from fervent to lukewarm, or whose economic circumstances have left them without money to spare. The interviews and the data are the substance of an “enthusiasm gap” spurred by the distance between the promise of the campaign and the reality of governing, one that has begun to deepen Democratic gloom about this November’s election.

Oh, they still support Obama….but for some reason they're not as enthusiastic about him anymore. Or could it be because of his disastrous policies they are just poorer and can't afford it:

“Financially, I had more money back then than I do today,” said Greg Holmes, who works in the technology sector in Cedar Park, Texas, and gave $550 last cycle. “I’ll vote for him, but I probably won’t give any money.”

“I don’t have as much money,” said Ann Walling, a retired Episcopal priest from Franklin, Tenn. who donated $1,900 to Obama in ‘08. Money aside though, Walling is still pledging her vote to Obama. “For the most part I’m very happy with him,” she said.

“I’ve had to kind of back off my charity giving,” said Leah Jones, a retired clinical microbiologist from Langdon, Kan., who gave $1,200 last cycle but said she’s been driven to the financial brink by a son’s illness, and hasn’t even paid her income taxes yet.

“I’ve been really anxious to see where we’re going to go on the health care plan under Obama,” Jones said. “I need to be able to get insurance for my son with his preexisting conditions.”

Ha. Priceless. They aren't donating because they need to budget in this day and age. But they WILL still vote for the man who hasn't submitted a budget in 3 years.

They have less money than they had four years ago. They pay more for gas than they did four years ago. They will shortly be paying more taxes than they did four years ago….things are just plain worse now under Obama than it was four years ago.

But they will still vote for him.

Dummies one and all.


Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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    Nan G

    The article never quoted from those who not only are not giving BUT who also are not going to vote for Obama.
    Yet I run into these people all the time!
    My regular mail man.
    My favorite checker at one of the markets I use.
    A couple of neighbors.
    More than a couple of people in our local heritage association.
    And so on.
    No money to Obama and….
    Not getting their votes, EITHER.

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    Don’t despair Curt. The aforementioned are all people who would die rather than actually say they won’t be voting for the Messiah. Like blacks, they’re so demoralized they’ll simply find something more important to be doing election day. It’s much more than a matter of being angry, we’re all so just plain scared of where he’s taking us. Mere political fashion falls by the wayside .

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    Romney has a serious dilemma coming up in the choice of a VP running mate. He can’t choose a moderate, because most Tea Party people see him as being far too moderate himself. If he chooses someone way over on the right he risks further energizing the democratic base, which isn’t actually indifferent already, as some seem to think.

    The drop off in small donations might also be related to the economy. Consumers are being a lot tighter with their money in general. How much more is Mitt collecting from average Americans?

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    Common Sense

    @Greg: Don’t worry Greg, Mitt will choose someone 10 times better than your black messiah did. He could choose an aborted fetus and do better!!

  5. 7


    Total Morons….you have to have rocks in your head to even ‘state’ you will vote for this man again…and too far gone for humanity if you even pull the “Barry” lever in November.

    Funny how people don’t want to wholly ‘admit’ Barry Ofraud totally sucks at his job and has made a shambles of the United States Economy….and a shambles of every single American household economy.

    No one is immune from the cancer that is Barry….

    Now we know why, even though he throws them under the bus, he is hitting up all the rich folk in America for donations…And they are bigger idiots for donating to the Hopey Changy Fraud named Barry…..

  6. 9



    HOT IN 2008

    NOT IN 2012…. Rock-Star now for 1-2 years, NOT four.

    obama is 2nd jimmy carter. gone in 2012

    2008 HOT


  7. 10


    they still want to vote for him, they are lukewarm now, imagine how they will feel after giving him another 4 years, when they are on welfare and stamps,
    shame of them all for being so selfish, if they want to keep him, they just have to buy his video, and they will be able to adore him till damnation,