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…Taking the time to reflect upon the reasons why we are so blessed to do so; and remembering all the brave men and women who have given their lives in service to our country; in protecting our peace and prosperity, and all that we have…all that we are.

11/20/2007 Sean Bartholmew, 3, leans against a gravestone while his family places notes at other markers to show their respect during Memorial Day services at the Houston National Cemetery in Houston. By Billy Smith II, Houston Chronicle, via AP


In 2009, not long after arriving at the Los Angeles National Cemetery in Westwood, a particular gravesite stood out because it was embraced by flowers and balloons. I guessed it was a recent soldier who had died. Walking over to it, I recognized the name of whom I had stumbled upon: Daniel Patrick Cagle. I had put together a post back in 2007, moved by the above photo. It had caught my attention on the front page of a local paper (Torrance, actually; but still part of the greater LA area), The Daily Breeze, as I was waiting in a diner.

This morning, I delivered that paper to Daniel Cagle's gravesite, along with a personal note.

I thought I knew pretty well where it was; but we ended up wandering a bit haphazardly through the general area, not finding it. Then I noticed one gravestone that was surrounded by flowers (because we arrived before 9am, there weren't that many gravesites decorated with things other than the small American flags). Sure enough, it was Spc Daniel Patrick Cagle.


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    John Cooper

    I don’t know how to post a YouTube video, but here’s a link to a hauntingly beautiful ballad about the Gallipoli disaster in WW I. Fifty thousand Australian soldiers gave their lives in the one campaign. Yes, I know Memorial Day is an American holiday, but other countries mourn their war dead as well. The story is universal:

    Embedded by wordsmith- Thanks John Cooper!

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    John Cooper

    This morning, I delivered that paper to Daniel Cagle’s gravesite, along with a personal note.

    The fact that you took the time to do that makes you a very special person. (Thanks for the embed)