Jose Rodriguez vs. Senate Democrats

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Jose Rodriguez challenges the Obama narrative on “The Path to Osama bin Laden’s Death” in a WaPo op-ed today and is also challenged by Senate Democrats involved in a 3-yr long investigation due to be released sometime in the near future. You can read Senators Feinstein and Levin’s joint statement here.

Rodriguez’s op-ed:

The truth is that getting bin Laden was the top counterterrorism objective for U.S. intelligence since well before the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. This administration built on work pain­stakingly pursued for many years before Obama was elected — and without this work, Obama administration officials never would have been in a position to authorize the strike on Abbottabad, Pakistan, that resulted in bin Laden’s overdue death.

Read the rest. Rodriguez credits the Obama administration (as they pat themselves on the back this week) for bringing the U.S. blowback against al-Qaeda and bin Laden to its rightful conclusion; but reminds that the groundwork that was laid began long before President Obama entered into office.

Isn’t that obvious?

Rodriguez on Fox & Friends this morning:

On Hannity:

I believe Rodriguez is also scheduled for the Michael Medved Show today, the Bill Bennett Show, CNN’s Situation Room on May 1, Imus in the Morning, Andrea Mitchell Reports on May 2 and Morning Joe, The O’Reilly Factor and Lou Dobbs on May 3

4 Responses to “Jose Rodriguez vs. Senate Democrats”

  1. 1

    Nan G

    You gotta love how Feinstein and Levin try to twist SOP for the CIA to suit their narrative.
    Scan their joint statement and you find this:

    This statement is wrong. There is nothing in CIA intelligence records to corroborate this

    They didn’t save their proof of doing that!?!?
    Knock me over with a feather!
    I’d have been far more shocked if they had.

  2. 2

    Nan G

    A really great question isn’t, “would Romney have gone after Osama like Obama did,” BUT rather it is this: “would we even have ever found Osama had Obama’s policies regarding enhanced interrogation techniques and black sites been in place since the start?”

    What did Obama do on Day 2 of his presidency?

    Obama banned enhanced interrogation techniques and ordered closed all so-called black sites.

    Now, to what Jose Rodriguez said:

    According to Rodriguez, the initial breakthrough in finding bin Laden occurred when a captured terrorist revealed that bin Laden was relying on a lone courier to communicate with his organization. The captured terrorist also revealed the pseudonym of that courier. Armed with these revelations, the CIA eventually was able to discover the true identity of bin Laden’s courier, locate the courier, and, through him, track down bin Laden.

    But the captured terrorist did not give up information about the courier voluntarily. He gave it up, after initially refusing to cooperate, under the duress of “enhanced interrogation techniques” (but not waterboarding). And he did so at a secret CIA prison, or “black site.”


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