Elizabeth Warren: Higher Taxes For You….Not For Me

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Don’t you just love the smell of hypocrisy in the morning?

Having criticized her Republican opponent for voting against a millionaires’ tax measure, U.S. Senate candidate Elizabeth Warren said here Friday that she opted not to pay a voluntary higher tax rate in Massachusetts.

“I paid my taxes, and I did not make a charitable contribution to the state,” Warren, who worked with the Obama administration to create the new consumer financial protection bureau, said when asked if she paid a 5.85 percent state income tax instead of the standard 5.3 percent — a choice given to Massachusetts taxpayers.

I see. So let me get this straight. If a rich person feels more money should be going into the treasury of the state it should NOT be a voluntary contribution, instead it MUST be a forced tax. Meanwhile she wants to be elected into a position where she will force more money into the treasury by raising taxes, which then gives her more power to spend spend and spend some more like a good little liberal

“The problem with running a campaign based on self-righteousness and moral superiority is that you had better live up to the same standard you would impose on everyone else,” Barnett said. “Millionaire Warren lectures others about their obligation and responsibility to pay higher taxes, but she refuses to pay the optional higher rate available in Massachusetts.”

Barnett continued, “This is the sort of hypocrisy and double-speak voters are sick and tired of hearing from politicians, especially those who can’t keep their hands out of others’ pocketbooks.”

Hypocrisy, thy name is Elisabeth Warren.

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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    MOS 8541

    Lived in Boston, Ma. for three years and have some idea of how the rich think they should live. But when you run for a feral office you become king…no responsibilites, endless budget, like the CIA, unlimited access to monies and services. As one recall, marxism in practice failed. Warren does not care about Ma. or this country. This is an excuse to line her pockets for the future…………screwing America. Look what john kerry did to this country! Lied, ripped off the state of Ma on his multimillion dollar sailboat and was sleeping with another man’s wife. What a whore-no different from “billy”.

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    What hypocrisy?

    No one likes paying taxes. It’s human nature to pay only as much as the law requires.

    That fact has nothing whatsoever to do with the question of what tax rates the law should require at any given income level. The only thing it clearly establishes is that you’re not going to be able to run the most powerful nation on earth by relying on charity contributions.

    Special interests are using the boogie man of Marxism to spook gullible voters into supporting another round of fiscally irresponsible high end tax cuts, in spite of the fact that the country has had a new round of skyrocketing deficits each time it’s been done before.

    Simply look at the total national debt before and after each such episode. How much was the total national debt on the day Ronald Reagan took office, and on the day he left? How about with George W. Bush? What were the tax rates the last time we were running a federal budget surplus? Could it actually be possible that deficits are smaller when you’re collecting enough taxes to pay the bills? Is it possible that–contrary to republican assertions–common sense and simple arithmetic have something to do with all of this this?

    This time we’re so deeply in the hole at the beginning point that to fund more cuts we’ll have to drastically trim Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, education funding, research and development funding–hey, just look at the Ryan proposals.

    Fortunately the wealthiest–the primary beneficiaries of another round of high end tax cuts–won’t be too much affected by any of that.

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    To the mentally challenged.. a LEADER, LEADS by EXAMPLE… but a PHONY and a FRAUD, say one thing, yet does another… consistently…

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    Nan G

    Reminds me of JFKerry who either berthed his yacht in an adjoining state or SAID he did just to save on taxes fro Taxachussetts.
    When his situation hit the news cycles (something I’m always surprised by) he was able to come up with all the money no problemo.
    So, why bother cheating when you have all that money and didn’t even earn it?
    Dumb dummy.

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    Special interests are using the boogie man of Marxism to spook gullible voters into supporting another round of fiscally irresponsible high end tax cuts, in spite of the fact that the country has had a new round of skyrocketing deficits each time it’s been done before.

    Because there are no low-end taxes to cut Greg. Over 50% of the people in the US pay no taxes, they just benefit from the taxes paid by others. When you have a situation like this and tax cuts are called into play, the only people to get them are those that are actually paying them. The reason the dems are so keen on the payroll tax cut is because it is the only place left where the lower 50% actually have to pay.
    Maybe you enjoy sending your hard earned money to a government that spends it like an allowance, but I do not. I would much rather use my money to take my family on vacation than send a bunch of government employees on vacation. I’m not making this a democrat or republican issue, this is a government issue. Our federal government is too big and they waste our money. Most of the functions now being done by the federal government need to go back to the States.

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    MOS 8541

    Joe Stalin called them “useful idiots” Warren is a prime example. The other day panetta said “we are minutes away from war every day” Who should take responsibility IC, sec of slut, clinton or the wipe house? Smile America-“you are minutes away from war every day”

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    Ever notice? All of the Marxist bastards including Putin, Kruschev, and of course Comrade Obama to name a few happily preach redistribution like policies complete with pushing a third world society and making sure the peons under their rule have nothing while they themselves not only refuse to give anything up but in fact throw it in the people’s faces as they flaunt not only their wealth and position but in fact augment it with what they have stolen from the masses! One need look no further Queen Michelle and her vacations or Comrade Barrak and his complete utter public disdain for the masses while wasting taxpayers money at the golf course.

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    Hard Right

    Folks, if greg’s post above doesn’t tell you he is a dishonest radical left hack who will defend what the left does, no matter what it does, nothing will.

    What warren proves is what I and others have been saying about the left. They do what they do to serve their narcissism and nothing else. It’s not to be fair or do what’s right. That is what they use to justify their actions or fool others into excusing them. Typical of narcissists they think the rules don’t apply to them and that they are special. That is how they can demand we all pay more tax while they do not or even duck paying taxes alltogether.
    I have a relative that did Secret Sevice duty years ago (Ford, Carter, Reagan) and he tells me how stunned he was to hear dem congressmen openly talk and laugh about people who follow the rules and laws. While he had always been somewhat Conservative, that forever ensured he would not vote democrat.

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    @ Liberal1 said : “Marxism is so 1960′s. Why don’t you keep up with the times and talk about John Rawls or left-wing libertarianism.”

    Lets look at that comment.. OBAMA : “We need to SPREAD THE WEALTH”… the “RICH, need to PAY THEIR FAIR SHARE”…. (when they already pay the taxes that run the nation) “RE-Distribute the Wealth”….. THAT is the honest documentable stance, of YOUR GUY…..now.. read this…

    “From each, according to their ability TO each, according to his needs” Direct quote from KARL MARX, from the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO.. you know, the guy MARXISM is NAMED AFTER???

    So MARXISM, is the PERFECT description, of OBAMA and his policies… TEXTBOOK 100% Accurate!! So, LIBERAL1, why don’t YOU, pull your head, out of the sand and admit to the REALITY, of the fact, YOU sir, are a COMMUNIST sympathizer?? !!! TRUTH HURT YA??? See below, for a more accurate translation…..

    Now, lets “adapt” that quote to OBAMASPEAK…..
    “From each (those who work, earn and have $$$ we can steal it from, via Gov FIAT) according to how hard I can TAX them, we will give TO EACH (depending on how many Government programs we can qualify them for, or, which party you VOTE for) according to their needs( also to be determined by the Gov! meaning ME!!)

    Renaming something, to sound both INNOCENT, and Innocuous is a Liberal Democrat trick, to HIDE FROM REALITY….. “Revenue Enhancement” = TAXES.. WHY LIE? because it sounds better, to the STUPID masses out there…. just as a LIBERAL DEMOCRAT, or PROGRESSIVE…. sounds better than a COMMUNIST, or SOCIALIST.. which is exactly what you are, Liberal1 !! Wake up, facts the facts, and stop HIDING, the REAL YOU!! You, are an ENEMY, of real Americans… Commie sympathizer!! Wear your REAL name, with Disgust!

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