Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

12 Responses to “The Obama Strategy: Pandering And Cries Of Racism”

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    When the king and his court can’t use their record to get reelected, what else are they supposed to do? He is doing like he did before: Promising everybody everything.

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    In his resonating “I Have a Dream” speech, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. warned of “drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred.”

    Sadly, by practicing his Politics of Envy and Class Warfare, Obama now eagerly serves up that cup — so that his Dem hacks and media minions can greedily guzzle from it.

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    I don’t want to sound conspiratorial; living in California and, not having racial issues as in other cities, oberserving the landscape taught me something:
    There is a natural ‘dislike’ between the two groups, hispanic and black and affects more than half of each group. Having friends within both groups gave me an opportunity not only to learn about their customs, but also to talk openly about some of their grutches; although some of them petty and, lopsided. Here are couple of grievances they told me about:
    Blacks don’t like hispanics moving into their neighborhoods, crowding them out.
    Blacks don’t like hispanics stealing and,copying their looks.
    Blacks don’t like hispanics taking their jobs. (too few jobs to begin with)
    Blacks don’t like hispanics moving into their turf selling drugs. This particular issue is iffy; blacks think that is the only way to make a living; going to school only if the govt totally substitue their living with student loans, rent, footstamps, grants etc..
    Hispanics don’t like blacks due to their racism towards them.
    Hispanics don’t like blacks due to their belief, a neighborhood belongs exclusively to them.
    Hispanics dont like blacks because they take their women only to mistreat them, getting them pregnant and or dump them.
    Hispanics don’t like blacks because they think many of them are lazy and, don’t want to work.
    Hispanics don’t like blacks because they feel that blacks like to live of the government; housing, footstamps, too lazy to work, but yet drive flashy cars.

    That’s pretty much to gist of it; petty grievances at times, but many are always fighting each other; crime statistics like in LA are very high between the two groups.

    So, I’m not sure why obama thinks, hispanics flock to him. They are well aware here in california that obama uses them to get ahead. We’ll see how it goes in November.

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    Common Sense

    The 0-bama is much more elaborate than just racism and we have seen it in action. It is a strategy of distract, distort, and deception. Whenever America gets close to focusing on our real problems like the economy, jobs, or our national debt all of which 0-bama has destroyed the strategy is engaged. Think about it, the ball rolls from one distraction to another. War on Woman, racism, buffet rule, Tray whatever, contraception, anything and everything except reality, It is sick and disgusting but 0-bama has no choice because if he runs on the real issues he will fail!!

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    Cali #8 says – ” So, I’m not sure why obama thinks, hispanics flock to him. They are well aware here in california that obama uses them to get ahead. We’ll see how it goes in November.” Cali the blacks are also ‘used’.

    Cali you hit the nail on the head….Obama, Democratic Party, Jessie, Sharpton they ALL ‘use’ the blacks, not only to ‘get ahead’ but to line their own racist, hate mongering pockets with thousands if not millions and/or to keep their congressional seats and high end jobs.

    If the blacks stood back and looked at the big picture…really really looked at it… from 40 or so years ago and into the present day….they would see how they have been so damn”used” over and over again by ALL the hate mongers…. who use hate and racism for their own ideology and pockets.

    Seriously, what “exactly” have the blacks gotten out of it? Are the ones enslaved to government poverty any richer…are their lives any better off then Sharpton? Jessie? M. Waters? Obama-Moochelle? Seems these people are living pretty large and even those blacks who are employed by these folks are living a lot better….

    Black people should seriously think about how they are being “used” and “used big time” by all these people and getting poop for it. Me? I would be totally pissed.

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