Black Teenage Homicidal Maniac Gets Life For Killing British Tourists, The Families Ask Obama Why He Ignores Them

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Angelic Face Of A Sixteen Year Old Homicidal Maniac

Black Teenager Shawn Tyson found two White British tourists walking drunk through the wrong neighborhood, stripped them of their clothes, forced them to their knees, and had them beg for their lives before shooting them repeatedly.

Although their families have asked our president to respond to this senseless crime of wanton violence in three different letters, he has ignored their pleas and has focused on the Martin shooting; presumably, to gain political traction in the upcoming election, since the Martin shooting fits the template of Blacks being victims rather than killers.

The two best friends were on a holiday from Britain and failed to realize the danger of Whites walking in a Black neighborhood. Thus they paid for their mistake after a night of drinking with their lives. Their valuables were left at the scene and we can only assume that Tyson killed them for the sadistic joy of committing murder and mayhem.

The parents of these young men and the people of Britain are asking why this post racial president is only concerned with the shooting death of a Black youth, but not the senseless killing of Whites by a Black youth. The president could have a son that resembles Shawn Tyson, the world is waiting for him to embrace this misguided homicidal maniac like he embraced the young Martin. Then maybe he could enlighten the world on this senseless violence based on race.

Treyvon Martin, Quasi-Stepson of Obama, Salutes America

Tyson tipped his hand with a taped phone call to his brother:

Shawn Tyson called his half brother from prison saying police had found bullet casings connected to the shooting, the Florida courtroom heard today.
Here is Tyson’s recorded telephone conversation with his half brother, who has not been named, from Sarasota County Jail:
Tyson: ‘What’s up, bro?’
Brother: ‘What’s up, lil’ man?’
Tyson: ‘S***.’
Brother: ‘What them crackers talkin’ about?’
Tyson: ‘S***. I don’t even know right now. I don’t know why they talkin’ about.’
Brother: ‘Yeah, I don’t know what them crackers talkin’ about. S***, like. You was in the house, like.’
Tyson: ‘I know… that’s what I keep on… these crackers talkin’ about that somebody say they seen me out there or some s***.’
Brother: ‘Them crackers trippin’, man.’
Tyson: ‘Hell yeah.’
Brother: ‘S***, you’re chate, through. You know what I’m sayin’ like? You ain’t got no guns or nothin’. Like f*** them crackers talkin’ about.’
Tyson: ‘Only thing is, they found the bullets, though.’
Brother: ‘Huh?’
Tyson: ‘They found the bullets.’
Brother: ‘Oh. Damn!’
Tyson: ‘That’s the only thing that’s gonna f*** me up.’
Brother: ‘They found them in the house?’
Tyson: ‘M-hm-mm.’

Tyson Looks His Best To Receive His Life Without Parole At 17

It’s too bad Tyson has sacrificed so much and yet, it is of dubious political value for Obama and his reelection, but one thing is for sure, the families of James Cooper (left) and James Kouzaris (right) are becoming a presidential embarrassment and they don’t realize what a tough election this is going to be. The Russians are willing to be patient so that Obama can talk tough about defense and then sell out the American people and their defense systems, but these damn Brits worrying over the deaths of their loved ones are going to hurt him in the polls, don’t they realize, he is limited in what he can say. His Department of Injustice is not programed to worry over injustice to Whites: they are in office to reverse the effects of Critical Race Theory. Otherwise the New Black Panther Party could not put a price on a man’s head in a form of vigilante justice. Come on people, this is the Age of Obama, learn to accept inequality under the law, The Law of Obama.

Shawn Tyson Sneers While Friends And Family Of The Victims Talk Of Their Loss

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    “There was no Political Value” in answering any of the letters sent to Obumbles by the families of these two. That speaks volumes of where our President stands in the scheme of things. He only cares if….

    What irks me even more is we have to pay for this kind of scum for the rest of their incarceration….

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