Trayvon’s girfriend exonerates Zimmerman [Reader Post]

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And the lynching continues.

First, the claims about the video tape.

What? No bruising visible on the brown man one hour or so after the injury?

Trayvon Martin Video Shows No Blood or Bruises on George Zimmerman

Or does it? Here are my screen caps

Zimmerman does indeed exhibit a head wound

One of the officers examines the wound to see if it is still bleeding

Here’s the funniest image. The police put a Caucasian clown nose on Zimmerman. Or maybe it was a dressing.

There is something on Zimmerman’s nose

The police report says that Zimmerman was bleeding from the nose and the back of the head. It says his back was wet and covered with grass. There is nothing about “grass stains.”

We can’t see from this video if there is any remaining blood on Zimmerman’s red and black fleece or his dark grey shirt.

Anyone else notice that the “white Hispanic” George Zimmerman is a lot browner than at first believed?

Now consider these headline from Drudge:


VIDEO: Dem Rep Kicked Off House Floor…

Ex-Black Panther…

Another Says Trayvon ‘Hunted Down Like Dog’…

Another: ‘Executed For WWB In A GC’…

Maxine Waters Calls Shooting ‘Hate Crime’…

Now just for laughs I’ll throw this one as well

OBAMA CAMPAIGN: Republicans ‘politicizing’ Trayvon Martin death…

“Hunted down” “Executed”

I don’t think so, and Martin’s girlfriend largely exonerates Zimmerman. She told a reporter this:

“Trayvon said what are you following me for?”

“Then the man said ‘what you doing around here?'”

What would you expect a Neighborhood Watch person to ask?

“What are you doing around here?” It’s exactly what you’d expect him to ask.

Then she asserts that Trayvon is pushed, but there is no evidence to prove that, and it is highly unlikely Zimmerman pushed Martin.

The thing is, they had a conversation. Zimmerman did ask Martin why he was there. Ask yourself- if you ask someone why they’re following you and that person asks you what you’re doing around here, how would you respond? I might be tempted to ask “What’s it to you?” and I would expect Zimmerman to respond that he was part of the Neighborhood Watch. Then I would expect Martin to say that he was headed to his girlfriend’s house. Then I might ask “Where does she live?” and he could have told him in which building she lived. And that should have ended it.

But it didn’t go that way.

Someone did push someone else. But who? Let’s look at this reasonably. If Zimmerman was “hunting down” Martin he would simply have shot him instead of engaging him in a conversation. If he meant to “execute” him he could easily have done just that. If you’re “hunting” someone, your gun is drawn. Do you agree to meet with the cops and then go hunting for Martin? Is it common to have a conversation with your prey before you shoot? Are you kidding me?

They had a conversation instead.

What Martin’s girlfriend didn’t say is also extremely important. Mega-important.

She doesn’t mention a gun. Martin saw no gun. That means Zimmerman had not drawn the weapon when he met with Martin. The weapon was fired once but the magazine was full. Something interfered with the cycling, like perhaps a struggle. It’s reported that Zimmerman has claimed that Martin tried to take Zimmerman’s gun.

Given the police report indicating that Zimmerman had grass on his back it’s more the likely Zimmerman was the one who got pushed, and then jumped and pounded by Martin. The eyewitnesses corroborate Martin being on top of Zimmerman, beating him. I think shooting Martin was absolutely the last thing Zimmerman wanted to do.

We’ve learned nothing from the Duke Lacrosse case. Lynch on.

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    “Martin had two minutes to go 150 feet and reach the safety of the home and he didn’t do it.”

    THAT, was exactly the point I was trying to make.. the TIMELINE, is in favor of Zimmerman.. as it stands currently.. lets see what else, if ANYTHING, comes out. Now, has anyone here seen the Site with the OTHER tweets and pics, Trayvon took and posted himself?? Shows a totally different kid, than the media HAD been trying to portray… perhaps the fact THIS is out now is why the MSM, is doing a backtrack and CYA job now…..

  2. 205


    Plzz shoot da #mf dat lied 2 u!” Quote from our victim, Trayvon Martin from a tweet he sent to someone….

    The photo Martin chose to represent himself on Twitter as “T33ZY_TAUGHT_M3″ depicts him in a black Polo cap, looking into the camera and extending his middle finger.

    Additional searches via the same website yielded the Twitter handle “T33ZY TAUGHT M3,” whose activity spanned just one month and ended shortly before Martin began tweeting as “NO_LIMIT_NIGGA.”

    You can view the whole story, with photo, at:

    Then draw your own personal conclusions…

  3. 206


    @ ilovebeeswarzone
    As others are pointing out the MSM have ripped their britches trying to sell the public a story that facts don’t support.In an age where we can and will hold their acts to close scrutiny via the Web, the MSM continues to peddle biased,slanted reporting. Just how foolish do they think we are?
    As has been stated here by others the MSM are beginning to try and salvage some credibility, crawfishing away from positions now factually untenable. We are all here for more or less the same reason,access to unfiltered, unbiased fact.That is because as a group we value reason and analysis over emotion and feelings. The people stirring this thing play on the emotions of those who can’t or will not base their actions on sober, mature,reasoning. We are seeing the flip side of the warm and fuzzy,kumbaya liberal culture. Racially motivated assaults are part of what the Left wants to bring to mainstreet America. Its going to be a rough road from here to election day.

  4. 207


    yes and they might use that to get us to forget the election coming,
    thank you for the reminder, they will use our words and fragment them to make a sentence which
    send a negative accusation on us, like they did with THEIR ZIMMERMAN LYNCHING WISH,

  5. 208


    DD corroborates GZ’s contention that TM confronted HIM, not the other way around. TM had no obligation to run home, but he certainly could have, or at least run away, but the fact that he ended up BACK IN FRONT OF AND ON TOP OF GZ proves that he didn’t. The only good thing to come of this is TM’s death.

  6. 209


    this is not right at all, and we don’t hear no more
    of the justice process
    what a mess, he fell in the wrong procecutor, he has a good lawyer,
    the first judge was remove, but the woman who replace him is as bad
    to deny his release,
    that’s why there are so many so called felons unable to find a job,
    because so many so call judge unable to see the justice

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