The product of a military family, growing up in Naples, Italy and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and being stationed in Germany for two years while in the Army, Vince spent half of his first quarter century seeing the US from outside of its own borders. That perspective, along with a French wife and two decades as a struggling entrepreneur have only fueled an appreciation for freedom and the fundamental greatness of the gifts our forefathers left us.

13 Responses to “What might Albert Einstein think about Barack Obama’s Green Energy Obsession…[Reader Post]”

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    Liberal1 (objectivity)

    As I’ve documented before, America’s number one export is now gasoline. Since it’s obviously more profitable to sell our gasoline abroad than domestically, should we drill more oil so we can sell more gas to foreign countries?

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    @Liberal1 (objectivity):

    Yes, Lib1, you’ve “documented” your information here many, many times. And each time, Mata comes and gives the factual information showing your opinion based on that one fact is quite wrong.

    But, let’s assume your opinion is on the right track for a moment. What in the world does that opinion have to do with the posting above? Answer: Not a damn thing. You post this same opinion, based on one “fact”, in every article or posting having to do with energy and/or oil, regardless of the points being made in the article.

    So, the question then becomes: Do you even read the articles? Or, do you even care what the points in the articles are? I’m not sure of the answers to those questions, mainly because I don’t follow the same thought processes as you(and thank God for that!)

    In regards to the article itself, your posting does nothing to address why Obama, and I assume you as well, continue to support “green energy” boondoggles, such as Solyndra, expecting that the next greatest idea hoax will actually work. And rather than achieve some real energy dependence, his failures continue to make our country ever more dependent upon foreign energy sources. Obama has launched a war on fossil fuel use in this country, from the use of coal, to oil, and natural gas, and his only effective weapon thus far has been an overbearing federal government. His “weapons” of “green energy” have been nothing more than shams on the American people, and Obama continues to pour OUR money into these money pits, including the unbelievable idea of paying wind farms NOT to produce electricity. Does that make any sense to you? No, don’t answer that one. It doesn’t matter.

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    Nan G

    Einstein is commonly considered a ‘late-bloomer.’
    He was 23 when one of his first physics papers was published in a prestigious physics journal.
    He was 27 when he got his PhD.

    Obama was 28 when he hugged and praised Bell.
    Bell was on his required reading list when he lectured law at Harvard some time later.
    He’s still as full of the same stupid beliefs as he was then.

    Take Einstein’s and physics principles that you cannot create energy without expending more energy.
    Compare that theory to the oil where the EARTH itself has expended the energy over centuries of pressure VS Obama’s stupid idea that we can build stuff that creates useable energy at a competitive price and THEN you’ll see why Einstein was a genius and Obama is an idiot.

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    Oil guy from Alberta

    Liberal 1(obfuscation). Your point and counterpoints have been debunked before. Diesel was once a leading export. Natural gas could be. Everything depends on demand. Balance of trade is critical to the strength of the US Dollar. Exports are needed.

    Fish, barrel, rifle, and some assembly required. Too easy.

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    It may be that Obama is using a Cloward-Piven strategy to run the country into the ground. At that point, people might be more receptive to his socialist agenda. Operating in violation of well established principles of science and economics just doesn’t make sense otherwise.

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    @johngalt and @Oil guy from Alberta…. you’re not working with a big thinker here. Maybe one of these days, the lib-zero-upstairs types will figure out that what you do with the refined crude products (especially since it’s getting backed up in OK because of… ahem… the Keystone pipeline delays) hasn’t got squat to do with the price of a barrel on the global market. That’s like saying the prices of steaks are going up because they are being exported, when the real problem is you’re running out cows in the world to make into steaks….

    Truly the big picture of how the market works, and what affects it, just overwhelms the myopic vision of the gullible.

    BTW, libzero claiming “documented” is rather a joke… one link to a lame “Common Peoples News Service” summary and a few links the “old man” host apparently didn’t read, and another to a Yahoo news article. Wow… some pretty heavy reading there. LOL

    Of course no one disputes that US exports of refined fuel have increased. Why? Because it has nothing to do with the price of a barrel, which is what dictates the gas prices to begin with but has everything to do with why Americans aren’t buying fuel.

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    Oh, we understand Lib1 is not a big thinker, Mata. I have this picture of him running back to Huffpo, DailyKos, or DU and crying, “See, I told them that line again and they still didn’t believe me. You guys gotta give me another talking point to work with here.”

    Stupid and ignorant is no way to go through life, and I am continually amazed at the number of liberals who display those two attributes every day. One would think, given Lib1’s stated advanced age, that he should have grown out of being so myopic on the issues, and that with that many years in the real world, common sense would have taken root at some point.

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    Why is a gallon of gas 91 cents in Saudi Arabia? Why is it 78 cents a gallon in Kuwait?

    Is it because of the leftist lie that gas is fungible and therefore the same price everywhere? Hell I live in Oklahoma and gas is about a $3.50 but I see on the coasts gas costs around $4 to $6.

    Why do leftists claim that the ‘world market’ means gas is the same price everywhere everytime?

    I guess I should trust leftists rather than my own eyes and experience.

    Damn I’d be happy with Moscow’s $2.10 a gallon

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    you touch on a very important fact on just about 3 words, which made me remember another fact,
    you said OBAMA LASER LIKE focus on …. and it made me remember that he had taken drugs, in his younger days maybe older days too, once you are ingrained in it, and what has been notice of a drug user past or present is the laser focus on a point they adopt and get entangle in it as it is for them as a most important thing to get done in their life, regardless if it is a stupid view from the rational people but for him it is view as a right thing to achieve and they don’t care how much it cost especially if the money come not from their pockets but from the taxpayers, it reenforce his pursue of making his view a reality, and same for his SPENDING SPREE, HE MIGHT HAVE DONE IT BEFORE HE WAS PRESIDENT TOO AS A CARELESS HABIT,
    that was observed by many who had someone around them on drug, and the most part is that they are so stock on it like the glue stick on an item, and it is a feature of most drug abuser meaning those who take it at a young age and longer, this sound like OBAMA when he give a speech on a particular subject like the green energy, which he is really stuck on, it’s visible, and he get anger spree if he is debate on his words, that is another sign too.

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