Historic Day….Gas Prices Have Never Been Higher

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You know what makes today historic?

Gas prices have never been higher:

This while our President does nothing to help stem the tide. Instead he says that we can’t drill our way to lower gas prices since we only have 2% of the oil in the world. This conveniently leaves out the fact that we have enough recoverable oil for the next two centuries. The 2% figure comes from the CURRENT oil reserves.

Of course we would need to start drilling to get that oil. Something he doesn’t want to do.

But doesn’t he imply that it was due to his administration that oil production was at an eight year high? That oil rigs had increased? That more land was opened for drilling?

Of course he does. He is a master at deception

“Gasoline prices are higher today at least in part because government has neglected to pay sufficient attention to the importance of producing more of our own oil and natural gas,” said API Director Erik Milito.

President Obama likes to brag that oil and gas output has risen during his term. True, but he had absolutely nothing to do with it. Output, according to a new API study, “increased in 2011 over 2009 only as a result of growing production on state and private lands — up almost 29% for oil and 22% for natural gas.”

By comparison, on federal lands, which Obama’s administration controls, production fell 7.9% for oil and 6.8% for natural gas over the same period.

Oil markets understand that the increase in oil production was due to decisions made 5 years ago. They also see what is coming in the next 4-5 years by the decisions being made by THIS administration. The price of oil today is increasing because of the outlook for tomorrow.

But why the deceptions. It was only a few years ago that he, and those in his administration, admitted that high gas and energy prices isn’t all that bad.

His Secretary of Energy:

“Somehow we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe,”

Oh, sorry…he “retracted” his statement…but doesn’t regret it:

But Chu declined to say whether he regretted making the 2008 comments.

“Let me not comment on that,” he said.

Would he like to comment on this?

Chu specifically cited a reported breakthrough announced Monday by Envia Systems, which received funding from DOE’s ARPA-E, that could help slash the price of electric vehicle batteries.

He also touted natural gas as “great” and said DOE is researching how to reduce the cost of compressed natural gas tanks for vehicles.

High gasoline prices will make research into such alternatives more urgent, Chu said.

“But is the overall goal to get our price” of gasoline down, asked Nunnelee.

“No, the overall goal is to decrease our dependency on oil, to build and strengthen our economy,” Chu replied. “We think that if you consider all these energy policies, including energy efficiency, we think that we can go a long way to becoming less dependent on oil and [diversifying] our supply and we’ll help the American economy and the American consumers.”

Obama has clearly stated in the past that he wants to increase the price of energy from oil and coal, to tax those who do provide that energy into oblivion. Those placed in charge of energy inside his administration have clearly stated they want prices to increase so we will be forced into the boondoggle known as green energy.

But now that polls show he is getting hurt by these rising prices he wants to make us believe that HE is the oil man that everyone accused Bush of being.

Just laughable.

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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    Nan G

    Obama on video saying:
    “I think the American people understand that we don’t have a silver bullet when it comes to gas prices.
    We’ve been talking about this for 30 years.
    The only way to stabilize gas prices is to reduce our dependency on foreign oil and we just put out a report that over the last year or so, we’ve been able to reduce our dependence on foreign oil by a million barrels.
    That’s’ significant.
    In the meantime, cuz I know people are hurting right now and it feels like a tax out of their paychecks, what we’re doing is looking at every single area that can affect gas prices, from bottlenecks that are out there, we’ve set up a task force to look into speculation to make sure people aren’t taking advantage of the situation on the global oil markets,” President Obama told WKRC-TV.

    The transcript (above) of Obama’s words is very flawed.
    I’ve added a couple correction.
    But I’ve missed a few, too.

    Point is Jimmy Carter is no longer the worst President when it comes to gas prices.
    But his “Odd/Even” rationing system with its LOOOOOOOOOONG lines is a memory I won’t forget.

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    The State of Texas currently produces 1 MBD. But with the new Permian Basin find, estimates are that the number of BPD pumped could reach as high as 5 MBD, which would make Spindletop look like amateur hour and would more than equal the number of BPD we import from rouge nations. But we are getting that oil through fracking, and the Harvard wiz kid doesn’t like fracking.

    And hell yes, Chu is pushing natural gas. It is in Obama’s interest to do so, since the natural gas push is spear headed by T. Boone Pickens who has decided that donating to the campaign coffers of Democrats, especially the campaign of Barack Hussein Obama, Jr., is a wise decision. For the last 3 years, Pickens has been leasing up every acre of Texas land he can get his hands on, hoping a bill that fell to the floor of Congress a couple of years ago that will subsidize (give tax dollars to) natural gas and natural gas stations for vehicles will pass this year. And golly gee, guess who has plans to build natural gas stations for vehicles? Yep, that’s right; T. Boone Pickens, but you see, T. Boone wants the taxpayer to pick up the tab for building those natural gas stations, just as he wanted the taxpayer to pick up the tab for his West Texas wind farm, and when we didn’t give him the money, he shut the project down. Good ole’ boy, T. Boone, makes Billy Sol Estes look like a Boy Scout.

    The oil fields that are now producting, especially in Texas and North Dakota, are from permits that were granted while George W. Bush was still in office. But why is it taking so long, 3 years, to drill or frack, you might ask? Because the regulations that oil companies must comply with have gone from a process that took about 7 months when Bush was in office, to over 28 months now, and that is after the seismic studies, the geological studies, the environmental studies have all been done. That’s 28 months for paper work.

    The amount of oil that is possibly in the Permian Basin is unknown. Some say it could exceed the amount of oil that was in Saudi Arabia alone. Yet, we are going to be forced to drive unsafe cars that weigh less than a golf cart because Obama knows that if he can control what we do, he can control us. Is he trying to follow the Chavez model? President for life part of the dreams of his father?

    gasbuddy.com reported last night that an Exxon station, just blocks from the White House, showed premium self serve at $5.69 yesterday.

  3. 9



    Your article is from 2008. Pickens, who was looking to provide not only wind generated energy, but also water, to the City of Dallas, didn’t get the federal funding he was looking for to transport the power and water. He has shut down his wind farm construction (I know the guy who hauled the generator blades for the wind mills from Galveston where they came in on ship from China, to the wind farm. His job ended over a year ago and the wind farm construction was suspended) after Pickens convinced a five member panel (all Democrats) in Austin to approve a $5 BILLION Texas grid upgrade that would lead right to his windfarm and would be paid for by a sur-charge placed on every light bill in Texas. Pickens wanted the federal government to pick up the tab for the wind farm. That didn’t happen; he shut it down.

    The rate of return on wind generators is about 10 years (electricity produced to cover cost of construction) and by that time, the generators need repairs, so consequently, Pickens was looking at tying up his own money for 10+ years without one dollar’s worth of return. He’s not willing to do that.

    Now Pickens, never to let an opportunity go to waste, has been leasing all the land he can get his hands on that might have natural gas under it. His company has contacted me probably 1/2 dozen times until I finally leased my land out with another company and told Pickens, et al, to stop calling me.

    The bill that is being pushed by Pickens is H.R. 1380. It was tabled last year, but is about to raise its ugly head again.

  4. 10



    Thanks for the Pickens update, retire05. Actually, hadn’t seen much of him lately on any of the talking head circuits. Tho I confess, haven’t really been paying attention to him.

    The only reason I caught his quest for water… apparently another failed endeavor except that he owns a lot of land now… was because some AZ relatives brought up the fact that private entrepreneurs were furiously buying up land in Texas for water rights a few weeks ago.

    So you leased to another on principle? LOL Good on you.

  5. 11



    On principal? You bet. I hate T. Boone with a passion. He is a crook and a true corporate raider. And he makes my state look bad. He is just George Soros with a Texan accent. So I decided that I would not lease to him, even if it meant I did not lease my land at all.

  6. 13


    Obama’s has increased production by 350% and our number one export is now…oil! Talk to the oil companies and speculators. Talk to the GOP whose constant rhetoric about invading Iran is helping to drive prices up.

    Mitt Romney: The President Can’t Control the Price of Gas (Video) http://www.treehugger.com/envi

  7. 14


    @liberalmann: Obama has not increased oil or energy production .001%. All of the increase is based upon drilling on private land. Obama and Salazar has shut down leases in Colorado, Alaska, Utah and in the Gulf. Did he take credit for inventing the internet? Oh no, that was another lefty.

  8. 15



    Both you and Lib1 have made that same claim, liberalmann, over and over and over. Please, be our guest, and provide the source documentation of that info. We will wait patiently.

  9. 16


    @liberalmann: #12
    I would have been proud to be Breitbart’s son, but my dad was in the Coast Guard during World War II, and escorted several convoys of Merchant Marines to different parts of the world, so I am proud to be HIS son.

    As I have mentioned different times, I have never been able to sit down and talk politics with a far right liberal without them getting irate and using their usual gutter language and insults. As I am doing now, I usually just walk away from them.

  10. 17



    @johngalt, I believe I’ve stated it before, and will apparently have to say it again. When it comes to the libdudm, ya can’t fix stupid. Neither, obviously, can he expand his vocabulary of talking points.

    As I pointed out, with documentation and historic graphs (libdud even has a problems with pictures… LOL) in my comment #10 on another thread about this 350% crap, there is no way historically that our production is up 350%. Most especially not under this POTUS, who is eroding the increased production we had going before he changed the decor in the Oval Office and returned the Churchill bust.

    The only 350% increase we see is in the lies and hyperbole coming out of this WH, and by his blind, uninformed devotees.

  11. 18



    It seems that liberalmann’s purpose is to flit around on conservative sites promulgating the bogus “facts” we see him post here at FA. A search for “obama increased oil production by 350%” has lonelyconservative.com as the first site on yahoo’s search engine. Note the second comment.

    The only claims of that 350% number on a website that I’ve found are here;
    with this;

    As a result, drilling has increased by over 350% under Obama.

    Note that no source is given AND the claim is concerned with “drilling” and not “production”.

    A graph on the increase in drilling can be found here;
    However, note that it does not differentiate between federal land drilling and private/state land drilling. This graph seems to be where Obama’s sycophants are garnering their 350% claim from.

    So, is the increase in drilling due to Obama’s policies, as liberalmann claims? No, and you, Mata, have rightly pointed out in the past that the general claim, even by the Obama WH, that he has increased drilling and production is false. To further bolster your posts on the subject, here is a cnsnews.com article where they interviewed Dan Kish from IER(Institute of Energy Research).

    The increase in domestic drilling was almost entirely in areas for which the Obama administration exercised no authority, as oil production on federal land declined by 11 percent in fiscal year 2011, according to a study by the Institute on Energy Research (IER), a free-market energy think tank. But oil production on state lands increased that year by 14 percent and increased by 12 percent on private lands.

    “A lot of the wells that were supposed to be drilled weren’t because of the moratorium,” Dan Kish, senior vice president for policy at the IER, told CNSNews.com. “Drilling is up in the U.S. on lands he has no say over. On lands he has all the say over, drilling is down.

    Obama’s own government bureaucrats have recognized this and are rushing to regain control of the narrative;

    A top Interior Department official is rebutting GOP allegations that the agency is throttling oil-and-gas development, calling the recent dip in oil production from federal lands the result of industry decisions, not a lack of permits or leases.

    “Where the industry decides to produce or where they decide to develop is up to them,” Bureau of Land Management Director Robert Abbey told a Senate Appropriations subcommittee. “It’s a decision … that is being driven by the market.”
    But Abbey on Wednesday said the decline is a result of market dynamics, noting that the industry is attracted to the “easy plays” on state lands and private lands.


    So the government recognizes the disconnect between Obama’s claims of increasing production and drilling, and the reality of where those increases are coming from.

    So, what can we gather from all of this? Obama’s, and his liberal sycophants, claims are only half-true. Yes, drilling and production are up, and yes Obama is president during this increase, but NONE of the increase, in either drilling or production, is due to Obama’s policies and decisions. Unless, of course, you count the negative effects of Obama’s policies and decisions that have pushed the independents towards state and private land use.

    And liberalmann’s claim, that under Obama production is up by 350%, is completely wrong. liberalmann cannot even get the narrative correct when stumping for Obama. Which begs the question, is liberalmann really Joe Biden in disguise?

    This is just another example of Obama’s deficiencies in integrity and character. Taking credit where none is due, shoveling blame onto others for his faulty decisions and policies, and all in support of Obama’s desire to maintain power. And we have to contend with the intellectual lightweights such as liberalmann to counterbalance Obama’s lies and half-truths. The only good thing is that liberalmann, and Obama himself, make it so easy to do.

  12. 19



    @johngalt, thanks for the additional links for the ol’ favorites files. But the 350% based on rig count is still bogus. I think I linked the WTRG rotary rig counts already, broken down into US, Canadian and World rotary rigs in action. Since the gullible O’devotees are willing to parrot WH lies about this bogus 350%, let’s even consider the combined rigs in action for gas and oil together (altho natural gas is declining because of it’s plentiful and prices crashing… ahem).

    Again, since more than a few O’devotees have demonstrated little reading ability, and even have problems with pictures, let’s put up some pictures of historic rig count that even a two year old could decipher.

    Below… the active US rotary rig count from Jan 1973 to Mar 2012

    As anyone who isn’t blind can see, after the drop in rig counts near the end of the Reagan second term, the activity stayed relatively low until late in Clinton’s second term.. where the rise in activity began following Newt’s House revamping the lease agreements in 1995, and kickstarting activity again. Thus the rise from 1999 until it reached a peak in circa 2008… when the bottom fell out.

    Today, the rig count.. which WTRG has at 1984 as of Mar 16th, 2012… is only getting back to what it was just before the crash. That, however, is no thanks to the Obama admin. It is a tribute of entrepreneurs figuring out a way around Obama’s permitorium, and exploiting more private lands, and those that the leases and permits were granted prior to Mr. GreenJeans assuming the WH position.

    There is only one desperate way for Obama to claim 350% increase in production… and that’s by taking Clinton’s 1999 low point of approx 500 rigs and comparing it to the current count. That’s a bit selective since the production had been on the rise since that low point. Especially when you consider that when Obama was crowned, there were 1600 approx rigs in operation. By July, that fell to approx 500 – the same arena as the Clinton years, but due to a recession and crash in prices – before beginning to rise again.

    But since liars figure and figure lie… as this admin and his merry band of liars tend to do… one can claim that there is over 300% more rigs in activity since 1999. It is pure political deception when you note that from 1999 to 2008, the rig count rose to what it is today. In fact, it would be honest to say that there was 55% more productive activity during the Reagan years than now, and our production is still down 55% from it’s peak in the 80s.

    Obama can only claim to be regaining the ground to what it was before the 2008 crash. Pity that it was done in spite of him, and not with his administration’s aid and encouragement.

  13. 20



    No dispute on your points or sources, Mata. I was merely attempting to find where this 350% figure actually came from. As you can see, I failed to find exactly where they are coming up with that 350% figure, and merely extrapolated from different sources where it could be from.

    The most important thing, I think, that I found, was the Energy department representative, one of Obama’s bureaucrats, attempting to explain away the disconnect between Obama’s claims on drilling and production “increases” and reality. What that shows is that the administration realizes they are lying when Obama takes credit for it, and are, as I said, attempting to regain the narrative they are losing on the issue.

    Maybe we should have a pool going on liberalmann’s claims. Like, how many times between now and the election will he repeat that same lie?

  14. 21



    Well, johngalt, there’s another “liars figure and figures lie” way to get to the bogus claim… almost, anyway.

    Take, for example, GOM drilling, oil rigs only. According to Baker Hughes latest figures, there are 21 GOM oil rigs in operation. That is up “250%” for year over year rig count. My.. that sounds impressive, yes?

    But remember, it’s only 21 rigs. And last year, they were still battling trying to get the permits and/or safety checks/approvals to continue. Even tho the Obama admin had lifted the moratorium officially in Oct 2010, early 2011 came and still the oil companies weren’t getting the official nod to resume drilling, or permits thru for new E&P. Therefore we essentially went from the few rigs that were allowed to stay in operation during Obama’s hysterical moratorium, back into production that had been halted midstream.

    While that can be quipped as “250%” increase, the reality is it was going from 8 or 9 rigs to 21 rigs, all of whom had already started their process long before Obama changed the rugs in the Oval Office. Does it sound impressive”. Well hang, considering the mental capability demonstrated by his devotees here, it don’t take much….

  15. 22


    The day a Liberal gives ALL FIGURES in a Speech, is the day Jesus returns…. And I’m not “religious” as it were.

    “ROME” is burning.. and Obama is FIDDLING…..

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