Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

117 Responses to “Obama Euphoric-Rapture Syndrome….in 2012?”

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    Dink Newcomb


    Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa
    I don’t belong to any religion and don’t know what language that is.

    I am guilty, I am guilty, I am seriously guilty
    It is Latin and part of one penitent’s prayer a confessor is told by a priest to recite to expiate sins. I am NOT Catholic and I know nothing beyond that.

  2. 102


    Dink Newcomb
    that is too funny, imagine a dude asking you if you want a JIVE,
    if you say yes you get knock out,
    by the way , go check on the post ; why the Constitution [reader…
    on 32 Smorgasbord link on the SHERIF CERTIFICAT

  3. 103


    @Dink Newcomb: #99

    apparently you use words differently to sound cool

    I don’t know what you mean. I couldn’t sound cool if my life depended on it. I was, am, and probably forever will be, the most uncool person in ANY group. The song “Call me Mr. In-Between” was written about me.

    Here in Idaho the only gullies we have are small streams of water.

  4. 104


    @Dink Newcomb: #100

    It is Latin and part of one penitent’s prayer a confessor is told by a priest to recite to expiate sins.

    If I don’t belong to any religion, does that mean I can never sin? Something to think about.

  5. 106

    Dink Newcomb


    I couldn’t sound cool if my life depended on it. I was, am, and probably forever will be, the most uncool person in ANY group.
    >???? apparently when you someone uses words differently to sound cool

    Sorry for the misunderstanding, I have edited the original as above. The “you” in that statement was the abstract case of the word, not personal, as in– “You must graduate from high school in order to go to college”. It was suggesting that the people who speak ?ghetto speak? need a dictionary to because everyone uses the words to mean something else. That language is very modern but has dozens of conflicting definitions while, on the other hand, English, which we have both declared to be somewhat confusing with far, far fewer conflicting definitions is THOUSANDS of years old (in some form)– Caesar invaded Britain before the birth of Christ and I am guessing that some form of it was spoken then.

    We need to start an uncool club– even in high school I disliked the prevalent pathetic need for attention that most kids needed/still need and took pride in my independence. I always had plenty of friends but I was NEVER the life of the party despite a good sense of humor.

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    Dink Newcomb


    If I don’t belong to any religion, does that mean I can never sin? Something to think about.

    I would say that those who think that not having a religion gives them a pass to be a wretched human as much and as frequently as their black heart wants, then they will probably be answering to secular control of some sort– parents, the law, the community or maybe just someone else’s .38.

    That is, unless you are a politician or some world figure who murders his own people– Idi Amin was in office for ~8 years and he was EATING some of his citizenry!

  7. 108


    @Richard Wheeler: #104
    It took me a while to quit laughing before I could comment back.

    I don’t WANT to sin, but each religion has so many things that THEY say are sins, but aren’t in any other religion. I just try to live a high moral value life and leave it at that.

  8. 109


    @Dink Newcomb: #105
    I have made the same mistake many times and gotten people mad at me. I try to watch it, but sometimes one will still slip through. One thing I do is proofread what I wrote as if the other person was reading it.

    I have also tried to be funny on some comments I give, but the funny part doesn’t always show up in print like it does in person. This is one reason I think all trials should be videotaped so that if a jury wants to review a certain testimony, they can SEE something said instead of just reading it.

    I was the kid in school that nobody wanted anything to do with because of severe acne. That is why I say I don’t judge a person by their outside. I judge them by their inside. I can adjust to any person’s outside.

  9. 110


    @Dink Newcomb: #106
    The reason I don’t belong to any religion is because I have a questioning mind. There are too many things that don’t have answers for me, or I don’t like the answers. I won’t go into the questions. I don’t want people preaching to me again.

  10. 111


    I learned very young that the TRINITY is a MYSTERY, and we have to believe even if we don’t understand,
    yes it had puzzle me many times I have thought about it, but heck what about other MYSTERY from humans we believe but don’t understand it, MYSTERIES OF NATURE, AND ANIMALS AND ATOMS AND THE STARS , MOON ATTRACTION, SUN EXPLOSIONS AND MORE. not counting our own guts feeling telling us becoming events at times, what about our brain intricated functions so complex that no human achieve
    to understand his own brain different functions.
    so I come back to GIVE GOD A PASS for not being so eazy to comprehend.

  11. 112


    Dink Newcomb
    yes , to not believe is a normal human conflict to always seek explanation of the unknown,
    until it hit right in the face when we don’t expect it, if we have our mind open to the outer limit,
    the one we where seeking and had given up on it, not because it did not exist, but because we gave up seeking,
    and because we forget that the timing of the outer limit is not our human timing.

    that is my view of it,

  12. 113


    @ilovebeeswarzone: #111
    As I mentioned before, I don’t agree with a lot of things of the different religions. If I could establish a religion, I would probably call it, Honesty First, because that is what it would be based on. It would also teach people to accept others as they are, and to not hate certain ways of life just because a person was born that way. I don’t want to go any further because I have been through this stuff too many times over the years. I believe the way I do and won’t change.

  13. 114


    it’s the freedom we all have and it’s precious too, like what we are seeing now some trying
    very hard to bring their own dangerous religion as the total one to conquer the WORLD ,
    and they are working hard on it, all over the place they land, and the wrong part is, they succeed
    to get followers from this AMERICA with intent to use them in their nefarious agenda.

  14. 116


    I think you’re going to far out to dig out that, what about today, they are the peaceful
    with no intent to destroy AMERICA, that should be good enough for us to feel secure with them at this point,
    as oppose to other religion with political agenda to enslaved the people of the whole WORLD,

  15. 117


    @ilovebeeswarzone: #115

    …why would you resent the CHRISTIANS IN TODAY’S WORLD….

    I don’t resent any group of people. It is like all of the wars we have been in. Our problem wasn’t with the people we were fighting, it was the leaders who were the problem. The rest were just doing what they believed to be the right thing, as they were taught.

    Every religion teaches that they are the only true religion and that all others are false. What if they are all false? What if each one was created by someone, or a group, that wanted to control as many people as they can. Isn’t this how we say the OTHER religions got started?

    All I am saying is that I haven’t been convinced that there is or isn’t a god. Why do almost all religions have a man as the top god instead of an it? Why do almost all religions, including the Christian religion, put the husband over the wife? To me we are all equal. These are just some things I don’t go along with in the religions.

    As I have said before, I believe the way I do and my mom tried for many years to “convert” me and failed. I don’t want to belong to any religion that teaches it is a sin to be BORN gay or bisexual when we don’t have a choice. My mom said that the Old Testament said to kill gays. I never looked it up because there are too many other things I disagree with in the Christian religion. It got to the point I didn’t want to talk to her too often because she kept preaching at us kids. Let’s stay friends and not try to “convert” the other one to their way of thinking.

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