As Good a Conspiracy Theory as any to Explain Obama’s Attack on the Catholic Church [Reader Post]

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President Obama’s recent decision to force the Catholic Church to violate their religious beliefs and provide contraceptives and morning after pills in their health care packages surprised me. No, I was not surprised to see this as a logical progression of Obamacare – I was more surprised by the timing. I am among those who believe that Obama will get re-elected in 2012 no matter what happens in the next few months – that will be a separate post in it itself. Without going too much in depth into what I plan to write a big part of my theory comes down to two observations: What is Barack Obama’s greatest love and passion in his life? Barack Obama. And what is his greatest talent, the one thing that sets him above the rest? Convincing other people that they should love Barack Obama almost as much as he does. In other words, he has the perfect skill set for getting elected to public office, regardless of experience or his record. Given how Catholics came out in support of Obama in 2008, why would he spit in the church’s eye right now and risk alienating this voter base with just a few months to election?

It makes absolutely no sense, unless you look at the bigger picture. Obama’s re-election campaign unofficially kicked off with the Occupy Wall Street movement. It got the unionistas and professional leftists out to energize his "young and stupid" demographic that had lost a lot of its enthusiasm for Obama, and also to help set his 2012 campaign theme of envy and resentment toward your neighbor. Does that sound like an over the top statement? The president can’t run on his record – sustained high unemployment, soaring deficits, high fuel prices thanks to an anti-energy policy, not to mention a foreign policy where the good guys don’t trust us and the bad guys think we’re a joke. How many leaders have you seen who after three years in their position continue to whine about the job they inherited? Hence, the "Obama in 2012 – It’s someone else’s fault" campaign theme.

The president is very good at getting himself elected to office – whether getting opponents thrown off the ballot, sealed divorce records released, accepting illegal campaign contributions from foreign donors, or having a fawning press ignore his every flaw while shining a glaring light on every weakness of his opponents, no matter how small or petty. When Mitt Romney shaped up as the most obvious opponent for him to face in November, the OWS campaign makes perfect sense to start building resentment and envy toward Americans who are actually competent enough to lead successful careers. But then a funny thing happened.

As the Not-Romneys fell by the wayside one by one, somebody that nobody saw as a viable threat was still standing and going strong. No, I’m not talking about Gingrich. I’m talking about the recent rise of Rick Santorum. Aside from running against Ron Paul (which will never happen), no remaining candidate is as desirable an opponent for Obama as Rick Santorum. He is by far the most social conservative among the candidates, and he has made enough statements regarding women and gays that he would make the perfect target to whip up enthusiasm in a very unenthusiastic left wing base, not to mention the 24/7 news cycle will allow the Palace Guards in the press to ignore real issues and President Obama’s performance while painting Santorum as enough of an extremist to turn off any moderates.

As for abandoning the Catholic vote, Obama has already issued his faux-compromise. My guess is that he’s got enough tricks up his sleeve to throw out between now and November to convince Catholics that he doesn’t really believe that the right to free contraceptives trumps religious freedom. On one of the Sunday new shows George Will chided the Catholic bishops for getting behind Obamacare without thinking through where it would logically progress. I would argue the same about the American people making the decision to elect Obama in 2008. For that matter, I sincerely hope that you are not among the economically illiterate who were led to believe the claims of, "If you like your insurance you can keep it" or that "your premiums will not go up."

Back to the Catholic Church insurance decision – why now? Obama could have easily waited until after the November elections to show his views on religious liberty in this country. If you’re reading this you already know about Santorum’s surge in the polls and recent victories in the primaries. The timing of this announcement was perfect to push religious conservatives toward not the Mormon, but the outspoken Christian in the bunch who is suddenly riding a wave of momentum. We’ve seen how quickly political fortunes come and go, and with enough momentum Santorum could ride this wave to the nomination, helping Obama not only get re-elected, but fire up enough turnout from his base to take back the losses from the 2010 elections.

Any of my regular readers (thank you, both of you!) probably notice something missing from this post. I’m big on citing my sources and embedding links to support my assertions – there aren’t any here. Yes, I could put links backing my statements about the economy and foreign policy, etc, but that wasn’t the purpose of this post. The rest of what I’ve written here are nothing more than my own observations, personal analysis, and theories taking them to a logical conclusion. I won’t insult your intelligence by suggesting that this is anything more than a conspiracy theory. I just see something happening that makes no sense and am looking for an explanation. If anyone has a better theory, please comment!

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  1. 51

    Common Sense

    @Richard Wheeler: Richard are you really that stupid or just brain washed by 0-bama and the MSM!! Catholics are NOT on the side of 0-bama and the issue is NOT contraception, as you would like to think. Lets talk 1st amendment violation by your Messiah and see where Catholics come down. If it where just Catholics then tell me why oh why is the Protestants siding with the Catholics against 0-bama. Likely you are not aware due to your limited sources or intelligence or both.

  2. 52



    my guess is I got one right… first time in a long time. we are repeating the 60’s and 70’s. some forgot, some are dead, others are just pissed off they were incapable of bringing the structure to heel of the state.

    the latter are now in the positions of power, the same positions who’s. former occupiers they called… the pigs.

    excuse my editing here… big fingers, little tablet unit.

    who’scomer occupiers… they referred to as pigs.

  3. 53


    Common Sense

    not all sense is common.

    Roman Catholics and Jews will overwhelmingly support Obama this November, regardless of whatever actions he takes to destroy their being.

    Understand the nature of the beast.

  4. 54


    hi, you mentioned pigs, funny it remind me of another blog ending with talking about pigs one evening,
    arguing was like wrestling with pigs in the mud,
    the day after I see on the news paper swimming pigs in an island of the BAHAMAS, which had swim out from a wreck and swim ashore and their offspring kept the habit of swimming for hours in that crystal clear water, they publicize their island with the slogan, THE WATER IS SO CLEAR, EVEN THE PIGS SWIM IN IT,
    THEN another day I see a publicity of a pig sliding down a high rope yelling, that was the new GEICO slogan,
    so you come in with pigs is for me a real good laugh, sorry about it, but I needed that laugh.

  5. 55


    how about that? on my news paper today, I SEE AN ADD, and there I go again laughing out loud.
    and later on TELEVISION , I see the pig of GEICO on a LUDGE coming down on the OLYMPIC BUILD
    hum hum… something weird is going on between the top guys and the PINK PIGS, I agree with you,
    they are rising the pigs reputation, for some dark agenda.
    we’ll know soon enough.

  6. 56



    somewhere a post got dropped, likely my error… I get boring.

    we are witnessing a confluence of simultaneous collapsing mass structures and expanding microstructures. in the period, there will be collision and… other coincidences of information becoming more obvious.

    we are experiencing a mind based super nova…

  7. 58


    hi, don’t laugh if I answer something different than your comment, because you express it so in a academician learned that I did not get it, but I’m really trying for the learning chance to advance in the subject and grammar so well express

  8. 60



    you can goggle any word you do not understand and get immediate definition.

    I recommend obtaining a copy of “Websters encyclopedic unabridged dictionary of the English language” in hard copy. one can be had at a used book store for small dollars.

    the grammar thing falls into place from reading various authors.

  9. 61


    thank you, I shouldn’t be so lazy as to expect other in high learning to send comments which I can understand, but I pick up a bit and that’s why I get in trouble sometimes in trying to comment back to it, but we have to keep some humor in it too, don’t we?
    you gave me a couple of good lead there

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