Laughing At The Presumptions Of Elites

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Tim Thomas, the goalie for the Stanley Cup winning Boston Bruins, declined an invitation to the White House and the opportunity to gaze upon the royal Narcissist. Massachusetts is aghast at the nerve of a mere athlete making a political statement; especially when the statement is in direct contradiction of the state’s love of Socialism and their great hope for the future of the world.

Massachusetts Governor Patrick thought the grievous snub was a direct result of the public’s lack of courtesy and grace; although, goalies have never been known to be overly courteous, and their grace consists primarily of moves orchestrated to stop hundred mile an hour pucks and defending their nets with a ferocity that few of us can comprehend; however, Mr Thomas has exhibited qualities that mark him as an independent thinker and not the sort of sap that responds to the ultimate fan, who wants desperately to be among great athletes and cultivate a symbiotic mutual admiration.

Governor Patrick of Massachusetts expressed Liberal outrage at the official snub, but was willing to concede that Thomas has the right to his own opinion, and this is truly a notable concession from the Governor of a Socialist State. We should all be thankful that citizens living in Massachusetts still have the right to personal opinions and the right to refuse an invitation from a Socialist President.

“He’s a phenomenal hockey player and he’s entitled to his views,” Patrick said. “It just feels like we are losing in this country basic courtesy and grace.”

The governor said while he strongly disagreed with many of the policies of former President George W. Bush, a Republican, he was always respectful when they met.

“I always referred to him as Mr. President, I stood when he came into the room. There are rules to live by,” Patrick said.

The opinions of Thomas were well stated and reflected disappointment with the current president. He made an effective statement in a Liberal State that will probably make his tenure with the Bruins more difficult in the future.

I believe the Federal government has grown out of control, threatening the Rights, Liberties, and Property of the People.

This is being done at the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial level. This is in direct opposition to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers vision for the Federal government.

Because I believe this, today I exercised my right as a Free Citizen, and did not visit the White House. This was not about politics or party, as in my opinion both parties are responsible for the situation we are in as a country. This was about a choice I had to make as an INDIVIDUAL.

This is the only public statement I will be making on this topic.

Actually, not everyone is swept away by those who presume royal status, and many refuse to participate in the charade of political lunacy that supposedly honors those of great achievement so that they can stand in awe of those of outstanding mediocrity. Throughout Queen Elizabeth’s Reign, she has been snubbed by over 250 high achievers who refused to participate in receiving honors of dubious merit from a near meaningless monarchy. Many artists and writers: Lucian Freud, Henry Moore, Roald Dahl, CS Lewis, Francis Bacon, and my personal favorite Twentieth Century British author Aldous Huxley, have chosen to forego the honor of a personal audience and awards like the CBE, Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

The late author, JG Ballard, summed up his antipathy with the British Monarchy:

“The whole thing is a preposterous charade, thousands of medals are given out in the name of a non-existent empire. It makes us look like a laughing stock.”

Although Ballard and Thomas expressed different reasons for their aversion to participating in a silly charade; essentially, they both refused to be sucked in by the phony pomp and circumstance so typical among rulers attempting to define their own dubious relevance among individuals of merit. Congratulations Tim Thomas, you stand among many men of merit who have refused to be used by those who want to borrow your fame and accomplishments. Hopefully, you will play on several more Stanley Cup Teams in the future, regardless of their location.

A professional horseman for over 40 years, Skook continues to work with horses. He is in an ongoing educational program, learning life's lessons from one of the world's greatest instructors, the horse. Skook has finished an historical novel that traces a mitochondrial line of DNA from 50,000 years ago to the present. The book Fifty-Thousand Years is awaiting me to finish a final proofread and it should be sent to the formatter in a matter of days. I am still working, so it is not easy to devote the time I need to finish the project. The cover is a beautiful wok of art. I would put it up here if I could figure out how to make it work.

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  1. 51

    Richard Wheeler

    Ms Bees #48 It’s too late.I tortured them mercilessly and they gave up all I needed to know.

    BTW Looks like Mitt’s bought a Fla. win. Maybe Newt can be our first Senator from the moon? Think you can yell over for Sarah’s help?

  2. 53


    @ilovebeeswarzone: #46
    As more and more states are writing laws making it mandatory for a politician to prove they are legally qualified to run for the office they want to run for, I see more states that Obama can’t qualify for. This is why I have said for a long time that he won’t run again. The states won’t let him this time.

  3. 54


    @Richard Wheeler: #48
    I don’t have an arsenal of weapons, but I’m glad that a lot of people in my area do. Haven’t you wondered why, if Obama can prove he is legally qualified to be president, he doesn’t just give the Georgia court the info?

  4. 56


    @ilovebeeswarzone: #49
    I don’t belong to a political party, so I can’t vote for who will run. I personally want someone else to run, not politicians. I’m tired of politicians who only want to advance their own career.

  5. 57

    Donald Bly

    Colonization of the Moon is a brilliant idea and a worthy goal for NASA to pursue… it beats the hell out of their current mission… “make the Muslims feel good about their scientific achievement” (or lack thereof). Kennedy thought big too… And we made it to the moon while only having the computing power of a modern underpowered calculator.

    Thank you Newt for having the balls to propose worthwhile pursuits for our now idle space agency.

    Newt 2012 and the Moon by 2020

  6. 58


    @Snerd Gronk: #30
    This we’re signing the deed over to the UN is just ridiculous.

    It has already started. Bill Clinton signed a law that puts a lot of our Federal property under UN rules. I am guessing that if the UN changes the rules, we will have to go by the new rules, but that is just a guess. I have seen the plaque at Yellowstone National Park that says it is under US and UN control, but didn’t know what it meant at that time.

    The above link starts out saying: What do the Statue of Liberty, Independence Hall, Jefferson’s Monticello and Yellowstone National Park have in common? Each of these national treasures is regulated according to the dictates of foreign bureaucrats rather than according to the will of the American people.

  7. 59


    Snerd Gronk
    You know ,I’ve been thinking also, but it’s about your comment address to me,
    I cannot figure it out, IT might be to over my expertise of knowledge which I find limited at times, most of the time really, but I tend to get the feel of it usual, enough to debate a bit on the subject,
    but you got me speechless with the empiric fear, or was it to catcha me for your laugh? or what does it mean, what was the intent of your comment?
    I have to warn you, of my answer will be different depending of your explanation
    edit; empiric acting on observation and experiment not on theories; relying solely on experiment;quack, I just checked it, is it what is being done at high level now?

  8. 60


    Donald Bly
    you might think I’m racist, but can you see a MUSLIM BURY A IED ON THE MOON,
    SO no taking any of those on a colonies of the moon, can you see us down on earth, watching the moon and being always on stress that it might happen,can you see us forever MOONLESS, BECAUSE THEY BLEW IT UP

  9. 62

    Richard Wheeler

    Anticsrocks I was merely commenting on the yarns spun by Smorg. I LOVED THEM.
    Mata called me a pot stirrer and you consider me an agitator.

    Sounds like a Ron Paul supporter.I’M NOT but I do respect his ability to agitate and stir the pot.Don’t you?

  10. 63


    @Richard Wheeler: The only thing I respect about Ron Paul is his view of the Fed.

    Remember that line from that movie?

    “You had me at hello.”

    In this case, with Ron Paul I say,

    “You lost me at, ‘It’s okay for Iran to have nukes.'”

  11. 65


    @Donald Bly: #57
    NASA went to the moon with just 2 megabytes of memory. Most of my pictures use more. I’m all for going to the moon. Better us than Russia or China, but let’s fix our country first.

  12. 68


    I’m now the day after, any new developments on what we are working on? I wake thinking that we should advise the PENTAGONE, to prevent AIR FORCE 1 TO FLY, FROM NOW ON, so they can advise the PILOT to refuse any assignments out of the USA, just in case your concern is well founded,
    especially after we learned of agenda 21, it is our outmost duty to do it,

  13. 69


    @ilovebeeswarzone: #68
    Bubs Bunny is the name you get when you INTEND to type Bugs Bunny but hit the wrong key just one time and don’t notice the error. The weird thing is that I always try to go back and proof read my comments before I send them. This one slipped by me.

  14. 70


    that was my excuse to say hi, which is a word too short to post comment
    edit; wow we are sitting duck with a multitude of ASTEROIDS orbiting the planet,a study from a japaneese physicist

    as if we don’t have enough problem on this earth planet of the universe
    edit2; yes both languages

  15. 71


    if you get joetote to give me the job, I WILL give you earmarks [what ever it is]
    seems to be goodies in the W.H.
    I would take some too.

  16. 73


    @ilovebeeswarzone: #71
    Earmarks are just another way for politicians to get more money. When a project is earmarked (like the bridge to nowhere in Alaska) the money is guaranteed, even if the project is never done. They are very seldom done, but the state gets the money anyway. It’s the normal, “I’ll vote for your pet project if you will vote for mine.”

  17. 74

    Hard Right

    Bubs Bunny is Bugs Bunny’s less successful brother. He was Bugs stunt double for some time, but an injury forced him to retire. They had a falling out years ago when Bubs wrote a tell all book about Bugs. Since then he’s been thru rehab multiple times for various pain medication addictions and had several brushes with the law.
    Last I heard he has a tiny hole in the ground somewhere in the country. Sad really.

  18. 77


    @Hard Right: #74
    I always wondered how Bugs could take all of the stuff he did and not get hurt. Are you saying that that stuff didn’t really happen to him? It was all a fake? How could this be? Are there any other fake shows like this on TV.

  19. 78


    Hard Right,
    there was an ACE PILOT in the WWll call BUXI, he was famous for his actions in fighting the GERMAN’S PLANES.
    my spelling his name might not be correct,

  20. 79

    Hard Right

    Bugs was too valuable to risk injury, so they brought in Bubs. They look exactly alike, but the second he speaks, you know it isn’t Bugs.
    In case you want to read it, the book he wrote is called, ” I’m Not Your Doc.”
    Bubs claimed he wasn’t the only stunt double in Toon Town. In fact, he alleged that there was quite a body count racked up in the Road Runner cartoons- coyotes only of course. Warner Brothers denied the charge. Such dishing got him blackballed from the industry.
    I wish I hadn’t read the book. You wouldn’t belive what Elmer was into. It really taints childhood memories and leaves you more cynical. What’s next? The father on the Brady bunch wasn’t straight?

    I recall Bugs tangling with a Gremlin in WWII. I can’t recall his war record tho. 😉

  21. 80


    @Hard Right: #79
    I’m going to be crying myself to sleep tonight. Don’t you know how to break things like this gently? I’m glad I am retired so that I don’t have to go to work. I’d probably have to call in sick.

    Don’t tell me what Elmer was into, but I do have to know if that is what made him talk funny.

    Next time you want to tell some dirty secrets, please don’t start with something like a truck driver would: “You ain’t going to believe this, but….” Instead, start with something like, “Do you want to know why Elmer Fudd talks funny?” Then I can answer, “If it won’t keep me up at night.”

    Bugs was in the Army. It didn’t work out too well.

    He was in an Air Force plane, but not by choice.

    So, all the bad stuff that happened to Bugs, actually happened to Bubs? I can never watch another Bugs Bunny adventure movie again, because I know now that PARTS of them aren’t real.

  22. 81

    Hard Right


    Sorry Smorg. I’m of the camp that bad news should be given like the removal of duct tape from someone’s face- quickly.
    Oh yes, what Elmer was into definitely affected his speech. Supposedly the stress of being typecast as the fool really got to him and led him to do…..stuff.

    Yes, it was all Bubs. Bugs was a megastar and you know they couldn’t risk him. Bubs paid quite a price for his brother’s fame. All that stuff about toons being almost indestructable is just industry lies. It allows them to cover up the mass casualties.

    Then there is Daffy. Per Bub he was actually a swan who underwent radical plastic surgery to become a duck since that is what Warner Brothers demanded. The surgery left him with neurological damage that effected his speech and behavior. Playing second bannana to Bugs didn’t help his behavior and neither did his speech impediment.

  23. 82

    Nan G

    Daffy in the service!
    Who else remembers his great job?
    He was ”testing” large bombs to see if they were duds by taking a hammer to their tip as they came by on an assembly line!
    Funniest cartoon ever!

  24. 84


    @Hard Right: #81
    I’m not going to ask you how you know what it feels like to have duct tape jerked off of your face. I don’t want to know, so don’t tell me. You must be going through some body modifications too. I hope it turns out OK.

    I have learned a lot from FA, but some of it I wish I never had. There are so many situations where ignorance is bliss, and I am getting less and less blissful all the time.

  25. 85


    @Nan G: #82
    I loved it too. I feel sorry for today’s parents who want to raise there kids with high moral values. They don’t seem to be making just fun cartoons today. They seem to have a liberal agenda.

  26. 86

    Nan G

    @Smorgasbord: I don’t know about the ”high moral values” of old toons, Smorgasbord.

    I remember all those Betty Boop cartoons with Cab Calloway.
    Seems much of the plot went right over my young head….until I was MUCH older.

    Mighty Mouse seemed to always have to save his shapely girlfriend from the clutches of an S&M nutcase.
    Popeye and Bluto and Olive’s relationships all seemed messed up, too.

  27. 87


    @Nan G: #86
    My generation’s world wasn’t perfect, but it didn’t have cartoons selling products, the bad guy NEVER won, and you never heard a cuss word on TV or radio. I don’t keep track of how the cartoons are now, but I didn’t care for them a few years back. The cartoons in my time were just to make you laugh, and they did.

  28. 88


    Michael Henkins
    you might be interested to check here on number 16 the link on agenda 21for dummies and the other link same number 16. on agenda 21 core publication.

    plus go on 34 link OBAMA ILIGIBILITY court case …blow by blow
    both on anticsrocks comments,
    it tell you of my answer on your POST about GEORGIA,

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