Newt Kicks Some CBS Arse….

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We all knew this was coming but I have to agree with his indignation….the very first question?

He makes wonderful points while kicking some ass and then completely denies the allegation of the open marriage.

He also released his tax returns in a not too subtle dig at Mitt.

We all knew Newt was going down without a fight.

Meanwhile Santorum handled this question quite well, and it was pretty damn funny


Great post on Newt:

…CNN’s John King opened the Charleston debate with a direct question to Gingrich about his past. “Do you want to take a moment to address that?” King asked.

“No, but I will,” Gingrich replied. And he wound up his ire and spent the next few minutes pulverizing the media for digging into his past on the eve of the South Carolina primary. When King tried to deflect Gingrich’s wrath back off onto ABC, Gingrich would have none of it: King has brought up the issue in the debate, after all. King looked visibly cowed.

In the hotel bar in Charleston, SC where I ended up watching the debate, cheers went up to match the standing ovation Gingrich earned from the live audience. The other candidates all found themselves, rather than criticizing Gingrich’s past infidelity, piling onto his attack on the media.

…Newt Gingrich was not my preferred candidate, and still isn’t. But in these debates he has proven that Republicans love a fighter. We are tired of a biased media belittling us and denigrating, even undermining, us. We are tired of an ignorant media inflating nonsense and avoiding asking the other side the tough questions Republicans deal with every day. Like a Civil War general once accused of letting his personal problems get in the way of doing his duty, we may not be able to spare Newt Gingrich. He isn’t perfect, far from it. But he fights.


Good breakdown of the debate:

1. Romney can’t answer questions about his tax returns at all.

2. He’s terrible at it and he needs to get better, quickly.

3. John King trying to use Romney’s father as a precedent on the tax return issue was dumb.

4. Romney referred to “RomneyCare” tonight. I think that was a first, and not a good first for him.

5. He also made some sort of reference to coming from the “streets of America.” Romney is a fine man, but if there’s anyone less “street” than Mitt Romney I don’t know who it could be. If he’s street than I’m the shock collar for a vicious Mexican drug gang.

6. Newt’s opening answer was very strong and will be replayed a lot. But I thought it was overstated and as he kept going it became clear he was trying to squelch the issue rather than express his true rage. When he was all lovey-dovey with John King after the debate, it underscored that it was as much performance as anything else.

7. Ron Paul had some of his best moments of any debate. I really liked his answer on free trade. The problem, of course, is that he’s a theoretical free trader and an operational protectionist.

8. I was less impressed than most with Santorum tonight than a lot of folks seem to have been. But I still think he did very well, all things considered.

10. Santorum’s best moment came when he threaded the needle on immigration, sounding both tough and compassionate.

11. He also had the most dramatic moment dropping the House banking scandal bomb on Newt.

12. It is simply amazing that it took all this time (is this the 17th debate?) for anyone to really deliver a serious and cogent attack on RomneyCare.

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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    Either you have your own distinct definition of an evangelical, rich, or you are conveniently forgetting the bitter rivalry of Huckabee and Romney during 2008. And I assure you, it was not based on Huckabee disrepecting Mormonism. Romney was a rude and plastic liar then, and he remains the same today. Prior to now, Romney enjoyed the “it’s my turn to be anointed”, and kept most of his cool… that is until Gingrich started rising in IA. Then the Romney faithful pulled the plug on civility in desperation. Romney and his supporters showed their true colors. To this day, whether about Newt or Santorum, Romney refuses to apologize or back pedal on his superpac venomous ads, saying only “if there is errors, they should be corrected”. But he won’t publicly admit the errors.

    Sleazy? Hang yes..

    And your last sentence? Again you make blanket assumptions, using only James Dobson to support your statement. You seem to have a learning disability….

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    Richard Wheeler

    Mata BTW Re that Evangelical leader’s meeting in Texas last weekend. James Dobson lovingly referred to as the “pope of the evangelicals” skewered Callista while announcing his endorsement of Santorum.
    The vote Santorum 85
    Gingrich 29
    Romney Still waiting for his first.

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    Richard Wheeler

    Mata You got a real H.O. for Romney gal. A leader of YOUR party not mine. Newt a Georgia Conserv. should beat Romney a Mass. mod/lib by 2o points in his neighboring S.C. Romney still the favorite to win. You gonna blister him all the way to the finish line? Classy

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    Common Sense

    Let’s not forget here that Newt’s accuser is a disgruntled Ex Wife.  Let’s not forget that the Democrats Messiah Slick Willie as President of the United States got a hummer from an interm named Monica Lewinski when he was at work!!  My advice to all you liberal wachos who like to take cheap shots at Newt, tell me how you feel about Slick and if he should have gotten re elected as President given his failures.  BTW wachos, this was not a one time thing with Monica or with other woeman he banged along the way, and of course was married to Hillary at the time.

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    Richard Wheeler

    Anticsrocks   You sure cherry picked those 3 polls where Gingrich average lead about 4% and Santorum  polled between 9 and 14. We’ll see today though no matter the results Romney will still be favorite to win nom.

    Common sense  Newt slogan gonna be “I’m no worse than Clinton” Good luck with that. Monica happened in 2nd term and IMO would have prevented any future victory AND cost Gore the Presidency in 2000.



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    rich wheeler:  You got a real H.O. for Romney gal. A leader of YOUR party not mine. Newt a Georgia Conserv. should beat Romney a Mass. mod/lib by 2o points in his neighboring S.C. Romney still the favorite to win. You gonna blister him all the way to the finish line? Classy

    First of all, rich wheeler, Romney is not a leader of “my party” because I’m not a Republican, but an Independent.  Therefore I am no party loyalist.  That’s your first error.

    Your second error is assuming that I consider Romney any kind of a leader in my ideology.  While he attempts to talk a good game, his record belies the words.  Too sleazy for my tastes.  So yes, I have already stated I had three candidates in this race that do not have my support… Romney, Huntsman and Paul.  As of this date, that hasn’t changed.

    Whether you consider me sticking to my convictions, instead of toeing the Republican loyalist party line, as (sarc) classy is unimportant to me.

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    @ Rich Wheeler #57: I didn’t cherry pick, I read and used the PPP poll. Partly because it was the first one in the story and partly because I heard it in a news story on CBS Radio News while driving earlier in the day.

    It has Gingrich at 35% and Romney at 29% and Santorum at 15%. Simple math, if you take Santorum’s 15 and give it to the other Conservative, Newt then you get Newt at or around 50%.

    Sorry it was difficult for you, thought my meaning was clear.



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    rich wheeler to anticsrocks: ou sure cherry picked those 3 polls where Gingrich average lead about 4% and Santorum polled between 9 and 14.

    Cherry picked??? RealClearPolitics has the latest polls round up. How many do you think there are?

    Anticsrocks is correct… the majority of SC polling has Gingrich up. The Gallup poll nationally still has Romney up over Gingrich. But anything can change. If Newt won SC, and depending upon how FL goes, the “national” polls would likely be affected, since polls generally reflect a herd mentality. Everyone likes to think they picked the winner, and they base that on who the polls and media say that is.

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    Richard Wheeler

     Anticsrocks  Your original post didn’t indicate you were ref,  only ppp. Three polls you did ref. including Rasmussen were lower on average.Agreed?

    Mata First time I ever heard you call yourself an indie.There may be hope for

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    May be the first time you’ve paid attention, but I think that my history of both authored posts and comments here have made it plain that my disdain for Congress crosses party lines.

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    Rich, a true thinker, when it comes to politics, always considers themselves an “indie”. I admit, and I know Mata has as well, that there are degenerates on both sides of politics. And I hope you aren’t making the mistake of believing that being independent is equivalent to “moderate”. These two terms describe two entirely different situations.

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    oil guy from ALBERTA




    what do you say on it?



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    Gary G. Swenchonis

    Newt Kicks Butt! We loved it! Whats next? the reporters demanding to know is it true that Newt suffers from Premature Ejectulation and refuses to enter longterm therapy for it? Its gone too damn far! So yeah tell em where to put it!

  14. 70

    Richard Wheeler

     Congrats to Newt .We got a horse race which I love..

     Anticsrocks  Final result is a blowout with massive move to Newt in final days. Guess S.C. voters felt a robber baron capitalist who fails to release his tax returns worse than a philanderer who, as Mata suggests, at least marries his mistresses.

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    Common Sense

    America will choose to pick someone who can get us out of the mess 0-bama has put America in.  In the past Democrats preferred a guy who got a hummer in the whitehouse with an Intern when he should have been working.  No moral high ground for Democrats and America has a failed President in office who is a Democrat and nees to go!!

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