Obama’s policies are killing the middle class [Reader Post]

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Barack Obama is entirely predisposed to claiming that he inherited a an economic mess, and it in truth, he did. He did assert that he could fix the economy in three years and implied that he perhaps ought to be limited to one term if he did not deliver.

Back then he said he should be held accountable but today wants to be accountable for absolutely nothing save for killing Bin Laden.

As democrats controlled the entire Congress for the first two years of Obama’s term and were able to shove pretty much anything they wanted down the throat of the country it seems appropriate to judge this administration by the effects of the policies put in place by Obama and the democrats from after the time they were enacted.

Democrats labeled last year “the recovery summer” but it did not pan out that way. Obama’s election campaign theme seems to be “It could be worse” but the fact is things are not getting better- especially not for the middle class.

Sentier Research has published data that show the middle class to be losing ground consequent to Obama’s policies.

Between June 2009 and June 2011:

– Real median annual household income for family households with a male or female head and no spouse present (many with children in the household) declined by 7.3 percent (from $39,321 to $36,465) compared to a decline for married-couple households of 4.5 percent (from $76,783 to $73,324).

– Real median annual household income for households with a head under 25 years old declined by 9.5 percent (from $32,123 to $29,060) compared to a decline for households with a head 45 to 54 years old of 5.5 percent (from $65,911 to $62,315).

– Real median annual household income for households with a head looking for work or on layoff (unemployed) declined by 18.4 percent (from $41,037 to $33,487) compared to a decline for households with a head working full-time of 5.1 percent (from $72,104 to $68,454).

– Real median annual household income for households with a Black (not Hispanic) head declined by 9.4 percent (from $35,072 to $31,784) compared to a decline for households with a White (not Hispanic) head of 4.7 percent (from $59,111 to $56,320). The decline for households with a Hispanic head was 4.9 percent (from $41,945 to $39,901).

Michael Barone points out that Obama knows how to do nothing other than rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic:

So why should voters be leery of economic redistribution in times of economic distress?

Perhaps because they realize that they stand to gain much more from a vibrantly growing economy than from redistribution of a stagnant economic pie. A growing economy produces many unanticipated opportunities. Redistribution edges toward a zero-sum game.

They miss growth when it is absent. They don’t appreciate it so much when it is happening.

Roosevelt’s 1934 and 1936 victories were won in periods of growth. After the economy shifted into recession in 1937, New Deal Democrats fared much worse, and Roosevelt won his third and fourth terms as a seasoned wartime leader, not an economic redistributor.

Lesson: If you want redistribution, you’d better first produce growth. Which the Obama Democrats’ policies have failed to do.

Barack Obama is a community organizer. He knows how to grow division and class warfare. He knows nothing of growing economies. Left alone in control, democrats created policies that were not only not helpful to the economy and the middle class, they are harmful. The so-called “obstruction” by the GOP may be the only thing saving the middle class from Obama and the democrats.

DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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    Sounds like Briggsy needs pictures for some basic economic realities, right drj? Funny that the below graph comes courtesy of lib/prog Greg, and yet he failed to see how the general ups and downs over the years were not huge fluctuations… until “da won” came to town. That was an oops on his part. LOL

    Look at the pretty pictures, Briggsy. If you need help interpreting them, let us know.

    Graph #1: Wow… look how those corporate profits soared to a five decade high as soon as the community organizer came to town!

    Graph #2: As wages started being paid as both salary and benefits (i.e. health insurance, company shares, pensions and 401Ks), the paycheck started going down, but employees weren’t paying for health care out of their own pockets. Additionally they were invested in the stock market, with their contributions being matched by the employer. So the graphs and data – reflecting only take home pay and not the bennies/assets – always show a lessening wage. The lib/progs do so love to exploit this to the point of absurdity. But lookie how it tanked since “da won” came to town!

    Graph #3: Hum… looks like the Bush era gave them a shot in the arm after the Clinton recession, and the economic fallout from Sept 11th, and they started paying more taxes as a percentage of their profits… until the Chicago thug came to the WH, that is.

    Graph #4: Hummm… looks like Obama’s tax rates are as low, if not lower, than Bush’s. You can see where the Bush tax cuts low was, and how they started going up… until the guy with the soaring rhetoric, and no economic savvy came to town, that is.

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    @Briggsy: get off it. When are you liberals going to take personal responsibility? Blaming Bush and pulling the race card is really really old. Your friend barry is responsible.

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    Common Sense

    @Briggsy: Shame on you dude!! 0-bama lied and the economy died. Remember the graph on his promise of the employment rate with and without the stimulus?? Remember when he said he owned the economy?? remember when he discussed shovel ready projects?? The blame Bush strategy will not work anymore. I know it’s hard for you to accept but the fact is America was duped by 0-bama and the MSM and elected an unqualified, useless, living, and most of all political hack. BTW Democrats had control of all three branches of the government for two years and failed. Why do you think the House went Republican in historic numbers?? Not because America bought the blame Bush strategy. It’s getting so old you should be embarrassed to use it.

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    The Republican far right apparently believes that the tax cuts and systematic deregulation that preceded the economic meltdown during the final year of the Bush administration will work even better if they’re pushed even further the next time around.

    They also seem to believe that Obama somehow created a situation that had become apparent long before his election.

    Call me a skeptic. I blame both Bush and the long-established regulatory and tax policies of a Republican majority that controlled Congress for 12 consecutive years.

    They left one a helluva mess behind them, and they’ve done everything in their power since then to frustrate the cleanup efforts. Now, in the run-up to the 2012 elections, they seem to want to make the case that the entire situation is the other guy’s fault.

    Sorry. I’m not buying it.

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    Mata, you are a kind hearted soul. You offer a guiding hand to those with an inferior intellect with the same benevolence as someone who befriends a lost and bewildered puppy. Unfortunately, kindness or logic in this instance is wasted on those who are so blind, they refuse to see.

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    Liberals always hurt those they purport to help. Instead of teaching them to “fish” and become productive members of society they give them “fish” in order to enslave them in perpetual dependence.

    The XL Pipeline is a perfect example of Liberal policies hurting the middle class. Because of Obama’s need for re-election pandering to the “greenies” thousands of good paying middle class jobs will be lost in the construction and maintenance of the pipeline. The price of oil will go up which is directly detrimental to the middle class because it is a disproportionate amount of their income that must be spent on gasoline and groceries. And then there is the whole national security issue. If we would (we have the capacity) produce all our own energy, we could tell the rest of the world to take a flying leap. Tell them to keep their hands off Israel but otherwise bring most of our troops home.

    The stupidity of the left just knows no bounds.

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    Tercel: That was a homerun, but why don’t we have nominees who drive this issue home, instead of slinging insults at each other like children. The nominee has an opportunity to not only capture Republicans, but to point out the pathetic and counter productive policies of da Won.

    Tell the people the truth and get elected or go along to get along.

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    Nan G

    Obama’s big plan to rescue the Middle Class is already in the works.

    The US Census did not count a whole lot of income AS income when it labeled 48% of Americans as “poor,” or “near-poor.”
    Wait until a few weeks before the Nov. 2012 election and the way these people are classified will shift.

    ALL income will count (as it should have anyway) toward one’s classification.

    THUS, magically, Obama will LIFT millions of “poor” into “near-poor” and millions of “near-poor” into middle class!

    The really funny part of this is that George Orwell predicted all this when he wrote 1984.
    Remember the portion about the chocolate ration?
    The amount people could get was LOWERED ….. yet it was looked upon as ”double-plus-good!”

    Same thing.

    Edited to add:
    Is the Obama Administration Politically Manipulating the Poverty Data?
    How Obama could abuse a new set of poverty statistics.


    Team O’s ‘poor’ trick
    Playing games on poverty

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    Tom in CA

    The king of the Strawmen is back with an assertion that the wicked Far Right blamed Obama for 2008-2009 economic woes. Sorry, I am not buying that. As a card carrying member of the far right, we blame other liberal politicians, not the listless Obama. He was WAY to busy with voting present and setting up Jack Ryan. You would have a hard time screwing things up that royal when you don’t do anything.

    Nor would I buy the outlandish statement the Tax Policies had anything to do with a meltdown of the housing market.

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    mike d.

    Let’s not forget that they rich have always paid anywhere from 90-75% (depending on if there was a war time tax or not) of their income in taxes until 1988. People talk about the good old days when America prospered, but forget about how much the people paid in taxes. Over the last 40 years, the U.S. federal tax system has undergone changes. There has been a dramatic decline in top marginal individual income tax rates. In the early 1960s, the statutory individual income tax rate applied to the marginal dollar of the highest incomes was 91 percent. This marginal tax rate on the highest incomes declined to 28 percent by 1988, increased significantly to 39.6 percent in 1993, and fell to 35 percent as of 2003. It’s pretty much sat around this 35-39 percent rate since 2003.

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    C Andrew Scott


    Chicago thug

    i understand you were happier with a Texan oil prince instead.

    right vs. left…we’re all in this together. you want to blame Obama for EVERYTHING? you obviously do not understand how our government actually works. we both can spin crap about presidents, but the Republicans are still involved with the process. you seem to only want to point out the “good” YOUR president was “responsible” for…and only the “negative” of what Obama can be “blamed” for.

    idiotic hypocrisy. just plain idiotic.

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    Common Sense

    @C Andrew Scott: Nice to see you haven’t learned or changed. You’re the same ignorant moron from before. How quickly you would like to forget such lies as the unemployment rate committment, “shovel ready projects”, the Democrat blame Bush strategy your boy used to get elected, “I own the economy”, and Democrat control of all three branches of the government when 0-bama took office. Now you revert back to blaming anyone but the failure of our President. Your pathetic,

  13. 19

    C Andrew Scott

    @CommonSenseless: what’s “pathetic” is your inability to see that things go both ways, but you would rather resort to finger-pointing and name-calling.

    solutions, not problems, sir. keep pretending YOUR choices were “perfect”.

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    Mr Homesteader

    It’s fair to say Repubs and Dems all share blame for our decline. It’s also fair to state the obvious in that the decline accelerated under O and the Dems. I’m sure the left will shriek with glee when O’s handlers put “Supplemental Poverty Measure” into play as they do now with every latest reporting of the unemployment numbers. Yet when we do the math we’re left head scratching over the results…. it doesn’t add up, the lefts math never does. It’s just a soundbite for the uninformed masses, designed to convince them their better off than they really are.

    I no longer confine my weeping for the future….. I weep for the present.

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    C Andrew Scott
    confine yourself to address your answer with the real name of the receiver,
    not changing with a cynical offensive name you decide

  16. 24


    C Andrew Scott
    you have to be stupid and idiot to see a map right on your face and not understand it,
    you should learn that MATA ALWAYS GIVE ACCURATE FACTS,

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