Romney’s “Huge” Win? [Reader Post]

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“A Big Win for Romney in Iowa” Karl Rove

“Romney’s huge win” Dick Morris

“A big win for Romney” Carter Eskew

“Media Downplay Big Win For Romney In Iowa” Editorial, Investors Business Daily

Come on man? Investors Business Daily too?

The first three headlines I expected. If there were to be a vote on who would be the face next to the entry for “Republican Establishment” in Merriam and Webster’s dictionary 2012 Edition it would be Karl Rove. Dick Morris is the “Smeagol” of Washington D.C. political pollsters and insiders. One never knows if he is being serious or just trying to get headlines to regain his “precious”, relevancy. Walter Eskew works for the Washington Post, that in itself is enough damning evidence but lord knows Jennifer Rubin could have had a gun to the back of his head as well. The one that surprised me is the usually sane Investors Business Daily editorial. Et tu IBD? Et tu?

Let us get down to the bottom of this pom-pom waiving for Mitt Romney. The “Republican Establishment” knows the support for Mitt Romney is weak and tenuous at best. They need this to be a “Big Win” for Romney not because Iowa is important, hell none of the votes actually count from Tuesday, they are non-binding. They are really setting up the win in New Hampshire to be more significant than that will actually be as well. Everyone knows Romney will win New Hampshire. Why do you think everyone from K street lobbyist to National Review has been planning road trips to Manchester. That’s when they all declare that Romney is officially inevitable. A massive wave of Romney love sweeping across the nation and all other primaries are foolish to ride against the Romney tide.

It is in fact the only strategy that can work for candidate Romney. No matter how long they stand beside him looking into the mirror repeating reaffirming phrase to themselves he is still only going to be Mr. 25%. They know this so the plan all along has been to basically wear the conservative base down till they throw up their hands and say “Screw it!”, just give up, and commit themselves once again to dragging their unenthusiastic butts down to the polls pulling the lever for a person they do not believe in hoping that next time they get someone they can be enthusiastic about.

The one thing these Ivy League political savants have not seemed to put into this equation is that the conservative base is teetering on the edge of saying “Screw You!” And either continuing to drop in behind the latest Anyone But Romney du jour, going third party, or in the end just staying home. Does the Republican Establishment even care?

I don’t think they do.

Number of years campaigning in Iowa: 5

Cost per vote: $126.00+

Percentage of vote gained: 25%

Number of votes acquired in year 2012 over 2008: -6

Image of Dick Morris looking up Karl Roves skirt while doing Statue of Liberty position………

Disgustingly priceless.

He is just a fat guy in Maine.

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    I’m pretty sure it’s the lowest percentage victory ever in the Iowa caucus. If it weren’t for the fact that he has the RNC and much of the media on his side, and has been organizing for years, he’d actually have trouble.

  2. 3

    Hard Right

    We need to vote for someone who doesn’t share our views? What a POS. WTF should I vote for someone who is likely to continue obama’s policies? Arrogance will be Romney’s undoing.

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    Romney is like vanilla pudding. I mean you would rather have chocolate or even tapioca, but if you have to you, can site down and eat the vanilla pudding. It tastes okay, but really isn’t what you wanted.

    The only problem is that Romney is too bland to even be vanilla pudding…

    When the GOP candidates started the run up to the nomination, I said that of the nine candidates, I could see myself voting for, in no particular order:

    Newt, Cain, Bachmann

    I could see myself being talked into voting for, again in no particular order:

    Santorum, Perry, Johnson, Romney

    I could not see myself voting for:

    Paul, Huntsman

    I will hold my nose and vote for Romney if I have to, but I would rather not. However, I don’t want another four of Obama, especially without the threat of re-election hanging over his head. He is flouting the Constitution now, imagine if he were a lame duck?

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    Romney said, “Obama is a nice guy, just in over his head”. This is skim milk McCain “de javu all over again”. (Dizzy Dean)

    We need a candidate who isn’t afraid to go for the jugular and call a Marxist for being a Marxist. Romney isn’t that man.

    I am working in the heart of the Western States with the most basic of Americans, the people I love. These people aren’t mad, they are seething in rage. Most of them I have worked for and known for over twenty years and longer, few of them ever mentioned politics in the past, but they are mentioning politics now and they can barely contain their anger.

    This president that was supposed to bring Americans and the world together with his Socialism has put these basic Americans in a state of emotion I have never seen before. Obama may tickle the libido of Coastal Liberals and the inner city indigents, but he has lost the average American who has never asked for a handout and only wants to work his business or job without Obama reaching in to shut him down or to get a larger percentage of their income to give away to others.

    These people don’t want another Obama Liberal from either party. There is a rumbling from deep within and someone better be paying attention.

    I will do a post and describe this American feeling in detail, when I get a few hours to stop and rest. I thought I was angry: what a joke, my feelings don’t even register when you reach to take the pulse of the grass roots America.

  5. 7

    Mike Henkins


    That post was spot on. I totally agree that the GOP/RNC leaders haven’t a clue as to what is brewing outside the beltway. Well said and I look forward to the post.

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    Richard Wheeler

    Anticsrocks I respect the fact you are prepared to hold your nose and vote for Romney. He’s up 30 points in N.H. AND 20 in S.C.
    Your feelings on whether sufficient numbers of other Conserv. Repubs. will toe the party line to give Romney/Rubio or Christie a victory over BHO.
    Skooks Would like your thoughts as well.

  7. 9


    Obama will be reelected and after the great recovery just now starting he will be declared President for Life.
    You fools will be saved from your insanity by the greatest man to ever live on the planet. I’m so looking forward to your cries of dismay when this all takes place!

  8. 10

    James Raider

    The fear within the W.H. of this being their last 10 months in power will bring out more of the worst extremism that resides in the socialist/Marxist mindset. Obama’s disrespect for both America and its Constitution are evident. And what rock did he find his new szar under? The goof standing beside him at the podium looked like another brain challenged deer in headlights.

    We have yet to listen to a single speech from Obama that is void of lies. Not one. His last diatribe on unemployment this week is a perfect example. Evidently enough of his followers believe whatever comes from his teleprompter.

    It was great to read the Rubio letter to Obama this week. In a way, I saw it as an attempt, on Rubio’s part, to show the Republican candidates how to ‘get ahead’ of the message. Well done. He should keep those missles coming. Someone should, and Rubio has an unusual gift of ‘presentation’ and communication.

  9. 11


    you are a fool to believe what you’re saying, don’t under estimate the AMERICAN JUSTICE, THE REAL ONE NOT THE ONE SHOUTING OUT WHICH NO ONE BELIEVE, BUT THE POWER OF THOSES

  10. 13

    James Raider

    The two primary objectives of the candidate are or should be, . . . 1. Get Obama out of office and 2. Take the Debt seriously and do whatever it takes to reduce it.

    #2 is really what will require very strong leadership, not #1. #1 should be a done deal, however, . . .

    Only someone with the fortitude, and commitment to doing what is best for the Country, and in effect the whole world, should be given the keys to the White House.

    There has been too much worry about who can win against Obama, and the result has been disagreeable banter used as fodder for the MSM against the Republican candidates. It shouldn’t be “Who can win against Obama?” it should be “Who has the determination to put the house in order?”

    To get there, the individual will be required the ability to intelligently take the message to the public with conviction. The brief moments of upticks in Gingrich support came after he voiced anything with conviction. The electorate responds positively, even when it doesn’t fully agree with the message.

    So far, the historically unprecedented debt balloon, has evidently not quite been grasped by a majority of the voting public. Some very hard choices will have to be made. Who will make them? Not Romney, evidently.

  11. 14

    Nan G

    @Liberalmann: Obama will be reelected

    Ralph Nader just broke a story today (or yesterday) about how Obama’s minions threatened the careers of any and every democrat willing to put himself in a primary against Obama.
    Seems Obama doesn’t care how many bridges he burns to win.

    Also, out of 100 senators only ONE says Obama did the right thing with his recess appointment.

    If Obama were a general, he’d be burning his way to the sea about now.

  12. 15


    James Raider
    there are still infatuation among the weak minds, they have it bad too, why, they are threaten to
    loose their bread and butter, they would get with whoever else win, they are being incited to hate who is against this leadership, being told of all hell if they leave, the aggression on them is so constant, they are sold like animals not as thinking humans to the propaganda of hate and are made to believe that this failed actions are normal because it’s someone else fault,any one will do except themselves,

  13. 16


    @Richard Wheeler: Rubio has said over and over again, that he does not want to run for Vice President.

    “I don’t crave it. I wanted to be a United States senator. I didn’t run for the Senate as an opportunity to have a launching pad for some other job,” he said.

    “Throughout the history of American public policy-making, the United States Senate has provided the genesis for some of the greatest things that this country has ever done,” the freshman senator continued. “And if I dedicate the time to it, the seriousness to it, I have a chance to be a part of something like that. You’re never going to get to that stage if you’re focused on it as a launch pad for something else.” – Marco Rubio – Source

  14. 17


    @Liberalchild: liberalchild is more consistently wrong than anyone else I know. The Greatest Man to walk this planet was Jesus Christ.

    But what can one expect from someone who disdains life such as liberalchild does? I am surprised that he would even comment on this thread. I mean it doesn’t hold the usual juicy topics that he loves to chime in on; no fatherless infants on this thread.

    It is surprising to me that liberalchild even has time to troll the internet, looking for places to worship Obama. When one takes into account how much of his time is consumed lighting candles at the alter of Obama that he has in his basement room of his Mom’s house, it is easy to see how busy he is.

  15. 19

    Richard Wheeler

    anticsrocks There seems to be a genuine dislike of Romney by most Conservatives.Do you belive,like yourself, enough will hold their nose ,and toe the party line in order to beat BHO?
    I believe Rubio or Christie will serve if called apon.We’ll see.

  16. 20


    @Richard Wheeler: The reason Romney is disliked by most Conservatives is because he is a moderate liberal.

    I believe that Obama has generated enough ill will that an orange juice can could beat him come this November.

    As for Christie, he most likely stayed out of the fray because he, like Romney is anything but a Conservative. Fiscally, Christie is well liked and I will admit when he first burst onto the national scene, I was impressed. But after more scrutiny, his liberal bias bubbles to the surface.

  17. 22

    Richard Wheeler

    ANTICSROCKS I don’t believe Perry,Paul or Santorum could beat BHO.Gingrich or Huntsman very unlikely if unemployment rate under8% AND Dow over11,000.Both likely.Leaves Romney as only viable candidate. Orange juice can scenario,Wishful and Irrational thinking.

  18. 23


    @Richard Wheeler: You think Huntsman could possibly beat Obama, and you accuse me of irrational thinking???


    When I said an orange juice can could beat Obama, I’ll admit I was being flippant. However, any remotely Conservative would have a much, much better chance of winning.

    When you present the electorate with a sharp contrast, then they will respond in droves.

    A milder version of what we already have will not do us any good and Obama will get another four.

  19. 24

    Richard Wheeler

    Anticsrocks Obviously Huntsman is a moot point since he can’t win nom.I believe a moderate like Romney has a better chance of beating BHO than someone from the far right socially like Santorum or Perry.Conservs. don’t like it but watcha gonna do?

  20. 25


    @Richard Wheeler: But Rich, when you look at the fact that the vast majority of Americans self identify as right and center right, then running a moderate against Obama won’t work. What is needed is a clear cut choice between what the two candidates are offering.

    Obama knows he can’t run on his record. Despite crowing that he is fourth greatest president ever on the CBS fluff piece PR vehicle for him, Obama knows that, while he does every chance he gets, the numbers themselves do not lie.

    The Dems will portray Romney as a flip flopper, a moderate, a card carrying member of them “evil” corporations. They will point to Romneycare, they will look at the judges he appointed, they will find every piece of old video they can that will show Romney in a unappealing way for Conservative voters. A video comes to mind of Romney saying he was an independent during the era of Reagan Bush and he’s not trying to go back there. (paraphrasing)

    This election cycle, like every other election cycle is filled with candidates who have skeletons in their closets. It is no different than 2008 and it will be pretty similar to 2014, and so on and so on. None of the candidates will be without baggage of some sort, that is just being human.

    The most Conservative candidate(s), in the field we are presented with are, IMHO Santorum and Newt, followed by Perry. Romney is not Conservative, and neither is Huntsman. That leaves us with Ron Paul – a lightning rod of controversy to say the least.

    Some say he is the only true conservative, some say he to the left of Obama on his foreign policy. Of course there are his newsletters that for the last couple of decades he reportedly made millions of dollars of off. Now that the racism and anti-semitism have come to light, all of a sudden he is like, “I had a newsletter? Wow, I never read it.”

    Now I am not one for dredging up a video clip from 20 years ago and then hammering a candidate with what they said then. I mean you ask them to reconcile whatever it was they said with the values they espouse today and at that point the electorate have do decide for themselves if they believe the sincerity of the candidate.

    But this is a tad bit different, RP not only allowed those newsletters to go out under his name, he profited by them. However, according to Congressman Paul, he wrote them, but they were taken out of context – that was in 1996, then jump forward a few years and he said that not only did he not write them, but he didn’t even know WHO wrote them. Yet these newsletters were a source of income for him. Now I am trying to figure out why he would have so little to do with something that put money into his coffers.

    So after all that, who do we have left to nominate and run against Obama? I am speaking for myself now, so no generalizing, or waxing poetic.

    I like Newt Gingrich. He has a proven track record of getting things done with the opposition without losing your shirt. He knows how to balance the budget, took on welfare reform and got something like 67% off the welfare rolls and back to work.

    The left, who normaly doesn’t give a rat’s azz for private family business being aired in public – unless you are a Republican, that is. But even with that personal “baggage” of his, Newt is still a strong, intelligent fighter who knows how to get things done in DC.

    He will tear Obama up in the debates, and the Obama negative attack ads aside, Newt will force President Obama to run on his record, at least during the debates. Combine that with a serious, focused, positive campaign and Newt could rightfully trounce Obama next November.

    Oh well, I’m just home from work and my eyes are threatening to close on me, so see you all later this evening.

  21. 26

    Richard Wheeler

    Antics rocks I can appreciate what you say and what you are HOPING for.But reality is setting in. Romney wins N.H. and S.C. it’s over and he’s what you got. Question is “will you Conservs dance with the guy that brung ya”?

  22. 27

    James Raider

    While I don’t believe Ron Paul ever wanted to be President, having enjoyed himself too much being on the outside of all tents pissing in to truly want to enter the tent, he’s been one of the more refreshing voices in Congress. Some of his thinking is definitely off the rails, but he has shown his ability to understand the environment that has taken over Washington and which stands to rot the whole country.

    I’m sure most readers have seen this link but it’s worth a review 10 years later, . . . . Ron Paul – Predictions in Due Time.

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