Are they that stupid or are their supporters really as stupid as they hope? [Reader Post]

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In the Most Wanted section Curt links to a story about Andre Carson (D-Indiana) who made this colossally stupid assertion about Tea Party members:

“some of them in Congress right now of this tea party movement would love to see you and me…hanging on a tree.”

It is an asinine thing to utter, but Carson isn’t alone. Numerous members of the Congressional Black Caucus are participating in this idiocy:

Carson, Whitfield, Hastings remind me of others I have seen on TV. They remind me of Benny Hinn and Peter Popoff.

Popoff’s Miracle Spring Water will get you all God’s riches:

Hinn also channels all sorts of miracles:

Both of these frauds depend entirely on the gullibility and stupidity of their audiences, and so does the Congressional Black Caucus.

So the question is- are the members of the CBC as stupid as they sound, or are their audiences really so stupid as to believe them?

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“Racists That They Are, Blacks Voted For Obama Because He’s Black, Not Because He’s Qualified”

DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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    This is beyond stupid, this type of coordinated talking points attack is dangerous.

    Let’s not hold our breath waiting for President Obama to condemn the CBC’s lack of civility.

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    The real racists are the ones who keep harping about it, not us. Really when you think about who would know a racist best, the one that is one would of course.

    I’m sick of hearing the S&*t myself, it’s getting real old.

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    Liberals ARE Stupid.. no doubt.. but then you have Carsons audience.. all but shouting “Amen and “Praise the Lord” at his idiotic comments… .. it makes it sound, like HATE is the RELIGION of the LEFT!!

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    Gary G. Swenchonis

    Just another symptom of this dysfunctional administration, and some libdem politicians. Obama should have put a stop to this kind of behavior once it reared its ugly head. He has had numerous opportunities to do just that with the way that the charge of racism is currently being flung around. But instead he plans to capitalize on it, just like those politicians who are lowering themselves into the gutter are to engage is such repulsive behaviors. Does propaganda as distasteful and untrue as this work? Of course it does, and has for centuries. But how many people will it work on? One could make an argument that Obi has and is ignoring these racist remarks from black politicians just like he ignored his pastors racists remarks. For the same reasons, votes. Every trick in the book and then some will be used by the libdems in the next elections. How many people have an unfavorable view of the TP in the recent poll, 70% I think. Why? Because they believe that its the TP peoples fault that as to why a deal could not be struck sooner in the budget debate, and risked making our economy even worse. Does it matter that the TP people were and are telling the truth? No. Its the vocies that prey on peoples worst fears, and keep driving home the name of the people who are responsible for those fears with a sledgehammer. In every society since the beginning of time there have been the have nots, and the haves. And those two groups of people have always been played against each other by the power hungry politicians, and other unscrupulous selfish people like liberals. The winner of the next election will demonstrate just how dumb, and or in denial of reality a large segment of our society really is if Obi becomes King for another four years. Thats whats really frightening!

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    Black Sabbath

    For starters, if the blacks want to get riots going, they’re going to lose big because they always burn their own neighborhoods down. Second, you have to ask yourself how smart the black community is for letting this crap go on and on for decades – it’s always everyone else’s fault while their neighborhoods are leaders in crime, blight, urban decay, unemployment, abortion, family destruction, and general hopelessness. And what about the CBC? What have THEY ever done for their districts. All of them preside over districts that are a total disaster but as far as the CBC members personally are concerned, it’s a different story. Opulence, cash, cars, homes, vacations, trips, etc. Nothing like the people they’re supposed to represent.
    Finally, if someone wants to hand the CBC their asses on a platter, they need to very publicly make known all the financial holdings of every CBC member. Boy, I bet their followers who’ve been sucking dirt for decades wouldn’t be too pleased.

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    This propaganda tactic is used to incite the emotions of a targeted subgroup, thereby preventing the need to present a logical argument. “Racist” incites highly emotional reactions within the black community and provides an effective way to divert attention from the true cause of the community’s “pain.” This propaganda tactic is commonly used by totalitarian governments to deflect attention from their misdeeds. Israel and the West are common targets of this cowardly and evil tactic. It is sad, because those who are incited into anger are ultimately being manipulated by lies. The result? Misplaced anger, broken dreams, generational repression and wasted lives.

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    @Gary G. Swenchonis

    Does propaganda as distasteful and untrue as this work? Of course it does, and has for centuries.

    The anti-Semitic propaganda of Nazi Germany comes to mind, and how those fascist government leaders fomented hatred amongst their fellow socialist supporters against Jews. This is appalling race riot baiting by Democrat leaders is little different. Many in the Democrat party are clearly more intent on inciting racial and class warfare and dividing the people of this nation instead of bringing people together. I have always been an independent voter who carefully researches all candidates (as much as possible,) and I vote for what I consider the “best choice” regardless of party affiliation. I completely support the non-partisan “Tea Party” movement as a desperately needed voice of moderation. Until the Democratic party strongly denounces this divisive behavior, and expels these social bigots, I for one will no longer consider voting for ANY Democrat. Period! I have absolutely had it with this B.S. I may not vote for a Republican candidate, but I will not vote (D)

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    if the blacks want to get riots going, they’re going to lose big because they always burn their own neighborhoods down…

    a SMART leader would tell them point blank… we’re broke guys.. to BURN it.. you’ll have to SLEEP IN IT!! No more funds for new housing, or whatever you destroy, so DON’T!! You’re only hurting YOURSELVES.. then follow thru if they do.. LESSON will be LEARNED!!

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    By the way.. every DICTATOR.. requires a SCAPEGOAT, to put the weak minded minds upon, so they do not scrutinize, the DICTATOR!! Hitler used the Jews….. the Democrats use Republicans, Tea Party folks.. the Constitution Supporters etc….

    once again, the left uses the Nazi way… “the lie told enough becomes THE TRUTH”…….

    That, and, LIKE HITLER.. use the SCHOOLS to “RE-Educate” the YOUTH….. Schools do not TEACH HISTORY any more… ask a kid what the Constitution says on points in the news today…. THEY do NOT KNOW anymore!! the UNION TEACHERS have NOT TAUGHT it to THEM……

    Thus.. “Those who do not know/study history.. ARE CONDEMNED to REPEAT IT”!!!!
    George Santayana….

    And, her we go now……. HANG ON!! Bumpy ride ahead!!!

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    Gary G. Swenchonis

    @Ditto: Sir. I could not agree with you more. But whats so frustrating to myself and many others is how the Republicans for fear of being labeled as a racist/bigot by the opposition, and or just plain ignorant as to how best to respond to the libdems propaganda hide in their restrooms and make no effort to counter the propaganda. Yes we have a few like West who get out their and state in a calm and collected manner effective rebuttals to the libdems propaganda. This undeclared civil war as to which ideology will prevail in our society has happened before like you pointed out in many other societies as well. Some sociologists and historians even believe that it’s a natural progression of any society for numerous reasons. And many of those reasons I believe are valid. One of those symptoms is when a society starts to suffer the ill effects like we are feeling and experiencing at this moment in time. Those effects are a direct result of a central government which can no longer administrate its business and responsibilities effectively. Yes, we have always had a level of gridlock in our government since its beginning. But there comes a time when that gridlock becomes extremely unhealthy and detrimental to any society because of the conflict between two or more ideaologies. Its at that point on the spectrum of change that a society needs politicians who have the courage and convictions like West to come forward and to actively engage the enemy. And yes I do see the libdems as my enemy. They have and are currrently remaking my country into a eutopia that can only exist in the libdems fantasies. And they are using the age old tool of the have nots against the haves as only one tool in their well equiped arsenal. Look at the Dream Act. Just another example of government discrimination. Another tool to use to gain favor with the minorities. And unfortuantely, like many of the citizens of those countries who were remade into socialist states, and then decades later returned back to democracy, all say how they did not recognize the propaganda at the time, and all those liberal beliefs really sounded good in theory. But in reality those socialist/communist feel good theories wrecked their nation, and they will wreck ours too if more people don’t pull their heads out of their collective butts.

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    Like I’ve always said, picking on liberals for their stupid comment is like being a bully with the retarded kid at school.

    Why bother? What is to be gained pointing out that the retarded kid is stupid??

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    “some of them in Congress right now of this tea party movement would love to see you and me…hanging on a tree.”

    We want people like him “hanging” out at the unemployment line. The more these extreme liberals complain about us, the more we know that we are doing the right thing. All they are do is cheering us along. We couldn’t have better cheerleaders than them complaining about us. We thank them for their support.

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    Gary G. Swenchonis

    @Ivan: Retarded kids had no choice in their mental condition. Whats heartbreaking is that many retarded children know that they are different, and talk about it the abuse they receive from bullies. Liberals on the other hand have a choice as to be stupid and to believe in fairy tales about that beautiful utopia here on planet earth. Their fantasy thinking is costing us all billions of dollars, wrecking our economy, our morals, and our traditional values in general. Whats really scary is that many liberals even went to the concentration camps and still kept their twisted beliefs to the very end. ” I am a good socialist, but must have not have been good enough.” But like a good liberal they never lost their faith in the all-powerful, and loving State. But I do agree with you to an extent, they are way too easy to debate because of their lack of common sense.

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    It’s better to put some faith in the government, than say putting all of your faith in a non existence magic man in the sky. At least the government is real.

  15. 21


    @Ryan: If that is truly the way you feel, I pity you,Ryan.

    I have faced death several times in my life and I can personally attest to the power of prayer. If you do not open yourself up to the idea of a higher power, then you are destined to lead a less full life.

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