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27 Responses to “Maxine Pulls Up Her Racist Socialist Knickers To Her Armpits, “The TEA Party Can Go Straight To Hell””

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    Maxine Waters is a pig – Holy Sh*t—-a talking pig.
    In all seriousness, Maxine Waters is a liberal who is not afraid of breaking the law. She figures all liberals are immune from consequences………She has had too many libs prior to her that have gotten away with everything from murder to theft so she thinks it is all part of the political game.

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    Maxine, many other Liberals, and more than a few Republicans see themselves as American royalty and with this royalty comes the responsibility of Noblesse Oblige.

    Yes royalty may indulge themselves occasionally, but we who envy them would never dare to accept the tremendous responsibilities inherent with nobility. They must answer to a higher calling and are expected to perform great service, thus trivial indiscretions are to be expected to those who serve on a higher plane. For they have a commitment that we mere mortals cannot comprehend. Thus what appears to us commoners as grievous breaches of public trust and great moral lapses are to nobility but slight indiscretions that hardly warrant attention.

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    All this rant proves is that the Peter Principle is false, because she has risen FAR above her level of incompetence. I guess it is really true- a rising cesspool raises all turds.

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    There are some people in this country who, while technically being qualified to gain public office, just do not have the intelligence, understanding, and congeniality necessary for continued service to their constituents. Of course, if one looks at their constituents, then one understands the reason they are still in office.

    Go ahead liberal/progressives. Call me a racist now.

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    Wm T Sherman

    Being generous with other people’s money does not count as generosity.

    She gets reelected year after year for the same reason as other morons just like her in the nations’s urban areas – ruthlessly gerrymandered districts. Politicians like her do not want things to get too good in their communities. Too much economic success in the district and her constituents will start chafing about having their wealth redistributed. Too much education in the district and they’ll start to see through her. She is a modern plantation overseer and the ignorance, dependence, and paranoia that she cultivates are the virtual fence that keeps her captive population exactly where they have always been.

    Every big American urban area has this sort of Congressional district, explicitly designed to keep morons like her in office. I know why the Democrats do it. The question is, why do Republicans go along with it. They get control of redistricting from time to time and they do not eliminate these nasty little fiefdoms. Why not? Afraid of the “R” word? Indifference? Somehow benefitting from the situation themselves?

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    Wm, yes, this one sank to the bottom long ago.

    Why does no one defend the action of Ms Waters? From DC to the ghettos of LA, not one person defends her honor.

    Surely our President or his lackey Eric will defend her and the votes she controls. Not even the proverbial court jester Pelosi will reach out to shield Maxine.

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    The Arrogant Narcissist isn’t listening because he knows he can count on her votes: just like he knows every Republican or Conservative will vote against him. There is no way she will tell them to vote for a Republican, let’s be serious!

    Sorry Maxine, like toilet paper you have one basic purpose and you are hardly worthy of consideration during polite conversation.

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    Oh, Maxine, the word you were searching for in that empty vault that serves as a skull was nationalize not socialize. Just remember, when speaking in public: nationalize good, socialize bad. Try to think of National Socialism if that helps.

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    Why is this hair challenged moron along with her husband not in jail? Why is Charlie Rangel not in jail? Why is Jessie Jackson Jr. not in jail? The list and questions are endless.

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    As I warned you before, this presidental election is going to be heavy on the race card. It has to be. That is the only chance Obama has for reelection. Rile up the masses. Them against us. Waters is telling her people she is not afraid of whitey. Whitey can go to hell. Pump ’em up; pump ’em up. Get out the votes for Obama or you will be living under Jim Crow.

    Do you think it is just a coincidence that we are seeing flash mobs, robbing and looting? Or it is just a coincidence that the media is not reporting that almost all of these mobs are black, inner city kids? Or that the President, leader of the black world, has not addressed the mobs and told them to go home and get back in school?

    It ain’t gonna get any better.

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    It ain’t gonna get any better.

    No, I don’t believe it will either. I am waiting for the inevitable shooting incident where the MSM will report on the instigators of a “flash mob” being the victims and the store/business owner being vilified for simply protecting his property.

    Obama had a real chance to do something great with his presidency, and he blew it. He could have come in and united everyone, as concerning the race issue, by applying laws equally(NBP voting intimidation case), denouncing the CBC’s and the NAACP’s racist rhetoric, and by not injecting himself in the middle of two cases of perceived racism(which their wasn’t) on the side of the black professor and Ms. Sherrod. The effect, in my mind, would have endeared Obama, at the very least, to the population as a whole, and would have reduced the racist rhetoric from the left to something resembling insignificance.

    Of course, that wasn’t possible as Obama was well experienced in the false racist ideology of Chicago and the liberal/progressives. So, no, he never really had a chance to do anything great with the presidency in that regard.

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    rich wheeler

    American voters 16% Latin, 13% Black, 53% Female.If as suggested here,T.P. membership reflects similar %’s(???) why would Walter’s comments be anti- whitey per disenchanted and retire 05?

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    Retire and John, it all makes more sense from your viewpoints. The flash point mobs are ever ready on a minute’s notice to erupt; basically, because one of their own is being abused by Whitey, even the president is helpless in view of the TEA Party hatred.

    Give them what they want or they will riot in your neighborhood. Maxine is the carnival barker, with the scripted lines anyone can be useful for the Socialist revolution. How well we know this scenario; yet, it seems to be unfolding in front of us once again. High drama and violence, are code words for the Left.

    So you think this summer was hot, wait till next summer.

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    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!When I saw this on tv today I thought how low can this party go they just say the nastiest things. I have never seen anything like it. And these are the people that are voted into office. No matter what she thought of the tea party that was a vicious thing to say. This country is going to hell with people like this…………….

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    Wm T Sherman

    I think that so far the flash mobs are not being organized from the top town – i.e. no politician is calling the shots behind the scenes, instead they just self-organize at the local thug level. The lack of media publicity and lackluster police response could be simple due to PC unwillingness to rock the boat. Whether this will remain a difuse and undirected phenomenon, I don’t know. The relative effectiveness of the mobbing technique has no doubt been duly noted by people like Maxine, and socialists are always looking for new ways to assert their will against the population.

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    True enough Wm, however the mob is an effective weapon that can now, with social communication, for the first time in history, be controlled and implemented with precision. A charismatic figure can now seize control of what was formerly a mindless mass of people operating with vague direction and purpose, and direct it toward specific goals with social networking.

    One thing is for sure, these are not Conservative hooligans out for a night of crime and chaos. They are potential instruments of the Left out to take vengeance and teach those who don’t respect them a lesson or three,

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    Wm T Sherman

    Everybody realizes that sooner or later some flash mob thugs are going to eat a few bullets. I think the response of the authorities will telling – the issue will be whether there is a push to prosecute the people who defended themselves for ‘hate crimes’ or whatever the pretext, in order to send a message to anybody else who might do the same. If the government goes after people for self defense against flash mobs it will strongly suggest that the use of networked mobs is considered to be a useful tool by the Progressive establishment.

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    How is the Tea Party “Intimidating” or “Frightening” ANYONE??? I would like that question answered (by Maxine).

    Take that wig off her head and I think SHE would be “Intimidating” AND “FRIGHTENING”!!

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    Maxine Waters is on par with the Congressman who was afraid that the island might tip over if we put too many military personnel on one side of it…

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    What this Moonbat does not realize is that the Tea Party is the vocal faction of the Silent Majority. She and her fellow entrenched politicians can’t see the forest for the trees. In the upcoming elections the tide will continue to turn. Unfortunately privileged politicians like her and Barney Frank have a voter base that continues to re-elect these self serving self appointed elitists. The Silent Majority will speak in 2012 and drown out this Moonbats rants.

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