The Death Of A Child: Lessons Learned

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Casey Anthony Learns She Must Spend A Few More Days In Jail

Warning: Don’t read if you have a weak stomach or you are easily offended.

Casey Pantomimes Like A Petulant Child upon Learning She Must Stay In Prison A Few More Days

America died with Caylee Anthony, not literally, but we will never be the same. A Narcissistic mother forgets to report her daughter missing, decides to party for a month and get a tattoo that reads “Beautiful Life,” while her daughter decomposes in a plastic sack. Is this the sign of a mad woman; perhaps it is a desensitizing to the ideal of a mother’s right to choose or what we should celebrate as our culture of death. Ms Anthony has spent the last four years in jail, but if she would have elected to have a partial birth abortion and had her daughter’s brain sucked out while being born, there would have been no issue.

Twenty-four plus months of indecision separated Ms Anthony from being without blame and spending years in prison with the possibility of execution. If she killed her daughter in order to party without the inconvenience of caring for a toddler, she waited too long to make up her mind. However, it appeared as though she enjoyed the media attention; but a partial birth abortion (now illegal) doesn’t put you on everyone’s TV screen and in the tabloids. Thus in the illogic reasoning of a Narcissist, the jail time may have been an inconvenience, but altogether necessary to achieve ever elusive fame. Even now that it is over, she will need to be under guard to be protected from the angry mob. It is like being a celebrity or a member of the First Family, at least in the mind of a psychopath.

Now we have a precedent for mothers who grow tired of their young children, since they are here on approval whether for a few months or a few weeks in the uterus, why not extend the period. Let’s say you can opt out for an abortion at say two years as long as it can’t be determined how the child died or probable cause can’t be shown. What mother wants to harm their child, well if the child prevents her from enjoying the life of a liberated female with the freedom to choose, there may be thousands. Of course this is an arbitrary probationary period, perhaps we should make the cut off period three years or even five years. That would be long enough to either establish bonding or let the mother decide whether she is really ready to take care of the walking fetus. Yes, until they start school, they should now be called walking fetuses. That way the public and family will realize the mother is still in deliberation as to whether she wants to abort the walking fetus.

Perhaps naming the walking fetus is a mistake. Potential mothers never name their fetuses they are about to abort nor does anyone attach a name to a bowel movement. It helps to be practical in these matters and to distinguish from late term abortion and infanticide. Abortion is legal: infanticide can have dire consequences. This can all be avoided if we just increase the period for late term abortions to three years of age. Threats of abortion can also be used to handle behavioral problems in two year olds. What child wont do better at the thought of duct tape over the mouth and being stuffed in a plastic sack and thrown into a swamp. A heart sticker attached to the duct tape is a nice motherly touch, before aborting a walking fetus to a swamp.

Unfortunately for Ms Anthony, she will never enjoy the freedom she so desperately needed. Her life as a care free liberated female with choices are over. She is hated by the world and will never know the freedom that her daughter’s death was supposed to bring. May her life be a living Hell.

A professional horseman for over 40 years, Skook continues to work with horses. He is in an ongoing educational program, learning life's lessons from one of the world's greatest instructors, the horse. Skook has finished an historical novel that traces a mitochondrial line of DNA from 50,000 years ago to the present. It goes to the copyeditor next month.

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    to Skookum:
    After reading your thoughts here, my emotions are mixed-sadness, and outright anger.
    As a society we have failed; we allowed this to happen because we choose people to represents us whom have no love for our most vulnerable-our children. Those who supposedly represent our interest have gone as far as allowing legal murder of our children; if that’s not enough, it continues in schools-the dumbbing of our children or one can call it indoctrination, creating that which we hate-future abortion providers, irresponsible, and murderous mothers as the example of Casey Anthony, not to mention boisterous and murder supportung defense attorneys-who find it appropriate giving the middle fingers to those whom they disagree after winning the freedom of this murderer.
    What have we really become? A morally corrupt nation, devoid of doing, and believing what is good-the discontinuation of our founders thoughts captured in the constitution, and dedicated to our Father in Heaven.

    How fitting that your wrote this on a Sabbath-the most reflective day for me, because it is the day where I reflect on the blessing we have been given, and yet which has been squandered. And we wonder, why we rot day after day-the decay spreading like a cancer.
    Where do we go from here? Will we be able to reverse course to save this country from the abyss? Nothing good will come from this, a narcissistic mother refelcting on all of us.

    My last thought is this, and goes also with this issue, and that is that our president went batting for a illegal murderer, who raped, bludgeoned and impaled a young girl at the age of 17. The president found it important enough to demand in the Supreme Court of the land to assist this murderer to stay the execution, because he may didn’t have the counsel of a foreign country!!
    What makes this president any different from this narcissistic mother? In my opinion-nothing!
    Thank you for this thought provoking and must read for everybody who has some deceny left to understand where we are as a society!

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    Cali, thank you for your response. I will be working and driving tomorrow, so I will miss reading and responding to the commentary; however, my unorthodox method of constructing this article has accomplished its goal with your response. I expected outrage and anger directed at me, but the purpose was to cause people like yourself to reflect on their own feelings a little more closely and wonder if we might be headed down the wrong trail.

    This is an ugly article, written about an ugly event in America that involves all of us. We have all participated in the culture that has allowed this tragedy and thousands of others that will never see the light of day or make the news. We as Americans share in the tragedy, each of us in our own small way. We have become complacent with the slaughter of innocents, a slaughter that is replicated on biblical proportions every year.

    Yet it is OK, because in some wrinkle or corner of our Constitution, the framers anticipated the slaughter of innocents and made allowances. Perhaps we can share in the blood with these noble men of the past if you are willing to be so easily deluded. But like the Germans who watched horrified as their country was over run with National Socialists high on the prospect of genocide and world conquest and watch their country slowly devolve into chaos and madness, we seem to be caught up in a similar giant whirl pool that sucks you into the maelstrom whether you participate or not.

    God Speed, Cali

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    SKOOKUM, YES It is choking, but why be chock now, because we knew of the nrew mentality growing up,
    and more will happen to followup that trend, of no time to have the baby, he was just an accident,
    that frame of mind is so unatural, it made a monstrous society that is self destructing,
    no the founders did not write on that, they wanted the rooted AMERICANS to prosper with generations of them
    them, looking after the law of the land; but now they rule on saving murderers ,and replacing the rooted AMERICANS with other foreigners, who will make a lot of children , not to be AMERICANS BUT TO TAKE OVER THE REAL AMERICA AND RULE WITH THEIR OWN RELIGION AND POLITIC VIEWS ;
    ORDERED BY THEIR LEADERS with the goal of conquest total, TO DESTROY ONE DAY ,ALL WHAT THE FRAIMERS HAVE SO WISELY WROTE that stood for centurys

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    If the interview with a woman who was on the Anthony jury is any indication of the intellect level of the jury pool in Florida, that state is screwed. She bought into the whole “the child drowned” meme, although there was absolutely no proof that was the case.

    And when a mother has a missing child, and doesn’t report it for 31 days (with no apparent intent to ever report it as she partied her ass off) how is that not criminal neglect? Yet, the jury found no criminal neglect on the party of Casey (La Bella Vita) Anthony.

    My guess is that Casey Anthony suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder, a mental disorder that is rarely diagnosed. She will never be mentally healthy, will continue to lie and believe those lies, will continue to live on the edge, until she is no longer the flavor of the month and totally self destructs.

    I can only hope that the state of Florida continues to investigate this case, until they finally have air-tight proof that Casey murdered that poor child. If they can do that, at least she will be discredited completely, as will her whining pimp of a lawyer, Jose Baez. And any media outlet that pays her for her story of lies, should be shunned permanently. Put them out of business as well.

    Now it is being reported that Cindy Anthony tried to see Casey and Casey refused her. Can it be that the greatest hoax ever was pulled on the jury by Cindy Anthony who we know purjured herself trying to save her daughter from the hangman’s noose or a life behind bars? Can it be that Casey’s parents were aware that a defense of saying Casey was molested by her father would bring sympathy and get her aquitted? Why do I smell a big, fat rat in all of this?

  5. 5


    retire05, yes, and just that fact of not reporting, tell me that she knew
    the baby was already dead, this a murder by itself, to just disengage from the child without reporting the the missing child,

  6. 6



    Unfortunately, this case was doomed from the beginning.

    From the media feeding frenzy to overcharging by the Prosecution.

    The case hinged almost entirely on circumstantial evidence and, while reasonable conclusions can be reached based on such evidence, putting together a capital murder case relying on those pieces proved to be a bridge too far.

    Instead of going for a capital case, or a case which reached for the highest shelf, the Prosecution should have instead chosen charges which were reachable.

    Furthermore, the Prosecution was inept in their presentation as well as in their rebuttal of the Defense. The Defense put all sorts of theories out there as to what may or may not have happened and the Prosecution, in what I view as an error of overconfidence, allowed those Defense theories to sit there largely unchallenged. That was a key issue in this case because when a jury, especially one presented with a string of circumstantial evidence and nothing else, sees Defense theories laying there on the table unchallenged it’s going to prove to be a problem for the Prosecutor.

    The job of the Prosecution is to build a wall brick by brick in which all other possibilities are blocked off leaving the Defendant as the only possible conclusion. Unfortunately the Prosecution had poor quality bricks ie circumstantial stuff to work with and when the Defense came over and knocked holes in the wall, the Prosecution left the holes unmended.

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    The reason why everybody’s preoccupied with this tragedy is because the media’s using it to divert your attention from what’s really going on in the world. Don’t you get it yet, sheeple?

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    Gary G. Swenchonis

    Excellent article Skookum! Unforunately this psycho behavior towards her child has become so common in our society. Back in early 2000 the libs got this great idea to educate young mothers from 12 too on up. You would see these kids carrying a little baby that cried, and wet its diaper, had a little mouth to feed it a bottle, etc… in the schools. Infants being found in dumpsters, left in the car with the windows rolled up in 100 degree heat while mom and friends were at the mall, left at home for days to starve to death while mom was on a partying trip, and other cases to sickening to even relate all brought about this new technique to help young mothers bond with child. The end result was a predictable failure for the program. After the mothers recieved all the secondary benefits of having a child like extra attention, other kids and teachers playing with the toy baby they started finding the toy babies in the trash, stuffed in toilets, etc… Some mothers to be used the little baby toys to beat other girls in fights. I never saw one conviction for one mother who later killed her child due to “neglect”. All this latest soap opera did was exposed the myth that our society perpetuates, that we are protective of children. At one time that was a respected value in our society, but now like many of our traditional values they are only myths. One more point, now some states are trying to make a law that will require parents to report to the police when their child goes missing. The same old story. Criminals who use the system to get off, while we all scramble to make more laws that in reality should and never were needed before the inmates were running the institution.
    But whats so scary is that her first book, and movie and talk shows will all be sellouts!

  9. 10


    I watched that trial and the prosecution did a great job and there were enough charges presented to them like child neglect if they didn’t see that they are brain dead and after watching one of the jurors talk she made a fool of herself. It is a damn shame that they did not even use common sense. If someone leaves with their child and comes back 31 days later without that child I would say that something happened to her. Three quarters of the country cannot be all wrong. To see her smiling and giving google eyes to Baez just makes me sick that she could care less about her beautiful child. Caylee touched the hearts of millins and it is so sad that noone will pay for that precious life….I hope that I never hear the name Anthony again because I believed that they know what happened and they all covered for their murderess daughter…….I hope society does not fall into the trap and reward this witch with for what she has done…..

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    John Russell

    @ Cherry Walker – “Who is Ms Anderson”?

    Good question. I think she is the neighbor of Ms Sloppy Editing-Proofreading.

    The basis of the article is good. But Snookum? Don’t whip the public into a frenzy about some evil and depraved soul named “Ms Anderson”, ok? A little more attention to detail is needed friend.

  11. 12


    The death of that little girl is very sad and heartbreaking, to be sure.

    But I wouldn’t have wanted to be on that jury. What’s that old saying? Don’t judge an indian until you’ve walked a mile in his mocasins? Every member of that jury with a conscience must have been under severe mental and emotional stress. To get out of it if I had been called to be on that jury, I would have acted my ditziest, cheerfully telling that judge and those lawyers that I was a big fan of Nancy Grace.

    My heart and my prayers go out to those jurors, too, not just to that poor, little girl.

  12. 13


    Cause and effect at its most obvious. Why would these young mothers think it is any more wrong to kill a child that is an imposition on there lifestyle than their mothers did when killing their bothers or sisters in the womb. We are reaping the whirlwind from the previous generation sowing to winds.

  13. 14



    To get out of it if I had been called to be on that jury, I would have acted my ditziest, cheerfully telling that judge and those lawyers that I was a big fan of Nancy Grace.

    Wanna know what’s wrong with the jury system in America? Read the statement quoted above. Then, read it again.

    Yes, ladies and gentlemen, people strive to get out of jury duty…then they have the nerve to stare slack jawed at their TV sets over jury decisions.


  14. 16



    As the writer ” Snookum,” who made the grievous errors, I accept all guilt directed toward me for poor typing skills.

    However, Ms Anthony has created her own prison or Hell on earth, that will be far worse than the one she is leaving. Her only escape will probably be to join her daughter. Bur Ms Anthony was not really the point of the article: the point may well be lost in sloppy proofreading, however, I was asking the reader to reflect on their personal contribution to this tragedy and the Culture of Death that we have accepted as normal.

    My mistakes in writing are legion and not worthy of defending, but may I ask if your conscience is clear of blame for this tragedy. You don’t need to defend yourself, not to us, only to God and yourself.

    I’ve accepted my poor typing skills, but I can live with them and have a clear conscience. Being a part of the Culture of Death and the Slaughter of Innocents is a little more difficult to rationalize. I often promise my readers to improve my typing skills: I wish it were as easy to improve the Culture of Death and The Slaughter of Innocents.

    Two more horses and three hours of driving and I will be done for the day.

  15. 18


    Point of interest: The late Betty Ford was a life-long pro-choice advocate.

    If anyone should have a map showing the shortest route to all nearby Planned Parenthood clinics, it would be someone like Casey Anthony. I would happily contribute to a collection to help her pay for her permanent sterilization.

  16. 19


    Several years ago, I knew (and even briefly dated) more than a half dozen young divorcees and married girls, who were such careless, sloppy, lazy, incompetent, immature, narcissistic, bratty and irresponsible mothers themselves that, but for the grace of God, they would have found themselves in that same or a similar horrible predicament as a consequence of their own misbehavior, and I have witnessed and stopped their child abuse, too. So I have to believe that those unfortunate incidents are much more prevalent than most people realize.

  17. 20

    Gary G. Swenchonis

    @Skookum: Skookum, I knew there was a reason I admire your writing so much. But now you have laid yourself open to the legion of people still in denial as to why, how and who’s fault it is that we have embraced a culture of death. And yes its a topic that we in our family debate all the time. And yes I am guilty as well in helping to destroy many of our old values which in return have led to this culture of death, and or our throw away society. Many of my actions which helped to undermine the old traditional values and morals were committed out of ignorance for which I am still responsible for. (heated debate on that one topic of responsibility alone) And then there were times I remained silent as the majority took control of an event/situation for fear that I would lose my job, and or reputation. And then the few times that I watched a tragedy like this latest soap opera trial and then felt dirty for days. This time I did not even want to bet on the outcome, we knew it already and it was still to sickening to even comtemplate even though we knew she would be found not guilty. We were stunned that even Fox news did nearly 24 hour coverage. We had to sneak up on the TV to see if it was safe. So we stuck to watching the real news on the computers. So yes,I can admit my part in what we have become as a society today, and no my conscience is still not clear, and I doubt as to if it ever will.
    I can understand to an extent younger generations born after 1980 saying how nothing has changed, that what we are witnessing in their idea of normal. But for older generations to say that its aways been like this is sheer denial verging on insanity. Don’t beat yourself up to bad about the editing, its akin to all the people who justify killers, rapists, perverts, etc … going free because of a legal issue. Even though they are guilty. These people forget what the court system was orginally set up, for addressing the wrongs that had been committed against the victims. You claimed responsibilty thats more than I see other people do on a daily basis, and you already know the solution.

  18. 21


    Jessica, this is one of the things happening in this world, is in it?
    in a very smart format too, not intended for the sheeps
    only for the one with a brain to absorved each in his category,
    we like it that way, along with thousands more readers,

  19. 22


    It’s not you , but only them capacity of not comprehending exposys

  20. 23


    @Aye:Aye I think you might want to read those charges again because there certainly was child neglect but if they would have charged her with that and not murder they would have looked like fools which they are………….

  21. 24



    Brian, that was an interesting comment, thank you for making the effort to confront child abuse. It is a minefield to assert some common sense in these situations and an individual could open himself for a legal situation if your actions were resented by a misbehaving mother.

    If we think about the movement of feminism over the last 50 years, the onus of blame for society’s problems has been placed upon men and there is plenty of blame to go around; however, women and the science of being a homemaker and a mother was never questioned. Women have been given a free ride with a level of sanctity by the presence of their genitalia.

    In the years of treating boys as inherently evil by feminist mothers, the culture of manhood has been diluted to pacify the most aggressive feminists. We even experimented with raising boys like girls to diminish the differences in the sexual dichotomy.

    Those experiments failed, but boys seem more effeminate in their behavior patterns than they did 50 years ago and perhaps the traditions of motherhood have suffered as well. Perhaps the Anthony tragedy is a predictable result of the disintegration of motherhood.

    Several years ago, I was having dinner in a diner. The table next to me had four young women who seemed to relatives and a three year approx. boy who was seated with his back to me in a high chair. Now I am not a handsome man by anyone’s standards, but kids, dogs, and horses find me intriguing and will always come over to me or stare at me, it’s a fact of life, my life. The young boy was surely bored with the hen talk at the table and kept turning around to look at me. He had a big smile and he just couldn’t stop staring at me. The women were perturbed and kept telling him to quit looking at me. After 5 or 6 warnings, one of the women smacked him across the face so hard that I felt the sting. I raised four kids and I never raised a hand to any of them; so this was a major shock for me. My kids were well behaved, at least for me, their mother used a wooden spoon on their butts, a tactic that I hated. My children still respect me, they don’t even speak to their mother, but there are other reasons for that behavior.

    At the diner, I resisted saying anything, partially knowing I would have only made life worse for the little boy and partially because I didn’t know what to say or how to say it. That boy is now a teenager, I hope he withstood the abuse.

  22. 26



    Gary, as I said before, Ms Anthony is a symptom of the problem. We can treat symptoms till Hell freezes over and accomplish next to nothing. To have a cure, you must seek the primary cause.

    For example: A horse can have weak hooves because of a mineral deficiency. In the old days, I used to strengthen those hooves with iodine, it will make the hooves as hard as oak within a week and if I wanted to grow a quarter inch of hoof in a few weeks, I would blister the coronary band at the hairline of the hoof with iodine and a soft brush. It’s a radical treatment that works, but I was ignoring the real problem. The horse’s body had a severe mineral depletion and the horse was suffering not only in the hooves but internally as well. The hooves are easy to see a problem and to treat, so people considered me a wizard, but I was ignoring the real problem and the horse was slowly dying.

    CA is only a symptom of a national problem, she stands out like a boil on the end of your nose, but worrying over her is denying the real issue.

  23. 27



    Thanks Bees, you make up for your deficiencies in English with emotion and spirit. I designate you an Honorary American, courtesy of Flopping Aces.

    I still have another hour and a half of driving, so it will be awhile before I can respond.

  24. 28




    Actually, I am acutely aware of the charges which CA was brought to trial on and child neglect was NOT one of them.

    Child abuse? Yes. Child neglect? No.

    You claim to have followed the trial very closely. So closely in fact that you feel confident enough to criticize the jurors for not returning a guilty verdict on a charge that she was not on trial for. How does that work exactly? Seems to me you’re not quite as smart on this issue as you may wish us to believe you are.

    I can back up what I’m saying with sources. Can you?

  25. 29

    Alfonso Bedoya

    @Jessica: Yes, I do. And two years of Trailerella (Nancy Grace) screeching certainly helped out.


    FROM: Diane Downs
    TO: Susan Smith

    That b____h SKATED?

    Man, did WE choose the Wrong Counties to kill our children in.

    Love ya,

  26. 31



    Taq Man, thanks.

    Great civilizations collapse or rot from the inside.

    To serious readers: I a reading “Subversion Inc.” it is a fascinating but haunting book that outlines in chilling detail how the Radicals of the Left have been plotting to destroy this country. It is a well written tome that can cause night mares, not in the Stephen King fashion, but with the documented facts that include SEIU, ACORN and many other names you will be familiar with. Those of you who feel up to a scholarly read with immense documentation should read the book and be ready to have a lively discussion in ten days or so.

    I hope some of you will have read the book because when I do my review of the book, many of you wont believe what I am relating to you about our President and his Subversive Empire. Read it and be ready to express your righteous anger. I warn you, be prepared to be in a state of shock.

  27. 32



    CA is only a symptom of a national problem, she stands out like a boil on the end of your nose, but worrying over her is denying the real issue.

    You are correct, of course, but, much like you state that CA is only a symptom of the problem, there is another aspect of this case, in particular the result of the trial, that is a symptom of a much, much larger problem.

    I am sure that you have read numerous articles on the trial, and the verdict itself, as I have. What I’ve found interesting is the comments in response to the articles on the net. Some people are nearly up in arms over the verdict, to the point that they propose administering justice “in their own hands”. Some people are crying about “the child” and wondering if the jurors even cared about the fact that a child is dead. Others pontificate on a change to the justice system itself, so as to make it easier to convict someone of such a heinous crime, or even, as a few have said, make a retroactive law in order to convict her. After all, the court of public opinion has convicted CA many times over.

    There is, however, one incontrovertible fact regarding this case and the trial. That is, CA was found “not guilty” of the charge of murder. It was handed down by a jury of her peers. Yet, even then, people around the country wish to deny that fact, and have talked about handing down justice, from the people.

    People in our country tend to get riled up about the “unfairness” of life, to the point that they will disregard law, and support the suspension of it, in order to administer what they view as “justice”. We saw it after the OJ trial. We saw it after the Rodney King trial. And, we’ve seen it countless times concerning another aspect of the laws of this country, even if we don’t realize it at the time. What am I speaking of? Why, nearly every legislative effort handed down to us by the federal government in an attempt to “equalize outcomes” of all citizens. From taxation issues to entitlement programs, portions of this country get so worked up over an “injustice”, that they support taking extraordinary measures to correct that injustice, even to the point of getting law passed that cannot be reconciled with the Constitution.

    The Constitution is the Supreme Law of the Land, as outlined, and definitively stated within the document itself. It is the well from which all other laws in our land are supposed to come from, and only if they can be reconciled with the Constitution itself. However, people have, since the founding of the country, and the ratification of the Constitution, attempted, and even succeeded, in passing federal laws based on emotional thinking, and perceived injustices, that run counter to the Constitution. Obamacare is just the most recent of these laws.

    Think about what people, in general, have stated about healthcare, and why they support Obamacare. Talk of some 40 million plus uninsured. Of children growing up without proper healthcare. Of the cost of the uninsured, even if they choose now not to have it, being placed upon the backs of taxpayers, or the insured people. Using examples of children who’ve died, or adults who’ve died, and somehow related to an “unfair” and “unjust” system of healthcare. Talk of Big Insurance making out like bandits while the people who depend on them are left out in the cold.

    And the result? We get Obamacare handed down to us, that is stated as having fixed the inequities and injustices of our current system. People, based on emotional views, and perceived injustices, supported, and still support, a law that runs counter to, and cannot be reconciled with, the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land.

    It is the same effect as what we see from the aftermath of the CA trial, just on a bigger stage, with more people affected. This is what constitutes justice, and the “law”, in today’s society. We have veered sharply away from being a nation of law, where law rules, to one of a nation ruled by the whims of men. And the CA trial verdict response is just one small example of this.

  28. 33

    Gary G. Swenchonis

    @Skookum: I know how you feel and think about how our nation is under assault from with-in, and that the enemy the liberals have made significant gains. And yes I will give the book a spin. But what truly amazes me is how many people still have their heads in the sand as to the “undeclared war” that we are currently in, and have been for years. At least the liberals are all united for the most part, and make no bones in private or publicly as to their objectives, many of which they have already achieved. At times I have to agree with them when they tell me that they will win in the end due to our own sides inability to wake up the reality that our nation is being totally transformed from with-in to their own idea of a liberal utopia. The evidence is everywhere, yet people still deny it. But whats really hurting us the most is the lack of a leader who has the chrisma, intelligence, honesty and political fortitude to rally around, and lead us forward. In the end we will probably nominate another CINO who will continue to sell us out for the advancement of his/her own career.
    I think that we will have to wait another four years and suffer more serious losses in all areas before that person comes forward. But I look forward to reading the book if I can find one, and the debate!

  29. 35



    JG, if you noticed, I did not suggest future prosecution against CA. No that miscarriage is done, she and OJ should make a home together. The second phrase of the title reads “Lessons Learned”. We have learned bitter lessons from this case and we must live with them, but we have also learned that the disease is much worse than one case or a single symptom.

    How we approach the disease is more important than acknowledging the disease. Giving petty bureaucrats police power is almost never an answer. Often the cure is far worse than the disease. The initial step is self-reflection and improvement, rather than pointing fingers at neighbors and relatives. The people of this country have allowed personal integrity to be diluted with self-indulgence and hedonist attitudes. Once we have purged the demons of our own existence, then we can look upon the degenerates like CA and her sisterhood.

    Vigilantism is hardly a suitable or appropriate response and it negates the law. The law may not be the best, but it is superior to the rest of the law in the world. Pity the prosecutors who fouled up the prosecution; they look as pathetic as the trainer who told the owner of John Henry that he was worthless.

    With Obamacare, we as Republicans should have addressed the problem years ago; instead, we ignored the problem and now the country will be bankrupt if we don’t repeal the Marxist monstrosity that is only a method of wealth redistribution.

    Where were we when Obama was using our tax money to pay back political cronies and create Democrat bank alliances with the suffocating stimulus that accomplished nothing toward providing jobs and stimulating the economy.

    Yes, the wrong remedies don’t help symptoms, let alone the disease.

    Yesterday, while driving home I was listening to a Saturday Lib talk show, that’s desperation I know. The host asked the listeners if they would pay to see CA to do anything. The only response was that they would pay to see her do porn. The host then confirmed that one of the porn companies made a a standing offer but had to withdraw the offer after their audience registered disgust and threatened to boycott the company. I had no idea that porn costumers had such high standards. People said they would refuse to rent homes to her or do business with her.

    Her next stop will probably be Hollywood to be with the beautiful people and to capitalize on her “fame”. Like the typical woman who neglects to call the police when her daughter has been missing for a month, she has no idea what this fame will entail.

    She may have won in court, but she has lost in the game of life.

  30. 36



    JG, if you noticed, I did not suggest future prosecution against CA.

    Yes, I noticed. I was merely pointing out another case of the CA trial, the verdict, and the public response, as being a symptom of a much larger issue. People, when emotionally charged against perceived injustices, will allow for the law to be set aside, in order to correct those perceived injustices.

    One cannot claim to support the Constitution, and it’s original intent, but then set it aside willingly, in order to correct those perceived injustices, just as one cannot set aside another law, or laws, willingly, to correct a perceived injustice of law. CA had her day in court. She “won” (and like you, I believe she won in court but lost in life). Any attempt to correct that injustice, whether real or perceived, by acting in opposition to law, makes one just as guilty of offending law, and the rights of the people, as CA herself was accused of.

    The same goes for Obamacare. The support of it, by willingly setting aside the Constitution, in order to correct the perceived injustice, makes one just as guilty as those they claim are creating the perceived injustices. If we do not keep the Constitution as a standard by which all other laws are subject to, by changing and stretching the meanings and clauses, then we are not a nation of rule by law, because we, then, have no standard of law to compare to.

  31. 37

    Gary G. Swenchonis

    @Skookum: You have already stated the problems skookum, and some people are quite aware of the problems that you have mentioned in this post and others. While others are looking to their old saviors who keep making the same old promises that we have all heard for decades now. It took Beck years to wake up, but now he is giving solutions. Like’em or not. My point is how can we really expect to turn anything around when we are not organined like the liberals are, far from it. We cannot even agree that there is a problem. It took Rome years to collaspe in on it self. Its a natural progression of any civilized society to go through. Change is constant, I know you know that. But change can be directed and manipulated. And the liberals are doing a pretty damn good job at it. But their is still time, not much but some. We can still re-direct some of the changes that the liberals have implemented in our society. The stages of any society are formation, birth, beginings, the middle, late middle, and the end. Skipped some there.Many in Rome recognized that Rome was in serious trouble for years, but the troubles could not be addressed because of Romes leaders, and all the coruption. We could repeal Obi care in the morning, but our host of other problems are much more pervasive and deep seated in our society now, and they need real world solutions rather than to be fixed again then by the continuation of re-electing professional politicians who keep doing the same thing over and over and then all of us expecting different results. I personally think the time for relfection is past, and action is now needed before our Democracy is flushed down the drain of history. Our politicans know what is going on, or at least some of them do. And they have allowed us all to be used and manipulated against each other so they could do as little as possible in addressing the major problems so as not to offend anyone, and get re-elected. The Tea Party is on the right track, but one can already see where politicans are now using them for their own greedy agenda. And yes I hope Obi care is defeated, but we all need to start recognizing who the real enemies are on our own side. The ones who have sold us out and our traditional Institutions, values, and morals to the liberal dream of Eutopia here and now.

  32. 38



    Gary that #37 was a profound post.

    We have been sold out by the professional politician. They make promises to corporations and indigent types for money and votes and we watch our country being destroyed by corrupt incompetents. It is traditional for the Liberals to blame corporate corruption on the Republicans, but Obama, like Chavez, makes no effort to hide his corruption with unions, corporations, and financial institutions. We are now a country of corruption and greed being manipulated by liars, pimps, and whores in Washington DC.

    Our troops are volunteering for what once was America, not wealth redistribution of a broken European nation looking for handouts to keep their entitlement programs working so that their Marxist Utopias or Dystopias will stay afloat. That is all Obama is hoping to do, keep our nation afloat until the wealth is dissipated and we are left broken and bleeding. In a typical wanna be Marxist Utopia of the European model. There’s one glaring gorilla in the world, the business men of the world don’t want to risk their capital to a Marxist cess pool that no longer functions under a free market system. Thus the socialists in DC wonder why we aren’t running forward to jump start the economy. Hiring government workers produces nothing but more debt. Regulations and taxes only inhibit economic growth and the willingness to gamble on new markets and innovation. The Green Energy projects are a laugh without the technology to support them. Thus the great locomotive of American industry that drives the economy is stalled out on a steep upward grade on the mountain of Obama’s Socialist dream and his regulations and environmentalism only serves as little men greasing the tracks so that the train will find it even more difficult to get started or gain the momentum to function. Raising taxes amounts to pouring thick oil on the tracks, but that is the Liberal answer to all problems, tax the system and throw more money at their Democrat cronies, pay underperforming teachers more to do the same job and fund their pet projects and entitlements, then watch the system continue to stumble, fall, fart, and collapse.

  33. 39

    Gary G. Swenchonis

    @Skookum: Thanks alot Skookum! Your reply was right on target in my opinion. One night not too long ago as we sat watching the Oriley show he made the following slip of tongue,
    “No way that he (Cain)will be elected, the money people want allow it.” Normally old Bill is always telling us how its the people who elect the presidents in this great democracy. So we were really surprised with the slip. We keep hoping that the republicans will let some new blood into the party, and or to be seriously considered as the republican nominee. I should say not just “we” but many others as well. It’s the only thing that gives us any hope that any real and pragmatic change will ever occur. We wound up at our present location by luck . We wanted an area that had not been overrun with liberals in short. We had no sooner bought this place then our new neighbors began showing up on horseback to introduce themseleves and to welcome us to the community. Some drove as well. We had crash landed in the middle of a ranching community. Horses cattle, sheep, goats, etc…abundant wildlife. This all ties in trust me. We also noticed the same flag flying at most of the ranches, that yellow flag with the snake and words on it. The one that drives liberals crazy. The one we flew back at the old place even though we got complaints, and then it would disappear at nights. That flag. As of yet we have not seen the flag of mexico flying which has become so prevalant in some parts of S. Texas. Many of us feel the same way about electing another republican who has beed re-packaged and re-wraped with the same old promises that we have heard for years now. So we are all working at getting someone like Cain, and or Palin elected or to run on a third party ticket. I have not done this kinda work since old Ronnie. My wife either. We were both tired of not having a solution that we could get our hands on, and just complaining instead. Or writing numerous letters, and making phone calls to senators who never listened to the people anyway. Those tired old men and women who know only compromise, need to let a new breed take the helm for a change. Can they do any better or worse? Don’t know. But we all know what we will get with the current crop of contenders. SOS, different day.What is the poll number now of Americans who want another option to the ones we have now? 70%? What is the approval rating of congress? 19% Back when Perot ran some of my Republican friends voted for him. I was furious at them. Yes, I had came too by then that our nation was being changed for the worse, but refused to see their point. That as long as I kept electing the crooks they would keep selling us out. After the first time with Bush and his “friendly conservatism” I woke up too. And now I see more and more republicans waking up to the excerise in futilty that we all played for years. Just look at Palin and the hate, and fear that she generates amongst liberals, and some democrats. I have to agree with Rush that the liberals really are worried that she will run, and maybe even on a third ticket.She hinted at that in an interview. And that our professional republicans have that same fear as well. They know that she could lose the race for herself and them as well in the end. But they also know the anger, frustration and desire for real change that is growing outside of La La land and are threatened by it. It does not take a historian to realize that our nation is speeding to another monumental change in our history. But will the train have to slide and skid on the tracks and come to an end in one massive crash? Who knows at this point. But it sure as heck don’t look to darn good right now partner. I got to add this, did you hear Jim DeWit today, “We don’t need no budget amendment to the constitution. Why that could take years, maybe even 10 years!” Is he not a patron saint of the tea party? Is that not always their answer to everything? God forbide that they take any long term action! Lets wait till we have a good old crisis, and then we can pass bills with out even reading them for the good of all Americans! Like I said, SOS. Different day.

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