Intelligence And Mis-Information as told by J. V. Hoffman

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Wounded Aboard The USS Liberty After Being Attacked By Israel

It is painful to say, but so many of us don't understand the difference between 'Intelligence' and 'Mis-Information'. This article will illustrate several factors that escape our consciousness of thought; unfortunately, most of us are victims of mis-information. I served in counterterrorism and counterintelligence for 27 years. Most people think because they have served in the military or in the government they actually have a true grasp of what is actually happening; nothing could be further from the truth!

Sadly, most of us will go to the grave, without ever really knowing the truth. Every government of the world is involved in intelligence and mis-information. Here is a simplified version of who is responsible for what:


1. Private Contractors
2. Intelligence agencies
3. Military personnel
4. Private Individuals


1. Mis-Informed Politicians
2. News Media
3. Military Personnel
4. Foreign Governments and Diplomats
5. General Public
6. Religious Institutions
7. Terrorist Groups
8. Law Enforcement Agencies
9. Government Agencies
10. International Agencies (United Nations, etc.)

Within the United States Government, the majority of people who actually have a grasp of what and why things are actually happening are appointed, contracted, and are government employees. Elected officials are often the least informed. If a Senator or a Commanding Officer makes a statement concerning official policy, the reality is they often don't have a clue.

Presently, because of our president's favoritism toward the Palestinians at the expense of Israeli security, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict has been positioned in the forefront. I worked in intelligence and counterintelligence for both countries, with apologies to no one, but if you will analyze these next few paragraphs, you may begin to question what you think you know and get a glimpse of what really happened or is happening. You need an open mind and the ability to admit misconceptions.

We shall start at the beginning of Israel, 1947-48. I will provide background and commentary on the key players of that era: you will be free to draw your own conclusions after reading the article.

Britain and the United States needed a base of operations for naval, air, and ground forces in the Middle East for strategic and economic reasons. The United States State Department was instrumental in proposing and lobbying for the proposed Jewish State of Israel before the newly formed United Nations.

The United States and Great Britain were supplying armaments and supplies to the Arab states: while Britain tried to prevent the importation of armaments to Israel.

Britain and the United States wrote an agreement to help the new born Jewish State become established and another agreement that would divide it after failing to defend itself against numerically superior Arab militias. The United States would take the Northern area and Britain would have the Southern section. Thus the U.S. and Britain were not overly concerned with defensible borders or a large land mass for Israel, the area was sufficient for their strategic and economic plans; they didn't expect Israel to last over a couple of weeks.

The Arab nations also felt Israel would fall within a week or less. The Arab leaders felt they would be able to tap into the economies for vast sums of money from the U.S. and G.B..

To some of you, this may be upsetting; since, you were probably taught differently, but I will point out some verifying factors.

The Georgetown University Center for studies of peace in the Middle East…..Who paid for it?

Who heads the educational system for all of our State department officials?

With every group that is sponsored by our government on studies of the Middle East who teaches and heads up those divisions?

How many translators does the United States military have enlisted who were trained to speak Arabic?

And why are we depending on Iraqis to serve as translators in Iraq?

Does our Military undergo any type of training as to the customs and mentality of the Arabic speaking people? Very little to none! I could write a book in explanation of why all of this is the way it is; however, this is not my objective.

The USS Liberty incident.

The public information available and the naiveté of the amateur historian is laughable and the willingness of the public to believe what they read or have been told defies logic.

Following the USS Liberty incident, Israeli intelligence asked the United States if they wanted the pilot radio logs and the intercepted radio transmissions that were intercepted and recorded to be made public to help clarify the issue.

The reaction by the U.S. was to sweep everything under the carpet.

It is reasonable to ask why.

Perhaps, there was intelligence being transmitted to the Egyptians. Israel was indeed in a desperate struggle for survival and had no alternative but to stop the source of that intelligence to the Egyptians.

Now, we must ask, when in the history of the U.S. was an attack on an American Military vessel swept under the rug?

Why would the U.S. government take such an action?

When in the history of the United States did diplomatic relations become stronger after an attack on a military vessel?

We have only two allies who have paid back their debts to the U.S., Israel and Taiwan; yet, they have been repeatedly stabbed in the back through the diplomatic process by Liberal administrations.

Israel, has two great enemies, the Zionist and the Liberal; they have been Israel's greatest enemies from the beginning.

To survive this system of Intelligence and Mis-Intelligence, it is imperative to start over with new people who have vision and objectives. It is written ” the people who have no vision will perish!”

Shimon Perez and Obama are from the same philosophical family; they see history as an empty slate to be manipulated for political advantage. They want to remain in power, even if it tears the very core of their countries apart and destroys the foundations of those countries.

Our politicians have no vision and we will perish as a nation if we cannot produce a complete change of government and establish a government that serves the people and not a political agenda: ” the people that have no vision will perish”.

The history of the race, and each individual's experience, are thick with evidence that a truth is not hard to kill and that a lie told well is immortal.

Mark Twain

Never try to estimate the heat in a raging fire until you have actually been caught in one and never under estimate the ability of you enemy as long as he is still alive!

Captain John W. Wells USN

Liberals and Communists can only be trusted when they have no office and even then, from no less than 3 feet away!

J.V. Hoffman

Epilogue: The attack on the USS Liberty has been obfuscated by our government, that is obvious. If some of you are dissatisfied with the facts in this post, feel free to dispute them with more precise facts, but as Chill has cautioned us, don't rely on emotion, that is a fool's technique. Verify your facts and present them in an organized and precise debate. I am merely the messenger, who can present this episode with fewer errors; other than that, this tragedy has bothered me for a long time and I just want the truth. Right now, this is the most plausible scenario I have heard, but I am open to reason and logic. Emotional attacks, heavy breathing, drooling, and name calling; the methods we see on Liberal blogs is demeaning and wont be tolerated.

Ready on the right, ready on the left, commence firing!

Some Of The Damage Sustained By The USS Liberty


A professional horseman for over 40 years, Skook continues to work with horses. He is in an ongoing educational program, learning life's lessons from one of the world's greatest instructors, the horse. Skook has finished an historical novel that traces a mitochondrial line of DNA from 50,000 years ago to the present. It goes to the copyeditor next month.

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    Gary G. Swenchonis

    Mata; I agree with what you wrote except for the part of fighting for revenge. Thats just the point Mata. Saleh’s corupt regime should have been invaded before Iraq. Or I should say Saleh should have been threatened with the posibility of invasion when he refused to let our FBI question the terrorists, to obtain the information that would have stopped 9/11. They knew he was lying, and were angry that noone would do anything. That the terrorsists had valuable information and not just about the Cole. That something big was in the air. But then Bush compounded the problem by forgetting the Cole, and hoping it would all just blow over. And then according to press and others I have talked too, Bush or Cheny did threatened Saleh with war but after 9/11. When he had to do something! Saleh caved, and let them speak with the terrorists. Individuals from salehs regime have told me that he was scare to death that American would invade after 10/12, and then 9/11. Thats why some even left the regime then. But Bush took Saleh at his word that he would play fair from now on. He did not. He went on to side with AQ for years, and not just by letting the Cole bombers go. His courts let jihadist go to fight our soldiers in Iraq, he played both sides openly, the list is endless but our nation continued to do his bidding. The same with Gadaffi. Our leaders never learn. They get hooked on these scumbags like a junkie to dope. And in the end its always the same old story, “How did this happen!, We gave them everything they wanted, and then some.!”
    Even members of the FBI said that Saleh would have cracked if preasured and pushed. But noone on our side pushed. And then when they had a free pass to take the dirtbag out, they did nothing. Some members of congress have been telling two, now three presidents that its way past the time to cut Saleh off. It was not revenge. It was the total failure of two administrations to confront a serious longterm problem. The attack on the Cole was only a symptom of that problem as were all the other attacks before 9/11. Our leaders address problems on a short term basis, and or ignore them. And now the problem has exploded in their faces. Again. When for years there has been a viable alternative to Saleh. But now its even too late for that, unless a miricle happens. We will have another failed state just waiting for the fanatics to take over. And these failed states are starting to pile up real fast. And you can bet that they all have two enemies on their short list. America and Israel. Leadership is not always doing what the majority want. In my letter to Bush I pleaded with him to take action before “thousands of Americans were killed”.
    I got some letters back form senators and congresspeople, “Your grief has blinded you. We are safe, and secure. rest easy.” We wanted our sons death, and the 16 others to mean something for once to our leaders. And not just roll with the flow like they always do, and are doing now. So no it was not revenge Mata, it was trying to head off a disaster that we could not believe our leaders could not, and or would not see it. I had friends who said the same thing, and were waiting for the next attack.
    And while I am at it! Like the trend I see now, and have for awhile. Our leaders refuse to tell the American people just how bad we need the ME, and its going to be a long stay. That we can pull the troops out in the morning and forget about the ME, but they will be doing pushups till they are ready to came at us again. But only this time the cancer has spread like wildfire.
    There lies my frustration Mata. Spineless leaders who fix only half of the problem, like taping duct tape around a busted radiator hose and proclaiming, “All done!.” But in this case the tape is the American Military made up of real people with real families.
    I talk to free Yemenis quite often. They cannot understand how our leaders get in bed with an animal like Saleh. I do and I don’t. There is a time for that no matter how distasteful to a degree, but Salehs time passed when he helped to cover up the murder of 17 american sailors, and all the evidence that could have prevented 9/11. And now those same Yemenis are angry that our government has left them hanging, and are looking for another partner to help them. Who will that be? Unfortunately I think it will be the bad guys. Just like with Egypt, Libya, Syria, and the list goes on. And Americans sons and daughters will have to go and fight once again. And more young men and women will lose their lives as a result of leaders who are more worried about their poll numbers than doing the right thing at the right time. I did hear that Clinton made the remark about how he was sorry that he had not go after Saleh years later. I always wondered if these men with overgrown egos ever really thought about all the pain and suffering that their lack of inaction caused. And no I don’t mean our suffering, but all the other families. I learned in my own private life that revenge is not worth the price at a very early age for the person who acts on it. But I also believe that there is a distinct difference between revenge and justice. That justice is measured and weighed with the possible final outcome. And in the Cole case it would have been to prevent another attack, and the dismantling of AQ before the loss of thousands of American lives.
    And now here we are, whole countries undergoing dramatic and violent changes, and our own country paralyzed with a looming economical disaster and leaders who can do nothing but point fingers at each other. At times I have to wonder if this is where the beginning of the end starts. But then in the morning I will hear another speech from another politican about how everything is just fine, and not to worry! And I will feel safe and secure once again.

  2. 54

    John Cooper

    Mizz Beez:

    My Old Farmer’s Almanac informs me that on Thursday, August 25th, there will be a conjunction of the crescent moon and Mars.

  3. 55


    John cooper thank you, those haters are choosing their crescents moon, when they want to kill, AND BUILT THEIR MOSQUE

  4. 57


    John Cooper, hi, I saw the video, how far can they go to catch other to beleive,
    a couple of day before I watch another similar video about a devil face on the 9/11 smoke,,
    it was made very similar with messages from so call alliens, it could be the same peple doing that,
    it look like it.
    thank you,for showing it their lies implicate NASA too. those probably sent by OBAMA to educate them

  5. 58

    J V Hoffman

    @Gary G. Swenchonis: Gary my dear friend you are dealing with age old factors here and the nature of politics….First off what is politics? Poly—greek for many, and ticks—little blood suckers, in short many blood suckers…i.e. POLITICS!
    On the serious side the real problem is that the US government does not want a solution! They want a situation! One which offers them the ability to fulfill their agenda! If men like Theodore Roosevelt were living and president and the USS COLE was attacked he would have steamed the great white fleet to Yemen and balsted them to hell, and made it clear to anyone who even flinched at our actions would get it as well. WHY IS IT SO DIFFERENT TODAY?
    Because much of what you see today is referred to in Jewish writings as “NIMRODOLOGY” for lack of a better translation. Just quick question before I jump into the fire here! Why do you think we do not never hear or see of any real plan as to what the Government plans to do especially the “Boguez” administration like we have now?
    If you want to venture into this study of jewish writings, you could study for six hours a day for 70 years and not finish. So I will give a concentrated version from my limited at best knowledge. Nimrodology- Nimrod who of course was tapped into the EVIL side of matters (do not ask me to apply these matters to religion), and his instrument of control and domination was as simple as the following. With out going into the abilities of that generation and what they could understand, see and utilize that we cannot, allow me to outline the simuliarities that are apparent today. (those of you who care to read english material read… The Two Babylons by Alexander Hyslop) Understand Evil and Good cannot reign together, however the power that evil has in the world can be regulated by the participation of good in the world. In the past that is what we had here in the United States.
    1. Everything was done under the objective of a greater plan, a new world order, with Nimrod’s wisdom (unproven wisdom) with his right hand person being his mother Samyris. (kinda reminds you of people in DC, huh!) He locked God outside only to be referred to when necessary. Nimrod never pronounced his beliefs however he always pronounced his wisdom, as his followers did as well blindly. (sound familiar)
    2. Nimrod created confusion in order to create solutions to reveal his wisdom! (kinda like what has happened to our economy, BP incident, flooding that they knew was coming and did nothing, and on and on.) For a modern application who set Khadaffi in power, along with Ayatollah Komieni, Sadaam Hussien, Noriega, and the list goes on even including the stability we provided to Stalin in WW2.
    3. Nimrod worked through dictators so to speak, because no solution could be reached without his control. (does this not sound familiar?) Just like we have seen our rights evaporating one after the other on a daily basis.
    4. Nimrod projected a supreme goal to group everyone together, once he had taken out all of the stops that restricted the safeties and stop that prevented the division and definition of good and evil! Just like Obama made the Marines to stop using the recruiting poster of the grunts all gathered together praying!
    Are children praying in schools anymore do they start their day by saying the pledge of allegence anymore? The list goes on and on!
    5. Nimrod foxed the multitudes into following him by setting forth a central ruling group (like Czars) to monitor and inform of the actions of every one, and to promote the “General Good” for the multitiudes even if it meant the absolute destruction of minorities. (Israel returning to the pre 1967 borders)
    6. The problemwas there was his uncle by the name of Shem (i.e. the father of the Shemities) who when it came to the point of Nimrod telling them that they could only study what he approved, the crap hit the fan! Shem went and disected Nimrod and sent him to the four corners of the earth! (study internment camps here in the US…one of Hillary Jihadist favorite projects!
    What am I saying with all of this to you Gary? This administration and even previous administrations are prepetuating a environment of CRISIS MANAGEMENT and are actaully working with the enemies like Yemen and Iran, and Iraq, and the list goes on and on! This is why you keep getting the answers you get! There is a saying ” keep your friends close to you and your enemies even closer” well this administration has that all mixed up! They think it meant keep you enemies close to you and employ them to your agenda, and keep your citzens far away from you!
    Everybody gets aide from this administration except Americans, they reveal their plans to our enemies and keep us in the dark! Really what I call a mushroom treatment! Don’t dream of ever getting an clear answer to what they did concerning the Cole,because their fear is that with the means of internet and information access you will be able to put the dots together….in fact they are also working on that as well as we speak! My heart goes out to you and so many victims of this Nimrodic system that has taken over our government, and how they are not worthy of the sacrifice of our young men!

  6. 59

    J V Hoffman

    This Administration and Washington does not want peace time politics, and does not want an good economy….ewwww no rich citizens…God forbid we have a enough wealth to assemble and do something! Oh! Mr president unarm us we didn’t know “GUNS ARE EVIL” at least that is what mommy Jihadist Hillary say’s! God forbid that we have time to investigate what the hell they are doing! no no we have to be paying more than 70% of our earnings in taxes to support the most massive government in the history of mankind and pay $8 a gallon or more for fuel and believing that it will help the economy and help the environment as well as create more jobs…. I mean a trucking company and import Mexicans and move the on slaught of homeless Americans to the internment centers….it will be for their good did you understand the president?

  7. 60


    @J V Hoffman:

    Conspiracy theory! Conspiracy theory!

    I used to think that the US Government would have a very difficult time conducting a a successful conspiracy because somewhere among all the people who would have to be involved in a massive conspiracy some honest person would step forward, no two or three or four honest people would come forward and spill the beans because we all understood what it meant to be AMERICANS and not Europeans or socialists or whatever.

    I used to think . . . is the important phrase in the above paragraph. Nimrodology! And just think I read that story as history only and not as a lesson for America and American politics! When was that crescent moon going to show itself – August 25th?

  8. 61

    J V Hoffman

    @Chill: Chill do you know who prepetuates the CONSPIRACY theories? The Administration! That way people will tag anything that challenges their actions will be labaled “Conspiracy”! I never used the word conspiracy, and do not believe in it either! Go get an education man! look at what has been done in just the last several years by the non-performance of the Administration! I guess you pay your taxes to bail out every other nation and to support their agenda while Americans are being bleed to death one way or the other! Tell conspiracy to the people of the Gulf Coast who have lost more than 28 billion dollars in income from BP, or the more than the 180 thousand people displaced by the flooding as we speak! If you are proud to be an American other than in a bar room with a few buddies, open your eyes and see what this administration is doing to all of the faithful Allies of the US and what they are allowing to happen to the citizens of “America” by their non-performance. No Conspiracy! Just clear visable results before your eyes!

  9. 62


    @J V Hoffman:

    Hey, Mr Hoffman. I was not being facetious and I had a feeling that you would think that I was.

    We have way too many professional liberal politicians in the government who think that the US is just another country – nothing special. They also believe the Constitution is outmoded and should be made into a living constitution changeable like the one here in Thailand according to the ruling political party (of which they plan to be members for life).

    If I had retired when I was a captain with a little over twenty years in, I would probably continue to believe that conspiracies (or Nimrodity) in the US government are impossible given the openness and all that. Instead, I took one last assignment to Bangkok, Thailand working the MIA/POW issues with the US Embassy. I made major but . . . politics up past my head. Never have I ever been exposed to such Nimodity! It changed my mind in a big way.

    I did not read a single word you wrote in your Nimrodology input that I could disagree with. I lived it, saw it and know it is the truth. Sad, but still the truth.

  10. 63


    JV Hoffman, maybe you can have the knowledge to confirm what I have read before,
    this; in GERMANY ‘s during HITLER’S POWER, I HEARD THAT THE MUSLIMS had a great role in inciting HITLER TO exterminate the jewish community,,
    so that lead me to today as we know they are still inciting to elIminate the JEWISH WHICH NOW HAVE THEIR OWN COUNTRYS,


  11. 64

    J V Hoffman

    @Chill: Okay Chill I better understand you now. I also experience my first doubts when photos of POWs/MIAs were not allowed as part of a intelligence briefing in 1975. I was politely told this is not within the scope of our mission. I wish I could say more but I cannot! In fact I do not state manythings because I happen to know of centers that their sole function is to screen and record internet communications. So I am reserved as far as what I share to identify myself. In the past I have even found explosives attached to my vehicle, my house ramsacked, and much more!
    I do not believe in a conspiracy as people present it and intelligence agencies support inorder to float a continual smoke grenade….however there is without question an agenda that the actuation of it changes to suite the best plan of action for the moment. Our present administration is not acting alone, of that I am sure! This administration has an Unholy alliance and if they ever get tothe point of re-writing the constitution you will see that come to revelation. I actually believe at times that the natural disasters we have suffered are some what God’s way of protecting us from the evil in front of our eyes, and subtracting from the power to acuate their agenda! I could say many things but I can not do so because, when the agenda of the United Nations is more important than the economic state of our Nation, and the developement of relations with countries who are active supporters of terrorism become more important than our national security… we are in trouble! Get the State Department communications from their site and just watch the activity! We are in trouble!

  12. 65


    JV Hoffman to continiue my previous comment, if they declare like they already did the war with ISRAEL
    And it would put them in a loosing end like I THINK, DO YOU FORSEE A POWER outside of ISLAM SIDING UP WITH THEM,
    i have some in mind but wont go further,than this question, with a yes or no

  13. 66

    J V Hoffman

    @ilovebeeswarzone: Yes this is true, in fact very true! I ask a simple question…. Did any Islamic country resist Hitler? Only Morrocco joined the fight due the transformation of the French, but not on there own! The Shias do not believe the Isalmic conquest can be fulfilled as long as the Jews are in the land, and therefore desire that there will be no State of Israel, and if there are no more Jews then they cannot return! It is really that simply…… Our Government (especially this administration) only makes relations with the Shias (shities) and not the other factions of Islam. If we were to attack the Shias for being the source of terrorism in the world as we are experiencing it now then we would have a defined enemy and Islam would be rid of a great pain in their side, and our Government would lose their biggest allie in their agenda! Interesting that in Germany anyone who is a Shia is automatically identified as a “possible threat”!

  14. 68

    J V Hoffman

    @ilovebeeswarzone: The terroristic Arab countries are depending on the support of Obamination to help in this matter. The whole reason for the presentation of the “right of return for Palestinians” is to place Israel in a worldwide political dilema. To bring them under pressure from all of the faithful United Nations followers. And of course the US being a faithful member of the UN will just have to go along with the actions against Israel….. Because how can Obamination go against the mutual action of a majority of the UN?

  15. 69

    J V Hoffman

    @ilovebeeswarzone: The truth is that the nations wishing the destruction of Israel (except Iran) do not have the military capability to carry out a war with Israel. Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt, and the ohters like Iraq, ect. do not have the military and especially Air Force capabilities are not there. In fact do not think that the recent NATO performance in Libya was just to put Khadaffi out of office….it was for to set a norm for action in the Middle East. Now with the UN doing the bidding of Obamination they will soon come out with implications leading to threats against Israel for not conforming with the UN’s decisions. It is not important that Israel on 5 different occasions offered all that Arafat desired and he would not sign on it! Also that in Madrid and Oslo the Palestinians agreed to the present boundaries with the agreement of the recognition of Israel and it right to exist, which has never been accomplished and now Obamination wants to award them for the EVIL they have done until now!

  16. 70


    JV Hoffman, yes that is a possible danger,as they all where expecting everyone at the UN TO BE A UNITED FORCE ON THE RETURN OF 1967 BORDER, IT WAS TELLING OF THE FUTURE,
    AM I right to think that what we have seen escalate to form a united islamic country push by the ak and brothers of hood, and still in working, and RUSHING, WOULD BE TO TRY TO FINISH THAT REUNIFICATION BEFORE THE 2012 FINAL DECISIONS BY AMERICANS TO CHANGE THE NOW IN POWER GOVERNMENT LEADERSHIP.

  17. 72


    John Cooper, wow, they surely are influenced by dates in their history,
    they might find courage in resourcing their own with that kind of behavior, where they had succeeded in their destruction inner core desire, that still is in their brain and dna because they want to keep it alive so much,

  18. 73

    J V Hoffman

    @ilovebeeswarzone: I tried to submit videos and photos to CNN that displayed what actaully happen in Bahrain in the recent protest. I was there and I viewed videos that would showed how the Shias staged dressing in Police Uniforms shooting people and busting up cars. In some of the photos a number of people who were identified in those photos conversing with the Shia protestors were people actively entering and returning from the US embassy and one of them at one time was a State Department employee! Then the revelation came! The CNN news Cheif in Bahrain was being paid to display the story in favor of the Shities!
    How was there protest? Well they had all of these activities going on in the “Pearl Center Garden” …. resturants, bars, hokas, prostitution, belly dancing, raping, thieving and looting. There are videos of them spilling blood on children and women to make it look like they were beaten by the police! And even with allof this King Hamad (exceptional person) went on the news and apologized for the two people who were killed when the military return fire on a crowd that was stoning the police and firing weapons and using swords on unarmed policemen. Then Jihadist Hillary gets on the wagon to call for Human rights in Bahrain! How far are the liberals from the truth! The majority of the protestors were illegal aliens from Iran!
    Just to illustrate how far off track this Government is! What would Obama do if a group of illegal mexicans camped out on the White House lawn and demanded that eveyone who is not mexican leave the government! and that more than half of the government jobs be given to illegal immigrants within the government! While they camp out there and smoke joints and drink tequilla! get drunk and perform prostitution while cooking tortillas and serving Tacos? What would they do? What a load of crap our liberal government is producing!
    Now if you think it is any different in any of the other countries….you are very wrong! Our present Administration is actually working indirectly with Iran to produce the affect they have accomplished in order to level all of this bulllshit on Israel! In short this administration has it own form of terrorism!

  19. 74

    J V Hoffman

    I hope Nato is smarter than Syria and the other abiding forces during the Shalom HaGalil War, Israel shoot down 127 planes in three days! How many planes does Nato have today? What is the price of scrap Aluminum? Maybe Israel can offer Obama a refund after it is all over…. how many pounds of scrap aluminum is there in a Nato jet?

  20. 75

    J V Hoffman

    @Skookum: Skookum!!!! take a look my friend Jihadist Hillary is at it again!!!!! Now they have a Jihadist Convention going…. this is directly from the State Department site!

    Secretary Clinton Supports the Inaugural Partners for a New Beginning (PNB) International Summit

    Media Note
    Office of the Spokesman
    Washington, DC

    June 1, 2011


    Alongside this week’s first-ever international Partners for a New Beginning (PNB) Summit at the Aspen Institute, Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton hosted a dinner in its honor on May 31, 2011 for senior U.S. government officials, PNB Steering Committee Members and PNB Local Chapter leaders.

    In April 2011, Secretary Clinton announced at this year’s U.S.-Islamic World Forum that Partners for a New Beginning (PNB) would convene this summit to connect American investors with partners in transitional democracies in the Middle East and North Africa, with an eye to creating more jobs and boosting trade.

    The dinner discussion was moderated by PNB Chair and former Secretary of State Madeleine K. Albright, and PNB Vice Chairs Muhtar Kent, Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company, and Walter Isaacson, President and CEO of the Aspen Institute. Special Representative for Global Partnerships Kris Balderston also participated.

    The local PNB Chapter leaders in attendance at the dinner included Abdelmadjid Fechkeur from Algeria, Asep Sulaeman from Indonesia, Omar Chaabi from Morocco, Asad Umar from Pakistan, Zahi Khouri from the Palestinian Territories, and Rifat Hisarciklioglu from Turkey.

    In recognition of the historic changes underway in the Middle East and North Africa, members of PNB announced new efforts to support sustainable and inclusive growth in the region. Taken together, these efforts will harness hundreds of millions of dollars and deepen the collaboration between the U.S. and local communities abroad on areas of mutual interest. The full list of new programs and partnerships announced by PNB members can be found here.

    Partners for a New Beginning is coordinated by the Secretary of State’s Global Partnership Initiative (S/GPI) and the Office of the Under Secretary for Economic, Energy and Agricultural Affairs. For more information, visit or e-mail [email protected].

  21. 76


    the GOVERNMENT is spending all the moneys they collect in TAXES WITH CREATING AGENCY AND CONTACTS to put those people to work, as oppose to create and support the UNITED STATES OF THE BEAUTIFULL AMERICA THEY ABANDON TO SIDE UP WITH THOSE WHO HATE AMERICA,

  22. 77

    Gary G. Swenchonis

    @J V Hoffman: Thanks for the compliment! One that I do not deserve, and could never live up to in this life. Nevertheless, thank-you for your kind words. And yes I think Ted Rossevelt would have kicked some major butt on his shift. I know this post is kinda late! I am trying to get used to gmail and how emails stack up you! IU don’t know how many I deleted before I realized their were more behind the first one. Dah!

  23. 78

    Gary G. Swenchonis

    @J V Hoffman: Interesting Hoffman! That was some heavy stuff. I do understand the concept of good and evil and all the differnet theories that conflict on if eveil can ever be banished on this world, or at the very least a balancing act with good and evil.Or that evil and good are one big circle. Evil conquers good, good conquers evil till the end of time. But till the liberal came up with Dr. Feelgood and his positive thinking, and “if it feels good, do it!” and that evil does not exist in the liberal mind. That took the frikking cake. I had a psycholoy teacher in college who taught that BS and we had to listen! She was a dead ringer for Nancy Pelosi too. It was kinda scary to think that God had made two of them, and I had the misfortune to have to listen look at both of them on some days.

  24. 79



    JV: Just finished work and I am delusional, but Jihad Hillary is almost in my backyard waging her jihad.

    There is a lot of dissent in former Lib bastions, I was campaigning today while working and I am encouraged. Many people are recognizing the inherent dangers of the current administration.

    This has been an enlightening thread. I am thrilled to have been a part of this discussion, in a small way.

    Thank you, my friends!

  25. 80


    SKOOKUM, correct me if i’m wrong but this is world power organisation inside the USA the door is wide open,
    as clear as crystal as supported by the GOVERNMENT and LEADER, as clear and transparent as water, 100billions coming outof AMERICA to deal with them, they call it an exchange, to help their economy,

  26. 81



    Bees: I can’t really say if you are right or wrong, but we seem to want to give the ME countries a stimulus package to help with jobs. What a joke! We give tin horn dictators and up and coming tyrants in the Muslim Brotherhood enough money to make their families wealthy for ten generations.

    It must drive them nuts dealing with a woman, especially Hillary, while they beg like starving dogs at a dinner table.

    In the mean time, people are without shelter and homes are under water or blown apart, but they are White and they are in fly over country, Obama could care less. Now helping out tyrants or making them wealthy beyond their wildest dreams in the ME , that is Progressive.

  27. 82

    Gary G. Swenchonis

    @Skookum: Thanks for the link skook! I have a personal grudge against her. I had worked for several years to get a congressional hearing, att my facts, witnessess, dates, times, etc… This was the first attempt. And then I find out that Ms Jihad Hilary will be a the prelimpreminary hearing! Your first guess is correct on how it turned out. It failed. She has her hubbys name and her own to protect.