The Autocrat [Reader Post]

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Prices are soaring through the roof and these people know nothing of prices because they do not know the concept of price. The Obama Administration is seriously considering using, under the guise of some “endangered protected reptilian species” (the three inch long Dunes Sagebrush Lizard), its powers to advance EPA environmental enforcement protections which will effectively kill, several counties in Texas, thousands of petroleum extraction and oil distribution jobs causing lose of billions of dollars in business fortune for purposes any rational thinker would call specious and shoddy. There is something seriously wrong with a political philosophy group that knows virtually nothing about the philosophy to which they follow; this, nevertheless, seems to be the case with the current central government. The overreach is the result of a fractured disconnect from the ivory towers of esoteric academe’ with the realities of gruesome economic survival among the general population. The thinking under analysis begins as Kantian; Immanuel Kant, (1724-1804) whose philosophic tome Critique of Pure Reason formed the basis of many anti-capitalist philosophies. The key relevance for every philosophy is justification; thus, if the thinking cannot be justified then it must be considered unethical. Kantian thinking believes all things, including ideas, are of mathematic consideration; thus, when the two ordinals seven plus five equals twelve (7 + 5 = 12) the case exists whereas the desired result “12” can be reached through several other various numeric formulae and means; yet, for sake of argument, it is the pure/practical nature of the “7” which when combined with “5” that forms the foundation for diverse philosophical dissertation. There is lack of evidence Kant had anti-monarchial hegemony, “enlightenment”, or contra-establishment sympathies; au contraire, Kant relished in the pomp and pageantry of nobility. He was a hired lecturer before the controllers of the ruling classes throughout Europe; thus sealing the marital relationship between monarchy and Marxism; or, said differently, following Karl Marx is just royalist politics with different kings and queens wearing different shaped crowns.

Obama is autocratic; there are no political policies which reach general consumption without his personal approval. The one image he refuses to tamper with is control; he insists on the appearance that that he manages everything. What appears to be managerial delegation of responsibilities to subordinates are, in fact, just shields protecting his title to the thrown of power. This is the result of dialectic intellectual realism which formulates into living evolutionary Marxism that can be described as an altered state of idealistic reality (Proletariat Idealism) which is what Communism sells. During Kant’s lifetime government management was quickly evolving away from crown heads “Rights of Kings” rule by hereditary means towards more populous control by popular vote by the people voting into power, through democratic elections, their elected governments. Many Enlightenment Period philosophical changes started with Adam Smith, Edmund Burke, John Locke, plus other enlightenment philosophers, whom became the early acolytes of freedom and liberty that influenced the founding fathers who went on to write and sign the American Declaration of Independence; to which, an assembly of 56 farmers, country gentlemen, and city squires in the City of Philadelphia in the Colony of Pennsylvania did write and say, staking their collective lives and fortunes on the line, to their then sovereign British monarch King George III that you no longer have royal rule or claim over us because we are, from now on and forever more, free men. Such a declaration of freedom and liberty resonated and was felt as a threat throughout royalist Europe. This threat sounded the death knell which would toll the end to monarchy; a threat, which gave birth to the ideas of Karl Marx and his theories of Dialectic Communism.

Albeit a confirmed atheist, Marx was Jewish born in Prussia yet through his academic years at University of Bonn and University of Berlin and throughout his itinerant 65 year lifetime in Germany, France, and England he never experienced any Jewish monarchy because Jews were completely obstructed from all things royal. Call his reaction a case of existentialist envy yet that seems to be the reason he rejected the ancient god of the rabbis only to then formulate his own materialistic conceptualization of human objectivity which proved to be philosophically unethical because his new ideas professed a replacement philosophy which dwelt only in animalistic instincts not in the true cusp of human nature. His anti-establishment ideas originated with Georg F. Hegel’s (d: 1831) equalitarian theories which became Marx’s foundation for The Communist Manifesto and his opus magna Das Kapital. In his writings he tried to make, clearly out of pure nothingness, an idealistic utopian make-believe intellectual dream world exist where which that reality does not really exist; a concocted world view that, in his own mind, will need transformative social revolution and upheaval in order to ever happen; so as if to say, his private dreams and political fantasies included a revived 1793 French Revolution Reign of Terror with more show trials and guillotines. (“Reification”: a Marxist concept, the making of some make believe idea into a thing) People today refer to this as post-modern analysis or deconstructive thinking. His family and friends are said to have said about Karl, while he was still alive, “He never had a real job and knows nothing about real work because the tinker’s bell ringing work rings only between his ears.”

History is more than the study of dates, periods of time, and events; what it is is the study of the transformation of ideas. Obama wants to transform the American Idea.

A sharp divide exists between economics of market and economics of mind. Price is pure truth because price happens when two unrelated non collaborative individuals meet to agree on the substance of rewards proffered in exchange for specific goods or services. There is no advanced intellectual debate in the fair exchange of this for that; which, for only intellectual interests, is the precise source of conflict between economics of market and economics of mind. The Frankfurt School: Institute of Social Research (f: 1923) was a font of socialist dialectic intellectual realism formed to intellectually justify Das Kapital and Marx’s Labour Theory of Value. Dialectic refers to argumentative duels between two different but convergent bases of thought; whereby, nevertheless, both arguments agree on the importance of achieving their shared desired goal. Philosophically, the challenge is to justify Marxism that labor has value; so, consider, the notion of value to be determined by the labor efforts which turns the wheel as the determining factor rather then the product actually produced by the wheel being turned. To rational economic thinkers labor is sold as wages relative to the market value of the products which are produced. This real market philosophy cannot justify such anti-market thinking countered by the Frankfurt Institute collectivist, anti-positivitist sociological existentialist psychoanalytic theoretical ideas. The curse of Marxism is that Marxist hate real work.

Communists are elitists whom when they regard rowing the boat or pointing the way never touch the oars. They are white table cloth diners whose concerns are more about the age and taste of the wine rather then the cost. The Frankfurt School: Institute for Social Research defined the distinction between Zionism and Marxism; so it was that in 1923 that Felix Weil, a 26 year old Ph.D. intellectual spark and son of a wealthy Buenos Aires import merchant, founded the ISR study group after a proletarian rally. All early members of the ISR were sons of wealth who chose idealistic lifestyles pampering each other with advanced academic degrees, praises, prizes and platitudes. Their existence was monastic; nothing, absolutely nothing, indicates any of them took risks and lived away from their safe zones. One played piano achieving some concert fame but all the others lived flat lives. Herbert Marcuse (b: 1898), son of a physician, was a soldier in World War One assigned to the stables cleaning horse droppings, a task from whom (the horses) he learned about labor theory of value.

Who likes high prices? People are being priced out of their businesses and out of their homes while Obama remains oblivious to economics of market. These people believe market prices are accidental numbers without reason or purpose. Throwing money at problems does not solve problems yet that remains their modus operandi. The notion of making rational prudent decisions with “OPM”, other people’s money, causes them conflict and consternation. Economics is a machine that functions with optimum efficiencies. The best place to study the economic machine is on the banks of a river. Keep things in place and the stream flows naturally doing its job. Intellectual Marxists refuse to allow the movement of goods and services to flow naturally, in their economics of mind thinking the justification of political distribution must require their direct manipulation. Obama surrounds himself with manipulators with elite academic credentials sans authentic experience. Taking unproven academic research laboratory experiments into real time economics pollutes and obstructs the flow of the river. Dr. Stephen Chu, a physicist, is now the 12th Secretary of Energy is not a geologist yet carries forth his president’s policy to shift domestic energy usage away from fossil fuels. Perhaps Doctor Chu should be so kind as to scientifically and constructively define the nature of the term “fossil fuel”. The way the Obama policy propagandists describe it pictures “Barney the Brontosaurus” dies several billion years ago then decomposes over eons into an ugly blob of black liquid only then to end up in an automobile or truck fuel tank to burn carbon combustion pollutants into the atmosphere killing polar bears that will never evolve into driving cars. This guilt-trip inane depiction does not define the scientific nature of petroleum; which means, Obama’s energy policies, through the Nobel Prize physicist Chu, are an unethical fraud forcing people to pay more for ideas (“Reification”) that does not exist. Economics are dynamic so prices will change, just as any well run machine over time requires constant lubrication and at times require refitting and modernization that will effectively change its price structure; but, that is not the same thing as conscience strategic policy plans that purposely choke off and curtail supply forcing the population into artificial scarcity. That is what is taking place right now, direct from the current crop of Frankfurt Institute acolytes within the science professions there exists a global attack on common sense using environmental guilt tripping as their chief weapon. Chu screams at the people “I’m a Stanford Ph. D. so pay me.”

Food prices are flying because of Obama’s selfish policies. Obama cannot see that to manipulate here forces changes there because Frankfurt thinkers as policy manipulators never see their consequences or related connections. They are blind when fuel prices go up then cost of truck logistics go up hitting consumers with higher prices on the shelves. Today, people everywhere are experiencing that it costs $110.00 for last month’s $100.00 bag of goods. A little more at the pump, plus a little more at the veggies in the produce section while those scrumptious cinnamon muffins cost a quarter more per dozen. Pet owners watch the price of dog biscuits and Meow Mix explode. People are incrementally getting poorer and are told “Get used to it – we’re saving the planet!” This is the arrogance of people who never had a real job and know nothing about real work because the tinker’s bell ringing work exists only between their self-justifying collective heads.

Becoming an Olympic Gold Medalist in fencing requires wealth, lots of it; so too it is becoming a theoretical physicist researcher at an elite institution like Stanford. This is a case whereby similarly programmed fixed thinkers, like Stephen Chu, get awarded with advanced academic degrees, praises, prizes and platitudes without ever facing challenging real world criticism. Globally there are multiple university based science degree Daisy Chains of mutual support and sustenance guaranteeing academic tenure with continued connection to strings of government grants. Revolutions with violence and terror happen, counting every hundred plus years, because it is the anger of the people which rolls out the guillotines. Whenever the imposed powers become so entrenched and obfuscated, in their own greed for power, they kiss the lips of violent reactions expecting different results. The Marxist belief system believes only in human beings animalistic materialist nature; so, when the revolution comes, it is they who will be treated like animals. They shun genuine contribution, charity, and real work because they lack any redeeming single defining human quality. Autocrat, Plutocrat, Marxist, Monarchist thy name is Obama for you are not now nor ever will be brave, honest, compassionate, courageous or astute because there is nothing, absolutely nothing, there.

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    Nan G

    Economically, the only reason there was 1/4 of the jobs gained last week was that Mickey D’s got a special waiver from parts of ObamaCare!
    That freed them up to
    1. hire more minimum wage workers and
    2. give more campaign money to Obama.

    What to do?
    The biggest shedder of job has been GOVERNMENT.
    So, hiring them himself wasn’t going to happen for Obama.
    What to do????

    A Friday afternoon, under-the-radar act:
    Obama approved 204 new waivers to Democrats’ healthcare reform law over the past month, bringing the total to 1,372.

    Obama rewards his friends with WAIVERS to his own supposedly excellent health care!
    But his enemies are stuck with it!

    All ObamaCare Waivers are under investigation.

    Meanwhile Mexico got US funds to deal with wildfires while Texas got nothing.

  2. 2


    I hear ya Nan, Obamacare sucks so bad that thousands of waivers are flying out the windows of the WH. It would be interesting to see a breakdown between the list of waivers and the list of Obama donors.

  3. 4


    James, while a bit hard to read, I did manage to wade through your entry. I think you give Obama too much credit. Obama is not an autocrat. In order to be an autocrat, he would have had to form an opinion of his own, and that, he cannot do. He is a person who is influenced by the beliefs of others, but specifically one person, Saul Alinsky, with a dash of Cloward and Piven thrown in for good measure. And because he doesn’t understand the dynamics of his job, he, like other presidents before him, think that it is those in academia that have the answers. But paper answers, not practical answers, will never solve the problems of a nation of 304 million. Unfortunately, Obama is not a terribly deep thinker (just listen to him when he goes off teleprompter) so he totally relies on the thoughts of others. Consequently, any opinion that Obama may form is simply a hoge-poge of various philosophies that are not congruent.

    Obama is being advised by Keynesians, although even Keynes would be rolling over in his grave if he knew how his theories were being bastardized. The Stimulus Bill of almost $900 billion is a case in point. The Great Depression is a usable example of the folly of applying Keynes.

    But the bottom line is that we have a president who is nothing more than a photo-op. He was elected because he had a truely slim background, voting “present” being his most consistant action and because the brilliance of David Axelrod allowed him to build a blank slate on which voters could project their own concept of who Obama actually is. Hope and Change was simply a campaign slogan with no more meaning than “I Like Ike.”

    I also have to disagree that those of the Frankfurt School were communists. If anything, they were social Marxists. And what is most important about them is their influence in our American universities. Not something to be sneezed at.

  4. 5

    mos 8541

    Retire 05..What do you expect from a big ears, “boy” lackey..he was a quota law student at harvard..doubt he he can even write a brief..wonder who took his tests..he has never sat for any state bar examination. As I stated before, “pancetta”and patreus set up the SO operation. “boy lackey” was told about it 40 min before it came down. He was told to sit in a room with his fellows whores and pimps and act “surprised” and not STUPID as it occured..Re evaluate the 1st photos and not the most recent “touched up ones”…yes if you have one of the originals over the wire, they have been altered.

  5. 6


    James, good smart POST, yes a bit hard to read because of his academic advance rhetoric but so well balance, in a comprehensive format for me to absorb the main focus of your POST,
    I like to sometimes wander in an advance science of the knowledge issue from higher
    class of learning process from the great THINKERS OF THIS WORLD WHO’S INTENT WHERE
    but some have not been willing to follow the WISDOM, because they have been ill equipt to understand
    the valuable messages, some have messed up their brains with additives said to enhance their learning potential just to end up with a mind lost of true balance; unable to judge BETWEEN RIGHT OR WRONG but still fonctionning and able to use their ability to incite and convince their friends who convinced their friends who
    convinced their friends TO ELEVATE HIM INTO A LEADER making it a multiple of defrocts humans unable to think right but embracing a leader whose mind is sicken from his ageless torments and notification of wrong win over right events,
    emphases by the intake of brain enhencings solids or fluids that altered their balanceof mental stability.
    forever. bye

  6. 7


    Hi guys, thanks for reading, I hate being pedantic but this one was a beast. The burden is “Justification”, which is what is taking place from grade schools through graduate schools regarding socialist thinking propaganda. If you push the rock it is the pushing that has value not the rock (capital) itself; surprise, the rock has glitter of gold or grounds raw wheat into flour. Such dichotic ideas are twisted sisters yet that is what is prevalent in schools today.

    Thank you Retired05, John Maynerd Keynes (1883-1945) was a 1920’2 Cambridge University Don royalist wannabe, he was British through and through, so his first sense of duty was preservation of the crown. Keynes “You cannot eat gold!” attitude was that gold, precious metals, rare stones, artworks closed wealth to the privileged few; whereas, greater liquidity, the paper pound note royal promise currency, made more wealth achievable to a greater number of people. So, in theory, instead of being slaves to the stone people are slaves to the pound note because the fiat money is backed by the work effort (employment), a bastardization of gold standard and LTV. Both England and Germany were licking wounds at the time ISR was founded in Frankfurt. Consider telephones were new, automobiles were new with lorries delivering goods to stores new while cities like Frankfurt and London remained pristine although battlefield cripples were seen on every street. So under those realities Keynes was not motivated to quibble over some economic brat thinking coming out of Duetchland.

    Alinsky, Cloward and Piven are subversive people born and corrupted in this country. They are typical marxist charlatans captivating college classrooms with their slimed zero-sum views telling students to be one of us or risk being one of them. They always deny what they really want from society; revolts, firing squads with Madame DeFarge guillotines in the streets; yet, nevertheless, behind the bloodbath they, like the Castro brothers, want to be royal which raises up the strategies of Hugo Chavez and O’BasketCase. If O’BongoDrums wins in 2012 he will turn the White House into a royal palace becoming like the Kim’s in North Korea, he’ll outlive all of us and our children.

  7. 8


    Soothsayer, you also should remember that Keynes gained a great deal of prominence during the Versailles meetings after WWII. It was to be his job to find where Germany’s wealth was really hidden in order to repay those nations, especially France, for the devestation of the war. Keynes was respected by Wilson, himself a socialists. Isn’t it odd that the strongest supporters of socialism only support it for the rest of us, never for themselves. There will always be the prolitariate and the politburo.

    Then, 20 years later came FDR, who believed, as did Wilson, that a “brain trust” could fix everything. Hell, he even appointed Rex Tugwell, better known as Rex the Red for his admiration of the Russian farm system, to his cabinet. Now, as we look at our history, it seems that the elites, many who are now appointed to Obama’s cabinet or are in places of power, like Cass Sunstein, want to make us the stone that they are pushing.

    History repeats. And as before, Americans will reject the socialist mantra. But this time, it will be harder as each attempt becomes more based in academia who will back those like Richard Trumka, and the guy who is Secretary to the CWA in St. Louis and a former chairman of the Communisty Party of America. What they desire is to install their Marxist views via unions that long ago sold out. The head of the AFL-CIO, who spouts equality for all working men, doesn’t mind taking from those same working men a tony $400K+ annual salary. Little people, after all, need great men to direct them in the ways of Marxist equality.

  8. 9


    True, the period was rife with marxism everywhere throughout Britian which proves further the marriage between monarchy and marxism. She may be an ugly bride but they need each other. Fearfully, O”BoingBoing wants to be our “Benevolent Dictator” in power for his lifetime while he bequiths rights to the thown to Bamzilla then to the girls. King Lear played out in WashDish to everyone’s amusement.

  9. 10


    Soothsayer, actually Marx was a “monarchist”. He believed, as did Lenin, Stalin and Mao, that there needed to be one leader of their prolitariate society. The mono was them.

    But one needs to study the Fabian Socialists and the Frankfurt School. Same goals, different tactics. Now, those philosophies are being taught everyday in American universities to students to young, and too inexperienced to know that it is a false dogma.

  10. 11


    That is what was meant by the Kantian “12”, there are several means to achieve box cars which remains the dialectic objective. Marx’s “Superman” germinated with Neitzke. All these types want the ride in the boat never having to touch the oars.

  11. 12


    What is needed is a similar effort by patriots to organize, collaborate, fight off the continued infiltration of by progressive manipulators in our government, remove the socialist organizers from our schools, and (as Glenn Beck says,) act as truth squads to debunk the elitist proletariat propaganda, and to throw off the shackles of Marxist control of the people. It can not be done alone, as that is how they make us vulnerable. They have taken far too much of the Americana traditions and given us nothing but promises and strife. They play us against each other race against race, young versus old, and have turned much of society into selfish, hungry parasites, desperately feeding off the public teat and fearful that it will be taken from their greedy lips. They have set their sights on the enslavement of our future generations to their imperialistic global order, and they must be stopped before they put out the light of freedom.

    The Tea Parties are a good start, but we must stoke up the embers of patriotism and spread the flames of freedom. We must wake our friends and family from the lies of utopian dreams, to take power away from these socialist oppressors. Capitalist leaders must be willing to give back respect and loyalty and rewards those hard workers they employ, in order to restart the American Dream. If it requires the adoption of Libertarian methodology in government, from township, state capitals all the way to Washington DC, …then so be it. We must formant an attitude statesmanship and citizenship infused with the values of honor, responsibility, dedication to what is good for America rather than simply for ourselves.

  12. 13


    When democrats hear drill baby drill, they are talking about your wallet and paycheck unless you are part of the 50% that pay no income tax. For you, they have 40 acres and a mule if you vote democrat. And if you get your friends to vote democrat, they have a mule and 40 acres for them. Of course when you arrive to get your mule, you will find out it is a toy mule from china and the acres are in a swamp…

  13. 14


    Leftos have been deft at changing issues and identities moving from marxist-socialist to “liberal” to “Progressive” yet retaining their Hegal-Mills-Karx axis when, in contrast, our side can shift safely from “Conservative-Tea Party” to “Enlightenment” because our founding thinkers were “Enlightenment Philosophers”, “Yes I am Conservative-Tea Party, we are Enlightenment Thinkers thank you for sharing”.

  14. 15


    and not only out front but deep down in the gutts,
    and the true SPIRIT that will save AMERICA.

  15. 16


    Tinnitus, hi, yes for the contact is on the top black line on the far right. and also on the black line down below, again on the far right,

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