Despite killing Bin Laden, Obama is still anti-American [Reader Post]

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The day before Bin Laden was killed I did a small presentation at an Americans for Prosperity event in Jasper, GA. The highlight of the event was the keynote speech by Dinesh D’Souza. The thrust of his argument, taken from his book “The Roots of Obama’s Rage”, is essentially that while most traditional Democrats seek to effect redistribution within America, Obama, pursuing the anti-colonialist agenda of his father, seeks to have the United States diminished among the countries of the world. Companion to that weakening of the United States internationally is the weakening of the country economically. One example D’Souza discussed was Obama cheering oil exploration internationally while simultaneously making it more difficult and more expensive for companies to explore & drill domestically.

The hypothesis D’Souza was proffering seemed particularly congruous when explaining Obama’s baffling movements (or lack thereof…) in the Middle East. Egypt was headed by arguably one of the most pro-American leaders (in a relative sense) in the Arab world, so Mubarak had to go. In Libya, Gaddafi had ostensibly stopped funding terrorists, paid compensation to the families of the Lockerbie bombing and gave evidence against AQ Khan. At a minimum he was not causing significant trouble for the United States, therefore he too had to go, and American firepower was sent to help… albeit under a Canadian commander. In Iran on the other hand, a country shepherded by a lunatic bent on getting a nuclear weapon who openly taunts the United States while funding terrorists across the region, participants in the Green Revolution barely received a nod from President Obama. Similarly, Syria, headed by a regime with a long history of supporting terrorism and massacring its own people, gets a new US Ambassador under President Obama. When Assad unleashes snipers to kill hundreds of protesters in the streets, hardly a whimper out of the Obama Administration.

I couldn’t help but recognize that D’Souza’s narrative seemed to fit perfectly with the quandary that Barack Obama presents. The quandary I’m referring to presents itself when one is asked the question: “Do you think Barack Obama is anti-American?” The facts might suggest that the answer yes, but the fundamental notion that American’s had willingly elected someone who is anti-American to lead the nation seems inconceivable. Nonetheless, despite the seeming incomprehensibility of the idea, and despite doing what was required in Abbottabad, that seems to be where we find ourselves.

How this happened is not as difficult as it might initially seem. As Bruce Bawer suggests, in reference to the Three Cups of Tea story, sometimes people want to be fooled. Sometimes in politics it’s not even necessary to fool people to get them to drive off a cliff. When 50% of the population pays no income taxes and Barack Obama talked about increasing taxes on “millionaires” to support more social programs for that same 50%… it doesn’t take much fooling. When environmentalists, for whom economics and real world failures are of no consequence, heard Obama laud “Green Jobs” and pillory oil companies and the coal industry, there was not a lot of fooling necessary. When idealistic young students, protected from the grown up world and relaxing on their bucolic college campuses heard Obama talk about getting their fair share and creating good jobs for everyone, once again fooling them was not even necessary. Add that to a black population that votes 90% Democrat, government unions that can exceed even that 90% and a pliant media that was derelict in it’s fundamental duty and there was not a great deal of fooling necessary for Barack Obama to win in 2008.

These demographics and mindsets have not shifted. Indeed, in some cases they have gotten worse as there are now more people receiving government checks than at any point in our history. For conservatives, libertarians, Republicans and anyone else who wants the United States to continue to be the beacon of freedom and the economic engine for the world, this presents a significant challenge. D’Souza is right when he states that 2012 will be all about Obama. The challenge however is twofold. On the one hand the GOP must field a credible candidate. While I like Sarah Palin, I don’t know if she has a plan for winning the messaging war she will no doubt find herself in. There are of course others, from Pawlenty to Bachman to Cain. Any one would be a far superior President than Barack Obama.

Regardless of who the candidate is, the more consequential challenge rests with actually making the election about Obama. John McCain refused to address much of Obama’s background nor would he allow anyone on his staff do so. That was the fatal error for his campaign. In 2012 the GOP cannot allow that dereliction of duty to recur. In order to win against the tide that will be pushing for four more years of “Hope and Change“, the GOP must recognize that it’s in a cage match to the death. It must highlight every single aspect of the Obama presidency that demonstrates his desire to destroy what has made this country great. The most difficult part of that will be the education of voters on exactly what Obama’s doing, what are the consequences of those actions, and why they are bad for America. It’s easy for the President to talk about growing jobs and investing in America, but explaining how virtually everything his administration does has just the opposite effect is a more complex discussion. It’s easy for the President to talk about rebuilding alliances around the world but demonstrating the reality that his policies are in fact harming our international relationships is not exactly sound bite material. The President saying that he respects the Constitution takes no effort at all but demonstrating how his policies eviscerate it can’t be done simply or quickly.

At the end of the day D’Souza is right, 2012 is indeed all about Obama. Regardless of who the GOP nominates, the only way victory will come is if the party figures out how to reach out to voters and clearly articulate how Barack Obama is doing exactly what he told us he was going to do “Fundamentally transforming the United States of America” and how that is a very bad thing. The examples of such are legion from Green Jobs Czar Van Jones to the incoherence in the Middle East to GM to ObamaCare to the FCC, the EPA, the NLRB and many more. In this environment, if the GOP can’t figure out how to connect with enough American voters to forcefully retire Obama, then perhaps the GOP needs to be retired.

The product of a military family, growing up in Naples, Italy and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and being stationed in Germany for two years while in the Army, Vince spent half of his first quarter century seeing the US from outside of its own borders. That perspective, along with a French wife and two decades as a struggling entrepreneur have only fueled an appreciation for freedom and the fundamental greatness of the gifts our forefathers left us.

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    So what took anyone that long to find out that this guy is anything but GW, John Adams, and Joe the Plumber? He’s a POS who wants to take away from me , a first generation Italian-American and give it to his dumb, ever so lazy Ps O S who continually depend on the Democrats to give who ever will pay for their bling and thier I-phones. These people are worthless and should run into the ocean like lemmings and be forever forgotten. The Western World would be forever better.

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    James Raider

    Vince, good article. Well written and message clearly presented.

    You are presenting the unfathomable and inconceivable – America elected a President that is anti-American.

    I have yet to read, in these past two and a half years of Obama, any intelligent article that provides proof, or substantive evidence, AGAINST this hypothesis. His narcissism has also become evident. So while it sounds like an impossibility, we find ourselves flooded with evidence that the postulate is well founded.

    Each speech contains outright lies and very misleading statements. He claims one thing and does another. I do not recall any President being so divisive, and certainly don’t ever recall one so regularly playing the race card. I also haven’t found any other President so rooted and surrounded by socialists, even communist believers, . . . . and this is the bastion of democracy and freedom of thought.

    Does this President have a foreign policy that enhances America’s position in the world? For example, has the MSM questioned him on how terminating the European Missile defence shield, fit into “strengthening America?” Not much.

    The Bin Laden assassination fits quite well with a narcissistic leader who assesses the opportunity for enhancing his own position, takes credit for the actions of the military, even stealing Panetta’s moment of glory. That operation was not the result of Obama’s leadership characteristics, nor was it an example of conscientious governance and a commander fighting for a “safer and better America”.

    Perhaps at its core, America has taken a serious shift to the left, while too many of us weren’t looking. What the hell happened?

    And what happened to common sense? Even the MSM, while I’ve always believed it to be liberal, it’s now obvious that it has taken a high speed train to the far left.

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    the GOP must recognize that it’s in a cage match to the death. It must highlight every single aspect of the Obama presidency that demonstrates his desire to destroy what has made this country great.

    Do I think Obama is anti-American? No. Do I think he is intentionally trying to “destroy what has made this country great”? No.

    Like all Democrats, I simply think he is wrong on the issues.

    John McCain refused to address much of Obama’s background nor would he allow anyone on his staff do so. That was the fatal error for his campaign.

    McCain ran a lousy campaign during an election year that had a lot going against the GOP: Bush fatigue and the timing of the financial crisis were key factors. I’m not sold on the idea that not claiming loud enough that Obama “palled around with terrorists” was what cost us in ’08. And in 2012, I’m not sure talk like that is going to be an election-winning message for the GOP. In fact, I’d say it would torpedo any chance of making Obama a one-term president. His popularity among normal folks- not partisans like ourselves- has remained pretty high even when his job performance has not ranked so high.

    Hit him on the issues.

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    Gary G. Swenchonis

    Your article was extremely well written, your points well made. I am not familiar with the individual you referred to. But as for Americans electing an anti-American, and the extremely unfavorable position the Republicans find themselves in, you are right on the money. But then again the Reps. put themselves into that position by their reluctance to stand up to the Democrats for years. And in many cases even selling out Rep. values so as to be precieved as “politically correct”, and all that entails. First and foremost keeping their jobs of course. Many of us just gave up on politicans as “one in the same”, back in the early 90’s. It has only been recently that the Reps. have started to stand up to the Democrats after they saw what happened to so many of their members in congress. Unfortunately, I don’t think that many of the Reps, still understand just how angry and frustrated many Americans are at all politicans.
    I think that issue alone is a major problem for the Reps by itself. Plus the numerous other problems that your article pointed out. And then we have another problem, the professional politican. Many Americans feel just like I do, they are sick and tired of all the BS that we hear every day from them. How they will not answer a tough question for fear of losing votes. How they measure the size of the threat, and then slide the other way. Yet the powers that be are still trying to cram the professional politican down our throat. Thats why I disgree with the one point you made that any of the Rep. contenders can beat OB. They cannot in my opinion. Thats why MacCain lost. He was a slider. People saw it too.
    I agree with you that the Rep. Candidate will have to educate the people, but he/she/ will have to have a personality with chrisma. Newt will fail miserably. So will the Huck, and Rommey.
    I think many Americans are looking for change, and have been for quite some time. They were desparate like many of my friends who voted for OB. I think they, like me are still desparate, but not enough to vote for another professional politican. The RC person will have to know how to get it across to the American people that we are in a fight for our very existence. I think if H. Cain can continue to garner support, and keep on being direct and honest that he may be our best bet at the present time. Who knows, maybe another Ronnie/Rhonda is out there just waiting to be discovered.
    Either way we are in a very bad situation. It does give me hope that more and more people are waking up to what is going on. But can we really turn it around in time? I have my doubts. I look at the Roman Empire in her last years, and one can see all the glaring similarities.
    But regardless of all that, you really called out the elephant in the living room. Now if only we can find a politican who will do that. Fat Chance right?

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    John McCain refused to address much of Obama’s background nor would he allow anyone on his staff do so.

    While I honor and salute his service and sacrifice for this nation, John McCain was an idiot to give Obama a pass. By not looking into Obama’s past, McCain completely tied the hands of his campaign staff and performed a disservice to this nation and to all voters. If you are so namby pamby that you can not bring yourself to truthfully point out the faults of an opponent, or even take notice of whom they associate with, you have no business running for President.

    Republicans need to get some damn chonies and and stop bending over backwards to “compromise” with Democrats who have no intention of giving up anything. They are being played for suckers and conservative and libertarian voters are getting tied of their wimpy house kitten ferocity. Palin, Bachmann Cain, Ryan, Jan Brewer and the Pauls seem to me the only GOP stars “man enough” to take the Dems on.

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    Great article. Just one point here. It wasn’t only that McCain ran a horrible campaign in this case. The information about this guy was there for all to see. We only had to look for it. Instead an indoctrinated, hands out, give me my share society chose to listen to the co-opted media and the morons who promised them the world. As the schools do not even teach our basic ideals anymore as well as the fact that so many are on the government dole, it isn’t hard to figure out what happened. The electorate refused to take their duty as voters responsibly. Any way one looks at this, we have allowed the dumbing down of America to in fact affect our country’s electoral system.

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    @Wordsmith: While I might not argue with your premise that, “.. not claiming loud enough that “Obama palled around with terrorists” was what cost us in “08”, I would like to point out that Vince, and d’Sousa both articulated many reasons that this president has belittled the U.S. at every opportunity, and deliberately cost us jobs and opportunities that we could have had three years ago-
    This POS said he was going to focus on jobs as soon as he was elected, but he did not- instead he rammed home the stimulus, which did nothing except to put the biggest banks in his back pocket- he also crammed Obamacare, an Unconstitutional powergrab intended to reduce State’s Rights, and any independence we as individuals might want to have- he said in his first SOTU address that he was going to focus “like a laser” on job growth, but he used that opportunity to get financial reform rammed through that helps ensure who fails and who succeeds.
    You have to look at what this man has been doing, with unblinkered eyes, in order to understand that he IS un-American, and does want us to fail, so that other, non- Christian countries and cultures can come to the fore.
    We (Americans) are indeed fighting for our very identity and values- values that have held us together as a nation for 234 years, and do not need changing- yet her this person is, trying to , as he said himself, “fundamentally TRANSFORM America.”
    Gee, WORDSMITH- what do YOU think that he meant?

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    Hard Right


    While I wouldn’t say he’s anti-American like Sean Penn, I don’t view him as pro-America either.

    I also agree we need to use the tremendous of amount of ammo he’s given us against him in the next election without making it personal.

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    @Blake: Thanks, Blake. Great reply. I’m worried that some on this board are almost emulating Neville Chamberlain. Any accommodation to this anti-American is more than discouraging.

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    Three years past the only “O” celebrity I knew was Oprah, then the blast happened like a tsunnami and being swamped I looked for rescue asking every person met in person and in print “Name me one – just one – redeeming quality relative to Barack Hussein Obama?” The responses received ranged from dumbfounded silence to absolute drivel. Now three years later my best analysis says “There is nothing there – there” which saddens me because I have sincerely been looking for some sort of character.

    Prize Fighting lasts fifteen rounds so a look at the calender suggests Round One begins in August and we need a decisive contender or life in the United States of America will resemble Venezuela; Hugo Chavez is the O’BasketCase role model and Chavez has set the standard shredding constitutions and to sway that O’BongoDrums would not declare martial law to retain power is sheepheaded. Listen to Jean Sibelius Symphony #5 with the constant refrain “God Save My Country.”

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    Liked the Article – The problems of America started in the 60’s and like a cancer, it has progressed … to what we have today. The land of Entitlements. I think somewhere down the line the “Land of the Free” evolved to “The Land of the “Freebies” … Pathetic!!…. as with our Current, and to be fair, Past Administration (s) …

    Here is a [Breath of Fresh Air?]: USA! USA! USA!..

    Responsible American’s need to snuff out this Anti-American ideology whenever and where ever and how ever possible….Schools/Colleges perhaps should be [Audited ] for the Anti American content they use for indoctrination…

    This is not to say that ALL issues of the 60’s were bad, but a lot of the resulting ideology IS bad.
    Liberalism = Failed Policies – [ Big FAIL ].

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    @FAITH7: MOST of the ideologies of the ’60s were fatally flawed, I know, I lived that period, and while I had long hair (if you know you are going bald, make the most of it while you do have it), I was never a “hippie” in my ideals- indeed, I thought most of these “ideas” were infantile, and doomed to failure, and I still feel this way- the trouble is that many of my “friends” have never come to grips with the fact that their philosophy was flawed from the start, and the process by which they have lived their lives is a fraud.

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    The George Soros multi-billion dollar effort to establish a Marxist Monarchy taking over this country owns the media and will persist that the leftto-progressives and the guilt tripping environmentalists will be portrayed as in the majority when the truth is the absolute opposite WE HAVE THEM OUTNUMBERED. The 2008 map of counties proved that the true landslide is with the people that vote conservative. The leftos possess critical platches of major cities, state capitols, and university enclaves but the rest – MAJORITY – of the country consistently votes America First.

    Let us return to the beautiful musical refrain: “Mine Eyes Have Seen The Glory O The Coming Of The Lord+++++++++++”, the Battle Hymm of the Republic as our tune unifying and marching forwards.

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