Obama Wants Access To Your Phone

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There are those who would say these must be the words of an authoritarian tyrant.

We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we’ve set. We’ve got to have a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.

Barack Obama, July 2, 2008, Colorado Springs, CO.

The plan is in place, the president will now have access to all cell phones in New York City and soon all the big cities in the US will be required to receive messages from “The Won”.

A new national alert system is set to begin in New York City that will alert the public to emergencies via cell phones. It’s called the Personal Localized Alert Network or PLAN. Presidential and local emergency messages as well as Amber Alerts would appear on cell phones equipped with special chips and software.

The Federal Communications Commission and the Federal Emergency Management Agency said the system would also warn about terrorist attacks and natural disasters.

“The lessons that were reinforced on 9/11 is the importance of getting clear and accurate information to the public during a crisis,” New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg said at a news conference on Tuesday.

Verizon and AT&T, the nation’s largest cell phone carriers, are already on board. Consumers would be able to opt out of all but those presidential messages.

“We believe this new alert system is a welcome addition to our arsenal of readiness,” Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said. “It’s like a police officer’s gun: it’s there for a good reason but we hope that we never have to pull the trigger.”

The announcement of the new emergency alert system came in the wake of Osama bin Laden’s death and an uptick in security and safety concerns around New York City.

For now, the alerts are capable on certain high-end cell phones but starting next year, all cell phones will be required to have the chip that receives alerts.

By the end of the year, the new system will be in place in New York City and Washington and in cities around the country by the end of 2012.

Such a move coming from anyone else, might seem to be an excellent idea on the surface; until, we ask why the president has set himself up the provider of all news that is critical to survival in emergencies. Some of us have thought that since Homeland Security is the department in charge of emergencies and our safety, why are they not in charge of giving us critical information?

Could it be, that our president with his totalitarian concepts wants to set himself up as our savior in the event of national emergencies so that we only look to “The Won”for critical information, he alone will be in charge of our deliverance and safety or could it be that Mr Obama plans to sneak in the occasional political message since he has a captive audience waiting for information that will decide matters of life and death, like raising that Debt Ceiling or not opposing his Health Care Plan.

No way would our benevolent leader take advantage of a situation to capitalize on his political career, not the man who left us with the quote up above, not our president, the slayer of Osama.

Be Wary, Big Brother Will soon Be Not Only Watching; He Will Be Listening As Well.

At one time the Left was concerned with the feds listening to Americans speaking with terrorists, now that Obama will have access to everything in your life, everything is just peachy. No it might not happen within the first 90 days, but eventually they will have you, they will know who you are sleeping with, who you vote for, and how fast you drive on the freeway; the sky is the limit and Obama needs that information.

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    The reason the left bitched about certain aspects of the Patriot Act, is because they were not in control at the time. Now that they are in control, encroachment upon individual liberties and freedoms don’t mean a damn thing.

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    Simple Question for the lefties…What would the reaction have been if Bush had started this and put Cheney in this position to send out all the information to everyone’s cell phone?

    The other issue one has to ask is if the homeland security will also be able to use the info from everyones phone to tract where and when they were in every location and to use this against us or maybe to send the seals in to kill us unless we know the secret handshake and password??

  3. 7

    Nan G

    @another vet:
    Funniest comment on FA for a while.
    Hope you can get your tongue out of your cheek sometime soon.

    Anyone remember Obama’s earliest reaction to the Times Square bomb attempt?
    No big deal.
    No idea what might have been the motive.
    Probably because he was behind in his mortgage and losing his home.

    This week a man screamed ”Allahu Ackbar!” and tried to storm his way into the cockpit of the plane he was on.
    Obama’s reaction?
    No big deal.
    No idea what might have been the motive.
    Maybe he had to pee.

    This month thousands of Americans have lost homes, power, jobs all because of flooding down the Mississippi.
    Obama’s reaction?
    No big deal.
    They are mostly Republicans.

    So, I have to ask: why would Obama have anything timely to say to all Smart Phone owners …. ever?
    The only quick remarks I recall from Obama was:

    1. The police acted stupidly.
    2. I got Osama.

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    The instant I heard Obama make that quote I knew he eventually would want to wear a crown. He has acted like he is a king ever since he became president. Remember how he couldn’t wait for the title of president, so he created the title of, “Office of the President Elect?”

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    Just a thought, here, but I wonder how long it will be, if this is instituted, that someone will come out with an app for “Presidential Spam Filtering” for all received messages, and on top of that, how popular it will be. It seems to me that when considering the numbers of people within the major cities in the U.S., and the possible number of smartphones that could receive these messages, that it will make someone a millionaire many, many times over.

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    we must check how it is going from last MAY 2011 to NOVEMBER 11 2011.
    bye the way, today is the big gathering of the VETERANS,
    I hope they have a nice day

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