Schumer Will Deprive Us Of More Freedoms To Stop Terror On Trains

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It’s A Dead Heat, Lunacy And Hypocrisy Are Dueling For The Lead, At The Head Of The Stretch

Sen. Charles Schumer, NY, is calling for increased security on trains; since, Osama’s computer files have included vague plans for attacking rail systems to celebrate the tenth anniversary of 9/11. Schumer is suggesting an ever larger increase in America’s security forces that have largely been shown to be ineffective and incompetent in the past. Schumer is also suggesting a fool proof, no-ride list, so that terrorists who are known to be terrorists cannot ride, but will be free to find another opportunity to bomb Americans. Strange Liberal philosophies regarding terrorists and criminals are not new, in fact they are based on making it so hard for the terrorist to commit mass murder that he will become exasperated and go home. The fact that such a security force for trains would be a total waste, because of the variety of potential bombing scenarios that would be far more disastrous and even easier for the terrorist has yet to be considered.

Anyone, even a member of al-Qaida could purchase a train ticket and board an Amtrak train without so much as a question asked, so that’s why I’m calling for the creation of an Amtrak no ride list. That would take the secure flight program and apply it to Amtrak trains.

Could terrorists be as stupid as Schumer? With the extra security, will terrorists wander off bewildered and confused to their cells and drink themselves into oblivion, because Schumer has foiled their plans before they could implement them; not likely, take heart terrorists, here is top secret information, if you have bombs, why worry about planting them on the trains, just go to bridges and tunnels where there is no security and cause real and lasting damage. In the mean time, Liberal Americans can feel safe and loved by having their privates fondled by TSA agents on train boarding platforms.

We will be so safe with Schumer’s plan, we can even allow more terrorists to infiltrate our Southern Border with the Soros/Obama Open Borders Plan and try to win them over to our side by treating them nice and allowing them to have access to all the benefits that working class Americans are denied. How can a terrorist resist becoming a member of America’s entitlement nation and voting Democrat, perhaps even being an intermittent terrorist to stay in the game.

The most important factor is to allow the Democrats the illusion of implementing meaningless security measures that erodes the freedoms of Americans under the preface of making them safer and making an ever larger and more powerful federal government. A hilarious joke to be sure, but the people who fall for it are even dumber than Schumer, if you can picture that. The amount of Liberty that can be seized under a premise of looking out for your safety by ignoring systems that really work is amazing. But not as amazing as new Yorkers reelecting imbeciles like Schumer.

A professional horseman for over 40 years, Skook continues to work with horses. He is in an ongoing educational program, learning life's lessons from one of the world's greatest instructors, the horse. Skook has finished an historical novel that traces a mitochondrial line of DNA from 50,000 years ago to the present. The book Fifty-Thousand Years is awaiting me to finish a final proofread and it should be sent to the formatter in a matter of days. I am still working, so it is not easy to devote the time I need to finish the project. The cover is a beautiful wok of art. I would put it up here if I could figure out how to make it work.

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    What’s next? A ‘no-drive list’? A ‘no-movie list’? A ‘no-bus pass list’? How many ‘lists’ will we end up with?

    A great man once said, “Those who would purchase a little bit of safety, by giving up essential freedom, deserve neither safety, nor freedom.”

    I submit that Charles Schumer is NOT a great man.

    And for you liberals, who believe that safety can be purchased by giving up even small amounts of essential liberties, I’ll simply ask you how much, and who’s liberties? If your not willing to fight for anyone else’s freedoms, you deserve none of your own.

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    It seems to me that the fact of the matter is we have been chasing nothing but shadows since 9/11. We have seen attacks abroad and the usual assumption of responsibility for those attacks, but none in the ‘Homeland’…we are told that many, many ‘planned’ attacks have been ‘foiled’, but with a MSM in the governments back pocket, I wonder. Did bin laden really mastermind all that or was he simply the boogerman? Fact of the matter is that with open borders north, south, east, and west, if someone wanted to mount an attack they could do so with a minimum of hassle.

    al Qaida is still the boogerman, but I am still not convinced these towelhead cowards can do anything more than strap a belt of bombs to themselves and set themselves off among women and children. and hurrying on up to all those virgins just waiting to be deflowered………just cowards, much like the Palestinians shooting off random rockets into Israel…to kill whomever is in the wrong place at the wrong time….that’s all they have done since 9/11 and absolutely nothing with the mind-boggling depth of the 9/11 atrocities..

    and schumer is a piece of ………uh….uh…uh…..even I know when something is not fit for public consumption….

    think about it

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    John Evan Miller

    This is definitely an interesting take on the heightened security, but it definitely does seem like riding a train will almost be as security time-consuming as security at airports. The sad fact of the matter is that there is not a guaranteed way to protect everyone from terrorist attacks–that’s not to say that stuff doesn’t need to be done to help keep people safe, but at some point there has to be a better balance between protecting and continuing to provide freedom.

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    Screening train passengers against the existing no-fly list might not be practical, but I don’t think Schumer should be attacked for making the suggestion. If a successful domestic attack involving a train is ever accomplished by someone who later turns out to have been on the no-fly list, the damning question is probably going to be How obvious was that? After 9/11, the likely use of passenger aircraft as weapons seemed obvious.

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    John, if we install the same security measures at every train station, America will go broke even faster. I have no intrest in committing terror, but it seems the purpose of terror is to create as much havoc as possible with the least amount of resources. Derailing trains on bridges and collapsing tunnels are a much more effective method for creating havoc than those envisioned by Schumer and the other amateurs we have in charge of security.

    We need real professionals who know the terrorist mind and has met the terrorist on his home turf, not overweight bimbos who tell us to keep a sharp watch for things that don’t look right and that our system is working when an incompetent terrorist has the crap beat out of him by another passenger. The system isn’t working at all. It is a joke run by nit wits and Schumer wants to up the ante by many times, increasing the amateurish buffoonery exponentially. When a terrorist with a high school education could set his explosives in a tunnel or on a bridge and avoid all Napolitano’s Lunacy and control.

    Granted, Osama doesn’t seem to be much of a genius of mayhem by suggesting a plan that a twelve year old might devise, such as loosening the rails on a bridge or in a tunnel, far less expensive, but more labor intensive. We can’t always count on our terrorists being as stupid as Schumer and Napolitano. We are taking great pains to educate potential terrorists in our universities with a no fail ticket. One of them will be lucid in the future and then we will be in trouble. If you feel willing to put your faith in the Schumers and Napolitanos for your security when you know as well as I do that an intelligent terrorist can beat the system at the airports and a mirror image system at the terminals, then be my guest, but I hate to see the waste of money and resultant carnage that will follow, not to mention the loss of our civil liberties as a virtual Keystone Cops police state is imposed on us.

    Yes, the system is woefully inadequate, ask a former special forces man if he could break the system and commandeer a plane; he will look at you and grin. That’s the security you are trusting your life with and compromising your freedoms for; have at it if it makes you feel better, it just makes me mad.

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    Mos 8541

    I told you the collateral damage was going to be high..Disrutption of public services, false “calls of wolf”. The money and time today has cost. This behavior of false scares by idiots and professionals is going to spread. The induction of panic and fear from within is the name of the game for terrorists. Schumer’s remarks today consitite panic and represent a typical marxist propaganda play. His conduct today revealed his true affiliation, and that is to terrorist groups around the world..He has become their spokesperson for domestic terroism. Smile America..when the real act of terroism occurs, it will be personal and thought the twin towers was bad…just wait…you have seen nothing like it will cripple the east coast…The keystome cops better be ready..oh..that is the cia, fbi, ice, sexual deviets(tsa) and the list goes on……

  7. 7



    uh… let me see how this works. The intel gleaned reveals that a now dead terrorist dreamt up a hair brained 9/11 10th anniversary idea to derail… i.e. tamper with railroad tracks… a train, and that a DHS source stated said plan doesn’t appear to be operational or tasked out for execution since Feb 2010, inspires chicken little Chuckie Schumer to do a “no ride” list?

    If said dead terrorist, with equally dead and one-time-possible plan, wanted to tamper with the track system, why on earth would they board the train? duh

    We have idiots in the beltway. Oh wait… that’s not a news flash!

  8. 8


    I am not sure what should be the right response should be to the intelligence gathered from Ben Laden’s compound; however if a threat was assessed, reasonable countermeasures should be taken. A “no ride list” does not sound on the surface as such a bad idea. Our transportation infrastructure is quite vulnerable, both Amtrack and the mass transit in cities. We only need to look at the Madrid train bombings where 191 people were killed and 1800 wounded.

  9. 9



    Mata, a small point of conjecture: I always thought it was a “hare brained” idea, as though originating from a rabbit. If I am wrong, so be it, but it is a much more colorful analogy.

  10. 10


    @MataHarley, #7:

    If said dead terrorist, with equally dead and one-time-possible plan, wanted to tamper with the track system, why on earth would they board the train?

    There seems to be something about the suicide bomber martyrdom mystique that a lot of terrorists find terribly attractive. There might be an abnormal psychology component that transcends ideology, though it seems most obvious with religious suicide bombers: Quite a few of our domestic mass killings involve people who clearly intend to go out in a blaze of imagined glory.

    It’s also a way to precisely control the time and place of the event to maximize human and/or target damage.

    People who plan the attacks and recruit the human instruments are aware of and exploit both factors.

  11. 11



    @Skookum, you’re quite right, Skook. My deliberate misspelling was a tongue in cheek reference to the guy who likes to dye his beard before videos. I guess that still makes it a “colorful” analogy, yes? LOL

    @blast, other than our subway systems, and perhaps the rare iconic railways between the beltway and NYC, our transportation system in most cities is not Amtrak or rail. Even in SF, where Bart is popular, a single train would not yield the high numbers of deaths that UBL craved. Same thing with a single subway run in NYC. People are split on so many different trains that it’s a lack luster follow up to 9/11.

    Also remember that his quest was to have that train derail over a chasm, make a more dramatic crash into an abyss. That limits the terrain and areas they were considering.

    Look at the Hoboken accident just yesterday. No deaths. A few days before, we had a train derail here in our area, and set off fires of cars filled with fuel. Made everyone bloody mad for the detour and commute, but that single accident stopped any further train traffic or potential deaths.

    Even Amtrak between Portland and Seattle is a poor choice for those looking for lots of bodies. It’s just not that used.

    By contrast, train commuting in Europe is heavily used, so the Madrid bombing made more sense for their culture than ours.

  12. 13


    @MataHarley, #12:

    Yep, I know. Remote bridges, track sections, pipe lines, high tension towers, etc, are all easy, unguarded targets. It just opens up a lot of worrisome possibilies that they might now be thinking in terms of trains.

  13. 14


    After 9/11 there was a lot of reflection on the lack of imagination in foreseeing the use of airplanes to attack buildings (which actually there were plenty of people who did think about it). Now we have actual intelligence (and not all of which has been made public). We do know that al-Qaeda did use bombs aboard trains in 2004, and it would make sense for them to try again and maybe here in the USA.

    Mata: “People are split on so many different trains that it’s a lack luster follow up to 9/11.”

    They might not have the same success as 9/11 (in terms of deaths) but an attack on trains would cause major disruptions (logistically and economically)… and the casualties in Spain were not small exactly small as nearly 2000 people were directly affected by either being killed or wounded.

  14. 15



    @Greg, therein lies the political lunacy of responding to the intel with a “no ride” list. Considering the tact UBL was dreaming up, the only thing that would accomplish is that we could probably verify there were no terrorists on any train that got derailed because they weren’t allowed to board.


    @blast, did I not say that Madrid and the Euro culture of transportation made the target of trains more likely to have impact?

    As far as disruptions of commute.. they happen all over the nation daily. Were it limited to a disruption – a rush hour nightmare due to multi car crashes, damaged infrastruction from earthquakes or natural disasters etc is no different an inconvenience than a plan concocted by a has been terrorist.

    I personally doubt they will get anything of value INRE planned terrorist events from the UBL data. But they may get quite a laundry list of other bad guys to nab, and where they are hanging out. Pakistan is already busy doing that, since they’ve arrested 40 with suspected ties to UBL in the past few days.

  15. 16


    Esdraelon, no attacks on the “homeland” since 9-11? What the hell do you think 13 dead soldiers at Fort Hood represented? A picnic?

  16. 17



    BTW, just finished reading the 6o Minutes softball “how did you feel” interview. INRE the UBL data, and what the POTUS seems to know so far…

    KROFT: Do you have any sense of what they found there?

    PRESIDENT OBAMA: We are now obviously putting everything we’ve got into analyzing and evaluatin’ all that information. But we anticipate that it can give us leads to other terrorists that we’ve been lookin’ for for a long time, other high value targets. But also can give us a better sense of existing plots that might have been there how they operated and their methods of communicating.

    Leads to contacts/other terrorists.. check

    Existing plots, how they operated and methods of communicating…

    hummm… I’m not getting the idea there’s much in there of UBL activity over this time, or future UBL threats in motion. Tho there may be much to learn on how they communicated for the 9/11 attack.

    Oh yes.. and the money quote, since I’m sure many of you will want to know:

    KROFT: When the mission was over . . .


    KROFT: . . . and you walked out of the situation room . . . .


    KROFT: . . . what did you do? What was the first thing you did?

    PRESIDENT OBAMA: Yeah, I think I walked up with my team, and I just said, “We got him.” And I expressed my profound gratitude and pride to the team that had worked on this.

    I mean keep in mind this is something, first of all, that that wasn’t just our doing. Obviously since 2001, countless folks in our intelligence community and our military had worked on this issue. President Bush had obviously devoted a lot of resources to this, and so there was a cumulative effort and a testament to the capacity of the United States of America to follow through. And to do what we said we’re gonna do. Even across administrations, across party lines and the skill with which our intelligence and military folks operated in this was indescribable.

    Don’t anticipate any repeats of the first night’s faux pas. Too many interviews with prior admin officials and disclosure, too many people are aware of the timeline and how long this intel spans. One will see how he plays this just prior to the election. But I’m not thinking the Dems see this as a party/admin trophy anymore.

  17. 18



    @retire05, you are correct that we have had attacks, as well as attempted attacks on our soil. And it seems the US citizens are way ahead of DHS in thwarting those attacks. Sad…

    It seems, however, that they are no longer inspired or commanded by UBL. He’s been replaced by the younger, hipper American AQ commander, Anwar al-Awlaki. In fact, if memory serves me correctly, there are no attacks that UBL has taken credit for since 9/11, yes? Can anyone think of any where he claimed responsibility for AQ? The bombing in Bali was Jemaah Islamiyah. Madrid was a Basque separatist group. Inspiration for the 2005 London bombings was attributed to al-Awlaki. Does UBL have any notches in his own belt post 9/11?

  18. 19


    Look, it is pretty simple: we are an open society. So, we either live with the fact that in an open society we run the risk of some follower of the Pedophile Prophet will decide he wants to blow himself to hell and take some of us with him, or we start living like the Russians, the Chinese, and every other closed society where you are required to go through background checks and carry government issued documents that clear you for using public transportation.

    The problem is that we have a national security system that is re-active instead of pro-active. We react to events that have already happened. Richard Reed tried to shoe-bomb an airliner. The TSA started making us take off our shoes to fly. RE-active. Now we see 8 month old blond headed babies being frisked in airports by TSA. Nevermind that the whole “frisk or xray” thing is unconstitutional as hell. Ignore that in order to be searched the Constitution says a warrant is needed and we have a right to be secure in our persons.

    Y’all have to make up your minds what you want: free, open society where you risk being blown up by a terrorist (or killed in an auto accident which is a greater risk) or a closed society where freedom of movement no longer exists and the government had control over your movement. It is just that simple. Because it is impossible to have both freedom of movement and security against a nut case Muslim.

    Here’s a thought; why don’t we profile all those who fit the description (male, Middle Eastern, between 18-40) of a terrorist? Or do you agree with our government that it is better to violate the civil liberties of everyone so that we are not seen as picking on anyone?

  19. 20


    mata, a Middle Eastern man tried to breech the cockpit of a flight just today. It was flight crew, AND PASSENGERS, that took him down. Seems he is a Yemeni citizen. Now tell me, where the hell was all the air marshalls we have heard about that are keeping our airways safe?

  20. 21


    Oh, and yeah, btw, we tried to kill al-Awliki. But ooops, we missed. Wonder if Obama is willing to take credit for the miss like he seems so quick to take credit for the hit on ObL?

  21. 22



    @retire05, I love it that we’ve all become a nation of Todd “let’s roll!” Beamers. It represents an important change in societal attitudes for self defense. The first responders are always those standing right at ground zero.. not those on the other end of a 911 phone call.

  22. 24

    Nan G

    Aren’t the vast majority of travelers on planes and train regular travelers?
    What this looks like to me is another attempt at hiring a huge bunch of unskilled folks to harass business people.
    Another government hiring scheme.
    Why not have a frequent traveler one-time check then a pass.
    Only have a few agents who deal with the exceptions.
    People like Obama and Schumer want to see thousands of hard core unemployables paid big bucks as unionized screeners.
    Who else remembers how badly that concept worked out in the futuristic movie, A Clockwork Orange?

  23. 25



    I think you miss the point entirely, which is, basically, as retire05 put it, do you want to be free, and live in an open society, or do you want the government to hold your hand for every step you take, all to ensure your safety.

    For me, it’s thanks, but no thanks, to a government controlled society. I’ll take my freedom, and the risk of some jacka** thinking 72 virgins are waiting for him. And while I’m at it, I believe I’ll continue to live in a state where I have the freedom to carry around my weapon of choice, and take that jacka** out, before he becomes another “hero” to the militant Islamics. Of course, in the kind of state that I live in, they wouldn’t dream of attacking here anyway. Too many sheep within the big cities that are easier pickings.

  24. 27


    Chasing shadows……

    as Rush noted:

    But obviously they’ve got an image of Bin Laden that they want to have continued. They don’t want the image of Bin Laden living in a cave. They want an image of Bin Laden, charismatic, but I mean we see this guy huddled in a cheap blanket wearing a ski cap watching television in his pigsty. He looks like a bum in a homeless shelter somewhere. And now — I don’t know if you’ve seen this — now they are trying to convince us that he was in total charge of al-Qaeda and that that pigsty where we see Bin Laden sitting was the command-and-control center. That is the command-and-control center? A couple of 14-inch analog TVs with rabbit ears, a remote control for his satellite unit, for his satellite dish.

    I just have a tough time buying the idea, seeing Bin Laden wrapped in his blanket commanding his international network of operatives using his satellite TV and his 14-inch TV. For crying out loud, they are really stretching this. They are really asking us to believe a lot here. They told us no television, no phone lines in or out, no Internet in or out. Yet we found out he’s watching Al Jazeera, which happens to be Hillary’s favorite network. He’s watching C-SPAN and searching for himself on television, which is a lot like our own TV personalities here. I mean I could give you a list of five or six. What do you think they do when they’re not hosting their shows? They’re at home trying to find themselves on TV and they watch themselves. Now, Obama likes Al Jazeera, he likes Al Arabiya, and so does Hillary. But I guess when you ask the question, what’s more important to the media right now, trying to convince us Bin Laden was still in charge of al-Qaeda or that Obama was in charge of the raid that killed him: I guess it is the latter.

    Yeah, he has got that right….

    And we are giving up a lot of freedom over what the government says are ‘THREATS’……works out mighty fine for them…

    George Orwell had it right….his timing was just a little off….

  25. 28



    So that ‘attack’ represents more supreme planning by the ‘terrorists’ rather than a brain dead towel head whom wanted to take down a few (of his own ‘comrades’) before he was trucked off to the farm? A deep mole planted according to their supreme sense of prognostication that, years later, blossoms into a full-fledged ‘terrorist attack’ on American soil?

    Give me a break……..

  26. 29



    Do it by PROFILE, not ‘picking on’ little old ladies, molesting former Miss America’s, or feeling up seven year old girls for the joy of some ‘screener’ who just slid out from under a rock.

  27. 30


    Esdraelon, really man, when you are going to comment on an issue or event, you really should try to back up your comments with facts. “Brain dead towel head?” Nevermind that Nidal Hassan, U.S. citizen and highly educated Army officer, had been in frequent contact with al Awliki. Never mind that he attended the Falls Church, Va. mosque, the same mosque that some of the 9-11 hijackers attended and even buried his mother from that mosque.

    You seem to have bought into the “isolated event” spin. Do we now have a sliding scale for what constitutes a terrorist attack? 3,000 dead bodies = terrorist attack 13 dead bodies=isolated incident.

    If I give you a break on anything it will be for your absolute failure in being able to understand that the body count is not what determines a terrorist attack.

  28. 31



    I have never been accused of not using hyperbole, but tell me, since everyone seems to take the governments word as gospel, did the government revise it’s assessment that that attack was a NOT ‘terrorist’ attack? Possibly because he was an ‘American citizen’? Or maybe it was ‘domestic’?

    And for someone who was so ‘highly educated’, he apparently did not know how to file it all into his head with any efficiency…

    Personally, I look at that as somewhere in-between, but it you must consider it a full-fledged terrorist attack, feel free to do so…… where did those billions spent on Homeland Security come into effect??

    And, no, I have not bought any spin, thank you.

  29. 32



    Perhaps you would like to research exactly what constitutes a “terrorist” attack?

    There is no doubt that Nidal Hassan was a terrorist, and just because this spineless administration will not call him what he is, doesn’t change the facts. And I don’t know that the government, who under Obama I would not believe if they told me the sun would rise in the East tomorrow morning, stated that it was NOT a terrorist attack on Fort Hood. Maybe you can provide me a link to that report.

    Hassan is a terrorist who was tutored by al Awliki, another terrorist, who is also a U.S. citizen. A citizen that Obama has, illegally, btw, issued a “kill” order on.

  30. 33



    Excerpt: Meanwhile, the official government report on this jihad mass-murder doesn’t mention jihad or Islam at all. Congressman John Carter (R-TX) said that “the Obama Administration continues to deny the Fort Hood attack was terrorism, failed to grant the casualties the same status as that given casualties from the 2001 Pentagon attack, conspicuously omitted even mention of the words ‘radical Islamic terrorism’ in the official DOD report on the shootings, and will not acknowledge the role of political-correctness in stifling whistleblower warnings of the impending attack.”

    We can argue the merits of the Ft Hood incident ad infinitum, but the underlying point I was making that for screaming ‘Jihad!’, it seems these Holy Warriors can only get up half a hard on and then a premature ejaculation, even with that passel of virgins awaiting them…..yet we spend billions and billions and billions on ‘homeland security’ ( I guess ‘motherland’ seemed too Krautish.) so some screener, just off the cell block, can get his jollies feeling off Miss America…..

    ‘Spineless’ administration, however, we can agree there…..

  31. 34

    James Raider

    Skook, . . . “Schumer is also suggesting a fool proof, no-ride list, so that terrorists who are known to be terrorists cannot ride.”

    Sssshhhhh! Let him and Obama implement this. No one will be able to argue against their unfathomable stupidity.

    Can’t you just see it? . . . .

    “To All Terrorists Residing in the U.S.A.,

    All you terrorists, step forward and out into the light. Please send us your names and coordinates so that we can issue your Terrorist Cards. You will have them in the mail within four weeks of our receiving your documentation.

    As soon as you get them, please make sure that they are prominently displayed on your persons. Not doing so will be a crime prosecutable under the new Obama No-Ride Law. You will not be allowed to ride on Trains or Subways, so don’t even try because we’ll be able to see your No-Ride Terrorist Cards, . . . . so there!

    Those of you Terrorists, who do not willingly comply and come forward, well, we’ll . . . . we’ll . . . . ummm, we’ll be really pissed. And you don’t want us pissed. So please, please comply to this request. Please.

    Just because we don’t know who you are or where you are, doesn’t mean you should disrespect our laws.


    P.S.: One more thing – Your new cards will also preclude you from being within 100 yards of any rail line. That’s just in case you have any ideas about planting explosives under tracks. We’re just not going to put up with it. We’ll be watching for those cards, and you’ll never know where our cameras will be hidden. But make sure to wear them.

  32. 35


    @James Raider:

    LOL! That ‘letter’ was pretty good. And, it shows the mentality of the left. Much the same way with gun control, they believe that subjecting everyone to the same controls will out the criminals. As if a criminal, who, by definition, breaks laws, would adhere to another law that prohibits him/her from carrying a firearm. Liberals are truly divorced from reality, and Schumer is standing in the front row of these modern day liberals.

  33. 36



    Well, as James Lewis says, here’s what really happened the week before:

    Now here’s what I think really happened. I can’t prove it, just call me suspicious.

    About two weeks before Obama’s Famous Victory, Barry says to Leon Panetta:

    Just remember, I don’t know nuthin’ about this SEAL operation — unless it works and they kill that dude. Then you come over here lickety-split and we’ll take the Situation Room photos. I want complete deniability. If the SEALs crash or get killed, this never happened. If they get UBL I want all the credit. Or…maybe you don’t want to be SecDef?

    Leon: OK, Mr. President.

    The obvious response………

  34. 38



    JR, I read that report several days ago. It seemed so bizarre that I figured it had to be a hoax; for how could such a weakling and a coward be in charge of our military, the greatest military in the world. Now after the spiking of the story and the resultant compromises of valuable intel, the story seems more plausible, I am saddened to say.

    Thanks for the response/update.

  35. 39



    JR, you realize this letter is raw meat for the ACLU. Depriving Terrorists or practitioners of Man Caused Disasters access to public transportation is a direct violation of personal civil liberties.

  36. 40

    James Raider

    @Skookum: #39,

    Lol, . . . you’re right, of course, the sensibilities and sensitivities of each minority group must be taken into account, and terrorists ARE a minority. Political correctness much win the day. So what to do? What to do?

    Oh, I have it, how about this, . . . . HEY wait a damn minute, TERRORISTS? Hell no. Since Chuckie Schumer obviously must know who and where they are, shouldn’t they all be either dead or at Gitmo?

  37. 42


    Why aren’t we addressing the 3 trillion dollar question – why do they hate us? – instead of permitting the Schumers of the USA to strip away more of our rights and treasure under the pretense of security and protection .

  38. 43


    BTW every time I hear of little Chuckie Schumer, I think of the original SEC investigation into Bernie Madoff being deep sixed because of the powerful political interests lobbying on Madoff”s behalf. The politicians should have been lobbying on behalf of the victims ( up front) instead of later at taxpayer expense.

  39. 44


    James Raider, that one is very good, they just have to make a copy of it and send it to all the terrorists they know which live in the USA, confidentialy of course,
    this thread is turning very interesting now, you started the curve ball rolling,
    and you know how we like to play.

  40. 45


    wait, I just thought of something,[THAT happen sometime in my head]
    Maybe they are using his videos and notes to again tyed the knoose
    thighter around the necks of the FREEDOM that AMERICANS cherish,and it play into their agenda,
    to take control using events,
    NOW GO BACK TO REVIEW THE 10 MARXIST RULES. and it fits right in.

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