The REAL bin-Laden Timeline Is Finally Released

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Thank god we have the detailed timeline down now:

1. 1/21/09 OB gathers his inner circle and tells them that there is this real bad guy that Bush totally forgot about and didn’t care that he secretly murdered 3,000 people early in Bush’s administration and OB wanted him found ASAP.

2. 2/14.09 OB kicks out Bush incompetent an replaces him with super sleuth Leon Panetta because of his vast experience in espionage and fabulous motivational skills.

3. 2/15/09 OB tells Panetta that I’m 95% confident OBL is in Pakistan, probably somewhere just North of Islamabad in a house with high walls and maybe three stories and two security gates.

4. 2/21/09 OB tells Panetta that he intercepted a call from a guy who is really close to OBL and to drop everything else and totally focus only on him.

And then Obama went golfing.

A little tongue in cheek, but not by much if you have been listening to our MSM.

For a better, and much more detailed timeline of events that lead to the killing of Osama bin-Laden check out this post by Ace: (and whittled down for brevity by Doug Ross)

1. 2003: Enhanced Interrogation of Khalid Sheikh Mohammad Results in the Nom De Guerre of bin Ladin’s Courier…

2. 2004: Enhanced Interrogation of al-Qahtani Confirms the Nom De Geure of bin Ladin’s Courier…

3. 2006 (?): Enhanced Interrogation of an Al Qaeda Captured in Iraq, Ghul, Produces the Real Name of the Courier…

4. 2006-2009: NSA Begins Furiously Intercepting Any And All Communications Made By Anyone “al-Kuwaiti” Has Ever Known…

5. Late 2010 (?): al-Kuwaiti Places a Very Ill-Advised Phone Call… “[conversing] with someone who was being monitored by U.S. intelligence… the courier [then] unknowingly led authorities to a [bizarre] compound in the northeast Pakistani town of Abbottabad…”

6. 2011: Surveying Abbottabad, We Grow Confident We’ve Found Bin Ladin’s Hideout…

7. April 29-May 1 2011: Obama’s Team Tells Him They Have High Confidence Bin Ladin (or at Least His Most Trusted Courier) is In the Compound, and Obama Agrees, and Orders the Raid; On May 1 It’s Executed By SEAL Team 6…

8. May 2011: Begin a Disinformation Campaign To Convince the Public That 2003-2008 Never Happened…

A dead Osama, whether with guns on him, around him, or no-where near him, is a GREAT thing but the hypocrisy from the left is mind-boggling.

Obama deserves credit, as does Bush. Deal with it, admit it, and move on.


Exit questions (to any lefty’s) if it turns out that the killing of Osama was accomplished with information extracted by waterboarding, as Leon Panetta admitted tonight:

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Are you still ok with the assault and killing of Osama?

And a exit question to one and all, would this killing be called a war crime by the left if Bush was in office?


Rumsfeld nails it:

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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    crossposted from another thread, responding to same Ace comment

    ace, it’s an interesting read… but my gut says it’s a fiction at worst, or seriously liberal embellishment at best. One particular sentence caught my eye which threw a pall over it’s authenticity. Pg two:

    Every time military and intelligence officials appeared to make progress in forming a position, Jarrett would intervene and the stalling would begin again. Hillary started the ball really rolling as far as pressuring Obama began, but it was Panetta and Petraeus who ultimately pushed Obama to finally act – sort of. Panetta was receiving significant reports from both his direct CIA sources, as well as Petraeus-originating Intel. Petraeus was threatening to act on his own via a bombing attack.

    I’m sorry, but everything I have seen, and have learned, about Gen. David Petraeus indicates he has great respect for the chain of command – even if he disagrees. So when I see this “interview” with a “anonymous insider”, saying this General threatened to “act on his own” against a sitting POTUS, tells me this is some manufactured piece of conspiracy bullshit.. and likely for a political agenda.

    That’s not all… another statement not much further down..

    It was at this time that Gates indicated to certain Pentagon officials that he may resign earlier than originally indicated – he was that frustrated.

    Gates announced his retirement coming up in just a month *last year*. I’m doubting he was planning on leaving any sooner. But wait.. there’s more. Last page says the Zero was literally pulled off a golf course, hauled back into the WH to be informed of a mission proceeding that was not of his order. None of that squares with the overtly on display ego of this POTUS.

    And if you notice, the way this is written, it seems to emanate from the bolster-Hillary-camp.

    Perhaps OT can weigh in with his own personal insight, but my gut says this doesn’t even come close to passing the smell test to me.

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    Nan G

    From the 4:15 mark on Panetta discusses, tries to minimize, admits the role waterboarding played in getting information that lead to Osama’s whereabouts.

    But Obama’s Press Sec took related questions and tried to use his answer to help with Part8 of the plan….
    8. May 2011: Begin a Disinformation Campaign To Convince the Public That 2003-2008 Never Happened…

    Q Can you say if there has been any change in President Obama’s opposition to so-called enhanced interrogation techniques?

    MR. CARNEY: No change whatsoever.

    Q Were any results of such techniques used in helping to track down bin Laden?

    MR. CARNEY: Mark, the fact is that no single piece of information led to the successful mission that occurred on Sunday, and multiple detainees provided insights into the networks of people who might have been close to bin Laden.
    But reporting from detainees was just a slice of the information that has been gathered by incredibly diligent professionals over the years in the intelligence community.
    And it’s simply strange credulity to suggest that a piece of information that may or may not have been gathered eight years ago somehow directly led to a successful mission on Sunday. That’s just not the case.

    Q I wasn’t suggesting it. I was —

    MR. CARNEY: Okay. Others have.

    [IMHO, Carney was actually saying, not, “And it’s simply strange credulity to suggest….,” but rather (what I heard was) “And it simply strains credulity to suggest…..” ]

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    Nan G

    I noticed that, so far, there have only been promises to release a photo proof of a dead Osama.
    And what’s the hold-up?
    According to some at the White House, it is ”Muslim sensibilities.”
    Muslim sensibilities?

    Have Obama’s inner circle never seen a ”car swarm?”*

    What about a slow, torturous murder for some break with Sharia.
    (Like the slow murder of homosexuals in Iran as construction cranes raise the noose slowly while the person is suffocated slowly. Or the hundreds of lashes that eventually result in death. Or the throwing people off of two or three story buildings to be spit at and kicked while they bleed to death internally.)

    So, I ask again, what Muslim sensibility?

    *Car swarm: Dozens of Muslims taking pieces of the bodies and cars blown up, standing atop the wreckage for photos. Some photos here.

  4. 5


    A delay might be best. The photos could probably be more effectively used to incite violence during the first days immediately following the event than a week or two later. After an interval, they might be seen more as evidence finally presented, and less as a trophy being flaunted.

    I’m sure there’s also an awareness that once they’re released, they will almost certainly be used on the internet by irresponsible people in a manner that will be intensely disrespectful of Muslims in general, leading to predictable violent reactions. Bad things could happen to innocent people as a result. We’ve certainly seen it before. Perhaps presenting photographic proof simply isn’t worth that risk.

    Whatever is done, I can understand why they’d take some time to think about it.

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    @MataHarley: I agree with everything you say, but come on, at least let a guy WISH it were true, lol.

    I mean just the idea that Jarret is Obie’s brains, that tidbit is too delicious to dismiss quickly. 😉

    But I agree, this kind of fantasizing is nothing but an effort to prop up Hillary.

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    There are timelines and there are timelines…..a ‘government timeline’ is only as authentic until the next report comes out somewhere in the world that draws it into question, then it will be modified.

    Government timelines, and the associated government event logs, are simply what the government wants you to believe…..

    Yeah, the SEALS went into a heavily fortified and armed compound and had a ‘firefight’ with heavily armed antagonists. Obama cowardly pulls one of his wives in front of him as a flack jacket….

    Suuuuure….now we are hearing otherwise…..and the government is hastily backtracking….likely Obama was servicing one of his wives thus assumed the roar of the copters was not the roar he was ‘hearing’ in his ears…..Jeez…what next?

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    Mos 8541

    Curt, nice work..If clinton would have been impeached, Panetta would have gone to jail.. He is useless and his apt. as the director of the cia was a joke..he has ruined the sec of defense..even bigger joke..What opie and crew do not under stand is the Richard Chaney has more brains and more motivation than “big ears” entire administration. The most dangerous man in the Bush administration was Richard Chaney. He worked very hard to secure this country’s future and security.. Bush and Chaney are the real heros in this event.

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    Stand Watie

    The killing occurred during Obama’s watch. Big deal! Giving him credit for it is like giving Truman credit for VE Day after Churchill, FDR, Stalin, and their troops had done all the dirty work against Hitler.

    If BO deserves credit for this kill, then Andrew Johnson deserves credit for saving the Union and destroying slavery. The day Lincoln died, General Johnston’s Confederate Army of Tennessee was still in the field, as were General Kirby Smith’s Trans-Missssippi forces. Pitched battles continued through July 1865, and the 13th Amendment wasn’t passed until Reconstruction, during JOHNSON’s presidency.

  9. 10

    mos 8541

    penetta is a bigger idiot and incompetent than holter..if clinton would have been impeached penatta would still bi in jail..with respect of the low class, guiltless, brian william. Well, does any one remember the 2 hr interview he did with big ears at the whipe house. he bowed so low that he kissed big ears ass and penis on the way down and repeated on the way up,,,stopped watching nbc the moment i viewed the interview in disgust.. The entire event is a fraud..oh..Bush was wrong and holter and big ears can justify an assination..George W. Bush , Richard Chaney and oh,, G Gordon Liddy…thank you for trying to save America.

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