Feds Bust Amish For Running White Contraband Across State Lines

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The Obama and Holder Justice Department are hoping for a swift conviction against the Amish in a case that seems to be locked solid. They have been the object of a sting operation that has been ongoing for over a year, during that time purchases were made by federal agents using aliases and surepetious homes in the DC area. The Feds feel confident that Americans and the country will be much safer, now that the Amish farm has been busted in a daring predawn raid that went flawlessly and without the gunfire and deaths associated with Ruby Ridge and Waco. One of the most prominent and well known Amish Crime Families has now been neutralized without bloodshed, thanks to a well coordinated raid on the farm of the pacifists. Amish are often considered dangerous because they don’t assimilate and are assumed to keep their weapons well hidden.

The contraband was produced at a farm in Pennsylvania, driven to Maryland and the DC Metro area to be sold in the street and at private homes. Federal agents voiced concern that alliances might possibly be set up between between Islamo Fascist groups and Amish Crime Families. Their contraband was in high demand and there was a high profit margin on this illegal substance. The White contraband known by the public as raw whole milk has now been severely curtailed in the DC area and Mr and Mrs Obama feel a great sense of relief that all the children of DC Metro and Maryland will be drinking FDA approved homogenized and pasteurized milk and that children won’t be setting up the neighborhood businesses comprable to the lemonade stands that kids sometimes set up to learn entrepreneurial skills and crimes associated with profit.

FDA approved milk doesn’t curdle or go sour if you leave it out in the heat, it just goes bad. Rainbow Acres has been selling this contraband to willing customers who seemed to be clamoring for more and more, while claiming their health and well being has improved. The FDA says rubbish, pasteurized is the only milk to drink and to think the public can make these decisions themselves is preposterous, since raw milk can carry bacteria like salmonella, E. coli, and listeria. During the year long sting operation there were no complaints of sickness; actually, the government was taking chances with the public health to allow the sting operation to continue for a year, but they felt it was necessary to have an air tight case for prosecuting these Amish lowlifes.

It is a war that has been raging for years, pitting natural food advocates, who have the audacity to argue that raw milk is healthier than pasteurized, against the full regulatory power of the Food and Drug Administration.

According to Tamara N. Ward, spokeswoman for the FDA, appeared in a chic and stylish Kevlar vest surrounded by FDA agents holding M16s and AK 47s, issued the following statement:

“It is the FDA’s position that raw milk should never be consumed,”

A ten page complaint was filed in federal court in Pennsylvania.

DC metro customers, many of them Liberal voters, have expressed rage at what they see as government overreach. One customer who buys directly from
Rainbow Acres, Karin Edgett voiced her opinion:

“I look at this as the FDA is in cahoots with the large milk producers, I don’t want the FDA and my tax dollars to go to shut down a farm that hasn’t had any complaints against it. They’re producing good food, and the consumers are extremely happy with it.”

The Obama Administration has expressed its willingness to allow certain crime to flourish like the usage and growing of medical marijuana and illegal aliens who happen to be here as students and youths? will not be targets of federal “crackdowns” and enforcement efforts. Some illegal aliens youth are involved in gangs that are running drugs and acquiring business skills, but there is a down side to everything.

The fans of raw milk insist that heating food to kill bacteria eliminates beneficial bacteria as well and changes to the flavor and health benefits of milk. Raw milk fans say they feel healthier by consuming raw milk and they should have the freedom to choose their own food; such thoughts are considered novel concepts among Liberal voters.

There are approximately ten million consumers of raw milk in the US. Sales are legal in ten states and illegal in eleven states and the District, a fact that obviously had the president’s wife all in a dither. Most states have restrictions on the sales and transportation of raw milk.

Food researchers are quick to point out that there has been very little milk-transmitted diseases like typhoid fever and diphtheria since pasteurization began in the 20’s and 30’s: there also has been no such diseases running amuck from the raw milk industry. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention maintain there are no benefits from raw milk that are not present in treated milk; of course to say otherwise would ruin a bureaucratic career.

The FDA is now flexing its regulatory muscle and warning raw milk dairies that they are the watchdogs of American health and they had better conform because the Obamas are in power and it is a Liberal country now.

The complaint reads that in 2009, the agency had an agent ordered milk over the internet under an alias, soon there were a group of agents purchasing milk from Rainbow Farms; sometimes investigations require agents to go undercover at great personal risk to them and their families.

The milk orders were delivered to private residences in Maryland, thus in direct violation of laws pertaining to interstate commerce and transport of raw milk. Thankfully they were able to conclude the investigation in just a little over a year of undercover work. The court papers note that the jugs of milk were not labeled, a situation that suggests even more sinister and insidious violations of the law by these non-assimilating Amish.

Armed with this information, agents converged on the farm in February of 2010 and Mr. Allgyer, the Amish ringleader who owns the farm turned them away in blatant defiance of federal regulatory power. Two months later, the FDA returned with a warrant, U.S. Marshals and a state trooper at 5 AM to do an inspection: Mr Allgyer considered it a “raid”, but the FDA maintains it was a lawful “inspection”.

The investigators, while conducting their non-investigation, but more of an inspection, found milk containers with Maryland town names and the coolers appeared to contain dairy products. This inspection led to a letter being written from the FDA to Mr Allgyer, directing him to desist selling across state lines.

The Amish are known for being devious; he formed a club and had customers sign a paper stating they supported the farm and that they were shareholders in the farm’s produce and agreed to pay the labor costs of the farm and were not buying products.

This was obviously a ploy to subvert the FDA’s definition of the commerce clause of the complaint, putting the exchange beyond the reach or over reach of federal regulatory powers.

The FDA agents continued to receive products and went to court to stop the enterprise.

Pete Kennedy, President of the Farm-To-Consumer Legal Defense Fund, admitted undercover stings are common:

“It happens quite a bit. It’s almost like they treat raw milk as crack. It’s happened in a number of states, and at the federal level.”

The Farm-To-Consumer has sued to stop the FDA enforcement and has a case pending in Iowa.

One of Mr. Allgyer’s, Ms Liz Reitzig, president of the Maryland Independent Consumers and Farmers Association, maintains that she began searching for alternatives when her daughter developed an intolerance to pasteurized milk; eventually, she became a customer of the Rainbow Farm dairy.

“We like the way they farm, we love their product, it’s super-high-quality, they’re wonderful. It’s just a wonderful arrangement. FDA really has no idea what they’re talking about when they’re talking about fresh milk. They have no concept – they really don’t understand what it’s like for people like me who have friends and family who can’t drink conventional milk.”

While Liberals struggle to institute policies that will control every part of our life and take away our freedom of choice, the Liberal voter is beginning to see the results of their efforts to insure their well being through the Nanny State philosophy of Liberalism.

Epilogue: The events of this episode have been skewed to illustrate the absurdity of the blatant bias that is generated by the State Directed Media, more commonly known as the Propaganda Bureaus or MSM.

A professional horseman for over 40 years, Skook continues to work with horses. He is in an ongoing educational program, learning life's lessons from one of the world's greatest instructors, the horse. Skook has finished an historical novel that traces a mitochondrial line of DNA from 50,000 years ago to the present. It goes to the copyeditor next month.

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  1. 51



    Beaver is the warmest in my opinion for mitts (top side only) with felt or cotton inners. They will take everything Colorado has to offer. The beaver blanket is the best and warmest type of bed spread, but if you have a California King bed it will be pricey.

    Lynx is a nice fur, but like the Jaguar car, it is kind of considered a chick’s fur and not too manly. I’m not sure I am a fashion expert, just doing the best I can for having been out of the business for a long time. I get excited when we talk of the wilderness and the animals that live there, I can’t help myself.

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    Several years back, I was with another fellow, driving around some country roads, when we came to a small town and stopped to refuel the truck. Shirts for boys where I’m from are not mandatory; except when ladys are present; for modesty sake and when we arrived we noticed some amish ladys were selling spinach outside. We threw our shirts on and bought a box of the stuff and it was some of the most healthy looking spinach I’ve ever seen! Popeye would have been proud. I’ve had to shop at whole foods market when I was in San Fransico and the “high quality” vegetables in that store did not even come close. People from the country generally show a great deal more respect for the fellow man, something I’ve particularly noticed since I’ve traveled the citys of north america and mexico, that being said we made a good impression of ourselves and were invited to some kind of celebration that afternoon, I’m not sure what it was for but not being the types to pass up free food, we excepted. We sat at a table with some young guys and some older fellows who shared storys the whole time. Great people. I can say that the stuff the amish eat is some of the best food I’ve ever had. You just don’t find sausages like that anywhere I’ve seen. Particularly in the city. I’ve been the amish have built their own lives and refuse to except the rules set out by the tyrants and oppressors, in a way they are model Americans. The founding fathers were also non-conformists. DC should be proud to have that milk. Compared to these city people I’ve met the amish are saints. Just earlier this month I was out for coffee with the young lady I’ve been seeing and a man was swearing loudly with children siting in the table across from him. I told him to watch his mouth and he said he had a black belt in kung fu. In my books that means he needs a little smack, so I got up and just walked at him and he left; without even paying his bill, which backfired because I payed it and left a small tip, I felt bad after and had scared my girlfriend and everyone else. Anyway I just don’t know how these people tie their own shoes, let alone look at themselves in the mirror every morning. Its time we rethought the current amish policy, maybe we could crack down on the inner city clowns, they seem to cause most of the problems anyway.

  3. 54

    oil guy from Alberta

    What a wonderful picture of the two little milk maids. Its a fine example of two small industrious Americans.
    Great training and gives them responsibility at such an early age.

    In Alberta, we have the Hutterites that stock much of the produce of our farmers’ markets. No permits are required. Its some of the best tomatoes and corn I’ve ever eaten. I’m going to check on their raw milk or get info about it. They like to cut deals and maybe they’re Republicans.

  4. 56

    Hard Right

    Got Milk?

    If you do, you could already be a criminal!
    I hope this doesn’t cause the Amish to embargo the supply of “fireplaces” they’ve been sending us.
    I would also point out that the arrests are extremely racist as the Amish tend to be overwhelmingly white.
    Darn you to heck Holder!!!!!11!!11!

  5. 57



    Randy, this is an example of the pun or what is often considered the lowest form of humor, back before Bill Mayer of course. However, the double entante could be employed to take this situation into ribald and humorous lyric imitation of Shakespeare: let’s just trust that it would be easy enough for me to write and wait for a more significant and appropriate situation. Although the temptation is alluring, the approach is open and inviting, and no doubt fertile for literary seed, but there are more important matters at hand. For procreation need not be limited to those not of chaste lips and heart, nay we have earthly pleasures to delight in with sterile keyboards that long for a lover’s supple caresses and sweet words of love and passion to direct our mission.

  6. 58


    @johngalt, #43:

    That is very, very backwards thinking, Greg. Private concerns would be MORE concerned with self-monitoring simply because they want to make a profit, and the bad press from contaminated product would not allow them to do so.

    I suppose that explains why Ford failed to address the exploding gas tank problem affecting their panther platform vehicles–the Lincoln Town Car, Mercury Grand Marquis, Ford Crown Victoria, and the Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor–despite being aware of the dangerous design flaw for two decades. Their own engineers had advised them in 1971 that the design flaw could be eliminated at a an additional manufacturing cost of $9.95 per vehicle.

    I’m sure we could come up with a few additional examples of how the profit motive has sometimes outweighed product health and safety considerations.

    I prefer aggressive government regulatory agencies as the first line of defense, rather than waiting for lawyers and lawsuits to eventually force some negligent company into line by way of negative alterations to their balance sheet. There’s nothing the least bit “socialist” about that, to my way of thinking.

  7. 59


    @Greggie: You aren’t arguing principle here, you are arguing numbers. What you ought to be looking for is for the government to mandate Ford to put a warning on the autos in question that they have made them X amount of dollars cheaper and therefore X percent more dangerous.

    Why interfere in the free market? Let the consumer decide for themselves how safe they wish to be. In fact, the appellate court agrees with me on this. From the article you cited:

    Ford asserted that it did not have a duty in Illinois to provide a postsale warning to the plaintiffs. The appellate court disagreed. “Sound public policy requires that a manufacturer be held to a continuing duty to warn of a hazard and to notify consumers of its product if the hazard can be avoided. We hold that a manufacturer has a continuing duty to warn of a hazard of which it had a duty to warn at the time the product was manufactured, including using reasonable care to inform foreseeable users of product developments designed to eliminate the hazard.”

    By taking the position that Ford ought to be forced to alter the said vehicles, you are ultimately arguing numbers, not principle, Greggie. For if the cost to fix the cars had been in the thousands, would you then be saying that Ford was not negligible?

  8. 60


    @anticsrocks, #59:

    Why interfere in the free market? Let the consumer decide for themselves how safe they wish to be.

    It can sometimes prove difficult for a consumer to reach a decision, subsequent to being incinerated in his or her automobile following a rear-end collision. It also can be difficult to decide ahead of time, when a company fails to notify the public of a known but hidden danger. That it’s part of the government’s legitimate business to find and interfere with such situtations on behalf of the public is a matter of principle.

  9. 61



    I prefer aggressive government regulatory agencies as the first line of defense, rather than waiting for lawyers and lawsuits to eventually force some negligent company into line by way of negative alterations to their balance sheet. There’s nothing the least bit “socialist” about that, to my way of thinking.

    The mistake in your logic is that you assume that a “middle ground” can be found, and held. It can’t. The tendency of all government is towards tighter and tighter control, ending with the pure nanny state. Hence, the limitations placed on our government by the founding fathers. Unfortunately, our government has exceeded those limitations in nearly every sector of our economy, and our daily lives.

    That it’s part of the government’s legitimate business to find and interfere with such situtations on behalf of the public is a matter of principle.

    Is it sad that someone dies because of a company’s negligent practices? Of course it is. But that, in no way whatsoever, makes it my, or your, responsibility, particularly when that responsibility is forced upon us. And for every company you wish to cite as ‘negligent’ towards the public, there are tens to hundreds of them who do very well by their customers, providing safe and useful products, despite government intrusion. It’s the nanny state that you want. Why can you not admit to it?

  10. 62


    @Greggie: No Greggie it is not a matter of principle that you are arguing for. What you want is total control by the government and that is contrary to any principled position. Better to let the free market decide what is and isn’t best for consumers.

    johngalt is correct in saying that neglect on one company’s part does not necessitate a complete regulatory crackdown on all similar businesses.

    Your argument is purely one of numbers. For you are saying that the human lives involved outweighed the cost to Ford, whereas Ford made the opposite determination. Do I agree with Ford’s decision? Hell no. But that does not mean I want Uncle Sam to pick up the slack.

    The bottom line is this – it isn’t the government’s job to mess around in the free market. It IS their job to provide courts to settle these matters and punish the negligent parties. Every time in our nation’s history that the government has inserted itself into the free market, it has led to nothing but problems for us, the American consumer.

  11. 63


    Surely everybody knows that raw milk is an entry level drug that eventually will lead to actually drinking raw orange juice and such. Thankfully our government is on top of things.

  12. 65



    I just participated in the stupidest, yet most perfect example of government overregulation and intrusion. At my job, which is a power plant, we have procedures we use to perform tasks and operations involved with running, starting up, and shutting down the plant. These procedures tell us which valves to operate, how high to fill tanks, how much CH4 to burn in heating the plant up, etc. There are literally hundreds of these. Just recently we have incorporated guidelines and rules from OSHA, in which we are required to fill out job safety analysis on these procedures, citing things like which personal protective equipment to wear and if any special considerations, like a N2 heavy atmosphere, are present. To do this, we are reviewing every one of our procedures.

    Today, I had to review a procedure that involved only the inside operations at the computer, and nothing more than pushing a couple of keyboard buttons. An hour of rewriting the procedure, and 15 minutes of review for three people so far, with two more to go. Over two hours spent on this procedure that states that no personal protective equipment is required, no special considerations involved, and no extra precaution necessary, all required by OSHA. This is what the liberals nanny state has come to. I need a written procedure to tell me that I need take no extra care while punching buttons on a keyboard. STUPID!

  13. 66


    @anticsrocks, #62:

    The bottom line is this – it isn’t the government’s job to mess around in the free market. It IS their job to provide courts to settle these matters and punish the negligent parties. Every time in our nation’s history that the government has inserted itself into the free market, it has led to nothing but problems for us, the American consumer.

    It’s estimated that the manufacture and distribution of conterfeit “name brand” parts and products is currently a $600 billion per year industry. Should the federal government butt out of that free market issue as well? Do the rules suddenly change when someone besides consumers are put at risk and getting hurt?

    It may also be worth checking under the hood. The auto industry has found enough counterfeit parts to build a whole car, including brakes made of compressed grass and wood sold in American stores.

    The parts, from belts to hoses and windshield wipers, look so real that trained mechanics have installed them.

    “The counterfeiters, because of the profit motive, have gotten better and better at leaking these things into what we would all think of as legitimate distribution channels,” says Brian Duggan of the Motor and Equipment Manufacturers Association.

    That’s why cases like the one in China, where fake baby formula recently killed 60 infants, have investigators stepping up enforcement at U.S. ports. This month, customs agents charged members of an alleged counterfeiting ring with smuggling a half-billion dollars in Chinese knock-offs in just ten months.


  14. 68


    @Greg: You said:

    Should the federal government butt out of that free market issue as well? Do the rules suddenly change when someone besides consumers are put at risk and getting hurt?

    Absolutely. The market always corrects itself. In the case of the baby formula, then that is a matter for the courts. After all governmental intervention after the fact is no more or less effective than litigation after the fact. And actually, a hefty award of punitive damages will go much farther in curtailing such abuses than any fine or action by the government.

    Why is it that you always want the government to intervene? You say there is greed in the market place. Tell me a society that doesn’t run on greed.

    At the risk of sounding like Milton Friedman I ask you, is the Commissar any less greedy than the democratically elected official? or the Czar? or the Emporer?

  15. 69



    You are really stretching to find anything possible, aren’t you. What you just linked to is a crime, based on patent laws that have their roots within our Constitution. In that case, it is perfectly acceptable to investigate and prosecute the criminals.

    That is much, much different than the case of government regulating the affairs of citizens beyond the limits of the Constitution.

  16. 70



    Thanks Rich, entendre is one of several words that I misspell on a regular basis without rhyme or reason; Bill is inconsequential to me. Only losers need excuses, but I have the grandfather of all colds and a bunch of horses lined up this week. The pressure is there, even in my line of work.

    I have some more stories forming in my head and I’d love to just write adventure, nature, and survival with moral story lines, but this is a Conservative blog and I have a mission. Hopefully, with extra diligence and effort, the stories will improve to the point that our Liberals can overlook the political message and enjoy the story for being a good story. Thanks again, Rich and good evening.

  17. 72


    Stop using the Amish for your own propaganda; they follow Jesus, while you (bunch of warmongers) follow Mars. Saludos desde suramérica, gringos tarados

  18. 73


    Hard Right
    just to note, any thing white is the object of attack from the HOLDER GOVERNMENT,

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