Sisyphus Stone [Reader Post]

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Donald Trump has changed everything, right now O’BigEars finds himself standing naked at ocean edge as the tide pulls out for a major tsunami. He is Sisyphus pushing the stone up the slope and the slope is getting steeper. This dilemma can be such a crush forcing a complete reevaluation and possible resignation. For me, such an attitude can be a one-way ticket to the psych-ward; but remember the verse, “woe comes not in single form it comes in swarms.” (Shakespeare). Donald Trump, “I’m a smart guy” attitude has moved his personal belief from believing Barack “Barry” O’BabyCakes was “probably” born in the United States to the “possible” being the case. Confronting cretins like Whoopie Goldberg, he bravely broadcasts his grounded reasoning using every major media outlet to do it. This stuff is an earthquake beneath the card castle which is Obama.

There are four types of background statements; first, the resume’ which is a copulation of education, training, and situational employment; second is the curriculum vitae which designates professional school education, fellowships, honors, and pertinent advanced degrees with applied employment and chronicle of publications; third is the “bio” used most frequently to explain the backgrounds of members and their skill applications within an organizational chart. The last, and most inclusive, is the dossier which investors and stakeholders require to comply with their pre-conditioned investment requirements. It is impossible for me to fathom a Warren Buffett, Lloyd Blankfein at Goldman Sachs or Bill Gates from Microsoft giving a tinker’s ding to some blank slate, even with a Harvard Law sheepskin, called Barack so there must be some document out somewhere that tells the full story revealing everything from his birth to schools, lovers, joys, tears and blood type. Corporate Board of Directors hire private investigators like Kroll International to dig deep getting all the data about an investment prospect, anything less would be considered malfeasance so the notion O’BingoGame slipped through the cracks as an unknown without full documentation is just thinking for children.

The theory, from Jack Cashill Deconstructing Obama, is that the former Chicago Tribune wonk David Axelrod, scoured and scrubbed all detrimental information regarding Barry O’BottleRocket fearful the truth would do what the truth always does; that being, toss that false popinjay into the dung heap of history. To protect his precious pearl, Ax has used every means possible to guard the jewel. Being an image obsessed Svengali he’s gone to his well tuned Astroturf extremes; which means, his Rolodex filled with polluted public media spikes that he knows can shoot and draw blood; but now, it is his protégé’ that he finds bleeding at the seams. He thinks, his image busting success attacking Sarah Palin will work against super wealthy deep-pockets Donald Trump which is why the jig is up and the reason the Sisyphus stone will out weigh the strength and fall crushing Barack O’BedBug like the gnat which he really is.

Axelrod turned the term “Birthers” into something synonymous with being stupid and bumpkin and now that the table has turned on him it is he that’s the one looking none too bright. My impression of Axelrod is that of someone very cruel and mean. I can see him wearing a polished hat with golden fleece matched by a well tailored field frock with braids bandoliers with riding crop pointing at the process of peasant partisans being hanged. For some realm of ethereal metaphysical reasoning there apparently are some zodiac star charts that result in people like Axelrod becoming authoritarian monsters as the way it is because his personal hubris runs wild and places him in some make-believe high court of perceived royalty where he can live and operate above the law.

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    butterdezillion, that was funny, I mean the bannana in the ear,
    a short and sweet very funny joke, IT lighten up a bit to
    reload on the important comments we do here at FA to follow up
    on the smart POSTS from our smart AUTHORS

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    The only problem is (and it’s potentially a Big One) – If Trump is going to take this on, he needs to educate himself. He gets facts wrong and nomenclature incorrect – that is NOT good (For instance:He He should start using the “proper terms”, and know how to distinguish between, “Certificate of Live Birth” and “Certification of Live Birth”; these are the proper terms for the documents that he is talking about.
    He needs to know that the “Ads ” that he refers to as the “Poor Family having paid to have placed in the newspaper”, are put there free of charge as a public service ) There are any number of qualified individuals who would be glad to take the time to educate Donald. But, shootin’ from the hip, armed with “incomplete knowledge of the available evidence”, will only make a mire of things sooner or later.

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    ELmo, hi, yes very good advice, could you send him that comment if not able to reach him personly, maybe use FOXNEWS , VIA EMAIL, TO HANNITY. I’M just trying to find a way for DONALD TRUMP

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    JohnGalt, found you, srx, but Big Oil Exxon/Mobil sat on an viable tract of leased drilling for over 2o years until Sarah opened the tract to competitive bidding, including EXM, awarding the drilling rights to another corporation. What really P-Oed the oil executives was that she signed the legislation, with the kids running around, on her kitchen table in Wassila. If more women were like Sarah Palin there would be happier marriages with fewer divorces.

    She will turn O’BasketCase into the mole in the game of Whack-A-Mole. By the way Tina, Sarah was very courteous to Tina Faye and her daughter while at SNL, what separates Alaska with Russia and what is the distance separating?
    ANSWER: Bering Sea at a 20 mile point , open water that was crossed by a female long distance swimmer about 10/15 years ago. Both points are very remote with, as of this date, no economic value to set up a trade link.

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    drjohn, I say OBAMA doesn’t put his money in anything he does, but THE DONALD TRUMP,

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