What Is important? [Reader Post]

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The most important thing in the world to you is the survival of you and your family.

You need to be secure enough in your own home to sleep at night without fear; to have enough food for however many meals you and your family need each day.

To be protected from the weather.

To have the clothing you need.

However surviving, by itself, is not enough, it is imperative that you teach your children to survive.

Children may be the future, but you are the present, and if they do not live through the present they will have no future. If you can not take care of yourself first then you will not be around to take care of them.

The basics are food, clothing, and shelter.

Teach your children how to acquire and maintain these things.

There are those who would take these things away from you and your family, and then take your lives.

We have laws against murder, theft, home invasions, and they are all enforced after the fact.

This does not help the family that was invaded.

Back in the old days, we hired a sheriff to take out the bad guys; trouble is he did not know who the bad guys were until they committed crimes, sometimes not even then.

Anyone murdered was still dead even if the bad guy was caught.

The only people who can help you in a home invasion are the people in your home at that time.

Call 911?

If the police are not parked in your driveway when you call, they can call an ambulance when they get to your home.

(If anyone is still alive)

This is not a put-down of the police or the very valuable help that 911 services can provide, it is simple logistics.

Here is a test for you. Starting at your front door, use a stop watch to determine how long it takes to run from your front door to every room in your home; that is how long it would take an invader to wipe out your family, even less time if there is more than one invader.

Part two: how long would it take to call 911, and how soon could help arrive?

When I lived in Missouri, 911 help was twenty minutes away.

If anyone was going to stop home invaders it would have to be me.

I could do that.

If I heard someone kick in my door they would be met in the hall with OO buckshot.

I do not like violence, but I am good at it or I would not be here now.

If I could be there to defend your family I would.

I would be the old military guy next door with an attitude.

But I can not be there to help you.

You must help yourself.

I do not teach self-defense, I am too old and tired to do that.

I recommended you find someone who does.

You may never need it, but when you do need it is too late to learn.

Take self-defense classes from your local gun store. If they do not have classes, they can tell you who does.

Secure you home to the point that anyone forcing their way in has to make noise; that noise may be all the warning you get.

America is being “home invaded” by terrorists, mostly Muslims, but there are others.

With or without a belief in God, there are things that you know to be right or wrong. Without a belief in right and wrong anything is OK. The bad guy that breaks into your home and takes your stuff and the lives of your family thinks what he is doing is OK.

If you are not Muslim, then you are an infidel and Muslims believe it is their duty to kill you.

The animal in the woods that attacks you is defending his territory or just wants to eat, it is not personal.

The Muslim in your home just wants to kill you, it is personal, and he does not care about your stuff.

He is what he was taught to be. The only way to stop him and his teachers is to kill them.

There is no talk.

He was raised this way from childhood.

Do you think you can talk a rattlesnake out of striking?

When you are faced with a fanatic you only have two options; kill or be killed.

The Muslim fanatic that is kicking down America’s door and coming to kill us thinks that whatever he does is OK. He will go to Mecca; you however are dead, as is your family, kids and all.


He does not know that word, or the feeling.

There is evil out there, and it means to kill you.

America’s founders knew this, and that is why we have the second amendment. They knew we must be able to defend ourselves.

Consider this thought; if Europe had had our second amendment, how long would WWII have lasted.

Hitler disarmed the German people before he started the war, leaving them unable to object to the war.

Socialists/Marxists/Liberal/Progressives want to disarm us to make us easy to control; those in power will of course still have weapons.

Libya and the rest of the mid-east do not have our second amendment and therefore the people are not able to defend themselves or even have much effect on their government.

Guess who is poor when the government controls everything.

What Obama and his administration have done to this country and the free world is treasonable.

What Obama and his administration are doing by its actions and lack of actions in the mid-east and its treatment of our allies are setting up America and the free world to be attacked.

Make no mistake; I am trying to scare you.

Or at the least wake you up.

Your only chance in life is you.

You may be lucky enough to have someone to help you; but it will not be this administration.

You have been taught by your schools to trust your government for your well being.

Remember that old quote; “I am from the government, and I am here to help you”.

Everything this president and his administration have done has hurt the American people.

No government agency is going to mow your lawn for you, but they will tell you when to mow your lawn, and even how.

Many years ago, in Playboy magazine, I read an editorial that said (quote may not be verbatim) “you must die a very personal death; do not let anyone tell you how to live”.

There are two kinds of people in this world; those who want to control you and those who do not.

I think we should elect those who do not, but they rarely run for office.

Most of the people in America have stayed home and let the ignorant vote for a “free lunch”.

Nothing is free, someone pays.

Dump the TV shows, get online, do research, connect the dots, and do not trust anything Obama says, especially if ABC/CBS/NBC/MSNBC/CNN/newspapers and most other media sources back him up or make excuses for him.

We are in serious trouble.

If you vote, you can fix it.

Just like every Monday at my home; you can take out the trash in 2012.

(If we last that long)

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    Dump the TV shows, get online, do research, connect the dots, and do not trust anything Obama says, especially if ABC/CBS/NBC/MSNBC/CNN/newspapers and most other media sources back him up or make excuses for him.

    Nor shall we trust anything that comes out of the pie-holes of the Republican leadership in the House and Senate.

  2. 4


    Ha Ha your pretty funny Bees!
    -(In reference to #2)

    I enjoy reading your articles Al Cooper, their is always good wisdom. Only BAD politicians are scared of guns.

    I’ve seen playboy once, I found it when I was in grade school. I never noticed that it had articles.

  3. 10


    Zac, hi, so you never notice the written words, well at least you still
    learn something in grade school, I know, written words was for when you became of age, way pass the grade

  4. 13


    AL COOPER, I was thinking of this RANCHER arriving at his ranch, to see a man laying down,
    asking for help, telling he was wounded; SO the good RANCHER turn to get some help at his house,
    that’s when the suppose wounded shot him in the back,
    ON ANOTHER NOTE, the SON of MR BERNARD, tell his father in a letter he send from AFGHANISTAN,
    that they see the ennemys with weapons, and are not allowed to shoot them,
    because of the ROE IMPOSE TO THEM BACK THEN; IT turn out that he get fataly shot and die,
    I come with this because, they can come to you as friend or to ask an info, or whatever else
    to get you of guard, that is their coward way, as long as they get the result that is to kill you,
    and IT’s eazyer that way, because they know the COMPASSION AND TOLERANCE OF REAL AMERICANS,
    we cannot define that, unless you get a feeling of danger zone, but not all get that feeling,
    there must be, something to get people to stay on guard all the time, some way to learn how to.
    thank you, again.

  5. 14

    Al Cooper

    thank you for your comments bees, I always enjoy them.

    A thought came to mind “love thine enemy, but make damn sure he is dead”.

    When soldiers saw their leader shoot what they thought was a dead enemy, they did not understand. Leaving a wounded enemy could get you killed and would not save that enemy. America designed their bullets to wound the enemy thinking that a wounded enemy would require care and take up the enemy’s resources caring for their wounded. Not true, the enemy did not care for their wounded. A wounded enemy would take out anyone he could, by playing possum, and striking later in revenge, because he knew he was abandoned and had no chance of surviving. The American military cares for the wounded whether their own or their enemies. The red cross painted on our hospital vehicles means nothing to our enemies.

    The best advice I can give to our military; if it feels wrong, it is wrong. Intuition is a gut feeling and comes from somewhere, do not ignore it.

    The same goes for anyone in an iffy situation. It you do not know the person you are facing, be very wary of their intent. DO NOT turn your back on anyone you do not know.

    You do not get to be wrong.

  6. 15


    Al Cooper, yes, it make a lot of sense, the gut feeling, that get to you, when you walk on a road, and decide to look behind you, and see a person not far from you walking, that got me to start running one day, then hearing the foots steps of him running too, no one else around, I was praying GOD to get me to the next street where trafic was, I must have been flying on the wings of an angel, because I never felt my feets touching the ground, and got to reach the road where I stop a car asking for help

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