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13 Responses to “Yes, It’s True We Don’t Criticize Obama Because He Is A Black Liberal: So What?”

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    Old Trooper 2

    The issues here are Competency, Experience in Governing and Constitutional and Economic Literacy.
    I cannot give Him anything less than a Failing Grade in any of them. The man is basically an Empty Resume in all of the above, found incredibly wanting/lacking in any of the Basics of Leadership, Statesmanship and Credibility. His Domestic and Foreign Policy decisions and reluctance to be decisive in those matters for All of America will be his Legacy as a One Term President.

    This supporters/advisers are fellow Academicians with no credentials other than being politically connected in Progressive/Marxist and Socialist Doctrines that have utterly failed anywhere on the Planet that they have been exercised. He is quite frankly the Wrong Guy in the Wrong place during some of the most challenging times the Nation has seen since the Civil War and the Great Depression.

    Tough days ahead America and the Current Regime is a self inflicted Wound.

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    OT2 — I would guess that the word “less” in your second sentence was really intended to be “more” or better yet “higher”. Then again — maybe you meant that it was too bad there isn’t a recognized grade LOWER than “fail”.

    Your second paragraph though is the crux of the matter — the clown in chief is just a curtain/ smokescreen/ and if it becomes absolutely necessary a heat sink — for the vast left wing ‘bolshvik’ conspiracy — all the mostly invisible miserable little cretins that make up the gang behind this clown. If necessary this beauzeau will be tossed under the bus — keep your eyes on the hildabeast.

    And for Pete’s sake — NO MORE RINO’S.

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    Mr. Freeeze

    It’s a good thing that the mainstream media has continued to “pretend” that there is no bias and that Fox News is the only bias media. This plays into the hand of conservatives as they feel “outraged” or “cheated” or otherwise playing an uneven hand, so it results in higher voter turnout. If the liberal MSM actually admitted their bias openly it would deflate that outrage.

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    I recently had a conversation with a fellow from nigeria. When I asked him if he had ever felt discriminated against for his race he laughed at me and said “theirs no racism in north America that I’ve ever seen” and then continued to describe to me that his tribe was technically “brown” and their is other tribes whom are considered “black” and their is much racism between the slight variations in skin tone. Interesting how in America everyone has Hale Berry syndrome and considers themselves African if they have a good tan. The word “black person” is really not all encompassing, despite what Americans think.

    In skeletons race is determined by facial bone structure. Their is three main categories caucasian, negro and mongoloid. Technically hispanics, and many east indians are considered caucasian.

    To say that skin tone has any effect on behavior is absurd! Genetics do not determine behavior(sorry to all you looking for the gay gene) and skin tone variation has little to do with your actual race, that’s determined by other factors. Behavior is determined by a host of factors none of which inherently skin related.

    I may have to start a reader post on the subject.

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    Nan G

    It may be true that a black liberal is above criticism.
    (By the leftist-leaning media, at least.)
    But don’t you notice how easily black CONSERVATIVES are shredded by that same media?
    I sure do.

    However, to be fair, I have noticed that the further some liberal media outlets get into financial trouble, the more likely they are to ”throw a bone” to the right with a small, soft saying or two against their usually safe-from-criticism Obama.

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    There is no bias on the left. There is no hatred on the left. Their is no hint of Socialism on the left.There is certainly no Anti-Conservative feelings on the left. Come to think of it, there isn’t even a moral compass on the left because all I say above is B.S! As Nan G points out, they are the first in line to racially vilify a Black Conservative as well as spew their hate towards anyone who would legitimately challenge their ass backwards policies. One however should not be surprised by this. People with no defense will always resort to the crassest thing they can throw out, in this case racism or worse so as to take attention away from their own shortcomings.

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    John Cooper


    I was getting worried about you since you hadn’t posted anything in a while. I thought maybe you decided to run the Idatarod or something…

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    JC, I was taking care of business in Calgary. It’s only about 2,000 miles by road to Fairbanks, so I was fairly close by those Northern standards.

    I am a dog lover, but you must be completely dog nuts to try something like that mushing business as a sport. I’ve only mushed occasionally and I was always happy with my hunting dogs. They only kill things that need to be killed. They are protective of animals that are supposed to be on the ranch, but they take a dim view of cougars and bears. The Huskies and Malamutes tend to kill your own chickens, pigs and calves for sport and once they have killed all the animals that are safe to kill, they go to your neighbor’s ranch and start in on his livestock. If someone on my place decided to drop kick a kitty cat, before he could turn around he would be on the ground with a massive pair of jaws around his neck. That’s life on the ranch with Catahoulas and Pitbulls. Check out hunting wild pigs with Catahoulas and pitbulls on You Tube and you will see what I am talking about. Yes, I am fairly well protected at home, I don’t even lock the doors when I am asleep. They are kind of like Grizzlies, you can’t outrun them, you can’t out swim them, if you climb a tree the grizzly will shake you out of it or pull it up by the roots. The Catahoula can’t do that, but they are the best tree climbing dog in the world. They have videos of that too.

    To be fair, I have seen the odd Husky or Malamute that was a well disciplined dog; however, the racers need their dogs a bit on the wild side and in the pack mode. I like a good handle on my dogs, horses, and women, makes them much easier to control and deal with.

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    premium_subscriber, subscriber


    once they have killed all the animals that are safe to kill, they go to your neighbor’s ranch and start in on his livestock

    Around my part of the country if one sees a dog or dogs running livestock it’s open season, no questions asked.

    I like a good handle on my dogs, horses, and women, makes them much easier to control and deal with.

    You might just have stepped in it with the women folk on that one but what is life if us men folk aren’t living on the edge? Thanks for the snicker, I needed that tonight.

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    “”But don’t you notice how easily black CONSERVATIVES are shredded by that same media?
    I sure do.””

    That’s because a Black who has gotten educated, and see things as they ARE, sees REALITY, and not the Liberals BS… has “Left the Plantation” so to speak, and is now an outcast and the “enemy” of the Died in the wool Liberal…. a group who hate bad things like “facts” and “truth”!!! LOL
    Also, ever notice, it’s only whites, and/or Conservatives who are “racist”…… seems a Liberal or a Black can never be that! Really…..

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