Legalizing Gay Marriage will Mean More Laws and Lawsuits [Reader Post]

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Most conservatives are live-and-let-live types.  The less government, the better; the less that the state regulates us, the better.  For that reason, many conservatives have not put up much of a fight when it came to the abolition of sodomy laws; nor did we care much when gays wanted to “show their pride;” nor did many of us object to civil unions.  For most of us, it was, “Fine, fine, do what you want.”  However, we have come to find out that, each of these steps was not a pinnacle, but merely one step in a very long ladder.  We have come to realize that, the legalization of gay marriage will not be the end of it either.

We have found the gay marriage movement to be very litigious.  It does not matter what society says; they can vote again and again to recognize marriage as being between one man and one woman; gays will use every legal maneuver possible to get their way.  I do not doubt that there are some gays who are sincere in this movement.  However, for others, this is simply more of their “in your face” attitude (which describes a gay pride parade, if you have not been to one before).

Allow me to present a few examples, many of which are well-known to most of you?

The Boy Scouts was one of the greatest and most honorable organizations in America.  Then the gay activists and the ACLU attacked the Boy Scouts because they did not want self-proclaimed homosexuals as scout leaders.  As a result, the Boy Scouts were kicked out of city parks, public schools and other meeting areas.  They lost funding from the city and county governments and from the United Way for their programs to mentor boys without fathers.  What will happen to this organization when, gay marriage is put on a par with heterosexual marriage?  At one time, the girl scouts or boy scouts were a rite of passage for young people, and these legal battles have diminished their once great position in our society.  You need to remember, in a court battle, often, whether a person wins or loses is not as important as to how much money the whole thing costs.  The sad thing is, there was no reason for such a savage legal attack, beyond simple meanness.  I would love to know what wonderful thing homosexuals believe that they achieved in this attack of the Boy Scouts.

We know for a fact that, gays will use “hate speech” legislation and “gay marriage” laws to attack churches and other organizations.  This has already been done in our country and in other countries.

Sweden has a law now which bans “all speech and materials opposing homosexual behavior and other alternative lifestyles” and there can be a 4-year stint in jail for breaking this law.  This is a law almost specifically for the pastors of a church who teach the Bible and what it says about homosexuality.

Gay marriage is just a step in the ladder; it is not the end game nor will it be the last law, nor will this be the end of gay lawsuits.  It will become ammunition for more lawsuits.

The Anglican Bishop of Chester, England, but put under police investigation for saying, “Some people who are primarily homosexual can re-orient themselves.  I would encourage them to consider that as an option.”

During Homosexual Pride Week in Saskatchewan, Canada, Hugh Owens took an ad out in the paper, showing the symbols of 2 men holding hands in a red circle with a line drawn through it, next to 4 Bible references.  The verses were not written out.  He was fined $4500.

A video was made in New Zealand which pointed out the link between AIDS and homosexual behavior; the New Zealand parliament outlawed the video, because it promoted hate speech.

Chris Kempling has a PhD in psychology, is head of the Central British Columbia Public Health Board and he is a counselor at a high school in British Columbia.  He wrote a letter to his local paper, which suggested that homosexuality was not simply a genetic orientation, that homosexual sex could be unhealthy and promiscuous, and that homosexuals could become straight.  He was suspended from his teaching job for a month without pay.

In California, a lesbian asked 2 Christian doctors to artificially inseminate her.  The doctors refused and she sued them.  The doctors lost on appeal.

I suggested in an earlier piece that schools would be sued for not having enough of a positive message about homosexuality; and that there would be lawsuits over “institutionalized homophobia.”  This has already occurred in British Columbia, where the ministry of education had not gone far enough by avoiding discrimination against homosexual and bisexual students; they were guilty of not having a positive message out there concerning sexual orientation in the classroom.

Robert Jason of Foothill, Ontario sent out an email expressing a belief that marriage should be between one man and one woman.  The police actually showed up at his front door and interviewed him, and they warned him not to threaten anyone (which he did not do).

A printing business in Ontario was put out of business through litigation because the owner did not want to print up stuff for a local homosexual and lesbian group.

Even now, there are a few public schools in California where students who object to a pro-homosexual policy can be sent to counseling.

These examples come from The Criminalization of Christianity by Janet Folger.

So, ask yourself; will this get better or worse after gay marriage?  Will there be more or less government interference with our schools and businesses after gay marriage?  Will there be more or fewer lawsuits filed?

I oppose gay marriage for many reasons, but the certain increase of laws and lawsuits is one of the primary reasons that I oppose it.

This article is from Conservative Review #168 (PDF version)

A retired math teacher who spends most of his time exegeting the Old Testament and, once a week, puts out an ezeen.

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  1. 51


    @Hard Right: You’re completely right; we’ve been taught in our church history that Joseph Smith received revelation that polygamy was to be practiced. I wasn’t trying to imply that we took it from another source or anything. Sorry if it came across that way.

    (Oh, and to you and @MataHarley: , my name is actually Michaela.) 😀

    ~Peace Out

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    Well gosh; you guys have quite an argument/conversation going on here.
    Just one thing that really ticked me off about the entire thing, you people (More specifically Gary) Mention how being gay and being a pedophile go hand in hand.
    Wow, that’s like saying all popes rape little kids, or like saying all Christians violently repent and beat their kids because of possible demonic possession.
    News flash people, a minority does not a majority make. Sure, you see older men molesting children. You also se black people sealing and killing, just like you see white people doing crimes.
    Being gay and being pedophiles are nowhere near connected in any way, shape, or form.
    I don’t want to go down the street and molest little jimmy, nor do I want being gay taught in school or preached about. I just want to be able to marry another man. Is that so bad?
    PS. Being gay IS NOT something you can control. If it was, then many kids would still have supportive parents and loving families. You can’t cure it, you can only suppress it.

  3. 53


    @Richard: You said:

    Just one thing that really ticked me off about the entire thing, you people (More specifically Gary) Mention how being gay and being a pedophile go hand in hand.

    I am not the author of this OP, but I do address the issue of homosexual pedophilia here where I talked about the activities of NAMBLA and the Canadian Lesbian and Gay Archives.

    Speaking for myself on this thread and another similar one here at FA, I cited studies showing a high correlation between homosexuality and pedophilia. No where have I said that homosexuality and pedophilia are one and the same.

  4. 54

    Richard Wheeler

    Mata and H.R. Mata says “many” and H.R. says “mostly”——“Mormons are Conservatives.”
    Guess you guys feel Mitt didn’t get the memo.

  5. 55



    Technically, rich wheeler, I said “quite a few are conservative”, and that is of those I know. It wasn’t a characterization of the politics of those of the Mormon faith at large. Granted, Utah is a predominately conservative state, but Mormons… just like everyone else… choose their politics not necessarily based on their faith. Everyone is an individual… thus there was no “memo” for Mittens to receive.

  6. 56

    Gary Kukis



    No legitimate psychiatric/psychological organization has believed that homosexuality is treatable for more than 30 years. Give that argument up. You’ll never win with that antiquated statement.

    As you know, treating homosexuality was common at one point in time. Psychiatrists and psychologists were pressured by some very politically active homosexual groups until most gave it up. My understanding is, the cure rate was around the same as it is for alcoholism.

    There were no studies done by psychology groups which caused them to change their mind.

    And I am sure that you already knew this. Right?

  7. 57

    Gary Kukis



    Would I legalize gay marriage if given the opportunity? Of course I would.

    You are a Mormon and you believe this? That surprises me.

    I doubt that you read all that came before, but, gay marriage is not something desired because there are all of these gay people who are just so much in love that they have to get married to one another. The gay population makes up maybe 1-3% of pretty much any population. A much, much smaller percentage of that is looking for marriage. And in committed gay relationships, they have an average of 8 partners each per year during this “committed” relationship. I would hope that you could recognize that as being not what we understand marriage to be.

    Gay marriage is a rung in the ladder; it is not all about gay marriage; it is about (1) attacking Christian churches; (2) suing people who do believe that gay activity is a sin; and (3) they will get full-on access to our schools in ways that we can barely imagine at this time.

  8. 58

    Gary Kukis



    Just one thing that really ticked me off about the entire thing, you people (More specifically Gary) Mention how being gay and being a pedophile go hand in hand.

    If you read all that is here, that is not what I said. However, pedophilia is primarily a homosexual act, and you know this. You would be lying to pretend that you don’t.

    Gay marriage is going to have a big effect upon pedophilia because gays will have a greater access to our schools than they do right now. They will sue our schools until they simply bow down to whatever homosexuals demand. Teach that homosexual sex is normal and as valid as heterosexual sex? The public schools will have to teach that if gay marriage is passed. Furthermore, this will be taught way back into grammar schools. You are also fully aware of this, because it is going on right now in some scattered schools.

    One of the things I predict for schools will be full-time homosexual counselors, and the identify of students who speak to this person will be kept anonymous, even from their parents. Will students be encouraged to experiment? I would guess yes.

    Here’s what gays understand. If you get young boys involved in homosexual activity at a very young age (near or before puberty), it is far more likely that they will participate in homosexual activity as they grow older. And one thing that homosexuals want more than anything else is new sex partners.

    Again, gay marriage is not the end game; it is a middle rung in a very tall ladder. The first rung was getting homosexuality away from any psychological treatment.

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