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60 Responses to “AG Holder Admits To Racist Interpretation Of The Law”

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    Nan G

    The recent rape of an 11 year old Hispanic girl by more than 18 black men and younger men in Texas has caused race to become an issue where it ought not be one.

    Yes, every male who raped the little girl was black.
    Yes, she was Hispanic.

    So, what does Houston’s New Black panther Party head Quanell X have to say?

    Quanell X says that he “believes” others “had contact” with this girl.
    There is no evidence of any kind cited anywhere in this article other than Quanell X’s *belief*.

    Will Eric holder weigh in?
    Will he agree with Quanell X?

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    joe mason

    Let’s face it, the AG sees these thugs as doing the bidding of his master Obama. this is simply a matter of election politics under the heading of dirty tricks to him. But to americans of every color and race this is a violation of everyones civil rights and of the Peace. This nation is supposed to be under the law but we can plainly see the law is not equal if the leaders manipulate it for their own corrupt purposes.

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    Phuck these punk arse mutha phuckers. Come to my house and see what happens,,,you know your scared,,,they only come in packs,,never alone,,,,,,pansy panthers,,,,,,thats all you is!!!!!

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    If the two men holding weapons outside the voting place had been KKK members and not Black Panther members, does anyone think for a moment that Holder would have dropped the charges?

    There is now an article were the Justice department is filing hate crime charges in a case of a white person attacking a black person in this “knock out game”……..

    Interesting the justice department suddenly jumps into action when the attacker isn’t black!

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