The Manchurian President [Reader Post]

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Events in the world are spinning Barack Obama around like a top. Barack Obama is ill-suited to be the President of the United States. His worldly sense is really only that of a Chicago mayor, but what Obama really should have been was the Secretary General of the UN. There he could pontificate, bluster, moralize and agonize all without meaning or intent. He could carry on the UN legacy of uselessness and failure and likely scoop up another Nobel Peace Prize for achieving nothing, to bookend his first Nobel Peace Prize for achieving nothing.

I have been to Israel five times and each visit remains a fond memory. Today I spoke with a friend from Israel. He is totally disgusted with Obama. He noted that one day Obama supported Mubarak and the next day told Mubarak to leave. I said that I was quite concerned about Israel’s safety but my friend is confident in Israel’s ability to defend itself. However, he knows as well as many of us that sooner or later someone is going to have to decapitate the nuclear monster in Iran. We all know that Barack Obama will neither come to the defense of Israel nor act on Iran. Barack Obama is a political eunuch. World events cry for leadership and Barack Obama wails about collective bargaining, all the while interfering in a state issue in which he has no business. Obama’s response to the crisis in Libya is to fire up a Motown party in White House.

When the protests for democracy arose in Iran Barack Obama dithered. He uttered some nonsense about standing with those seeking democracy

“And we stand behind those who are seeking justice in a peaceful way.”

The problem is that Barack Obama gives disingenuous a bad name. He is an execrable liar. When he could have done the most good for those seeking change in Iran, he voted present.

Amid allegations of fraud in the recent Iranian elections, Republicans are criticizing President Obama for not personally addressing violence against the protesters demonstrating on behalf of opposition leader Mir Hossein Moussavi.

When uprisings took place in Egypt, he voted present.

When bloodshed takes place in Libya, Obama voted present.

Energy prices are skyrocketing and Barack Obama has diminished our domestic energy supply and made us even more dependent on foreign oil. He has shut off new searches for oil in the Gulf of Mexico and has curtailed several functional rigs. The Obama administration has been ordered to resume the granting of oil drilling permits but has not done so and has even been found in contempt, not that that matters. As noted here, Barack Obama picks and choose what laws he wants to uphold and screw the rest.

Meanwhile, pretty much everyone in the world is drilling in the Gulf except for the United States and at the same time the United States is financing drilling in the Gulf by Petrobas of Brazil.

Obama submitted a budget he knows fully well will put this country on a course to oblivion.

It seems that union leaders are the shadow Presidents of the US and Obama has taken to meeting with lobbyists in secret places so we cannot know who owns Obama at the moment.

I listen to people tell me how much Obama cares and how he really wants what’s best for the US.

Not. Buying. It.

He is either a blithering idiot

or he is trying to destroy this country.

One thing is sure: his messianic hubris is killing us. If he was proven to be the Manchurian President I doubt he could visit more damage on us.

One wonders whether Obama would support a peaceful change of leadership here in the United States. I am ready for change.


DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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  1. 51

    Old Trooper2

    @ Tom, and You are gonna play the “Religion Card” and throw out a “Yo Momma” comment as well?

    Nope. Sorry but lowering the bar to that level gives Fools the Home Field Advantage. I just happen not to want to play in Your League. If You cannot offer better than that approach that Most of Us see through very clearly, You may be out of Your League here.

    If You like I can post My Momma’s Buffalo Chili Recipe for You. It is good grub but as on topic as Your contributions.

  2. 52


    @Old Trooper2:

    @ Tom, and You are gonna play the “Religion Card” and throw out a “Yo Momma” comment as well?

    Please, sir, go back and reread what i wrote. I quoted one of your fellow commentor’s comment, which stated that Obama came from a “fetid” swamp, and then made reference to his mother (“Stanley”). Perhaps you have no problem with that, but I do. The women is dead, and whatever you think of Obama, trashing his deceased mother (the daughter of WWII army vet), is disgustingly low (and only degrades the commenter, I might add). I quoted it because I believe it illustates my point that people routinely go way too far here. Sorry you find it necessary to scold me because I take issue with that.

  3. 53


    @Tom: So Tom, I see you posted but as usual, totally ignored my questions in post #49.

    What’s the matter? Cat got yer tongue?

    And do you REALLY want to go down the road that will force you to defend Obama’s mother and her lifestyle? Her actions? Her politics?

  4. 54



    So you are okay with the fact that Bernie’s position is that anyone who opposes Obama is a racist?

    I guess you didn’t read my post, where in the first sentence I disputed that very notion. And since you didn’t really read my post, my guess is the rest of yours will in no way logically address my point.

    Nope, just more of the same argumentative BS from you. You’re like a spazzy little kid running from thread to thread, just trying to get into arguments, never listening to anyone, and clerely craving some sort of pat on the head from those authors here whom you obviously consider your heros. Whatever it is your ego needs, you’re not going to get it from me.

  5. 55



    @Tom: His roots and upbringing have made him into what he is. Anne Dunham Obama Soetoro taught Barry to be irresponsible. She taught him that one need not worry about insurance until one becomes ill and then the fault lies with the insurance company for not covering her.

  6. 56

    Old Trooper2

    @ Tom, I did not as You infer, “dis” anyone but I find it annoying to be reading comments that at best bear the logic that My Posting described and Yours inferred.

    Spazzy Kid? , Nope…I’m not gonna go there. Most Folks outgrew that foolishness years ago. You are the bush league cow pie slinger here. Sorry, You missed. Now go wash Your Hands.

  7. 57



    And do you REALLY want to go down the road that will force you to defend Obama’s mother and her lifestyle? Her actions? Her politics?

    I have zero interest. There are some things that are out-of-bounds to me. I can’t even theoretically put myself into a mindset where I would ever trot out salacious gossip and character assasination about another man’s mother as a way to attack that man. The fact that you would do so without blinking an eye is hardly a surprise to me. Read into that as you will.

    But it’s really all about job performance, right? And my point just keeps getting proven.

  8. 58


    I guess you have’t been paying attention Tom. My charge that Obama is a “malignant narcissist” was not made lightly.

    pREgressives are fond of the memory hole. Let’s take a peek down that hole and see what we can dredge up.

    Ever see any candidate anywhere, anytime give a speech in a “styrofoam” temple, compete with “styrofoam” columns?
    Two autobiographies by the time he was ~43?
    “This was the time the oceans receded”
    “…we are 5 days from fundamentally changing America…”
    “I won”
    “…clinging to their guns and religion…”
    “The difference is this time you have me”
    The belief his mere presence would get Chicago the Olympics. Or get his carbon scheme passed.

    These and dozens more, I believe make the case pretty easily that Obama is a narcissist. I’ll go a bit further and say that most people is the public spotlight all have a bit of narcissism but are able to preen before the public and not lose their sense of proportion. But what makes the strain of narcissism in Obama dangerous are the multitude of lies he tells.

    Please name for me any administration that has flat out ignored Federal court judgments. Or refused to bring charges against black men for voter intimidation with video proof in hand? Who extolls us to conserve when he dines on Kobe beef, throws hugh parties in the WH and takes numerous multi-million dollar vacations, takes a $100,000 night off to NY, plays multiple rounds of golf while there’s a massive oil spill, cancels numerous long practiced Presidential traditions and flips the bird-oh so causally-when he addresses opponents. Who demands we need to spend a trillion dollars of fairy dust money for “shovel ready” projects and a year later tells us there were in fact no such thing as “shovel ready” projects. How about the lies of the coming “transparency?” Or “the budget deficit is under control” and then a few days later a budget with a $1.6T!!! deficit? Ot the “recovery summer?”

    Another mark of the malignance are the stories of his rage that have leaked out. Remember when he gave the speech and the Presidential seal fell off and Obama laughed it off. Afterwards, back stage, he blew his top at the stage hand who set it up. Or how about the time Paul Ryan, using real math, explained to Obama how his health care bill was going to bankrupt the country, remember Obama’s facial expression? Whoa, if looks could kill. Or the look he have Hillary once, along with one of those “casual” fingers? Or jumping on Maureen Dowd because she dared to point out his large ears?

    Yet another mark of the narcissist is his paranoia. Deep down Obama knows he’s self invented, seriously please list for me his accomplishments in the real world…………………………..thought so. Look at the extremes he’s gone to hiding his college transcripts, writings, passport visas, even his past associations are kept under wraps. It’s paranoia on steroids. And why? Why spend 2 million dollars and counting to deny access to these records?

    So yeah, I stand by my writing. If you choose to ignore all of the danger signs, that’s your problem, not mine. I guess both of us are acting accordingly.

  9. 59


    @Old Trooper2:

    @ Tom, I did not as You infer, “dis” anyone but I find it annoying to be reading comments that at best bear the logic that My Posting described and Yours inferred.

    I hope at mission control, or wherever it is that you work the most important job in America, the Top Secret reports are easier to read than my comments, because you clearly still don’t understand what I wrote. IF you care to discuss what I ACTUALLY wrote and explain why you disagree, I’d be happy to listen. But likely you’d rather just believe your version of things, where the people on your side can denegrade a man’s mother because you don’t like that man, and somehow I crossed the line by pointing it out.

  10. 60



    His roots and upbringing have made him into what he is

    And here I was thinking that a man controls his own destiny and is responsible for the manner in which he lives his life. But, no, you’re telling me, it’s actually a person’s mother’s fault if forty years later he does something YOU don’t like. Is that a Conservative principle you’re espousing? Or are you just dying for another excuse to trash the man’s mother? Seems to be a common fetish here.

    but about the performance issue… a forget it.

  11. 61


    Hey Tom, you are a troll to Nth degree. Bomb thrower extraordinaire and a mark for all things Obama. Yeah, you started out your little rant saying most folks here at FA aren’t racist. Then you blather on and come to the conclusion that Bernie is justified in calling us racists because…..because we disagree vehemently with Obama and his policies.

    Contact your local community college, Tom. I am sure they have a Logic 101 class that you can take for not too much money.

    And since you never answer any question I put to you, how in the world could it be said that I only want to get into an argument with you?

    You duck and dodge and run away with your tail between your legs any time I ask you something.

    Just in the off chance that you are brave enough to make the attempt, here are my questions.

    As for Obama, well you tell me why he said, “Under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket,” from an Obama interview with the San Francisco Chronicle editorial board in 2008. – Source

    Why would he wish to inflict upon the American people more hardship by skyrocketing their electricity rates?

    What about his healthcare plan? Has it lowered insurance premiums by $2,500 like he promised? Nope. – Source

    I mean come on, Tom tell me one thing Obama has done that has improved this country.

    Are more people employed or unemployed now than in 2008?

    Are gas prices higher or lower now than in 2008?

    Are we doing more or less to explore and utilize domestic energy now than in 2008?

    Which terrorists have stopped and changed their mind about attacking us now, since Obama took office in 2008?

    You are telling me that you can’t see why Americans think Obama hates the United States?

    Like I asked – give us ONE example of how Obama has made America better.

    For you reading comprehension assistance, let me explain that only the last question need be answered. You can consider the others rhetorical questions.

    So here ya go – exit question:

    What one policy has Obama implemented that has made America a better place? (Please be specific and cite credible sources.)

  12. 62

    Old Trooper2

    @ Tom. Nope. What I do right now has real consequences if intent is not captured and You cannot follow the pattern. I called Yours at face value and see it again. I got Your pattern ciphered out.

  13. 63



    @Tom: Come on, Tom. It started with his Mother and it continued with Ayers and Alinsky and Jeremiah Wright. It all contributes.

    And FWIW, Obama’s been doing things I don’t like for a long time.

  14. 64


    @Tom: You said:

    But it’s really all about job performance, right? And my point just keeps getting proven.

    You and I agree on this one. It IS all about Obama’s job performance, which sucks.

    In reference to this see posts #49 and #60.

  15. 65



    So you can ignore my post, and in response trot out a ridiculous list of questions, but I’m the one dodgning if I don’t respond? Your questions have nothing to do with my comment. Not surprising, because – as already illustrated in 53 – you obviously didn’t read my comment. So why would I respond to questions that have nothing to do with what I wrote? In fact, your attempi to steer this into a discussion about issues is hilarious, considering how eager you just were to get into it about Obama’s mother. Try reading for a change, not skimming, and try thinking before you post another canned response. If you disagree with what I’ve written, that’s fine, but you have yet to intelligently (or intelligibly) express your disagreement.

  16. 66



    And the chap cheekily does it while still maintaining many policies in a manner almost indistinguishable from his predecessor. But of course you know all about that, right? crickets

    – You mean like choosing not to enforce/defend laws passed by congress legally and signed into law legally?
    -Maybe you mean illegally shutting down drilling operations in the gulf, even after admonishment from a federal judge.
    -Or maybe you mean bullying a State, based simply on a law that he doesn’t like, and doesn’t fit in with his ideology.
    -Then again, you could mean decisions to tax American’s more is the way to dig the country out of economic depression.
    -Possibly you mean that having your DOJ drop federal charges against guilty(they were convicted) racist thugs is similar to what the previous guy had done.
    -No. No. I got it! You mean the reckless spending of money the nation doesn’t have. Truly, $4Trillion in 8 years is nearly the same as $4Trillion in 2 years.

    This is reasoned debate on this competency?

    No, it’s not. However, despite your beliefs that a debate about Obama’s competency should be the only debate, there is belief here, and elsewhere, that Obama is trying to change the very foundation this nation was built upon. It stems from his associations prior to elected office(Ayers,Wright), to his associations since election(SEIU, numerous cabinet officers), to his actions since becoming President(unconstitutional actions such as refusing to defend a federal law). He has named numerous Czars that run end-arounds past Congress and any form of debate. His departments, such as the EPA, overreach and make rulings beyond what their charter allows and without the benefit to the country of reasoned debate. In short, he is acting like a dictator while in office, even to the point of interposing himself into a state’s own debate on it’s own personal issues.

    His competency is not up for debate here. He has already shown himself incompetent in regards to the Constitutionally required acts his office is discharged with. The reason for the incompetency is the question at hand.

  17. 67


    @Tom: Tom, I am not going to waste much time on your silly comments. If this blog had been in operation with the people who regularly comment during the Carter administration, you would see similar comments. Carter was just incompetent. Then he even believed he was an expert since we elected him to the presidency. He since has become a racist (ant semantic).

    Obama was much more. His association with Ayers and Dorn as well as his Marxist farther paints a good picture of who he is without any reference to his skin color. The people here are much more than a little concerned with the path this presidency is taking the country. Color of the president has nothing to do with it. From his returning the Bust of Churchill to giving the Queen an IPOD with Obama’s favorite speeches to his attacks on Israel while supporting the Palestinian terror organizations must be designed to sever relations with allies. His environmental policies if allowed to go to their natural conclusions will send more jobs overseas while bankruptcy.

    Those of us who have served in the military hate incompetent officer no matter the color of their skin while we work hand in hand with those who are dedicated. We cannot afford to be racist since our lives may depend on those we work with. My last team in Iraq was composed of a a lady from Korean descent, 2 black officers, a Swede from Minnesota and two rednecks from Arkansas and Texas. It was the most effective team I have ever worked with. I did what I could to make sure those who were continuing in the military were promoted into O-6 billets. Two, one black man and the Korean lady, ended up working in Intel at the Pentagon.

    Tom, you and your ilk can not accept that this president is not only incompetent, but purposefully destructive. You have no other argument left except the left’s last argument of racism!

  18. 70


    Tom, You dumb sh**. You called all of us racist that hate what the president is doing. What do you think the posts are about? Do you think the FA folks are asking you to name one good thing Obama has done for this country because they are racists? Their comments are based on incompetency, not race of the president. You either have been drinking so much kool aid you can not see or you really have a double digit IQ.

  19. 71


    @Old Trooper2:

    I never brought up race. i pointed out how many comments here are personal in nature and not about job performance. I’m still waiting for someone to explain why it’s ok to drag a man’s mother through the mud to score a political point. Feel free to enlighten me.

  20. 72



    You called all of us racist that hate what the president is doing

    Again, where? Give me a post #. Or cut and paste where I called all of you racists. I’m such a “dumb sh**”, I must have forgot.

  21. 73

    Old Trooper2

    @ Nope. I’m not here to be Your Daddy. Read what You posted. I have given You all of My time that I feel was warranted. You can figure it out.

  22. 74


    @Tom: Ignore your post?

    Not hardly.

    Let me take you by the hand and walk you through it.

    Bernie pops on and calls all of us here at FA racists because we disagree with the guy that he has a shrine to in his living room.

    You then ask us to give him a pass because we are so mean to Obama.

    You said:

    This is reasoned debate on this competency? And this is just random comments from this one thread. There are many posts like this on this site, with many similar comments.

    If it was, as you contend, just reasoned arguments on Obama’s performance, I think reasonable people could debate that and each side could assume the others motives were pure and vision clear. To have a real debate, you need at least that, no? As to motives, I believe everyone has the same goal (what’s best for the country) but I have a hard time reading this site and concluding that peoples’ vision of this man is clear.

    When you said, “This is reasoned debate on this competency?” I can only assume you meant “…reasoned debate on HIS (Obama’s) competency.”

    You seem to be asking for, and I quote you – “reasoned arguments on Obama’s performance.” Okay, so how do my questions NOT pertain to his performance?

    Without boring everyone here again by posting something you won’t address, or even read, here is the exit question of my comment #49.

    Can you name ONE policy decision or program that Obama has implemented that has made America a better place? (Please be specific and cite credible sources.)

    Now if you just want to rant and rave and call me names thinking that makes you superior in some way, go right ahead. You have proven your competency in that arena. If however, you want to have “reasoned debate,” answer my question.

    I dare you.

  23. 75




    And the chap cheekily does it while still maintaining many policies in a manner almost indistinguishable from his predecessor. But of course you know all about that, right? crickets

    Obama utilizes all of the programs and policies that can save his own ass on an international basis but for anyone to suggest that Bush would trample individual rights like Obama is lunkheaded. And even then Obama has so diluted the US label that it’s pathetic.

    No one fears us any longer, and with good reason. Obama won’t do jack sh*t about anything in a crisis and his first reaction to everything is wrong. Hubris is no substitute for a plan. Obama thinks he can bend spoons with his mind.

  24. 76



    Doc, I already called him out on that topic, inviting what he terms “reasoned debate”. Instead he chooses to concentrate on some comment about Obama’s mother.

    See my post on #65 for more.

  25. 77



    I’m still waiting for someone to explain why it’s ok to drag a man’s mother through the mud to score a political point. Feel free to enlighten me.

    Ok Tom;

    Here are several articles that directly link the childhood development processes and relationship of child to mother to the social skills of the adult. There are literally hundreds of such studies that are available all link the childhood social skills to being primarily provided by the mother. Take a look at the articles, please.

    The most clearly identifiable characteristics that result from childhood trama is the “social outcast” or “social pathological”. These are extreme individuals that inflict immense harm on anyone and everyone that interact with them. They inflict such harm for “any” reason, just as long as they get what they want. We talk about Obama as a narcissist . . . I humbly submit that he is much worse . . . he is a “socio-path” . . . a sociopath will be EVERY thing, get this it is important . . . he will range from “savior” to “mass murderer” . . . there is nothing beyond what he is willing to do to GET his way. This kind of person is more dangerous than any pure narcissist.

    Do I HATE Obama . . . absolutely not . . . but he does scare me to the very depth of my soul.

    I am horribly afraid of him . . . get what this means? Fear!!!!

  26. 78


    Another thread hijack by non other, the little guy gets up on his pretty pony and trots around the board flogging whoever he can with the body of Obama’s mother all the while lecturing. Stuff it Tom, you are too easy and much more transparent than Obama.

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