12 Responses to “NAACP Mute Following Calls for Torture and Murder of Black Justice”

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    Aye, this is a blatant case of racial discrimination; Alito is only condemned to be returned to Sicily, while Thomas is to be tortured and hanged. It doesn’t get more obvious than that, wait till Sharpton and Jackson hear about this injustice directed toward a Black man.

    These Liberals who are so politically correct, how thin their sanctimonious layer of caring for the minority actually is, these people are coming apart at the seams. Their lack of integrity and resolve coupled with the glaring truth and frustration that they have elected an incompetent diletante to the presidency is exposing them as hypocrites and phonies.

    Your If is the only peace maker;
    Much virtue in If. The Bard,- As You Like It, V:4

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    Angel Artiste

    The only races the NAACP is concerned about are the “progressive” race vs. the “conservative” race. In fact, their acronym should be the “National Association for the Advancement of Colored Progressives”.

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    premium_subscriber, subscriber


    Sir, the only response you will hear from the likes of Sharpton and the Rev. Jackson is dead silence indicating a wholesome agreement with these despicable radicals and the NAACP.

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    Absolutely stunning isn’t it?

    I don’t know a whole lot about Koch Brothers, but they do a lot of philanthropy – in the millions. And according to the article in the ‘New Yorker’ the elder donates a whole lot of money to Groups in an effort undermine the Obama Administration and their Policies which are a detriment to the Koch brothers Corporate affairs and ownership which many liberal outlets do not embrace. Do these brothers create Jobs for People? Did they have to be bailed out by the Government? Are they great businessmen who created a fortune? Usually you hear family members ‘take over’ a family business and just run it into the ground, they didn’t. Would I like the business sense they have? Heck yea! I would be able to make myself a fortune ! Unfortunately I do not… but I am not going to crucify them for it…. Like the envious Left does and societies degenerates do…

    All I know is you can’t take it with you anyway…The envious people in this country should really learn to accept that “success” is not all about the Almighty Dollar… The left should be more concerned about radical Islam and the Trillion dollars of debt “our” Government created for us. . The Progressive Left, our President and his administration surely has their priorities screwed up…

    What makes this laughable is it’s ok for ‘ Spooky Man’ George Soros to spend billions of dollars in an effort to bring down America and replace it with a Socialist government style rule and Workers of the World Unite Radical Movements. He donates millions to “Far Left” groups – to Unions, Accorn and to many other ‘Social Justice’ groups fighting for Socialism in America – and mums the word. Does Soros help with any environmental causes ? (I don’t know I am asking) Does he create Jobs for people? Or does he just try to create mayhem?

    The Tea Party was put under a microscope but only because they are a threat to the far left/left/Progressive/Obama/Pelosi/Reid Agenda. The Tea Party stands for what is ‘Right’ for America . According to people who appear in this video and their ilk, THAT is WRONG. The Tea Party “was” accused of spitting on a Congressman. We heard about that for a week or more… when all along it was a contrived FALSE accusation! There was a large reward for video evidence and nothing ever transpired. Again, people may try, but, you cannot ‘spin’ the truth… it always prevails…

    Well we all know the NAACP is a racist organization in it’s own right. And the ACLU isn’t far behind.

    Why is the MSM not all over this? Sharpton, Jesse, where are you? Hypocrites!

    I still believe RIGHT will PREVAIL over WRONG/EVIL…

    New Yorker article on Koch Brothers can be found here:

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    Gary Kukis


    This would would be the greatest thrill the left ever had, if TEA party people made these remarks. It would be front page news and dissected for weeks in the alphabet media.

    From the Bible:

    the god of this world has blinded the minds of the unbelieving

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    @Faith7 – I was listening to Hannity’s radio show yesterday and he had two female guests on to debate this very issue. It went as planned with the lib giving lip service to how this was wrong, but these folks are just misguided and besides the right does it much worse, yadda, yadda, yadda…

    The conservative lady actually used to work with Jesse Jackson and after their segment, called back in with Jackson on the phone. He basically did the same left wing reaction, “condemning” the statements, but it was a weak reaction.

    I had my two year old daughter in the car with me so I only caught brief parts of both segments.

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    Old Trooper 2

    OK NOW… Where is the Eric Holder DOJ on this?
    Strong Advocates of Civil Rights! (When it Suits them)
    But Constitutionally Illiterate on most Everything Else!

    (Probably out checking on the price of rope?)

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    See, what you have to do is first only tell a liberal that a racist remark was made against a black leader but don’t mention the name. Wait for them to rant and rave, flip their lid, then reveal that the racist remarks were made by leftists.

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    @Ditto, you are on to something here. Let me just add that you do exactly as you propose, but after the leftist rants and raves and plays the race card, THEN you tell them that the black person in question is a Conservative.

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