Newton’s Laws of Motion Apply To Propaganda

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Newton’s First Law Of Motion:

An object in motion will remain in a state of motion unless eternal forces are applied. Reflective of Galileo’s writings on inertia, this First Law is often called the “Law of Inertia.”

In propaganda we have a mass known as O or Obama. Without external forces, O tends to wander pointlessly without a point of view, but O has the impetus of an ideology, the ideology of Socialism, but without other external forces O and his Socialism wanders aimlessly in the universe in a type of ‘Listless Inertia’ peculiar to the intellectually lazy. Thus the ideology controls the random and pointless wanderings of O, in a universe with no direction points of reference.

With external forces, O becomes a vibrant mass that has direction, these forces are special interest monies and the teleprompter becomes the guidance mechanism for the mass known as O.

Alfred Learns How Much Energy Is Required To Move His Car

Newton’s Second Law of Motion:

An object’s mass m, multiplied by acceleration a, and influenced with applied forces or vectors will equal F or Force. It is expressed as F=ma or Force = mass x acceleration.

In propaganda, we know that a mass O has no direction, except for his ideology; in America, the Socialist ideology has no traction unless you deceive the public with lies and propaganda. Yet with lies and/or propaganda combined with special interests in the form of unions, George Soros money, fat cat bankers and CEOs there is a considerable array of forces or vectors being applied to O and it will make the otherwise limpid, impotent, and aimless mass O into a Force or viable politician. Thus the formula is written P or Viable Politician = O or Obama x L, L being a conglomerate of lies, propaganda, deception, special interests and their money or P=O x L or P=OL. Despite the unsavory factors within the equation, the formula managed to win a national election; although, it has failed miserably on foreign and national policies, the power of the equation is in an inverse relationship to the Liberal mind and its intelligence. The weaker the mind the greater the effect of lies and propaganda: the stronger the mind the less effect lies and propaganda will have. The Socialist ideology has insured this inverse relationship by dumbing down the public education and university systems. Therefore, it still represents a political force to be respected in American politics; unfortunately, it is only respected as a campaign entity and not as an effective mode of leadership. The measure of success of a national Socialist leader in the US is also in an inverse equation with the ideology of international socialism: if the national socialist leader fails miserably and weakens the country, the goals of international socialism are advanced and the leader is considered to be a success and a great leader, not of the US but for the ideology.

The Second is considered to be the most dynamic of Newton’s Three Laws, because it allows for the quantitative analysis and calculation of vectors; however, an important consideration must be remembered when calculating motion and propaganda, the force vector is or must be the same direction as the acceleration factor. We are allowed to calculate changes in velocity when other forces are applied. Thus the stage is set for Newton’s Third Law of Motion or Propaganda.

Newton’s Third Law Of Motion

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

This law is best exemplified by the reverse force applied to a boat as a man steps from a boat to shore: as we step to shore, the boat is pushed away and if we aren’t agile and careful, we will do he splits and end up in the water. Of course the boat moves in the opposite direction as the force to step to land is applied.

With propaganda, there are the complications of over exposure to lies and obvious misrepresentations: at a certain point, even the most simple minded among us becomes immune to the propaganda and lies. The propaganda bureaus have no other option but to increase the volume and audacity of propaganda messaging, a move that only serves to dilute the effects as the public views the onslaught of increasing propaganda with apathy.

Tasked with directing the ideology of Socialism is the dedicated Marxist, who knows the messaging system is only designed to manipulate the feeble minded and Useful Idiots: to the dedicated Marxist, the lies and and misconceptions are tools and only a means utilized to accomplish an end, and of no moral consequence. Integrity and dignity are considered bourgeoisie designations from a bygone era and are useful only as props to turn against any Conservative who stumbles. The erudite Leftist that has a degree of intelligence, is the manipulator, he awards the compliant student of covert Marxist philosophy with degrees that are utterly worthless except for obtaining lucrative government positions. Thus the obedient Socialist leader must always expand government bureaucracy to accommodate the horde of recent graduates and their meaningless degrees. Thus a symbiosis exists, those who have submitted to having the brain washed in the soap suds of Marxism for four years are rewarded with a job that has no validity for obtaining an education with no validity. The problem arises from the fact that society and government can only support a finite group of parasites before the boat begins to push away from shore and the country and the government loses its equilibrium and fails.

The Boat Slips Back

Even the weakest among us are beginning to see through the propaganda of the left and their corrupt propaganda bureaus; consequently, the most sincere efforts of the MSM begin to appear as slap-stick comedy.

A professional horseman for over 40 years, Skook continues to work with horses. He is in an ongoing educational program, learning life's lessons from one of the world's greatest instructors, the horse. Skook has finished an historical novel that traces a mitochondrial line of DNA from 50,000 years ago to the present. The book Fifty-Thousand Years is awaiting me to finish a final proofread and it should be sent to the formatter in a matter of days. I am still working, so it is not easy to devote the time I need to finish the project. The cover is a beautiful wok of art. I would put it up here if I could figure out how to make it work.

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    Even the weakest among us are beginning to see through the propaganda of the left and their corrupt propaganda bureaus; consequently, the most sincere efforts of the MSM begin to appear as slap-stick comedy.

    Sadly, it’s still a fight. Propaganda vs TRUTH. However the good news is you cannot ‘spin’ the truth.

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    For the last few weeks I’ve been trying to put to words exactly what you say above! My contempt for the MSM which is the propaganda arm for this administration is well known. I do believe truth can win out in the end, but only if those of us who care continue to fight back against every lie thrown out there by the left! Brilliant analysis my friend!

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    Faith, it is sad that the country is so willingly embracing the very ideology that seeks to destroy and enslave us; unfortunately, if you read this link from the Wall St. Journal, the answer will become easier to understand. The core groups of the Left are not the compassionate loving souls that they like to portray themselves as being. No, far from it, among these sanctimonious bleeding hearts lies the bloodthirsty, homicidal maniac personalities of Stalin, Mao, or Pol Pot waiting patiently in the wings for the opportunity to seize the moment and like Bill Ayers and his dainty flower of a murderous wife, the close friends and neighbors of our lying president, were ready to do in their professed willingness to murder 25 million of us in order to implement their Utopian vision for America.

    Radical Islam is a clear and present danger, but the Radical Left, one of whom occupies the White House, is a more insidious enemy of our country, that is just as dangerous and ruthless.

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    Thanks for the vote of confidence, Joe. From my own little soap box, I try to illustrate the lies and corruption being broadcast by these propaganda bureaus that enabled the election of this Manchurian Candidate with such questionable patriotism and dubious character. We have an ever decreasing period of time to expose the flaws and lack of integrity of this man and I feel we are running out of time, while he methodically works to destroy America day by day.

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    James Raider


    One of today’s lies: “Unemployment is down.”

    Reason? . . . 500,000 unemployed people couldn’t get to unemployment offices to “report in.” The weather was the cause. Ooops.

    Sadly, most of the supposed new jobs being celebrated by Washington and the MSM are part time jobs. Companies of all sizes are still struggling, and creating full time employment has become a major, major decision, bigger than ever before – not just because of the economy but because the overwhelming costs of Obamacare loom ominously over the landscape of balance sheets for each new job created.

    America still waits for visionary and steadfast leadership.

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    Liberal1 (objectivity)

    Before considering these possible tongue-in-cheek applications of Newtons ‘basic’ principles to socio-politico-economic topics, one should also understand the limitations of these physical laws in relation to modern physics–and factor them into the explanation, lest their explanation not correspond to reality, just as in the physical world.
    For an introduction, see

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    Wow. You guys are really crazy. What ideology do you think ‘seeks to destroy and enslave you’? Are you of the opinion that there are people out there bent on your destruction and enslavement? What is this drivel. Obviously you disagree but try and look beyond your petty hate mongering to realize that people on both sides of the spectrum are just doing what they believe to be right.

    Some how insinuating that ‘the bloodthirsty, homicidal maniac personalities of Stalin, Mao, or Pol Pot’ lie behind those democrats seeking to instill universal healthcare is asinine and incredibly destructive to the democratic political process of open debate the true America was founded upon. What professed willingness to murder 25 million of us are you talking about. What is this rubbish. What are you talking about. This is hate filled, scare mongering gibberish.

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    Yes, so much for the Democratic debate of Ayers, Obama’s neighbor and friend, the man Michelle admitted authored “Dreams”, Ayers the man who started the Won’s political by having a fund raiser for him in his living room with the radicals of the Chicago Machine.

    The link above was obviously missed. Check out Wall Street Journal in #3.

    Now if you read and view the links, perhaps you might have a point of view that isn’t clouded over with the pablum of propaganda you’ve ingested over the years.

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    Liberal, if you want to get into a technical discussion of physics and how the laws of Keplar, Copernicus, Galileo, and Newton apply to theoretical aspects of modern politics, let’s roll, but throwing out an anemic page from wikipedia on Newton’s Laws of Motion is an insult.

    This article was purposely toned down so that the non-scientific mind could grasp the basic physics involved. If you have some hidden talents, please preview your abilities. Personally, I find such theoretical discussions interesting and challenging. Please show us the light!

    “Now is the winter of our discontent.
    Made glorious summer by this son of York.” Richard III, the Bard

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    “False face must hide what the false heart doth know.” Macbeth, the Bard

    The despair of the country is being soothed with the balm of lies, the placebo of propaganda; for what purpose we ask, does the O administration rely on the forlorn hope that things will improve by the sheer random nature of the universe and the chaotic theories of blind luck; the public grows weary and immune to the lies they hear daily, the ideology of Socialism becomes more suspect with each passing hour. Perhaps there is some rationale behind the fact that Socialism has failed in every instance: yet we must endure the Useful Idiots who swear they have the formula and the genius teleprompter that can lead us to Utopia, but we must be willing to endure the ravages and depredations of Dystopia, for there will momentary setback that plague the imposition of totalitarian rule by Elites. The US didn’t achieve greatness over night: Socialism requires the suffering of generations; otherwise, we cannot appreciate the struggle required to bring social justice to the world and as we live in poverty and despair for the rest of time.

    How much good news can you withstand as your world slowly disintegrates around you? The lies of propaganda must be plausible to be believed: the administration stepped into the Rubicon of implausibility long ago, they are now running toward 2012 hoping the country can hold together for the next 21 months so that Obama can put the coup de grace to the concept of Freedom forever.

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    Nan G

    Greg, Greg, Greg.
    You used the term in a different sense than what Skookum did in any of his references to it.
    Skookum was referring to the idea of socialism and an ideology.
    You, Greg, are trying to move the goalposts to condemn Skookum as if he opposes social programs to benefit the truly physically handicapped, the blind, the crippled, the mentally handicapped, the orphaned, the widowed and so on.
    Too bad almost every social program originally designed to help such truly needy individuals has been co-opted by organizations which redefine who is eligible for help to include so many others that it has reached a point of absurdity.

    Ever read why American women have such high rates of AIDS?
    It isn’t because they have contracted the HIV virus.
    It is because women’s groups pushed for more funding by expanding what constituted qualifying for AIDS funding.
    Now, anyone who gets any three of a long list of infections within a 1 year span are considered eligible for AIDS funding.
    As if they actually have the AIDS syndrome.
    When they do not.

    But it did one thing:
    That equalized the funding male VS female.
    And that was the real goal of the women’s groups.

    It also meant that for people (mostly men) who really have AIDS to be covered adequately the amount we taxpayers must cough up for AIDS programs is higher by far than it really needs to be!

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    Commies lie, muslims lie and since Obama is a bit of both anything that comes out of his mouth is pure bull shit. Obama is looking for the suckers that PT Barnum said are born every minute.

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    In space, a man could throw a baseball at 90 mph and that ball would travel at that speed for the rest of time or at least until frictional forces or gravitational forces slowed the ball. Here on earth, our gravitational and frictional forces influence all movement. Obama has increasing frictional forces that are slowing his momentum, (mass x velocity), his frictional forces are increasing as the MSM is becoming recognized as a propaganda bureau, that at the very least is sympathetic to Liberalism and possibly even working under the direction of the regime. As the public awakens to the travesty of the sanctimonious and pious attitudes of the self-proclaimed Fourth Estate and the absurdity of their claims of objectivity, the frictional forces increase. A practical application would be increasing pressure on your brake pedal, the brake pads increase the friction or pressure on the rotors and the momentum of the car is reduced. If you are driving down a mountain, the frictional forces on the brakes are battling two forces mass and velocity.

    Obama has used up a lot of his momentum; especially, the momentum that claimed he was a centrist and an astute or an intellectual of superior intelligence. The frictional forces of speaking off teleprompter and without script have exposed the mythical qualities that were attributed to the man as grossly exaggerated; thus the frictional forces slow the mass of O.

    There are only two ways to overcome this loss of momentum: he must increase his mass or increase his velocity. Mass could be interpreted as image; at this point it is difficult to give Obama a new image, but it is possible. Time has pictured Obama and one of Conservative’s greatest heroes, Ronald Reagan, in an image of togetherness and mutual admiration; despite the absurdity of the situation, it is an attempt to give the president the much needed mass that he so desperately needs. The upcoming attempts by the propaganda bureaus to increase mass and velocity will probably be desperate in the next 18 months of campaigning. The problem with desperation is that the subtlety required to make propaganda believable by the masses is abandoned and their efforts, like the Reagan/Obama cover become patently obvious and laughable.

    It is our job to increase the frictional forces and slow down the momentum of O and his propaganda bureaus by continuing to expose the lies and hypocrisy of a president and his propaganda.

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    richard wheeler

    SKOOKS When I read #3 I fear you’ve truly lost your mind with fear and hate.Very sad to see such a loving soul so overwhelmed as to join the likes of minuteman,hard right and Aleric in your anti Obama rantings.
    Hopefully you can still find some love and sensibility in your life.Turn on the music my friend.Your hateful comparative diatribe will never move the moderates of our country to your side.Trust me on this.

    Semper Fi

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