Update On MMA Fighter’s Challenge To Meet Obama In Octagon

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Criticize or challenge Obama and you can lose your job.

Jacob Volkmann, after being interviewed by a Leftist TV reporter, who inserted his political views, imagine that, has been placed on administrative leave with pay from his job as a high school wrestling coach in Minnesota for making comments about Obama. He made derogatory comments about Obama’s lack of intelligence and challenged him to a fight in the octagon.

Volkman, says he is now under investigation by White Bear Lake High School, where he has worked for three years as a high school wrestling coach.

They didn’t like how I was representing the school, they said I was representing them bad because of what I said about the president and his policies.

Marisa Vette, the director of communications, for the school district admitted that Volkman is on Administrative Leave.

“We have an employee who is on leave and the district is investigating in accordance with the law,”

An interesting situation, the school district is interpreting the law and the legal rights of Mr Volkman or perhaps the law gives them the option of conducting an investigation, “in accordance with the law.” These are slippery slopes that may end up biting these Progressive Socialists in the ass.

Volkman was not arrested, but he was interviewed by the Secret Service, who admitted that the whole thing was embarrassing because he had done nothing wrong.

But for replying with the answer “Obama” when asked who he would like to fight next and for saying:

He’s not too bright, someone’s got to knock some sense into that idiot.

He is now facing an investigation. Now this will definitely set up a precedent of fear for the children. They will surely know that in Minnesota, you don’t criticize Obama, even if the criticism is in jest. They will realize there are no First amendment Rights concerning President Obama. The school will strictly enforce the party line and there will be retribution for any deviance from the party line.

Now, I wonder how strict they were on this policy while President Bush was in office. Let there be no doubt that the Democrats and Progressive Socialists control the discourse within Public Education in Minnesota.

In a subsequent interview, Volkman remarked:

The only regret I have is calling him an idiot. I don’t think he’s an idiot, but I do think he’s making a lot of mistakes.

Again, Volkman has overstepped the boundaries for the First Amendment as defined by the Public Education System: he still readily accuses Obama of making mistakes. His behavior and attitude will only encourage resistance to Socialism and cause students to doubt the wisdom of the Obama. There can only be one course of action for this type of unpatriotic criticism of a Leftist President; he must be fired and his licenses revoked, only then will others realize the seriousness of dissent.

A professional horseman for over 40 years, Skook continues to work with horses. He is in an ongoing educational program, learning life's lessons from one of the world's greatest instructors, the horse. Skook has finished an historical novel that traces a mitochondrial line of DNA from 50,000 years ago to the present. The book Fifty-Thousand Years is awaiting me to finish a final proofread and it should be sent to the formatter in a matter of days. I am still working, so it is not easy to devote the time I need to finish the project. The cover is a beautiful wok of art. I would put it up here if I could figure out how to make it work.

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    premium_subscriber, subscriber

    SKOOKUM, hi,you said it right, this is a control over what the young students should think,
    and a dangerous slope for AMERICANS. where is the freedom of speech in schools teached.
    we can anticipate what would be the other way of expression if the freedom of speech is denied,
    and this is just the dangerous beginning, that has begun before this one,as we read other storys,
    on the same line, except with diffrent subjects, naming just another one with the MINISTER DENIED TO MENTION THE NAME OF JESUS,AT A GOVERNMENT GATHERING EVENT BY ONE OF THEIR REPRESENTATIVE, BYE

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    It’s always amazing that people can’t figure out what the real threats to this nation are these days…..This guy isn’t one of them but up here in the liberal bastions of Wisconsin/Minnesota I guess it really doesn’t matter to some…

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    My friends, I first reported on this story as a humorous incident, it seemed like a namby pamby Liberal managed to get their panties twisted and demanded the Secret Service investigate the source of their neurosis; now the story has devolved into a Freedom of Speech, expression, and thought issue.

    In the Socialist model; behavior, speech, and thought is proscribed and deviance from the norm isn’t tolerated. Public education in Minnesota is now flexing the totalitarian muscle that is endemic of the Socialist dystopia. As an example to the children, and what better group to demonstrate the draconian measures of Socialism upon, Mr Volkman, who is probably a hero to many of the kids, will now be persecuted for humiliating Dear Reader. Thus kids will realize the awesome might of Socialism and the dire consequences of not following the party line.

    Mr Volkman is a chiropractor, he probably coaches wrestling because he likes coaching children and that is another hidden issue: within the Socialist confines of the teachers’ unions, doing a job because you actually like working with kids rather than being dedicated to drumming the Socialist message into their heads and washing the brains with Marxism is to be circumspect in that world; Volkman confirmed their worst suspicions or fears by publicly expressing his anti-Obama feelings on national television. With You-Tube the children will all be viewing Volkman’s dastardly remarks and he could become a counter revolutionary hero, the incident had to be nipped in the bud stage before the kids and the rest of the nation started to wonder how the Socialism of Minnesota Public Education had allowed itself to be defamed and manipulated by Volkman. After all the Secret Service said the trip was embarrassing because he had done nothing wrong: how can we expect the Public Education System of Minnesota stand by and be humiliated. It is now imperative that Public Education humiliate itself even further, after all, they have a mission and how can you execute that mission effectively and indoctrinate children if one of your mentors, especially one who is liked and is a hero to the kids, isn’t part of the program.

    I will be working until late tonight, righteous and pious outbursts of Liberal indignation will not be answered until tomorrow.

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    I can see we still have ‘Freedom of Speech” . BUT! – ONLY if it’s the “right kind ” of speech, disent from that ‘right kind’ of speech will cost you… My God what are we becoming??? This continues to creep me out!

    Had it been Bush in Office, under the same circumstances , the Coach probably would have gotten an extra week of vacation and a raise just for calling him out… The Hypocrisy lives on…

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    Well well – so someone has finally challenged OBAMA to battle it out
    in the ring! That is perfectly fine! In fact it is what America is all about.
    How many times over the years have we all heard people say to one
    another: “..yeah! well I’ll show you ……c’mon outside..”! It is common
    and almost always in jest but sometimes it is real!
    Obama has to get a sense of humor. Life is too hard to be serious about
    silly little comments ! President Reagan would have had a quick and
    incisive retort.

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    @tess – You said:

    President Reagan would have had a quick and
    incisive retort.

    Maybe Reagan would have said something like this –

    “When you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.” – Ronald Wilson Reagan

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    rich wheeler

    C’mon Volkman as a teacher shouldn’t be calling the POTUS an idiot and challenging him to a fight be it Obama, “W” or LBJ. Very juvenile. I sure wouldn’t want someone that stupid around my kids.

    Reagan’s response might have been ” Can’t do it. Would disturb my nap.”

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    I would take a napping Reagan over a wide awake Obama as President ANY day. For if you are napping, you can be woken up, however in Obama’s case, you just can’t fix incompetence.

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    James Brian Peterson

    I have the same valid opinion of the Feculent Communist Wretch in Chief as I do for the equally feculent,communist,and wretchedly amorphous mass of animated non-homogenous and biodegradable terminal ballistic test medium, that are aiding and abetting the aforesaid Feculent Communist Wretch in Chief ,in the subversion and overthrow of our Constitutional republican form of government to their beloved US/UN global police state: I hate them with every fiber of my being. If they are indeed suicidally foolish enough to actually start the 2nd American War for Independence that they are so desperately attempting to provoke;most of them will not live long enough to regret their foolishness. We are not the aggressors-they are! We are not the traitors-they are!

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