The Tucson Massacre Pep Rally

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Listening to the service on the radio during rush hour traffic was something. I can’t imagine what it must of looked like on TV. I have been to more then a few memorial services in my life, as I’m sure many of you have, but this surreal service is…as Michelle Malkin wrote…gross. Of all the memorial services I have been to for slain officers I have never, EVER, heard cheering..whoops and hollering.

I’m at a loss for words at this disgusting display tonight.

Update 8:03pm Eastern Obama enters stadium to wild applause. Opening music: Copeland’s Fanfare for the Common Man.

Native American gives rambling speech while holding a feather. His remarks are frequently interrupted by whoops and cheers. He gives a shout-out to his son serving in Afghanistan. Brags about his ethnic Mexican background. Babbles about two-legged and four-legged creatures and the feminine energy that comes from Mother Earth.

More whoops and hollers for the National Anthem singer.

More whoops and hollers for the University of Arizona president.

8:28pm Eastern: Intern Daniel Hernandez, who was by Rep. Giffords’ side on Saturday and acted courageously to stanch the bleeding from her head wound, gives an excellent speech paying tribute to the heroes.

Gov. Brewer takes the stage to polite applause and pays tribute to the victims. The shooting “pierced our sense of well-being.” Arizona’s hope “will not be shredded by one madman’s act of darkness.”

Brewer brings reverence and sobriety to the event, God bless her: We will go forward “in prayer, unbending and unbowed.”

And immediately, the sobriety is broken by massive whoops and hollers for Janet Napolitano.
Just. Gross.

After reading Isaiah 40, more whoops and hollers for Napolitano.

And now, Arizona-bashing Attorney General Eric Holder, reading 2nd letter of Paul to the Corinthians.

8:42pm Eastern U of A president intro’ing Obama. Cheers, whoops, shout-outs. Ear-splitting applause as he heads to podium.

Audience screaming “WE LOVE YOU!”

People still cheering as he starts his remarks.

You add these blue Together We Strive t-shirts handed out at the service and this officially became a pep rally for Obama and the Democrats.

They should all be ashamed of themselves.

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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    @Nan G:

    Nan, “significant other” is not just used to describe a gay partner. If you are not married but in a long term relationship, that is your “significant other.”

  2. 52

    Nan G

    Rep. Giffords doctor was just on TV.
    He said she had been opening at least one eye for a while now.
    Today she opened both eyes.
    She is still ”on the ventilator” but she is forcing the air in and out of her lungs herself.
    Today she was sat up on the edge of the bed with her feet dangling over the side.
    The doctor was very pleased with how she responded to this.
    The next step is to remove the ventilator.

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    You are probably one of twenty people in this country who would have thought that Obama was referring to this as if he was responsible. He did not say that, he did not imply that, and it is not true. You just made it up, then got angry about what you made up, then blamed Obama for that. Not sound thinking . . . .

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    At what point in the video do you hear the boos? I’m not saying they’re not there, I just couldn’t hear them. In any case, it is indeed shameful. I once again submit it was immature college kids, and not representative of those mourning.

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    Yeah, cuz “Together we Thrive” tee shirts, that honor those who have been shot is so … communal oowwww … can’t have that now, can we. We can’t have thoughts of people getting along … oooosssswwww.

    What would you rather they say …

    You guys are just too full of hate

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    I just read these comments. I’m just wondering, do you guys just sit around and think up lies to post?

    Like the lie about Gifford being able to open her eyes Sunday… who came up with that lie?

  7. 58


    God Lord, people! Have you ever been to an “Irish wake”? Obviously not! A prominent teachers union leader died just days after I had worked with him. He was German, but his Irish wake was at a bar down the road from a restaurant he owned. No one was crying and boo hooing. They were laughing, telling “Chuck” stories, and trying to inspire his now-suddenly-alone widow after her husband of 35 years dropped dead. If GOPer cons would do it differently, then that is wonderful. As for me . . . I want Chris Rock to do my eulogy. I want laughing and funny stories and music.

    But this is the funniest part: I saw a liberal who posted BEFORE the speech that cons would be p.o.ed about it. They were right.

  8. 59


    I hate to be as cynical as I have become, but it seems nothing is beyond this administration and their progressive supporters.
    Obama’s speech, although long, was generally well spoken and should get him some points. It was all set up beautifully, because nothing being complained about can be directly pinned on him. His followers are doing all the dirty work for him. Personally, I don’t think he has any problem with anything they are doing, but keeping his distance, he can get the results he wants without getting his hands dirty.
    If anyone is able to prove the allegations that Gabby opened her eyes Sunday (and not in the miraculous way described by Obama), he may have more trouble keeping his hands clean of it all.

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    Like the lie about Gifford being able to open her eyes Sunday… who came up with that lie?

    That would be Drs. Lamole and Rhee:

    It’s hard to observe if Giffords can recognize anyone, Lemole said. She is on a ventilator, which covers much of her face.

    Giffords is in a drug-induced coma in intensive care. Doctors frequently awaken her to check her responsiveness, and she could open her eyes and respond to simple commands Sunday – an encouraging sign, said Rhee said at Monday’s briefing.

    Thanks for asking.

  10. 63



    Aye, did you READ the article you linked to? It said her eyes were being kept close because of the surgery. What she did yesterday is (a) open both eyes and (b) when asked to raise a thumb if she could see, she raised her entire arm.

    You simply made up a FALSE story about her being able to open her eyes on Sunday, then called Obama a liar because he TRUTHFULLY noted that she was opening her eyes Tuesday.

    I would ask “Have you no shame?”, but I already know the answer to the question.

  11. 64



    The article you linked to said

    Giffords cannot speak because she is on a ventilator, and cannot see because of the area of her injury and the surgery requires her eyes be kept closed, the doctors said Monday.

    So where do you get the info that Dr. Rhee and Lamole said she could open her eyes?

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    Excusing this type of behavior by 18-40 year old college students, who should, by now, know better is a good example of products of the indoctrination of students for the last 3 generations, of JimmieCahter’s U.S. Dept. of Education (rewarded to the unions for supporting him in ’76), who’ve produced students who know nothing usable, but have just loads of self esteem. Now they will plague their parents until age 26. I was educated pre-USDOE, the idea of remedial classes by colleges was unheard of then.

    After listening to Dr. M.L. King at an all University Convocation at Kansas State University before he was assassinated, and Bobby Kennedy at the University’s Landon Lecture Series, who was also murdered shortly afterward, we looked at ourselves as adults, there was no disrespect to the dead. Where was the respect overall for that beautiful 9 year old child, the 9th Circuit Justice, the Congresswoman’s aide and the others, many dying heroically? Those who “take advantage of every crisis” are what they are, less than pond scum.

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    Not excusing the behavior at all, just acknowledging the maturity levels of those who displayed such behaviors. When I heard the cheers, I looked to my roommates and said, “This is a memorial service?”

    But rather than become enraged, I shook my head and thought, “These kids just don’t get it.”

    And focused on the speech.

  14. 67

    Hard Right

    Cary, have you ever been to Tucson? Any friends or family that live there? I can reasonably assure you that their political views very much affected their behavior. Yes some were respectful, proof that there is some commone sense there. With that said, it is called AZ’s Berkeley for a reason.

  15. 68


    @Hard Right:

    Yes. As an actor, I’ve toured to every major city in the mainland, except for within Florida and Washington. I’ve found that all kinds of people are everywhere. Unfortunately, the a$$h***s are louder. And they come from every political persuasion. This time, they happened to be libs. But they behaved that way because they are a$$h***s, not because they are libs.

  16. 69



    Giffords can open her eyes, but because she is on a ventilator she can’t speak, said Rhee.

    Oh no, I, and many others got played, he lied. So much for respecting the manchild. I’m done.

  17. 70


    Texmom at #56 >> you have to remember that as the top doggie – the TOTUS, in fact, has approved the actions of those you refer to as “his followers” —

    To those in earlier posts who were wondering about the “medicine man” I have two comments:
    1) Shades of Ward Churchill ?
    2) It seems to me that they drug this guy out as an attempt to usurp – or pre-empt in some way – Sarah Palin’s legitimate Native American ties through Todd and kids.

  18. 71



    @ParaLegal Man:

    Aye, did you READ the article you linked to?

    The more important question is: Did you?

    I even made it simple for those of your intellect to find the information by actually posting quotes from the article.

    You simply made up a FALSE story about her being able to open her eyes on Sunday

    Really? I made that up, eh? You might wanna go back and, this time, actually read what the doctors had to say.

    …then called Obama a liar because he TRUTHFULLY noted that she was opening her eyes Tuesday.

    Nah. I called Obie a liar because he said that she “opened her eyes for the first time” on Wednesday…shortly after he departed the hospital.

    You see, here’s the problem with you guys who “support [your] own side, right or wrong”: you conveniently ignore the facts when they don’t support your claims.

    Obie is a known liar. Last night’s speech juxtaposed with the prior statements from Giffords’ medical team creates an irrefutable Exhibit A.

  19. 72


    Aye, I would be careful about jumping to any conclusions about what Obama said regarding her eyes opening. I read elsewhere that previously she had only opened one eye. It’s also possible that this was the first time she opened her eyes in front of friends and family, or the first time she opened her eyes while conscious and recognized people. Remember, you’re not only calling the President a liar here. The TV cameras were panning to her husband in the audience right after Obama reported that she opened her eyes and he was visibly moved, and reached out for Mrs. Obama’s hand. He’s not some rube off the bus. He’s an astronaut and a decorated Navy combat veteran – not likely to be cowed into a charade or intimidated by anyone, even a President. I would be careful about insinuating that the husband of the victim would play along with a crass political stunt. I’m not saying you’ve done that, but it feels awfully close.

  20. 73



    It’s the totality of his lies, and the totality of his enormous ignorance about hell, just about everything, but especially economics. He has no economic advisers, he has Central Planners. They would do well to study the 87 year history of the USSR, very few, if any, 5 year and 10 year plans worked, nor have any Socialist governments worked without repression of the will of the people. Socialists deal only with groups, and they are not afraid to sacrifice individuals periodically to keep the groups in line. The only times they use individuals is to use individuals. The Left’s attitude is that we the people are sooo stupid, so they spend day after day trying to fool us again and again. It’s amazing that the TRIC (The Teleprompter Reader-In-Chief) tried to pull the wool over the collective electorate’s eyes but he lies about so many things, including what’s in the Health Care plan and all the other multi-hundred page Bills, passed in the middle of the night, on holidays and written not by Congressmen, but by Soros’ groups. The Congressmen disparaged reading the Documents and the Constitution, which they daily use to wipe their behinds, just ask Ezra Klein, why it’s over 100 years old, and he’s too lazy to read the Constitution itself, perhaps The Federalist Papers. I guess being taught the great Rappers in American history, and the crimes they served time for and the ones they got away with, constitutes all the history the government schools and their Leftist union minions think is necessary. If they had taught real truthful history, all sides, which they don’t dare do, the people would have seen this empty suit coming. Truth has no Agenda.

  21. 76



    SBadclad: Socialists deal only with groups, and they are not afraid to sacrifice individuals periodically to keep the groups in line. The only times they use individuals is to use individuals.

    In this case I would guess it would be to use Mark Kelly, one of the CIC’s underlings. Now, was he part of a let’s make everyone feel better scheme because the CIC is giving a speech honoring his wife and others or did Obama’s team create this to simply add a bit of umph to his speech all on their own? Obama did made a point of letting the American people know he asked his permission to give us the good news, that kind of makes him part of the lie, did he or did he not want to be part of that and what would he be able to say to confirm one way or another? He’s either in a trick bag or, sadly, part of it.

    I hate having to think like this.

  22. 77


    @Missy: You don’t have to think this way, but you need to be aware. The history is all there. Before I started my website, I researched publications in pre-WW II German newspapers, you do know they elected this Devil? There were a few that persisted right up til they were arrested or firebombed. Truth has no agenda. The behind the scenes machinations by this group of air-head academics who’ve never done what they are regulating, is what’s really scary, along with their heavy-handedness in attacking FOX, talk radio and individuals, by name.

    By the way, I also ventured into the realm of the online luny liberal/Democrat/Progressive/Left. It’s a place where women attack Palin with graphic death threats, just as they did with W., but using terms that are more hideous venturing into graphic sexual details. I’ve heard some ignorant boobs say offensive things, but few come anywhere near the Left. It’s hard to hear someone call Tea Partiers racist and all the rest. I’ve been there and haven’t seen it nor would I have tolerated it. The Left truly fears and hates the people and the Constitution. They don’t understand either.

    Missy, I truly believe that this Administration whose members seem to admire Chairman Mao, the controlled the population by Regional starvation of millions, today’s news warns of a food price and availability crisis. I warned of this when the Government shut off the water to California growers 2 years ago. Pretty soon it’ll all start becoming apparent, but by then it will be too late. It’s been done many times before, but now with new technology it’ll just be easier. They didn’t listen until the chains were locked in place. Don’t just listen to me, the World is at your fingertips and you can research both sides, at least for now, but the Administrative chains are tightening, a Brave New World is possibly a few more turns of the crank. In a generation freedom would be a vague notion, and we’ll be back to “Work Shall Set You Free” on another camp in only another half century.

  23. 78

    rich wheeler

    You’re a very sad lot This was a celebration of the lives of 6 great people and the heros that surrounded this tragedy.An Irish wake comes to mind.We celebrate as the deceased would have wanted.Obama, as Krauthammer and others said ,did a magnificent job in his eulogy.

    You folks would shoot and skin the Easter Bunny.Ice water in your veins and cold cold hearts.I feel sorry for you.

    Semper Fi

  24. 79



    @rich wheeler:

    While Obie’s speech was, perhaps, the best he’s ever given, the overall tone of the event was rather tacky…from the souvenir t-shirts, to the awkward opening “prayer” including Mexican shout outs, to the whooping and hollering of the crowd and the near-orgasmic praise for Obie from the University President.

    Last nights’ event was not about Obie. It wasn’t about Brewer, Napolitano, or Holder either. The event last night was about the people who died, the people who were injured, their families, and the true heroes who selflessly sprang into action on Saturday.

    Every public event where the President of the United States appears is a closely scripted, carefully choreographed piece of stagecraft and the White House always, always has the last yea/nay on everything. Someone, or a series of someones in the Protocol Office truly needs some lessons in decorum and proper behavior.

    Of course, this is the same group that gave the Queen an iPod full of Obie’s speeches and the Prime Minister a group of DVDs so what happened yesterday evening should not have been shocking.

    Tacky and classless, the whole lot of them.

    Remember how America recoiled in horror after the Wellstone Memorial? Don’t be surprised if the same thing happens in reaction to last nights’ junior high pep rally.

    It’s really and truly a shame that all of the other extraneous stuff was going on because, quite honestly, I thought Obie’s speech might very well have been his best ever.

  25. 80

    rich wheeler

    Aye This was one of many great speeches he’s given.It was not about him at all but he generates great passion.I assure you it will not “backfire on him” as you and your felow bloggers so sadly wish.

    With all due respect I suggest you find yourslf a candidate you can support against this guy or the backfire will come against a very negatively perceived far right.

    I predict the next Repub./Conserv. POTUS will be Marco Rubio in 2020

  26. 81


    @rich wheeler: Semper Fi, Rich, Wakes are for Family and close friends, not for some mob of strangers who show little respect. The words were there, but the eyes tell the tale. Rich, this was supposed to be about those six who were killed or wounded, their families and the acts of heroism.
    I believe the President was prepared for the proper occasion, but the drunks in the audience must have been hitting their stride. They were drowning him out, and to his credit he did try to follow his handlers instructions and almost squeeze out a tear. He’d been in situations like this before on the campaign trail, and he went into his Continuous Campaigner mode.
    Some evidently believe he feels something for these people in Arizona. This isn’t my first rodeo Rich, I’ve spent most of my life sorting out the liars and thieves. I suspect those Democrats and Independents, who’ve been deceived by The TRIC (The Teleprompter Reader-In-Chief) feel much the same way as I do in telling both Parties, do the right thing, the honest thing, or we’ll come for you at the ballot box. You’ve seen what can be done, but that’s just the beginning, 2012 these arrogant Feudal Princes and Princesses in the Senate must stand for re-election. The American way is the ballot box, the Tea Party way is the ballot box and a tightening of the belt. Oh, and pick a friend up who’s down and out and help him out personally. Expect nothing in return and you won’t be disappointed.

  27. 82

    Nan G

    Apparently a couple of the highlights (to me) from Obama’s speech last night were not IN the pre-released transcript.
    But I liked them.


    And if, as has been discussed in recent days, their deaths help usher in more civility in our public discourse, let’s remember that it is not because a simple lack of civility caused this tragedy [– it did not –] but rather because only a more civil and honest public discourse can help us face up to our challenges as a nation, in a way that would make them proud.

    Catch it?
    Obama himself wounded The Narrative, the Paul Krugman Narrative, and not accidentally, either; but deliberately, because he knew The Narrative was false.
    He added those words: IT DID NOT.

    Also this:

    But what we can’t do is use this tragedy as one more occasion to turn on one another. As we discuss these issues, let each of us do so with a good dose of humility. Rather than pointing fingers or assigning blame, let us use this occasion to expand our moral imaginations…

    Catch it?
    Obama is cautioning the Left to quit using this incident to demonize the other side.
    He is cautioning us all not to politicize this shooting.
    Sure, Obama is addressing both Left and Right, but we all know that it is the Left that has been on the attack while the Right has been on the defense.

  28. 85



    @B-Rob #58:

    But this is the funniest part: I saw a liberal who posted BEFORE the speech that cons would be p.o.ed about it. They were right.

    Hmm…most of the comments posted here have offered praise or at the very least begrudging praise for Obama’s speech itself.

  29. 86

    Hard Right

    We are a sad lot Rich? Coming from a kneejerk liberal apologist like yourself I’ll take that as a compliment and projection on your part.

  30. 88

    Nan G

    The seller had doubled the price of this particular t-shirt compared with all his other ones.
    He seems to be a t-shirt maker/wholesaler.
    He has them form every political stripe.
    Even the funny ones like ”Don’t touch my junk” and ”COEXIST decoded.”
    He claims some proceeds go toward rehab for the surviving victims of the shooting.

  31. 90


    My my; I seem to recall being assured as late as yesterday that the White House swore that it had nothing to do with the T-shirts or the “Together We Thrive” slogan. How quickly things turn around.

    It turns out that “Together We Thrive” comes straight from the Organizing for America website.

    Would the White House spokesman care to rephrase their assurance, perhaps?

  32. 91

    Nan G

    Obamites refer to Organizing for America as ”OFA.” (pronounced ”Oh-Fay”)
    Anyone know ebonics?
    Drug dealers and others use Pig Latin as a big part of their ebonics.
    Guess what they call white people?
    In Pig Latin: Oh-fay.

    Just a weird thing I know from having dealers come next door to keep the neighbors high.

  33. 92

    Nan G

    Does the phrase: “Rocking America and Rocking the Vote” signify the Dem party?
    Do Republicans ever use either phrase?
    It certainly does not signify the somber feel of a memorial.
    Yet, there it is, on the ”Together We Thrive” t-shirts that were handed out at the UA memorial.
    On the bottom in smaller print.

  34. 94


    At Irish wakes, those that laugh and remember the good times of the dearly departed are close to them. This was an auditorium filled with Obama Zombies.

    Brob, I would think that someone of your advanced intellect would be able to distinguish the difference…

    @anticsrocks: Er, no. Nothing you cons write could make me scared because, intellectually speaking, you folks aren’t too swift. – Source

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