Assange Crawls On His Belly

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Assange Imitates Hitler’s Return Salute

Looking older and more haggard than his sexual victims will remember him, Assange worries over his safety in the US prison system.

Assange Claims He Could Be Killed In US Prison

He feels he is being set up for a “Jack Ruby style assassination”. Tells the British people, espionage is a classic political crime and that Britain has the option not to extradite for political crimes and it will politically impossible for Britain to extradite him if the people speak up for him.

“Legally the UK has the right to not extradite for political crimes. Espionage is the classic case of political crimes. It is at the discretion of the UK government as to whether to apply to that exception.”

Mr Assange said that he believed that it would be “politically impossible” for the British to hand him over to the Americans if there was strong public support for him in the UK.
“It’s all a matter of politics. We can presume there will be an attempt to influence UK political opinion, and to influence the perception of our standing as a moral actor,” he said.

There is an old proverb among those who live life on the edge of the law:

Don’t do the crime, if you can’t do the time.

Julian Assange should have read that one on the internet before he tweaked the nose of Obama with his hacking kills.

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    So if you get enough text votes then you dont have to go to jail? Is that really what the justice system in other countries has become, Dancing With The Stars style voting?

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    Alericc: It’s obvious Assange is counting on the power of texting and demonstrations by anarchists. I don’t think he has much support at this time, but like Obama said during the student uprising in Iran, “We need to see how this is going to play out.”

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    John ryan

    The right wing Nazis always saluted with their right hand. 3 times as many Brits think that his charges are just an excuse to keep him in jail as who disagree. The UK public is behind him and the Conservatives in power there know it.
    So far no one has been calling for the arrest of the media outlets that have published these cables, nor of any bloggers who have also posted these “secret” cables.

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    Larry Sheldon

    When you are dealing with the kind of evil that is national socialism (whether from Germany or Cook county) sexual proclivities are irrelevant.

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    He thought he was immune to consequences for his actions. Stupid, arrogant man.

    Somewhere along the way, everyone has to pay the piper.

    He’s an anarchist, pure and simple. Now, he wants laws to protect him? Makes no sense to me.

    I suggest that we simply drop him into the middle of Iran and see what happens. I don’t think they like anarchists either. Maybe Castro will welcome him to Cuba.

    I have not figured out how the first amendment has anything to do with him. He’s an Australian citizen.

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    @Helene – You said –

    I suggest that we simply drop him into the middle of Iran and see what happens.

    Naw, what we need to do is give him a sex change operation first, THEN drop him into Iran. That will really give him a wake up call. I mean they treat their women so nicely there.

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    They do have a serious computer problem in Iran and it happened just when they were planning on making so much electricity, such a shame. They were only able to finance the solution by selling nukes to Chavez, Julian Asswipe can surely help them with their glitch and he would be helping the world with his altruistic motives by supplying the world with more nuclear electricity. He better be on his best behavior though, the Iranians don’t have his Liberal Feminist views on rape. You know the rules, celebrities, Muslims, and leaders of the movement can do whatever they want, because they are working for the movement and it advances the agenda.

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