What happens to the United States when a weak man is President [Reader Post]

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Barack Obama has used his Presidency to do little more than weaken the United States of America and now events are spiraling out of control around both him and us. His first real focus was to go on an apology tour.

President Barack Obama has finished the second leg of his international confession tour. In less than 100 days, he has apologized on three continents for what he views as the sins of America and his predecessors.

Mr. Obama told the French (the French!) that America “has shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive” toward Europe. In Prague, he said America has “a moral responsibility to act” on arms control because only the U.S. had “used a nuclear weapon.” In London, he said that decisions about the world financial system were no longer made by “just Roosevelt and Churchill sitting in a room with a brandy” — as if that were a bad thing. And in Latin America, he said the U.S. had not “pursued and sustained engagement with our neighbors” because we “failed to see that our own progress is tied directly to progress throughout the Americas.”

By confessing our nation’s sins, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said that Mr. Obama has “changed the image of America around the world” and made the U.S. “safer and stronger.” s evidence, Mr. Gibbs pointed to the absence of protesters during the Summit of the Americas this past weekend.

Stronger by confessing to our sins.


Obama made clear he does not believe in the exceptionalism of America

Mr. Obama was asked in Europe if he believes in American exceptionalism. He said he did — in the same way that “the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks in Greek exceptionalism.” That’s another way of saying, “No.”

Rove was prescient:

When a president desires personal popularity, he can lose focus on vital American interests. It’s early, but with little to show for the confessions, David Axelrod of Team Obama was compelled to say this week that the president planted, cultivated and will harvest “very, very valuable” returns later. Like what?

Rove was dead on correct. Obama was more (and still is) interested in his own popularity than the welfare of his country. Now the returns are coming in.

The greatest leak of classified information in history has occurred under Barack Obama.

In the greatest leak in the history of the United States military, WikiLeaks is publishing 391,832 classified documents on the Iraq war on the Internet. The field reports from soldiers cast a new light on the war — documenting in a unique way how the highly armed American military was helpless in the conflict for years.

The Obama administration reacted with…..um……umbrage:

“We deplore WikiLeaks for inducing individuals to break the law, leak classified documents,” the Pentagon Press Secretary Geoff Morrell told SPIEGEL (see the box below, “US Reaction to Iraq War Logs,” for the full statement), “and then cavalierly share that secret information with the world, including our enemies.”

Well, that takes care of that! Assange was so intimidated that he plans another huge dump of classified data:

The Pentagon warned the U.S. Senate and House Armed Services Committees that the website WikiLeaks.org “intends to release several hundred thousand” classified U.S. State Department cables as soon as Nov. 26.

The documents “touch on an enormous range of very sensitive foreign policy issues,” Assistant Secretary for Legislative Affairs Elizabeth King wrote yesterday in an e-mail to the defense panels.

“We anticipate that the release could negatively impact U.S. foreign relations,” she wrote, telling committee staff members that “we will brief you once we have a better understanding of what documents the WikiLeaks publication contains.”

That is no doubt making America stronger. After considering Obama’s “what me worry” attitude with regard to the disclosure of this classified intel, one wonders if Obama in reality condones the leaks- if not more than that.

In a major embarrassment for the Obama administration an imposter participated in high level talks with the US military.

The New York Times had earlier reported that a fake Taliban leader had met three times with NATO and Afghan officials.

He was even flown to Kabul on a NATO aircraft and ushered into the presidential palace to meet with Karzai, who has appealed to the Taliban to come to the negotiating table, the paper said.

China and Russia have abandoned the dollar for bilateral trade.

St. Petersburg, Russia – China and Russia have decided to renounce the US dollar and resort to using their own currencies for bilateral trade, Premier Wen Jiabao and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin announced late on Tuesday.

Obama’s policy toward North Korea has been one of weakness.

Unfortunately, the statements and actions Obama has taken so far in response to the communist state’s latest series of provocations suggest he has little idea how to deal with such a situation – particularly when appealing to the United Nations and issuing sternly-worded warnings he has no intention of backing up with effective action fail to solve the problem.

As President Obama is hopefully beginning to learn, neither stern words, nor pleas, nor concessions are particularly effective problem-solving tactics in the real world. Whether this lesson will sink in deeply enough to cause the rigidly ideological Democratic executive to change his approach to foreign belligerence, though, is another question altogether.

Barack Obama is used to sympathetic audiences back in Chicago, where the bedazzled never questioned him. He’s never quite grasped the fact that the real world is somewhat different.

Obama’s impotence has spurred North Korea to commit an act of war against South Korea. Obama’s top envoy for North Korea policy declared that this incident is “serious” but not a “crisis.” Obama then responded to the attack with a full spread of……….words:

Obama, strongly condemning the attack, told Lee that North Korea must stop its provocative actions, which will only lead to further isolation, and fully abide by the terms of the Armistice Agreement and its obligations under international law.

Then Obama called on China for help:

“We want to make sure all the parties in the region recognize that this is a serious and ongoing threat that has to be dealt with,” the president added.

He specifically called on China to stand firm and “make clear to North Korean that there are a set of international rules that they need to abide by.”

China in turn said “Gee it’s tough Wen it hits the fan. You’re on your own.”

President Barack Obama’s call for China to put more pressure on North Korea to stop military attacks on South Korea may go unheeded in Beijing, where officials refuse to pin any blame on their ally, analysts say

Events are nearly out of control. America is no longer respected or feared. This is result of a weak man being President. Each passing day makes it more and painfully clear that this nation has made a grave mistake in electing Obama.

Well, Obama could always take another trip:

The average American could buy a house for the amount of money it takes to run Air Force One every hour.

The U.S. military has provided an updated estimate on that cost, first published by a taxpayer watchdog group and confirmed by FoxNews.com, and the number is staggering — $181,757 per hour. That’s the price tag for shuttling around President Obama, who, as it turns out, has spent more days abroad in his first two years than any other president.


DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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  1. 1


    The Pretender in Chief is becoming a perfect mirror to Jimmy Carter, when a crisis occurs he aks other people to do something instead of taking a proactive stance and starting sanctions or actions. That or his mentor Bill Clinton is whispering in his ear to follow his succcess in the balkans by sitting back and waiting for things to get better. Never mind that massacres were happening every month, it was all about appearing to do something when in fact we sat and watched people die.

  2. 2


    WE CANNOT NEGOTIATE WITH MADMEN! Chamberlain Jr. has got to get that through his fat head! While we fiddle and faddle, Korea lies to our faces while working at getting what they want! One other thing here. The loonies on the left seem to think the Koreans, being the honorable people that they are ,would never do anything stupid! Wrong!! As is evidenced buy their latest action, the North Koreans are willing to risk destruction well knowing the weak sister leaders of the world will cave in as always. And in the eyes of the morons in power here, they can’t deliver a payload! WRONG! They have a short range missile that can deliver a small warhead. And lest anyone forget, we have 35,000 troops around the border there. One bomb. That’s all it takes! But we’ll trust the Anti-American UN and a madman?! Good Grief!

  3. 3

    Common Sense

    Very well written, sadly true though. America needs to recognize the partner in crime that got 0-bama elected in the frist place. That would be our learned MSM who lied to America about this guy and his qualifications. They where so stuck on “Blame Bush” that they failed to properly vet 0-bama and therefore an uninformed public pulled the wrong lever.

    Sadly it’s this type of failure that occaisionally occurs to bring America back to the realization that although Democrats do a good job at blaming everyone else and get elected, they have Zero, Zilch, Nada clue as to how to lead and run a country.

    America is now awake and not taking Curic et al at their know nothing face value and looking further into the issues. Americ has figured it out and it doesn’t look good for Democrats.

    Ok Greg, let’s have your useliss reply.

  4. 4

    Nan G

    Some time ago, after one of the past Wikileak, we learned that a closeted gay, within the US military, was the one who funneled all of those papers to Wikileaker Julian Assange.

    The USA, Canada and Israel are among those countries bracing themselves for the newest Wikileak due out this weekend.

    Would gays grow some morals simply by being allowed to be ”out?”
    I wonder.

    I live in one of the most heavily gay areas of America.
    The gays here are ”out.”
    But lying, deceit and double-cross games seem to be par for their course of daily life.

    I have a friend who suffers from psycho-somatic ills because of his sensitivity to their games with him.
    Although he wouldn’t consider going straight, he is considering a life alone rather than one as a victim all of the time.

    Wikileaks to taking down the country.
    Gays were behind it out of vindictiveness.
    Nothing will make that stop.
    Obama is a sea.
    He is in way over his head.

  5. 5


    S. Korea has put a military man in charge as SecDef, I’m seriously hoping that their response time will be significantly short next time. We’re guaranteed that there will be a next time and it will be very soon. I’m wondering what will happen when a NK sub fires a torpedo or two at the USS George Washington. Will China stand up for NK and will Barry fly over and bow and apologize for the ship getting in the way of the torpedoes.

  6. 6

    ms. T

    If you want your kid to live under harsh Islamic rule,
    If you want yourkids or grand kids to live under harsh Communist rule,
    If you want your kids or grand kids to live in fear of Who They Call God
    You have a choice now – – YOU MAY NOT HAVE A CHOICE LATER!
    Since OBAMA has been elected we have had cahos. He doen’t care
    because he is bringing Islamic to the United States.
    (Remember women don’t live beyond 60 under Islamic rule!). Women
    become a nusiance and are killed off as per Muslim thinking.

  7. 7

    B. Johnson

    Why do people keep on trying to frame Obama merely as an incompetent president? Obama was indoctrinated to be a socialist pirate. And along with the socialist pirates who had infiltrated Congress, Obama’s main mission was to help corrupt Congress heist the US Treasury. And this mission was completed when he signed the stimulus package and Obamacare into law, constitutionally indefensible laws containing thousands of “nonexistent” earmarks in payback to the special interests who helped him to seize control of the Oval Office.

    So regardless of ongoing critiques of how Obama is handling the presidency, his main purpose for getting elected in the first place was successfully completed on the days that he signed these packages into law, IMO.

  8. 8

    Nan G

    What happens to a person when he is right while Obama is wrong?

    You’ve seen it.

    But here’s a reminder from Spain.

    Prof. Gabriel Calzada first exposed the truth about Spain’s renewabubble after President Obama told the American on at least eight occasions to look at Spain’s experience if we wanted to know what was in store for us.

    In return, Calzada received shabby treatment by the Obama administration.

    Rep. Ed Markey, the communist-affiliated trade union in Spain, its renewables industry, Spanish ministers phoned Calzada’s university seeking his dismissal.

    But Prof. Gabriel Calzada was right.
    Obama and the Lefties were wrong.

    Mid-collapse, Spain has finally settled on what it hopes will be the way out of the bankrupting “green economy” subsidies and mandates that President Obama cited as his model.

    The plan is to STOP investing in green energy and especially solar and to sell off as much of what Spain owns in those areas as fast as possible.

  9. 9

    Old Trooper 2

    The Best Part of this Crooked Administration…Can YOU say INSIDER TRADING to Benefit a Special Interest Group???



    GM’s union recovering after stock sale. Taxpayers and investors not as fortunate as UAW

    General Motors Co.’s recent stock offering was staged to start paying back the government for its $50 billion bailout, but one group made out much better than the taxpayers or other investors: the company’s union.

    Thanks to a generous share of GM stock obtained in the company’s 2009 bankruptcy settlement, the United Auto Workers is well on its way to recouping the billions of dollars GM owed it — putting it far ahead of taxpayers who have recouped only about 30 percent of their investment and further still ahead of investors in the old GM who have received nothing.

    The boon for the union fits the pattern established when the White House pushed GM into bankruptcy and steered it through the courts in a way that consistently put the interests of the union ahead of many suppliers, dealers and investors — stakeholders that ordinarily would have fared as well or better under the bankruptcy laws.

    “Priority one was serving the interests of the UAW” when the White House’s auto task force engineered the bankruptcy, said Glenn Reynolds, an analyst at CreditSights. The stock offering served to show once again how the White House has handsomely rewarded its political allies, he said.

    The union’s health care and pension trust fund earned $3.4 billion through the sale of one-third of its shares in GM last week. Analysts estimate that it would break even if it sells the remaining two-thirds of its shares at an average price of $36 — close to where the stock traded shortly after the offering hit the market. GM shares closed at $33.45 on Wednesday.
    President Obama inspects the new Chevrolet Volt during his tour of the General Motors Auto Plant in Hamtramck, Mich., in July. The United Auto Workers’ health care and pension trust fund earned $3.4 billion through the sale of General Motors Co. stock last week. (Associated Press)President Obama inspects the new Chevrolet Volt during his tour of the General Motors Auto Plant in Hamtramck, Mich., in July. The United Auto Workers’ health care and pension trust fund earned $3.4 billion through the sale of General Motors Co. stock last week. (Associated Press)

    For taxpayers to break even, by contrast, the stock would have to rise to at least $52 and by some estimates as high as $103 — levels that would take years to achieve.

    In any event, after selling one-third of its shares last week, the U.S. Treasury has agreed not to sell any more of its GM stock for another six months, while the union fund is free to keep selling its shares.

    Through the offering, the Treasury recouped $13.7 billion of its $49.5 billion cash infusion in GM, with another $1.8 billion possible by the end of the year. GM is repaying another $9.5 billion in loans from the Treasury, but that still leaves taxpayers a long way from breaking even.

    Union claims ordinarily do not receive such special treatment in bankruptcies.

    The generous share of GM stock given to the union trust fund under the White House deal puts it not only ahead of the Treasury but on a par with secured creditors such as banks, which normally receive the most favorable treatment from bankruptcy courts…

    Unions that contribute BIG BUCKS to the SOCIALIST REGIME made out better than TAXPAYERS or INVESTORS… 👿

  10. 10

    Old Trooper 2

    New GM ad: Hey, thanks for that taxpayer bailout, America


    If they’re willing to sink to this level of manipulative schmaltz now, I can’t wait to see what the thank-you ads will look like after their next bailout in a few years. A newborn foal struggling to walk for the first time? A kitten trying to climb a tree, falling adorably on its bottom the first few tries before scrambling triumphantly up to a limb? In fact, they could go ahead and make another thank-you spot right away: On top of the bailout funds, they’re getting a gigantic tax break due to TARP rules that will let them carry forward losses notwithstanding their recent change in ownership. For that ad, how about a cello sonata and footage of a cuddly baby piglet with its nose buried in the trough?

    The occasion for this spot is last week’s IPO, which wasn’t quite the Popeye-eating-spinach moment as this vid might lead you to believe. For one thing, they’re still not remotely close to paying back all the money they owe: According to ProPublica, GM itself is still on the hook for close to $30 billion while GMAC owes close to $15 billion more on top of that. Mickey Kaus, meanwhile, offers upwards of a dozen reasons to believe, per the boxing analogy in the clip and despite The One’s insistence, that GM hasn’t yet gotten up off the mat and might not be getting up anytime soon. And not surprisingly, thanks to Obama’s largesse towards the UAW in brokering the initial bailout deal, it turns out that the union ended up being the big winner from the IPO, recouping $3.4 billion from share sales and positioning itself to break even if GM shares rise modestly. By comparison, share prices would have to soar for the feds to get back to zero, and as for longstanding GM investors, well…

    Perhaps the biggest losers are the investors in the old GM. None of the bankrupt company’s previous stockholders got any money, while the claims of thousands of investors who purchased the company’s bonds are still being kicked around in a Manhattan bankruptcy court.

    “It gives outraged flashbacks to the old GM bondholders,” who remain mired in the bankruptcy proceedings and are unlikely to recover more than 30 percent of their investments, Mr. Reynolds said…

    Craig Coffey, a retiree in Nevada who invested $55,000 in bonds in the old GM that are now worthless, was outraged that the union is on its way to recovering all its money before investors get even a cent of compensation.

    “We just sat and watched [the stock offering]. We got nothing,” he said. “Screwed again.”

    Lighten up, pal. You did get something. You got a bailout ad with clips from “Animal House” in it.

    General Motors: We all fall down,thanks to Obama & COMPANY!


  11. 11

    Nan G

    A weak Obama, that’s what the world sees.

    Remember all of his Cairo speech to Islam?

    Has it helped at all?

    Remember how Obama campaigned for Kenya’s Odinga?

    The vote was close enough that violence from Odinga’s losing side led to a power-sharing compromise.

    And now Kenya, under Odinga, has outlawed all homosexuality with mandatory prison for male or female offenders.

    NAIROBI, Kenya, Nov 28 – Prime Minister Raila Odinga has ordered a nationwide crackdown on homosexuals in Kenya.

    “We will not tolerate such behaviours in the country. The constitution is very clear on this issue and men or women found engaging in homosexuality will not be spared,” Mr Odinga said.

    Sharia standards are spreading south through the African continent.

  12. 12


    DrJohn, you wrote

    Obama made clear he does not believe in the exceptionalism of America.

    This is simply false. On April 4, 2009, at the G20 summit in Prague, Obama was asked “[C]ould I ask you whether you subscribe, as many of your predecessors have, to the school of ‘American exceptionalism’ that sees America as uniquely qualified to lead the world, or do you have a slightly different philosophy?”

    In response to the question, Obama said:

    I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism. I’m enormously proud of my country and its role and history in the world. If you think about the site of this summit and what it means, I don’t think America should be embarrassed to see evidence of the sacrifices of our troops, the enormous amount of resources that were put into Europe postwar, and our leadership in crafting an Alliance that ultimately led to the unification of Europe. We should take great pride in that.

    And if you think of our current situation, the United States remains the largest economy in the world. We have unmatched military capability. And I think that we have a core set of values that are enshrined in our Constitution, in our body of law, in our democratic practices, in our belief in free speech and equality, that, though imperfect, are exceptional.

    Now, the fact that I am very proud of my country and I think that we’ve got a whole lot to offer the world does not lessen my interest in recognizing the value and wonderful qualities of other countries, or recognizing that we’re not always going to be right, or that other people may have good ideas, or that in order for us to work collectively, all parties have to compromise and that includes us.

    And so I see no contradiction between believing that America has a continued extraordinary role in leading the world towards peace and prosperity and recognizing that that leadership is incumbent, depends on, our ability to create partnerships because we create partnerships because we can’t solve these problems alone.

    Surely you knew how he responded to the question, didn’t you? For you to then say that Obama does not believe in American exceptionalism means you either were unaware of this response, or you ignored it. Either way, you either negligently or intentionally stated a falsehood. Indeed, everyone should have been tipped off by the lack of a complete quotation from Obama. Whenever someone is trying to put one over on you, they use ellipses or partial quotations. Here, you used a partial quotation. Either way, this part of your post is false and should be corrected.

  13. 13

    James Raider

    Old Trooper 2,

    The way this Administration handled the misguided, union thug pandering, and politically structured GM bailout, was a grievous disgrace, and a sham perpetrated with taxpayer money.

    We all watched it happen, with a Congress approving the fraud, and the MSM pandering cheerfully from the sidelines. From the dealers who were “raped” to the bondholders who were scammed, the whole scenario was a pathetic example of what can happen when a concentration of absolute power is allowed.

    Good thing that the winds have changed.

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