Unions waivers are proof Obamacare must be repealed [Reader Post]

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Obamacare has claimed another victim. Met Life has announced that it will no longer write long term care policies.

No one was more vocifierous in their demand for health care reform than the largest unions in this country. To wit:



Now is the time for healthcare reform, and SEIU members from 1199NW are helping to lead the way. Delegations of community leaders from over 40 states are being flown into Washington for in order to meet with key Members of Congress, and four SEIU Healthcare 1199NW members will be among them.

RNs Linda Arkava and Tara Lerew, CNA Maikele Mengesha and medical unit secretary Levorn Glover will be on Capitol Hill tomorrow as part of HCAN’s large-scale rally and lobby day for quality, affordable health care. Watch the video to find out about why they’re traveling from Washington state to DC to lobby for reform.

“It’s really important for us to not miss this opportunity for passing health care, but it does need to be something that covers people and that can be built upon,” said Burger. “And so I just want to make sure it’s not done in any kind of way that is limiting and that doesn’t deal with the crisis once and for all. We can build upon it and expand it.”


Education is a fundamental human right. So is universal health care. There is no moral justification in denying it to anyone, especially in the most prosperous nation on earth.

That is why we support President Obama’s quest for real health care reform now.

Our current system is failing. Costs are spiraling. Large sections of the population have limited or no access to preventive, health-sustaining or life-saving care. The quality of care, though at its best unsurpassed in the world, is neither consistent nor keeping pace.

We lag behind 36 other nations, including Morocco, Cyprus and Colombia, according to the World Health Organization. And yet our costs per person are more than double the top-ranked countries.


Special interests, such as pharmaceutical corporations and insurance carriers, are luxuriating in astronomical profits literally at the expense of human lives.

There is nothing inherently wrong with corporations making profits. But it must be in proportion, responsible and not the sole goal of their existence.

There are some individual opponents of universal health care whose positions, though not enlightened, are rooted in good faith.

But there are groups, fueled in part by reactionary media pundits, who are waging a giant, hostile and calculated crusade of “disinformation.” They are provoking doubt and spreading panic.

There is no contradiction between a free enterprise system, which we value with a few caveats, and health care reform that includes public health insurance. Medicare is an example. It is taxpayer-supported and almost nobody clings to the arguments that were originally waged against it more than 40 years ago.

Health care reform must extend services to the uninsured. It must do so without diminishing what is currently offered privately or publicly through collective bargaining or otherwise.

The entire American labor movement strongly favors real health care reform with a full and robust health insurance component.

Because all Americans deserve quality care.


We’re at a critical moment. SEIU members have fought for nearly a decade on health care.

Now, some in Congress want to turn us back. They want to pass a scaled-back version of the health reform bill, and as one blogger put it, “hack it to pieces.”

A comprehensive bill is the only way to fix the health care system – from expanding Medicare benefits and lowering health care costs, to improving rural care and home care services. Scaling back health reform will not help real working families.

President Obama delivers his State of the Union address this Wednesday evening, and before then, we have a 72-hour window to rescue comprehensive health reform. Our union has a reputation for bold leadership in times of crisis – and this is one of those times. Members like you need to give Congress the political courage to finish the job.


In what seems intended as a shot across the bow of House Dems wavering on health reform, top officials with the labor powerhouse SEIU have bluntly told a Democratic member that they will pull their support for him — and will likely field a challenger against him — if he votes No on the Senate bill.

Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO, September, 2009

“Mob rule is not a democracy. People have a democratic right to express themselves and our elected leaders have a right to hear from their constituents — not organized thugs whose sole purpose is to shut down the conversation and attempt to scare our leaders into inaction.”

Richard Trumka of the AFL-CIO, September 2010

“Without Nancy Pelosi, health care [sic] wouldn’t have happened, because all the guys that were sitting around the table wanted to fold their cards and go for these little itty-bitty rights. She’s the one who had the backbone to say no. We stuck together, and we got a historic victory, and she drove it down the Republicans’ throats and out their backsides.”

Barack Obama, 1/11/09

‘We’re not trying to jam anything down people’s throats.’

Obamacare already provided numerous favors for unions.

The closed-door negotiations over the health care bill have made this clear. Unions strongly objected to the excise tax on “Cadillac” health plans. By some estimates the tax would hit one in four union members. Union lobbyists pressured the White House to drop that tax. After a high-profile meeting between Obama and union lobbyists on Monday, the unions apparently have gotten what they asked for: the excise tax will not apply to collectively bargained health plans. The tax that unions found so onerous will now apply to everyone but them.

What a deal. Unions want the health care spending, but they do not want to pay for it. Obama gave them just that. It also makes for a great recruiting pitch: join a union, get a tax cut.

And more:

Obama’s handouts for unions go beyond the health care bill:

• All that federal spending on public works construction projects? The President’s Executive Order on Project Labor Agreements reserves most of those jobs for union members.
• The Detroit bailout was bad policy in its own right. Now the pensions of union retirees at GM subsidiaries will get generous taxpayer top-ups to prevent benefit cuts. The pension plans of nonunion retirees, however, will not get a cent.
• The law requires unions to partner with federal “green job” training programs. Union members will stand first in line for the “green jobs” Obama talks about creating.

You’d think that that was enough.

And you’d be wrong.

SEIU and at least 12 other unions have sought waivers from the very health care law they fought so hard to have passed.

(H/T Jim Hoft)

At least 111 companies have been granted waivers from Obamacare. From 1 to 351,000 employees, ranging from the United Federation of Teachers to Captain Elliott’s Party Boats.

The mass granting of waivers is concrete proof that Obamacare is already a failure and must be repealed. These exemptions violate one of Barack Obama’s core principles (I know he has none. Play along with me):

“Everybody is going to have some skin in the game”

Unless you’re a union.

Or Captain Elliott.

DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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    This disaster has nothing to do with health care, it is about Obama seizing control of 1/6 th of the economy and strengthening his unions, thus consolidating power and control.

    Obama has the distinction of being the only president to seek to destroy this country and its economy, to bring it to the point that it must join the Open Society promulgated by the Soros/Obama ideas of Utopian Society to merely survive.

    Should we repeal Obama’s grip on healthcare? Only if you want America to survive and be a free country for your children!

  2. 2



    I am convinced that Obama’s agenda is part of an effort to eliminate US sovereignty and place under world rule. Everything he does just makes us weaker.

  3. 3


    Obama is attempting to ruin American by forcing people to buy health insurance from for profit and non-profit insurance providers instead of rolling around uninsured and having the hospitals and insurers indirectly pay for their $129,076.35 worth of uncompensated health care after an unexpected car accident. It will also create a situation where 95% of Americans have some health insurance coverage. This is simply an awful idea. Our system was perfectly fine before Obamacare. Having 40 to 50 million people uninsured is not big deal at all, and because Obamacare cuts $500 billion in future entitlement spending, Obamacare must be repealed and the status quo reinstated — more uninsured people and higher Medicare and Medicaid spending.

    Now that I have you GOPer con position in print, please explain how you will go about selling this.

  4. 4


    Union thugs, ya gotta love em. Did we ever find out what Joe Biden agreed to or promised when he attended the closed door meeting with the top thugs in FL a few years ago?

  5. 5


    Unions had their place back in the 20’s and 30’s. Now, they’re just a mafia type outfit that does nothing but threaten and bully everyone in their path to stuff their fat, lazy pockets with MY hard earned, NON-union money.

    STFU and GFY, SEIU.


  6. 6


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  7. 7

    Old Trooper 2

    Obama’s Belief System

    Howard Kurtz

    Howard Kurtz is The Daily Beast’s Washington bureau chief. He also hosts CNN’s weekly media program “Reliable Sources,” Sundays at 11 am ET. The longtime media reporter and columnist for The Washington Post, Kurtz is the author of five books.

    UPDATE: White House press secretary Robert Gibbs told reporters Wednesday that he was not surprised by Fox News Chairman Roger Ailes quotes about President Obama to The Daily Beast’s Howard Kurtz. “I think if you watch most of the programming on the channel, I don’t think you would find many of those comments surprising,” Gibbs said. Ailes told Kurtz that Obama has a “different belief system than most Americans.” Read part I of the Ailes interview below, in which he also defends Murdoch’s GOP donations and admits Beck sometimes goes too far.


    In the media world, as in politics, having a high-profile target can be a very good thing.

    The age of Obama has provided a ratings boost for Fox News as its loudest personalities have relished the opportunity to play offense. Critics, of course, view Fox as an unabashed cheerleader for the Republican Party, an evil media empire spewing propaganda and misinformation at a gullible audience.

    But Roger Ailes says his network is just reflecting reality when it comes to the White House.

    “The president has not been very successful,” the Fox News chairman says in a lengthy interview. “He just got kicked from Mumbai to South Korea, and he came home and attacked Republicans for it. He had to be told by the French and the Germans that his socialism was too far left for them to deal with.”

    The 70-year-old Ailes, dressed in a lavender shirt and tie, goes on in this vein, saying the network isn’t singling out Obama for criticism but that its style “tends to be more direct” in challenging presidents. Then he offers this observation about Obama:

    “He just has a different belief system than most Americans.”

    That seems a rather loaded phrase—different belief system—even if you strongly disagree with most of Obama’s policies. It fits the view of those who are trying to paint the president as being outside the mainstream. But from the big second-floor office at Fox’s Midtown Manhattan headquarters, it’s the rest of the media that are using a distorted lens.

    “He’s had 3,000 press secretaries since he got into office,” Ailes says of Obama, but these days, “he’s making it harder for the press to make him look good… When the press falls in love, they fall in love hard. They’re like teenagers in love. It’s like the old Frankie Lymon song, ‘Why Do Fools Fall in Love?’”

    Obama “had to be told by the French and the Germans that his socialism was too far left for them to deal with.”

    Yep. I share ZERO Common Values with the Pretender in Chief. So what’s new about this? Absolutely NOTHING. I did not attend an Ivy League School on an Affirmative Action Admission. I Serve in Our Military, entered as a Private and now am an 0-6. I earned Degrees from BS to MS in International Relations. Attended the War College, Parachute School, Ranger School, SF Selection, Command and General Staff School and now run a “Small Business” on the High Plains of Montana (Private Sector, Successful). I have over 30 years invested in the Success and Defense of My Nation. I was recalled from Retirement twice to Serve and earn less by 90% of what I earn running my ranch but went from a sense of Duty, Loyalty and Honor.

    I have written no books yet so no book deals. I am your Humble Servant in my role as an Officer in the Military. I serve the Constitution, Defend the Nation and America’s vital Allies. My Rank is Permanent. Obama has a Term limit. What do I have in common with him?

    I have never apologized for America’s Greatness and won’t.

  8. 8


    OLD TROOPER 2; yes the best here, we listen to wise men, how come they don’t,
    also when the TOP FOX OF AMERICA, tell it straight as it come to the LEADER,

  9. 9


    premium_subscriber, subscriber

    Proof positive of liberal/progressives’ not understanding what is written in our Constitution.

    “Equal Protection” does not mean Equal protection to them.

  10. 10



    Billy Bob: Obama is attempting to ruin American by forcing people to buy health insurance from for profit and non-profit insurance providers instead of rolling around uninsured and having the hospitals and insurers indirectly pay for their $129,076.35 worth of uncompensated health care after an unexpected car accident.

    Car insurance medical/PIP/liability (depending on whether you are the driver, or passenger, and regardless of fault) coverage takes precedence, oh wannabe lawyerly one. Depending upon your policy limits, health insurance is not needed. To assume car insurance does not include some medical and, except in extreme cases, in adequate amounts, is pure folly of fools.

    More Billy Bob: Our system was perfectly fine before Obamacare. Having 40 to 50 million people uninsured is not big deal at all, and because Obamacare cuts $500 billion in future entitlement spending, Obamacare must be repealed and the status quo reinstated — more uninsured people and higher Medicare and Medicaid spending.

    Still playing with that bogus uninsured number, Billy Bob? Wouldn’t you have some credibility if at least you confined your lib/prog BS talking points to those who could not afford insurance, as opposed to those who are able to purchase and choose not to, or include the blanket of illegals that flood our system daily?


    Let’s get something straight… O’healthcare needs to be repealed for far more reasons than the $500 bil cuts in Medicare. Not the least of which will be the US economic death toll it heralds for poorly written legislation, over reaching taxation on businesses during a recession, and lack of doing anything about the real problem of reining in the cost of administering medical. It is an economic and liberty power grab… nothing more.

    But since you so wish it to stay around, I wish for you and your family the slash in hospice services for end of life care planned by your hero, and his champions, Pelosi and Reid. Let’s see how you and your loved ones weather those days with your beloved O’healthcare.

  11. 11


    MATA, hi, I think that whoever agree with this , are in the same boat of the mentality of the UNIONS, they usualy shove their laws down the throat of their members,
    to keep them with fear of loosing their job if they don’t like it.

  12. 12

    another vet

    MataHarley #10,

    Hopefully the Supreme Court does its job properly and decides in favor of the Constitution, making repeal a mute point as they will declare this bill to be unconstitutional. If not, then the Constitution will be a mute point because our system of checks and balances will have failed. The stakes in this are VERY high.

  13. 13



    Well, @another vet, can’t say as I disagree one whit. If the Supreme robed ones uphold this expansion of the commerce clause and overly broad interpretation of the general welfare clause, it’s the open door to the cliff we’re headed over… that’s for sure. In the wake of any such ruling, the ensuing intrusions the feds could conjure will be the transformation of this nation that Obama promised, and so desperately seeks.

  14. 15


    @Silly Rob: Mata took you to the woodshed once again.

    It never gets old to see you corrected. One wonders why you keep coming back for more. Glutton for punishment?

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