Barack Obama – Crybaby In Chief

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The true face of a narcissist crybaby:

Dancing with schoolchildren in Mumbai and reconnecting with a piece of his childhood in Jakarta gave way to a setback on a free trade deal in Seoul and tense confrontations from his counterparts about American leadership on the global economy. By the time he headed to his last stop – a gathering of world leaders in Japan – Obama was on the defensive and frustrated with how he was being portrayed.

“What about the compliments?” the president told reporters when asked what criticisms he heard during his conversations with other heads of state.

What about the compliments?

Give me a break

He just can’t come to grip with the reality that the slobbering masses that fell for his hopey-changey message have finally started to realize he is in way over his head. Apparently most of the countries he visited on this trip have come to that reality also:

But as the trip wore on, Obama had to navigate several minefields – a shrill response from the German finance minister and criticism from China over American economic policy, a setback in his renewed efforts for Middle East peace, and, perhaps most disappointingly, an impasse on a trade deal with South Korea. Many had expected Obama to reach a renewed pact with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak by the time they met.

Instead, Obama had to step to the podium in Seoul and explain that he needed more time because the South Koreans wouldn’t budge on easing restrictions on American cars. Adding insult to the undesirable outcome, Lee put Obama on the spot during their joint press conference when he was asked about concerns over U.S. fiscal policy.

“I think that kind of question should be asked to me when President Obama is not standing right next to me,” Lee, a former head of Hyundai, replied.

Obama cracked a smile. But it was a moment hardly imaginable a year ago.

“The first time he went around the world, everybody wanted to just touch the hem of his suit or something,” Stephen Hess, a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution who worked in the Eisenhower, Nixon, Ford and Carter administrations, said of Obama. “They would throw Nobel Prizes at him before he did anything. So sure, he’s come back to reality. And the world recognizes that as well.

But no worry President Crybaby….the media still has your back. Take for example Bob Schieffer blaming all of the recent setbacks on bad luck instead of Obama’s policies and arrogance:

His trip to Asia turned out as badly as the election. How long has it been that a President went to a foreign capital to put the finishing touches on a trade agreement, only to come away with nothing? Did no one in the White House staff see that coming? How can that be? And when the President tried to lecture China on their monetary policy, he was politely told to mind his own business. That’s not a great signal to send to the rest of the world.

If that were not bad enough, look at another storm coming when Congress reconvenes this week. Democratic Speaker Nancy Pelosi is already baulking at any kind of compromise to extend the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. Republicans say without that, all deals are off. So the tax cuts for everyone may expire at year’s end. And that’s just the half of it.

The middle has fallen out of our politics. Democrats elected to next year’s new Congress are more liberal than those in the current Congress, and the Republicans more conservative. So the partisan divide is bound to grow wider. I hate to keep using these weather metaphors, but for this President when it rains it just seems to pour. And keep on pouring.

Want another weather metaphor? Obama himself is the rain that has flooded this country with a recession, high unemployment, and Socialism. He deserves all the blame he can get.

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

34 Responses to “Barack Obama – Crybaby In Chief”

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    Wm T Sherman

    You knew this day would come.

    In 2008, I knew he would fail – he had the Jimmy Carter vibe stronger than Jimmy Carter himself. But I did not anticipate that it be so utter in only two years, or that the President and the entire Democrat leadership would double down completely instead of trying to save themselves by accomodating the public’s anger. It’s both worse and better than I imagined.

    He can’t change. He will continue to damage the Democrat brand until 2013.

    And beyond, come to think of it. Looking ahead, I think after displacing Jimmy Carter as the worst president of the last 100 years, he will also assume the mantle of worst ex-president of the last 100 years. He’ll stick his nose into all sorts of things, keep a high profile, conduct parallel foreign policy with dictators, have a reality show, record albums, act in movies, and above all defend his record and whine about how he was victimized by being elected to the most powerful job in the world.

    I am both looking forward to it and not looking forward to it.

  2. 3

    Wm T Sherman

    The media is turning on him. The “preference cascade” (per Ace) is past the tipping point. Take a look at the Flopping Aces political cartoon roundup from Sunday. What is being said with drawings will now make its way into text. The President may not be able to admit his mistakes, but now the media will. Admit his mistakes, you understand, not their own.

  3. 4

    Old Trooper 2

    An A+ in meddling with things that he does not understand the workings thereof.
    A+ in Showmanship.

    F in Governing and getting Punked every time He meets with Real World Leaders.

    A one termer and the Joke is on US.

  4. 6


    The one saving grace about Jimmy Carter was that he wasnt a narcissist. He came into the office wanting to change things and truely believing that everyone would pull together to make the country better. PEBO came into the office Expecting to get everything he wanted without work or any discussion. I truely think he thought he would sit back and let other people make the hard decisions and he would simply take the credits and the accolades and any problems would be covered up. When he turns into a one term president he will start sounding like Al Gore and blame fraud and corruption on his loss.

  5. 7


    So when does Darrell Issa begin hearings to get to the bottom of possibly very illegal activity by Obama and his lot over the past two years. And, will the House, Senate and committees have the nerve to pass legislation to require Obama, and subsequent occupiers of the White House, to show a legitimate birth certificate to settle the Constitutional requirement of natural born.

  6. 9


    AdrianS: ONE THING they know that AMERICA is watching every moves,and also the WORLD,
    SO I think, They will stick to their PROMISES, and DELIVER IT TO AMERICANS ONE BY ONE,

  7. 11


    Wm. T. Sherman

    I think we’re looking at the next Senator From Illinois, from 2014 thru whenever he’s old and grey — and I agree — he’s not going away, once having tasted power. This man is Joe McCarthy’s worst nightmare come true. He’ll be a happy, willing puppet for the international Communists against American interests long after he’s left the White House.

    Personally, I’d like to see Obama, Barney Frank, Franklin Raines, Chris Dodd — and many more — behind bars for a very long time.

    Ken Lay and Bernie Madoff blush in embarassment when they think of the heist that this crew just pulled off. Their respective malfeasance was a kids’ lemonade stand ripoff compared to the trillions of dollars these folks stole.

    I have absolutely no hope that Republicans will pursue this, as they have shown their ball-lessness time and time again against these criminals. They’ll “take the high road” and all that Rovian milquetoast crap. They always do.

  8. 12


    Wm. T. Sherman
    “What is being said with drawings will now make its way into text. The President may not be able to admit his mistakes, but now the media will. Admit his mistakes, you understand, not their own.”

    Excellent observation! No, they’ll never admit their own slavering complicity in this mess.

  9. 13


    Well, I have to say that even some media outlets are still in his tank. The cover of Newsweek is now saying that the Job of President is just too big for one man to handle. Imagine that? I think that that will be the new spin of the week. Any takers on this. See Obama is not incompetent. The job is just too much!

    Our cryer in chief will be consoled by the many many people who will now tell him that the job of President is just too hard for anyone. Do I sense committee think coming our way?

  10. 15

    Wm T Sherman

    Well Tammy, the Presidency is certainly too big a job for half a man to handle. Obama proves it every day.

    It has been pointed out that we get this “America is ungovernable” chatter every time the Democrats have a major setback.

    It’s ungovernable by the likes of them, is all.

  11. 16


    Its gonna really ruin obamas day when we frog march this fraudulent marxism muslim jackass out of the White House and try him for treason before we deport him back to his home country of kenya.

  12. 19



    Think POLITBURO.

    Poor widdle Obamwa, he can’t preside wiffout the help of his mentors . . . Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, George Soros.

    Bwahahahaha. The child who would be president is still a child blaming everyone else for his lack of acumen.

  13. 20


    I have never ever wished failure upon my own government, but Rush Limbaugh had it right back in 2008 with “I hope he fails” in reference to Obama. The last two years have been an absolute nightmare for me as I have watched socialism and nanny government creep into my life. The healthcare debate was it for me. The final straw that broke everything. When I saw that Obama and the Dems WERE NOT going to listen to the American people, I was madder than I have ever been at my government. All I want from Washington is to keep me safe from the enemies from without and within. And when I say within, I mean Obama, Pelosi, Schumer, Frank, and virtually ALL DEMOCRATS. They are enemies to the people. Do I want Obama to fail? YOU BETCHA!!!

    Pence/DeMint 2012

  14. 23


    #21 That sums it up for common sense that Mr Obama definitely does not know the meaning of:

    “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

    Watch this video:

  15. 24


    Barack Obama has spent his entire life preening for his adoring crowds. And the crowds he’s faced were always the home team crowds, never doing much in the way of thinking. He pandered to their desires for wealth redistribution, on their dependency. It’s a different story outside of Chicago.

  16. 25

    rich wheeler

    Dr John Obama beat Mac by 9.5 million votes the biggest win since Reagan over Mondale in 1984. Electoral vote 365-173. Chicago had little to do with this arse wupping(Thanks again Smorg).

  17. 26


    @rich wheeler: What does this have to do with anything. His fame and popularity was two years ago. That is history and it is irrelevant. We are talking about today. Please try to stay focused in the present. Yes, a lot of people thought he was the greatest thing since packaged cheese. But that was no two years ago, and the point of this thread is that people are starting to wake up to the reality of this guy. The thread is that people are waking up, not as enchanted anymore and he is not happy about it.

  18. 27

    rich wheeler

    Tammy Real Clear Politics polling( probably most watched at F.A.) has him currently at 46% appr. and 49% disappr.Range on approval has been 43%-48% over the past 3 months.It’s a little premature and extremely cocky to be throwing dirt on his casket just yet.

  19. 28


    @rich wheeler: Throwing dirt?!!!!

    Did you read my post?

    and the point of this thread is that people are starting to wake up to the reality of this guy. The thread is that people are waking up, not as enchanted anymore and he is not happy about it.

    People are starting to wake up. By the way he was elected with over 50 percent of the vote, and what put him over the edge was the Independent Vote. His current numbers are typical for the electorate and has been typical for the electorate for many years. It has always been about an even split among the electorate between Republicans and Democrats.

    The point of this post and thread is the enchantment is gone. From this point on, it is not a popularity contest. It is about the job he is doing. Yes, Obama is a charismatic and likeable guy. Most narcissistic people are. Now people are starting to pay attention to the job he is doing, not his looks, not his fancy speeches, and not his dazzling smiling.

    Some in the press are starting to turn on him and point out how bad he is doing, although some in the press are making excuses for him. This is the point.

    You know I don’t want to see Obama buried. I don’t agree with his policies but I don’t want to see him buried. I want the press to tell the truth about what he is doing so people can make honest and informed decisions about the role of goverment. I think if we have an honest discussion about the cost of his policies and how they are going to impact our lives for generations to come instead of pointing fingers at each other, I like to think that most of Americans would say no to his socialist policies, especially now that they are starting to witness the collapse of socialist Europe which took about thirty years to fall after the KING OF SOCIALIST countries, THE SOVIET UNION. It is also interesting that China, a communist nation in goverment only is starting to cut back on the social services and are embracing capitalism.

    Obama sold a bill of goods to a lot of people. Now they are waking up, and they will continue to wake up.

    Popularity doesn’t make a person a good leader or even make what they are doing right. Can’t you see that? Or are you going to continue bringing in your populartity charts like some cheerleader who keeps rooting for the losing team?

  20. 31


    After Ocrybaby took the shellacking during the election, he was like a little boy getting hurt and running home to his mommy. Europe was his mommy during the campaigning, so it was reasonable that he would want to run and pout to her now.

    “What about the compliments?”

    That’s why he ran home to mommy: To be comforted. Unfortunately, he got the same response the boy that Jeff Foxworthy told about getting hurt and running home to his mom and got those loving words from her: “I hope you’re satisfied.”

    “They would throw Nobel Prizes at him fefore he did anything.”

    From the time Ocrybaby took office to the deadline for nominations for the Nobel Prize was only 12 day. Obama is so powerful that he made the world a more peaceful place to live in only 12 days.

  21. 32


    2012 TO NOVEMBER 2010
    I was here and lied on the 9 and @ Taqyyotomist you lied too on your 12,
    the media kept lying to cover OBAMA’S FAILURES.
    @ another vet, you had it right on the button, and you are still on it,
    @ Wm T Sherman his retirement might be coming soon this NOVEMBER.

  22. 33


    on your 24
    yes you are right on it.

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