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13 Responses to “The Post Racial President”

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    Oil guy from Alberta

    I’ve been surfing blogs and polls, including Redstate, looking for trends. There are 111 House seats in play of which 5 are Republican. It looks like 2 seats a week join the list. Looks like a tremendous red wave is going to flood America this November. Even Chapel Hill, N. Carolina is going to go red. Dingell, a 55 year Democrat from Michigan, might be getting the size 12 to his posterior. Seems like you guys are getting it right this time. Tea anyone?

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    Remember the White House visitor logs? Bertha Lewis(ACORN), Jeremiah Wright and Malik Shabazz all appeared on the list, Shabazz quite frequently. When questioned about those visitors, someone at the White House said they all were someone else that just shared the same name. 🙄

    There are two heroes in this case J. Christian Adams to be sure, he resigned from his career at Justice to expose ongoing racism at the Voting Rights division and another Adams has written about lately, Christopher Coates.

    American Hero: Coates Negates a Year of Justice Department Spin on New Black Panther Case


    Coates, also career Justice was forbidden to testify, removed from his position in DC, booted down to South Carolina and now has whistleblower protection. He finally testified last week but Steven Colbert’s stunt knocked news of it out of the MSM cycle, imagine that.

    J. Christian Adams has written several very interesting items at Pajama’s Media about this case, probably all for naught, it’s the tea partiers that are racist, why waste time on the NBPP with all those real racists prancing about in plain sight? 🙄

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    I wonder how many Black Panthers and SEIU members we’ll see at the polls in November? I only hope actual Americans will be both PREPARED and WILLING to deal with them.

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    Need a gator at every polling place to keep things from getting out of hand. See who wins the guy with the club or the gator with the teeth. Would definately see the whites of their eyes. Be like Buckwheat on “Our Gang”.

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    For those of you who missed the original issue that was ruled by the Holder Justice Department as being without merit, after prosecutors had won their case by default. Shabazz was a no show and the government had already won its case, but like the cases of Rangel and Waters, they will be drawn out in the forlorn hope of a major Democrat victory. Unfortunately for the Democrats, the reverse is much more likely. The Justice Department’s unequal protection of the law that may have been issued from the White House may mean the impeachment of either Holder or Obama or maybe both.

    This is an issue that will not be swept under the rug any longer, at least now that will have a Republican majority in the house at least.

    This is the issue that Adams testified on, against the wishes of the Holder Justice Department, another possible violation of the law.


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    “…they [Fox News] are afraid to talk to me…” (his emphasis)

    ROFLMAO!! Yeaahhhhh riiiiggghhhhttttt. If he is so brave, then let him go on Hannity and have Hannity let Mark Levin tear this guy to shreds.

    THAT would make a great pay per view!

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    I’ve spent the last few days reading the 144-page report on this, plus all the records and documents. This is serious. The DOJ committed perjury, refused to allow their people to testify (under subpena), refused to turn in documents, stonewalled, evaded, and outright lied. While the NAACP was preparing their report on the racist tea party. their lead attorney was also spending lots of time at the DOJ lobbying for them to drop the case.

    Loretta King (niece of MLK) was moved over from a lesser position by Obama as a politcal appointee when he came in, along with others. Those of the no-blacks-can-be-racist group were promoted; those few against harrassed, their duties taken away.

    Loretta and Crew also said they had no intention of doing anything about states that were not purging dead people from their voting rolls. They said they were only interested in actions that “increased access.” A discrimination case against blacks in Miss was tried (with some difficulty) under Bush, and the folks at DOJ announced that those cases would not be taken anymore.

    The whistle-blower, when he was still allowed to interview new hires, took to asking if they had problems with cases involving whites as victims of racism. He was told to knock it off by Loretta.

    This stinks to high heaven. Don’t see how Holder and Obama can NOT be at least investigated. It’ll be up to the net to spread the news, as we know the MSM won’t touch it. Definitely a case of the executive dept violating the 14th Amendment. No equal protection for white people.

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