Ground Zero Mosque Protest: Lefty Goes Berserk On Holocaust Survivor

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A “tolerant” lefty this one is: (language alert)

This line from the nimrod is something:

“I have no problem cursing out an unpatriotic, treasonous piece of garbage that wouldn’t know the (sacrilegious expletive) Constitution if it hit him in the (expletive) face, OK?”

Uh, yeah….

Wasn’t it patriotic not too long ago to protest against various things (Iraq, wiretaps, gitmo, etc.) when Bush was in office? Now, if someone feels this mosque shouldn’t be built and wants to protest against it…it’s now unpatriotic?

And then he goes on to say the survivor of the Holocaust didn’t learn his lesson? It sounds bad…and it is bad. But I doubt he meant it like the old man should of learned his place as a Jew. I hear it as the man should be more tolerant.

It’s just this enraged hippie is such a douchebag that he can’t get the argument out right.

And, as it so typically is with lefties, they can’t even begin to at least see the other side of the argument. The man is a Jew, he survived during Hitler’s reign, and now observes this Imam with possible ties to Hamas and a man who supports a one-state solution to the Israel/Palestine problem trying to build a mosque near Ground Zero. He understandably opposes it and is using his right to protest it.

It’s fine when the left agrees with the protest, but god help you if they don’t because then your just a racist, intolerant, “teabagger.”

Hypocrites one and all.

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

40 Responses to “Ground Zero Mosque Protest: Lefty Goes Berserk On Holocaust Survivor”

  1. 2



    I may take the position that Government should not dictate who and who not can build their places, but want these people were doing was exactly the kind of thing I support with the last drop of my blood.

    Both sides of the coin of the First Amendment.

    I don’t want it there, 70% of us don’t want it there, and that same percentage says that they do have the Right to build one.

    So we as law-abiding peaceful folk, we go to New York and exercise the same Rights as Rauf.

    In essence the Founders made it clear that the People rule in this case. We’ll see in each escalating step, what happens when “Rights-because-I-can”, meets “Rights-that-sometimes-you-shouldn’t”.

    I have a million things I could have done to the aging mullet-boy, but my favorite, is running into camera frame, picking him up in one smooth motion, and then running full-tilt a block down the street with him over my shoulder.

    -After that…I’ll have to get back to you.

    *the mind reels*

  2. 3

    Coastal Eddie

    As you can tell from the refinement and erudition of his comments, the younger man probably graduated from junior high school, on the other hand…

  3. 4

    Skookum 2

    Progressive Socialists and Marxists are bold against grieving mothers and Holocaust Survivors; I think soon they will see what happens when an aligator mouth overloads a hummingbird ass in the wrong company.

    They only have an ideology for guidance, thankfully their leaders are charismatic, empty headed dolts who couldn’t lead a stick horse to water: we on the other hand have leaders who are relying on maintaining the status quo and feeding at the trough of decadence, they need to awaken to the fact trhat we are in serious trouble and need serious economic and political solutions. The present administration is a perfect eexample iof electing incompetent buffoons to high office. We have the ballot and we must let out elected officials know that the performance of the past is no longer acceptable. In other words, we take to the polls in record numbers and gain landslide victories and then keep the pressure on our own.

    Letting them relax and enjoy the pig slop and corruption is what we have now, we must let them know, Produce or Die at the polls in 2012.

  4. 6


    As a native new yorker i’m not thrilled about this masque either. Mainly cause i read that they build there masque near sites they consider to be “victories won in battle”. Though the liberal will want it built so they can show how progressive we are… You can bomb us and we will let u build on the spot you scarred us on. I miss Reagan and or Nixon they would just flat out said “get the f* outta here”

    Pardon the grammar im writing this from a smartphone.

  5. 7


    Five will get you ten the little blond is a union thug steward. He wants the Mosque built with union labor from his union hall so that he can keep living large. Publish his bio.

  6. 8


    I read recently that there are 30 mosques in New York and a demographic study of Manhattan shows about 2,000 Muslims. If there are only 2,000 Muslims in Manhattan, how will this tiny group support a 13 story building with gyms, etc?

    Just curious.

  7. 9

    Theresa, MSgt (ret), USAF

    The whole “building bridges” bullshit has ended I see. Now its all about Americans supporting freedom of religion, 1st amendment rights, blah, blah, blah. Funny how the same oh so tolerant lefties/muslims spout that crap yet do everything to include violence to shut down the opposition. The top five or six floors are “unknown” and the “iman” is part of the sharia index project. Do not have all the details but its supposedly about tracking how sharia is progressing in the U.S. and where and also how to keep pushing it forward. If the Christian Orthodox Church which was severely damaged during the attacks on 9/11 can’t get a building permit after almost 9 years and they OWN the land, why is bloomberg pushing through the permit to build this victory mosque? The money is the key. I bet the saudi’s have greased the palms of anyone and everyone involved in “approving” this abomination. Let them build it somewhere else. Its obviously not about anything other than a shrine of victory for the scum who attacked us. The name alone indicates that quite clearly.

  8. 10



    If there are only 2,000 Muslims in Manhattan, how will this tiny group support a 13 story building with gyms, etc?

    Foreign money. Hamas, and whoever funds Hamas, will fund the mosque. Money is not an issue for these people.

    The blond fool in the video has absolutely no understanding of the world he lives in.

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    It is obvious that Muslims have the right to build, as Obama put it, where it is legal for them to do so.

    Consider that we do not call Blacks Negros and we don’t call Asians Orientals. We have the right to do so, but we don’t because we consider that we are mutual citizens of a great country that tries to get along one with another.

    The forceful push to build a Mosque, on what the majority of 9/11 families consider sacred ground, is rude. These same Muslims are asking for tolerance when they are not being tolerant themselves. And the result: severe animosity towards ALL Muslims. The majority of Americans polled DO NOT WANT any Mosque located anywhere near the site of 9/11. Over 70% of Americans have indicated a preference for NO Mosque at ground zero.

    Here is the result:

    It is now inescapable to me that Muslims, Islam, and the Koran are evil and intolerant at their core. Investigate Koran teachings regarding Jews and others — there’s much hate and calls to violence.

    Also, how can, given what the Koran DICTATES about Jews and infidels, Mayor Bloomberg say that we should be tolerant towards these Muslims. Would he, or does he, show the same “tolerance” for skin-heads and their pro-NAZI and pro-Hitler propaganda? Let’s ask. In Europe, you can’t buy Hitler’s Mein Kampf because it is considered hate literature.

    Read the articles above and also Pam Geller’s website regarding what exactly the Koran dictates:

    It is no longer surprising that young enthusiastic Muslims, who take the Koran seriously and read, re-read, and read again its tenets, become fanatical, extreme Islamists and above all become radicalized terrorists. Without a single doubt, the Koran of Islam is a book of hate.

    Even “moderate” Muslims, if they read, worship, pray and believe the Koran, are extreme in their minds and are without a doubt partial to the feelings of the extremist Muslims. The main proponent of the Mosque at ground zero has said himself that the U.S. was somehow responsible itself for the 9/11 attack. Radical thinking. But American’s are no fools; they are watching these Muslims very carefully.

    Remember, there are less than 1% Muslims in the U.S. And, the United States statistically is STILL a Christian nation (despite what Muslim Obama says); 70% of American’s identify themselves as Christian in the United States.

    There will be NO Mosque at “ground zero”. And, still, the animosity created against the Muslims, and Islam, because of the hatred contained in the Koran, will spread and grow throughout America.

    It is wrong to say that the Muslims have made significant contributions to America. It is not so. It has been the majority of European Caucasians, and others, that have made major sacrifices and have been exceedingly inventive to provide America and Europe with the tremendous growth and prosperity.through hard work and sacrifice, that we all benefit from — these being members of a Christian society and cultures.

    May the Christian Lord continue to bless America. We will fight Sharia and Koran influences as totally unAmerican and unconstitutional perversions. This we will do immediately. Nip this Sharia and Koran in the bud in America and let’s get back to our prosperity.

  10. 12


    Here is an interesting article:

    Paralleling Mayor Bloomberg’s veiled insults towards those acutely aware of the historical Islamic conquest of non-Muslim lands by their building of mosques on top of or dominating a conquered people’s holy sites, is the concurrent Bloomberg LLC’s expansion of its Dubai financial center into a regional hub for the UAE.

    Founded in 1981 by Michael Bloomberg, who privately owns 85% of the limited liability corporation, Bloomberg LLC is a dominant player in global financial software, data gathering and news, commanding one third of its market niche estimated at $16 billion dollars.

    Bloomberg LLC sells its terminals from seven regional hubs: London, Sao Paolo, New York, San Francisco, Tokyo, Hong Kong and Sydney but the Dubai regional center will allow Bloomberg access to Islamic sharia based banking and monetary systems by developing a sharia compliant finance portal….

    Linnington went on to add, “Particularly since the meltdown of the western capitalist system, there has been an increasingly large focus on the virtues of Islamic finance. Today, there is no one single provider of information that caters to the Islamic finance market. So by Bloomberg being here, we are in the process of building out an Islamic finance product. We are very confident that we can build a product that meets the needs of the market right now.”

  11. 14

    Anna Puma

    Yep, a splendid example of lefty tolerance. The Iranian Revolution put such against the wall and shot them as soon as the Ayatollah got into power. Lenin’s ‘useful idiots’ are still about.

    Any word on the stymied Greek Orthodox Church that was actually destroyed nine years ago on Sept 11, 2001? Is it finally moving forward Mayor Michael ‘I kiss all manner of a**’ Bloomberg?

  12. 15


    ANNA PUMA: hi, I wonder if by doing business with the MUSLIMS,if he is exempt from paying tax,like the muslims are. TO AMERICA. bye

  13. 16


    The gentleman who was the Holocaust survivor deserves respect because of his age, his life experience and his spirit, that brought him out to testify with his presence, to his love of America.
    The heckler is a shameful man, a blot on America, seeking to shut up someone whom he should be respecting, by bellowing and intimidation. Kudos to the man in orange for refusing to be cowed despite obviously being hurt and upset at the attack.

    I agree that the attacker is most likely a Union goon who is trying to justify something he hopes will put money in his pocket by using words he doesn’t understand like Constitution. The Constitution doesn’t suggest that we need to allow a foreign group who has declared war on America to build a monument to their success on American soil over American remains at a site where Jihad was carried out on the innocent civilians of all faiths and heritages who were there to work and later to rescue (how many got sick from breathing the air?). How much carnage they spread and now we are supposed to welcome them and help them to proclaim victory with a gigantic mosque that will inspire and facilitate the next wave? We have Freedom of Speech to protest this injustice and to stand against it in every legal way we can. That is America and the American Way not this mindless goon saying the mosque builders have rights. They do have rights but not the right to do anything they please jusrt because they own a building.

    There are many projects that are not allowed because of eminent domain, historical status or because the people of the town do not want that kind of establishment in that area, think 42nd St cleanup. The people of NY and of America do not need to give these extremists the platform they want nor do we need to let them shove their terrorist act in our faces. What kind of people have they declared themselves to be by their actions? There is plenty of evidence that this mosque is being funded by haters as a symbol and as a recruiting tool to show their victory over America. Now way does our society need to tolerate that no matter who owns the building.
    Let the construction workers refuse to build it, the people form a wall to stop entry into the site. And let the Government officials who love America do the right thing for once and protect our great country instead of letting the haters spit in her face.

  14. 17


    Aren’t Mosques typically built on a site won in battle such as: Mecca, Medina, Al-Aqsa Mosque: it doesn’t matter if they were previously Christian churches, Jewish synagogues, or Buddhist statues as they will become mosques. If the charter is to kill ALL non-Jihad people then it is symbolic of a declaration of war.

  15. 18


    We also got to see our old friend moral equivalence again. I demanding that this older gentleman give up his right to free speach, the leftist equated his perceived crime to that of genocide. His statement tells it all. By simply stating his opinion that the mosque not be built, is the exact same thing as the murder of 11 million people in an effort to rid the world of Jews, Blacks, Homo Sexuals, and Gypsies. The true irony here, is that this older gentleman is the very embodiment of that which the hippie claims to have compassion for. He was a victim of the facist regime which the hippie claims to be against.

  16. 19


    Years ago, when I was in college, we had a maintenance worker… a survivor of the Holocaust. I can still see, in my mind’s eye, the tattoo on his wrist. The numbers served as his identification number for the camps.

    This blond crazy guy, grew up in a country where even our poor have air conditioning, microwaves, and government housing. We live in a soft society, where everyone has “rights”, that few have earned. This blond crazy had the “right” to be abusive and assault someone he disagreed with. Had the camera not been on him, he may have hit the older man.

    I am sure he is proud of himself. He’s only an empty, spoiled fool. If he had to put up with a tiny percentage of what the survivor had to put up with, he would have either died, or become incredibly corrupt and cruel, just like those people who were immune to the torture and cruelty they heaped on others during the Holocaust.

    He is a complete and utter loser.

  17. 20


    premium_subscriber, subscriber

    This incident illustrates vividly the complete, total lack of respect shown to those whose views may be different than theirs. This act, by this ingrate, is one expected of on the internets, with all of the anonymity available to one there. It is troubling to see blatant, outright acts of hatefulness displayed in public by people such as this and the Code Pink hustler.

    Whether it’s the 15 minutes of fame they are after, or just an imbalance of brain chemicals, they are a danger to a peaceful, tolerant society, even when their message is about tolerance and peace. One would hope that this man is now feeling guilt and sorrow at his actions, especially when the video is out there for everyone to see, but I doubt it. Some people cannot grasp understanding of simple concepts and issues in this world.

    I am very surprised that the old man didn’t knock the guy on his butt, although I would have hoped for an even better response of laughing at the moron, and including the entire surrounding crowd in that action. Now, how funny would that have been?

  18. 21


    johngalt, hi, THAT blond attaker of the veteran, would have feel sorry, if one of the laughing
    PUBLIC would have had the courage and gutts, to manly remove a fews theets,
    FROM that blond guy ‘s dirty mouth. IT would have also erase the laughter from the crowd.
    THERE was nothing funny in there, THEY where a stupid bunch around and also
    A COWARD crowd.

  19. 22


    premium_subscriber, subscriber


    You misunderstand me. What I said is that if the old man, and the surrounding crowd, had used laughter against the verbal attacker, it would have been not only successful, but also a very funny video.

    I was in Charleston, SC in 1990, and the KKK had a “march” through downtown. What they were protesting, or speaking about, no one knows, because along the street were literally thousands of residents who used laughter to rebut everything the KKK members shouted out. The march ended early, the KKK members were shamed and ran off liked whipped puppies(I hate using that analogy since I would never whip a puppy myself), and the end result was a peaceful day. No threats of violence were used, at least by the crowd along the street, no acts of violence, and the nastiness of the KKK’s rhetoric was never heard. All in all, a rather successful showing of non-violent counter protesting.

  20. 23

    Old Trooper 2

    Someone found some a pair of ‘stones’ in Chicago…

    Permit Denied For Mosque In West Rogers Park

    We’re hearing from the local chamber of commerce and alderman’s office that the city has denied a special use permit that would allow a mosque to replace a shut down hot dog grill.

    It’s based on the need to generate tax revenue on the former site of the original Fluky’s and later U Lucky Dawg, at 6821 N. Western Ave.

    But at a time when opposition to mosques in general is making headlines, the particulars here, for some, sound disturbing.

    It’s one of Chicago’s more diverse communities, with a strong Muslim presence; where for some opposition to a proposed mosque is frustrating at best.

    “Angry is not our religion. Our religion is respect,” said one man.

    “This is a religious freedom country. You are not supposed to deny right to build a mosque,” said another man.

    It’s the same neighborhood where the former hot dog restaurant along busy Western Avenue has sat vacant for two years – and where the Faizan e Madina community wants to locate a mosque.

    “We are planning to educate people about Islam, a misunderstood religion,” said Rashid Mopiwala, Faizan e Madina.

    Amie Zandel is president of the area’s West Ridge Chamber of Commerce.

    “Our neighborhood is probably one of the most diverse neighborhoods in the city of Chicago,” said Zandel.

    Zandel says the organization’s 200 members include a strong Muslim presence.

    “Our membership is probably made up between 30 and 40 percent Muslim,” she said.

    Yet in spite of that, the chamber is opposing construction of the mosque on the site.

    “We want to see our community thrive, and we need more economic development to come in, first and foremost,” Zandel said.

    The chamber says the mosque’s tax exempt status in that commercial location would eliminate much needed tax dollars and halt growth.

    But some fear opposition to the mosque is opposition to Muslims in general.

    “That’s not the case. We have many Muslims already in the community. We celebrate the diversity,” Zandel said.

    “If it’s a religion, they have to respect religion first,” said one man.

    It’s a position not all here understand, but mosque members, who say they live in an accepting community, know in Chicago economics and politics can sometimes trump religion.

    Rashid Mopiwala says he does not think the decision was based on bigotry and racism.

    “There’s not any racism involved,” he said. “There are some politics maybe, but not religious.”

    Members of the congregation say they are still formulating a plan on what to do next. It is the holy period of Ramadan for Muslims, and when CBS 2 spoke to them tonight they said in spite of the area’s many mosques, there is need for more.

    So there you have it.

    Ok then, why does NYFC not need the tax revenue as well?

  21. 24


    @Old Trooper 2: I wondered about this as well, OT. Which commercial zoning laws get them into Ground Zero neighborhood…since it’s in the financial hub of NYC? Is this why they are calling it a “community center”, etc.? How can it be exempt from taxes if it imposes Muslim inequalities on women? Would I, as a non-Muslim be barred? Would there be a unisex swimming pool? If so, what’s the point of making it Muslim if they aren’t obeying Muslim law. If they are forcing Muslim laws on the public, then they are automatically breaking all sorts of zoning, discrimination, etc., laws…aren’t they? They can’t have it both ways. I imagine though that they would be doing a lot by stealth…just as they do everything. You know, lies to the Infidel are A-OK.

  22. 26


    @ Old Trooper 2, #23: “The chamber says the mosque’s tax exempt status in that commercial location would eliminate much needed tax dollars and halt growth.”

    That seems like a perfectly valid zoning issue, to my way of thinking. There’s no apparent reason to suspect that a proposed church or synagoge wouldn’t have been subject to the same sort of considerations. If so, I see no problem.

  23. 28


    WEMO: there is no MR CLASSY, AND no OLD COOT,
    IT’S A JERK and A HOLOCAUST surviver who took a stand against that building,
    THE jerk diserve more and he might get it someday. and you show Ignorance just like that jerk.

  24. 29



    “Five will get you ten the little blond is a union thug steward. He wants the Mosque built with union labor from his union hall”

    Actually im a Union Ironworker and i can guarantee you none of us will work on it, teamsters also they def. wont deliver. It will be all scabs and a few scum union workers whose mentality is “a jobs a job”.

    Take my word on it. Building its gonna take forever and will be done by incompetent ppl.

  25. 32


    The Holocaust survivor has already lived through hell — National Socialism — when it last reared its ugly head. He knows more about the Constitution — and appreciates it more — than that left-wing jerk ever will because his freedom was taken from him without any guarantee of its return. America and the Constitution represent freedom from the oppression of the left and its supporters no matter what rhetoric they try to hide behind or how many they try to silence. All around the world the very ground cries out from the blood of martyrs to the cause of freedom. America is the last great refuge for freedom-loving people everywhere. Our population is a testament to that. Those who have no respect for the freedoms of others — much less common courtesy — have no place here.

  26. 33


    @ilovebeeswarzone: What does diserve mean? You need to learn a couple things: 1. To recognize sarcasm when it is plainly presented and 2. How to write coherent sentences with at least minimally correct spelling and puncuation. When you master those two tasks, you can criticize me. Bye.

  27. 34


    emo; sorry if I include the word “DESERVE” I meant “NOT WORTHY OF”.
    I CRITISIZE not your perfect ENGLISH, but your own sarcasm for that older gentleman
    WHO happen to be a survivor of the holocaust and took a brave stand in there where that JERK
    attack him,
    TAKE note that what you put in your perfect language is diminish by the intent you have.
    BESIDE, I’m not that bad in english,and improving always. bye DID YOU forgot the ‘w’ FOR WEMO?

  28. 35


    You don’t even understand my intent, or realize that by my sarcasm, I was attacking the antagonist and I WAS DEFENDING the older gentleman. Nobody else seems to interprate my post as you do so I recommend that you go quietly away until you learn how to interprate simple English.

    BTW, you’re not improving very quickly. Your first sentence makes no sense and there’s a “d” on the end of diminished.

    In fairness to you, I’m going to guess that English may not be your first language. But, if it is, you’re in trouble. Bye.

  29. 36


    WEMO,YOU GUESS right at the end, THAT should have been at the beginning,
    SO you would have clear yourself of attacking me; IT’s okay, I am tuff;
    BUT you have to admit that the sarcarsm could have been taken either sides;
    I must admit that I was realy angry before on that subject, so I attack you;
    So I’m slow, bear with me just like the others do ,because they know I’m with them hearth and soul for CONSERVATIVES VICTORY, to redress what is broken,
    AND they know that I’m inproving as fast as I can. STOP dictating on my mistakes,
    like A tolerant CONSERVATIVE would not do. bye

  30. 40


    rumcrook r: hi, I read that, a group of terrorists was dismantle theses days, in the WEST CANADA
    by the RCMP OFFICERS. ALWAYS happy to hear what good work they do, to protect AMERICA.

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