The Marxist Template

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The true revolutionary is willing to sacrifice everything for an idea: the men who signed The Declaration of Independence knew that they were possibly sacrificing their wealth, their property, their very lives and those of their families if the bold gamble ended in failure. Signing the Declaration was an exercise in faith, for there were many brilliant minds that would debate the format for the Constitution; yet their signatures on that sacred document was a summary death sentence by hanging if an English Officer found a signor. If the war had been lost they would have all been hanged. These were revolutionaries with dignity and honor; instead of offering Wealth Redistribution (the theft of one man’s wealth to give to others), they offered Freedom. There were no guarantees, only opportunity; mysterious concepts that were unique to the rugged individualists of the American frontier. The opportunity to succeed or fail appealed to Americans with initiative and a work ethic: the concept is an anathema to the indigent and lazy who feel entitled because of the designation of victim, bestowed on them by our Progressive Socialists.

In the on going movement of Progressive Socialist Revolution, the ultimate goal is World Socialism. A world where all the world’s wealth is supposedly shared equally by the workers and decisions are carried out by a group of omnipotent Elite henchmen who can control huge masses of people with the ruthlessness of a Mao or Stalin type figure.

The Russian Revolution had its visionaries, initially there were two basic groups, the Menshevils and the Bolsheviks; the early Russian Marxists promised freedom, justice, happiness, and equality. The Bolsheviks, led by Lenin and Trotsky among others, gained control and devolved into a concentration of power or dictatorship rather than the Social Democracy later espoused by the Mensheviks.

Eventually, as the Revolution progressed, the Proletariat was expected to accept the loss of Freedom of the Press along with the concept of self as being necessary to advance the Revolution. Lenin and Trotsky’s despotism was intended to silence the voices of opposition, starvation, being worked to death, and murder would be inflicted upon those who spoke against the Revolution. Sacrificing culture, history and human life was deemed necessary for the sake of an idea, the progression of the Socialist Revolution.

This Revolutionary Radicalism is a concept that maintained it prominence with Radical Marxists throughout the twentieth century, happiness and the notion of self is considered a remnant of bourgeois culture were to be discarded; consequently, the needs of real people are forgotten in the revolutionary zeal of Socialism.

Obama was born into a family of radicals, was mentored by revolutionary Marxists, and befriended Radical Marxists; now, America is standing and wondering about the true political character of the undocumented enigma holding the highest office in the land. In the spirit of Stalin, the Ultimate Progressive Socialist, Obama has only appointed undistinguished mediocrities and sycophants to his administration, this emphasis on unremarkable talent serves to emphasize the meager talents of Obama and insures that there will be no rising stars to divert attention from the self-conscious Narcissist who desires to be adored and worshiped by his subjects, documented by the appearances on the mindless TV shows designed to perpetuate the myth of celebrity status. Although presidents have a degree of celebrity status, there is a difference between the celebrity status of presidents and the silly American celebrity adoration of athletes, musicians, and Hollywood types. For the first time in our history, we have a president attempting to mix the natural respect towards the dignity and honor of the office of the presidency with the classless worship of popular celebrities by our lowest common denominator.

His vision for the United States has included marginalizing the accomplishments of the United States, during his international apology tours, Obama’s essential message to the rest of the world was, “See how I have tamed the savage beast, nothing is too difficcult for the Obama.” Of course in the Plans for International Socialism, his Citizen of the World designation that he has awarded himself and intends on granting to the population of America, is merely a paragraph in his giant plan for Internatioal Socialism and his hoped for position among the Ruling Elite of the world.

A professional horseman for over 40 years, Skook continues to work with horses. He is in an ongoing educational program, learning life's lessons from one of the world's greatest instructors, the horse. Skook has finished an historical novel that traces a mitochondrial line of DNA from 50,000 years ago to the present. The book Fifty-Thousand Years is awaiting me to finish a final proofread and it should be sent to the formatter in a matter of days. I am still working, so it is not easy to devote the time I need to finish the project. The cover is a beautiful wok of art. I would put it up here if I could figure out how to make it work.

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    SKOOKUM: hi, VERY interesting POST on a scary subject for AMERICA, BUT PATVANN ‘s link
    THE BRITISH LORD WRITTER has beam in to the real power awaykening in this country, by naming this trend of the BLOGS, that are best to get people to express to each other their pleasure and angers, and their knowledge incredibly powerfull source, I myself enjoy to drink it, and we can say that as an AUTHOR now, and also much like before, that , YOU are doing a super job at it,
    brigning a suitcase full of so much witt, and flair, and knowledge. thank you,
    I see that you know your distance with such precision, bye

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    @ilovebeeswarzone #47: I don’t think Rand was speaking about romantic love. But the scenario you describe seems to be a recipe for resentment. Hopefully, couples live for the sake of one another and each contributes to the nurturing of their relationship without keeping a scorecard.

    We find rest in those we love, and we provide a resting place for those who love us. — Saint Bernard of Clairvaux

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    Donald Bly

    Atlas Shrugged…. the most influential book I ever read… It has colored my thinking for over 35 years. An absolute masterpiece of explanation and prophetic in many respects. John Galt and his engine, Hank Reardan and Reardan Steel… Daphne Taggart and the railroad, D’arconia (sic) and his cooper mines… Mulligan and his banking… outstanding characters, immortalizing the movers and shakers of the world… outstanding story. It took me just 3 days to go from cover to cover.

    I buy at least 10 copies every year and give them away. I ask only one thing of those that I give a copy. When you are done with it, please give it to someone else and ask them to do the same.

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    Skookum 2

    To OT and others considering driving through Southern Alberta, Head Smashed In is a great site that has been well developed and designed by First Nation People. It is an archaeological site occupying a buffalo jump site that was used for thousands of years. about a 100 miles south of Calgary or 160 Klicks, depending on which side of the fence you walk. Well worth two or three hours, I try to go every 3 or 4 years.

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    Skookum 2

    A good read PV.

    When a war rolls around, Liberals get nervous like a whore in church and hoping those rubes in fly over country bail them out once again. We don’t get invited to dinner parties around Harvard or Princeton and when we look down and see four forks and three spoons we figure the waiter is drunk, but when there is a scrap, all of a sudden we are pretty decent guys.

    We are in a war my friends, and this time it is being fought right here at home; we are fighting to reclaim the minds of people who have had their brains washed by politicians, teachers, and the media for decades. There are no medals no retirement benfits, but it is one of the most critical wars we as Americans have ever fought, because we are in serious trouble. There is a distinct possibility that we can locse this experiment in Liberty if Obama and his henchmen turn those same Celts against us and freedom.

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    Hopefully, couples live for the sake of one another and each contributes to the nurturing of their relationship without keeping a scorecard.

    Rand herself might feel dejected at that thought. Her idea about love, as presented in the book, was of the mutual exchange of that love, through sexual and emotional desire. In short, you give to your partner so that you can receive it in turn. The relationships of Dagney/Rearden and Dagney/Galt are examples of it in the book. The opposite, where only one is giving while the other takes, and there is no reciprocity, is shown in Rearden’s relationship with his wife.

    A better book by Rand on personal relationships would be ‘The Fountainhead’, which I found to be an excellent book as well.

    BTW, I find that quote you posted to be most interesting. For those who we love, we need not be anything other than who we are, hence, we are relaxed around them, and they around us.


    One has to wonder where we will find a real ‘John Galt’, or if he resides, already, within those of us who understand and believe in the maxim Rand has stated.

    I do not understand how anyone can wish it upon themselves, to be shackled as slave, to a government, or fellow men, and be burdened with their responsibility, without any authority. Liberals/progressives/socialists are amazing in their willingness to surrender freedom and liberty, for security, especially when that security is decided upon by someone and/or someones who are so disengaged from the reality of life.

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    I think that if Obama attempted to turn the Celts of this country against their fought-for birthright, they would quickly respond: Trasna ort féin!*

    We already see the firemen and cops’ response to the Mosque in New York, so I’m not too worried.

    (*Translation: Go F*** yourself!)

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    @johngalt #57: “The Fountainhead” is one of my favorites, too. My introduction to it was through late night movies during my teen years. Patricia O’Neal and Gary Cooper were the stars. I liked the movie so much that I headed straight for the local bookstore, purchased it, and read it in one sitting. My allowance barely kept up with my appetite for literature. Fortunately, paperbacks sold for about $2 each back then!

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    Skookum 2

    JohnG, maybe Galt is rising as a ‘collective’ persona within all of us who are so desperately struggling to maintain the freedom we were born into.

    Sometimes you must end a sentence with a preposition.

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    Skookum 2

    PV, the Romans said Ireland wasn’t worth the effort and they built Hadrian’s Wall in Northern England. If the Roman Legions didn’t like doing battle with those guys, i don’t think Obama is ready for them.

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    I believe that man’s natural state of being is free. When shackled and chained, he yearns for the freedom he knows he should have. The founding fathers gave in to this yearning, and our country was born.

    Today, as it has been for the past eighty to hundred years, progressives have steadily encroached on those freedoms most of us hold so dear. And the real malevolent, evil thing about it is, that it is done, for the most part, with good intentions, by well meaning people, who are so convinced of their own ‘superior’ ideas, that they sacrifice everything, including their own dear freedom, to have those ideas put into action. We have witnessed that with Obamacare recently.

    The greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding. ~Louis D. Brandeis

    We, as well, experience the wrathful destruction of freedoms by those who know very well what they do. Their intent is not for the good of man, but for the rule by the few. These are the ideologues who gather the first group under their wings, speak to them with honey-dripped tongues, while placing their yokes upon their necks.

    I do not abide either of these groups, for the end results from both is the binding of all to one another, and ultimately, to the central planners in government. And as men yearn for freedom, they are cast as extreme, partisan devils who care not for the ills of their fellow man by those in power. Evil comes in many forms to thieve the freedoms of man, from the overt to the covert, and in both cases, aided by the ignorant.

    I will not stand idly by while the chains are placed on my neck. I will not be shamed into allowing my freedoms to be lost, by acknowledging their divisive, accusatory rhetoric. I will stand up to their tyranny of oppression.

    Man does not owe his fellow man his life. He gives of it willingly, on his terms. To believe the contrary shows the lack of value placed, not on someone else’s life, but his own.

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    Skookum 2

    JohnG is that your writing? If it is, you better be buckling down, that is some powerful prose my friend.

    Sight in your monitor and oil up your keyboard my friend, it is war, a war of words for the present, but a war none the less.

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    Yes, my friend, that is my thoughts, put into words by my own hand. I tend to use quotes, by those I find inspiring, as support for my ideas, and attribute them when I can. Thanks for the kind words.

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    James Raider

    @ johngalt,

    ” the end results from both is the binding of all to one another, and ultimately, to the central planners in government”

    Exactly, . . . And there is the rub.

    When organizations, including government bureaucracies, unions, as well as corporations, get too powerful, they inevitably hand extreme influence over to a very few at the top. When that influence remains there for too many years, in the context of an average human lifespan, then the abuse is inevitable because it is not humanity’s destiny to ever find a real and true benevolent dictator.

    China and the USSR have provided ample example of the potential for abuse and corruption when government has well entrenched, enormous and overwhelming power over the population.

    Large international corporations may not be as ruthless as corrupt governments, but they can be very destructive as we have seen when they are allowed, even encouraged, to stray beyond the laws and common sense.

    The 2 biggest changes taxpayers can clamour for are probably the injection of term limits on Congress, and getting rid of the Congressional influence peddling, . . . then work down from there.

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    Skookum 2

    Guys we have the power to correct this situation, it is called the ballot. Unfortunately, our own apathy and willingness to accept the status quo has backed us down the outhouse hole we find ourselves in now. Until we can get the actual working people of America motivated we will never overcome the influence of the victims and dependent classes. They take their survival seriously and know the Progressive Socialist will reward them grandly for their support. When they hear the code words of the Marxist, Wealth Redistribution, you damn well better believe they want in on that gravy train.

    We have allowed our politicians to be slothful and uninspiring by our lackluster performance with the ballot and look what happens, we have a quasi Marxist; thankfully he is an incompetent boob and can only tie up the government rather than actually lead.

    Yes, we can say our politicians let us down, but in the larger view it is us who have failed to maintain a standard with the ballot. Unless we demand performance, we will be forever stuck with sloth and corruption: it is time to become involved, write, vote, argue, and support. We must keep these Conservatives in the fight or find others who will listen to the power of our ballot, a much more effective weapon than the bullet.

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