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We are a week into Ramadan; yet what Americans are unaware of amidst all this hype and hysteria about the potential for a 13 story community center (with a mosque) conceived by Muslims, being built 2 blocks away from Ground Zero as opposed to 10 blocks away (which is about how far away Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf has been holding congregations for years, serving the community of Lower Manhattan for 27 yrs), is that Ground Zero has been invaded by symbolic flags of Islamic conquest for years, now:

Breaking: Halal food carts spotted ON Ground Zero!

A reader writes in to sound the alarm about another sacrilege that we’ve all somehow overlooked:

One thing I haven’t seen anyone write about is the presence of Muslim food carts MUCH closer to Ground Zero. There are at least two, depending on the time of day, along West Broadway between Vesey and Park Place. One is practically on top of the Ground Zero construction site, outside the Path station. Aren’t they an “affront,” a “provocation”? Muslims engaging in in-your-face commerce on sacred ground, with the word HALAL prominently displayed on their carts! Where’s Palin when we need her??

This is an outrage! It’s a slap in the face to all Americans. Would we have let udon noodle stands open shop at Pearl Harbor? Or allow sushi to be served aboard the USS Nevada just 9 years after the day that lives on in infamy?

Why isn’t this “creeping diarrhea” making frontpage headline news?! I am so sick of the media bias!

Granted, they most likely have the proper mobile food vendor’s license, and aren’t breaking any laws (Can we get some lawyers on this, right away, just to be sure? Perhaps find a loophole…). So we are appealing to Muslim food peddlers’ sensitivities here and demand: Go peddle the halal somewhere else. It is inappropriate and distasteful.

Especially during the month of Ramadan.

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    Patvann #231: How can I reevaluate being called a bigot based on a response that starts out with “Islam is not a religion of peace and never has been.” Do believe the content is about the revered principles on which Islam was established and can be seen in the Quran, Hadith and other documents. I have not gone back and read what I wrote specifically but the intent was to point out how difficult it is to know who is following the these tenets and who is not.

    As I recall, I used the example of what happened in Iran in the 70s with the hostage taking and thousands of foreigners kicked out. My unit flew cover for the evacuation and I personally helped hundreds of families be comfortable as they waited on flights home from Athens. The stories they told were pretty consistent in that their Iranian friends turned on them and many stated they had been faking their friendship until the right time.

    Bigotry. I would say it is more like factual data.

    The kicker in this little episode and one in which even Mr. Aye will have trouble overcoming is when I asked him if Islam has specific requirements on how Muslims should treat infidels (and Kafirs) in their holy documents. He refused to answer the question (which is undeniably yes) and changed the subject to individual believers of the faith and their relationships. All I could do at that point was shrug my shoulders and realize he was clueless about what I was writing. Even he should have realized (especially since the subject sentence started out with Islam and not Muslims) that I was writing about philosophical and political Islam. I was picking oranges way up in the orange tree while he was applying manure to the ground around the tree.

    Suggest he refrain from calling people names in knee jerk fashion based on blog posts written in response to issues which are controversial. One should not have to parse words carefully at a conservative website. Such knee jerks can be found all day among liberals. Mr Aye reminded me of my dear brother in Oklahoma who looks hard to find things I write to use against me as a weapon of name calling. He, too, is a dedicated liberal.

    Twas not a very impressive show of restraint on his part and, of course, any misunderstanding on the content was my fault since as Wordsmith found out with this posting – the written word does not portray intent as well as the spoken word.

  2. @CHill:

    I have not gone back and read what I wrote specifically but the intent was to point out how difficult it is to know who is following the these tenets and who is not.

    Therein lies the problem.

    You haven’t even refreshed your memory regarding what you’ve written yet you insist that you’re correct.

    Hint: You got off on the wrong track in your very first post and it went spiraling down from there.

    Run along now Mr. Parchment Diploma. See if you too can discover what is abundantly clear.

    PS…. That definition of bigotry that you provided fits you perfectly. If you need help with the English, just let me know.

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    Aye: OOOOOH, such brilliant tactics to redeem thyself. You are truly an intellect of immense proportions.

    Do the holy books of Islam dictate how believers are to treat infidels (kafir)? Now it is your turn to get the gist of the content. Funny how you still refuse to answer the simple question and realize what it was all about. Why ask such a question?

    Parchments are nice things to achieve. Maybe it is time for you to try to achieve one.

    Nice place you have here – NOT!

    You obviously have not kept up with other bloggings.

    The definition also fits someone else as well. (You probably do not understand to whom I am referring)

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    IT”S too regrettable, that this hot subject has succeed to divide SMART COMMENTERS who stand their ground on each side, but all belong to the same party, and same ideal,
    OF restoring AMERICA which is sinking deeper into debts from bad policys,
    AND destructives AIMS as to DIVIDE and HATEFULLY use the racist card , and the bullying tactic
    to insult the people who dont accept to be governed bye such incompetance..
    THERE is so much anger in a majority of AMERICANS, who must be patient until the time come du, to vote rightfully for RESTORING AMERICA.

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