60,000 Illegal Democrats Born in Texas Each Year

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The Invasion Continues

Texas has an estimated 1.5 million illegal aliens residing in their state producing an estimated 60,000 new Democrat voters each year: Democrats have been slow to address the issue with such an increase in Democrat voters each year, but Republicans are finally forcing the immigration issue to be resolved in a year that has Democrat politicians preparing far an old-fashioned ass whipping at the polls.

Parkland Memorial Hospital delivers more of those babies than any other hospital in the state. Last year at Parkland, 11,071 babies were born to women who were noncitizens, about 74 percent of total deliveries. Most of these women are believed to be in the country illegally.

State Rep. Rafael Anchía, D-Dallas, accused Republicans of using the births to generate an explosive election issue.

“They’re pulling the pin on the immigration grenade,” he said. “It’s all about the November elections and continuing to use the immigration issue as a wedge to win votes this fall.”

Texans are determined to fight this issue at the state level and it looks like Obama and Holder will be spending a great deal of time filling charges against states over the illegal alien issues that Obama refuses to address without a provision for blanket amnesty.

“They’re violating our law, and we’re giving their children the benefit of U.S. citizenship,” said state Rep. Leo Berman, R-Tyler, whose 2009 bill in the Legislature would have challenged the birthright of immigrant children.

That bill died in committee, although Berman has vowed to file another version next year that would prohibit the state from issuing birth certificates to the children of “illegal aliens.”

At issue is the 14th Amendment that was enacted to keep Democrats from enforcing the Dredd Scott Decision that in essence that former slaves were chattel or property and not qualified to have the right to vote or be a citizen. The 14th was designed to give the right of citizenship to everyone who was born in America; Republicans maintain convincingly, that it was meant for people who were legally and not for people who are here illegally. They argue that we are rewarding felons with citizenship for “Anchor Babies” and that they are using up our hospital and welfare assistance programs while legitimate immigrants wait years for the opportunity to immigrate legally, a process that is expensive and time consuming.

Of course if we are going to allow the Mexican illegal to literally cut in line, why are we being so exclusive?

If this is going to be an issue that is decided by the people who merely want to emigrate why not open the borders to Canadians and the Citizens of the World like our President claims to be. Either open the borders to the world and accept Islamic Terrorists and East Indian engineers with the same level of indifference or close the damn borders and make it a felony with mandatory prison time for hiring an illegal.

The 14th Amendment was written to keep the Democrat from manipulating the law so that they could maintain their power base in the South, with the pre-Civil War decision by the Supreme Court in 1857 that declared slaves as property and without rights. The 14th Amendment was enacted in 1868 and for the last few years there have been several efforts to change the law that has reached the point of absurdity.

In 2009, the Birthright Citizenship Act, had approximately 100 co-sponsors in congress, and would have required at least one parent to be a citizen in order for the baby to become a US citizen at birth. This year’s attempt to change the amendment has influential Republicans offering their support and demanding a national debate on the issue.

Senator John Cornryn, R Texas, has called for a congressional review of “birthright citizenship”, maintaining that illegal aliens have manipulated and taken advantage of the 1868 constitutional amendment. Quoting the Senator, “We need to have hearings, we need to consult constitutional scholars ad study what the implications are.”

There are many of us out in the country who know what the implication are, without the hearings.

Senator Lindsey Graham, Progressive Republican from South Carolina, has hinted that he ‘might’ introduce an amendment that would repeal the citizenship provision of the amendment. Republican Senators from Arizona McCain and Kyl, facing a state that is nearing chaos and revolt, now feel that the time might be ripe to repeal the citizenship provision of the amendment. The previous years have been spent waiting for the fruit to ripen or perhaps they are in danger of losing their seats if they don’t move now.

Senator Kyl asked with mild outrage after years in office, on a Sunday talk show, “If both parents are here illegally, should there be a reward for their illegal behavior?”

Amendments to the constitution require a 2/3 vote in both houses, and then ratification by three quarters of the state legislatures. It has only been accomplished 27 times in U.S., the last time was in 1992 in reference to congressional pay increases.

Texas records 60 to 65 thousand births to illegal aliens each year and grants them citizenship according to the Health and Human Services Commission, these births represent 16% of births stat wide. There were 542,152 births from 2001 to 2009 to illegal aliens in Texas. In ten years, demographically Texas may decide to revert back to Mexican rule at the current rate of births among illegal aliens.

A professional horseman for over 40 years, Skook continues to work with horses. He is in an ongoing educational program, learning life's lessons from one of the world's greatest instructors, the horse. Skook has finished an historical novel that traces a mitochondrial line of DNA from 50,000 years ago to the present. The book Fifty-Thousand Years is awaiting me to finish a final proofread and it should be sent to the formatter in a matter of days. I am still working, so it is not easy to devote the time I need to finish the project. The cover is a beautiful wok of art. I would put it up here if I could figure out how to make it work.

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    Parkland may set a record, but south Texas has largely turned mexican. Drive south of San Antonio, away from the coast and it’s 90% latino. Look at a state map showing political affiliation and you’ll see where the democrats are getting their support from. The border counties are heavily democrat and walk-around money is given for support. Of course, they run their politics like they know from Mexico… corrupt. It’s almost as bad as Illinois! 🙂

    Of course there are lots of bonafide latino Texans with no allegiance to Mexico and are good citizens. BUT few stick around in south Texas will all the illegals and illegal-friendly populace. Lots of money is made in loaning money, in an underground cash economy, and state and federal aid. You would not want to know the amount of state and federal tax dollars are GIVEN to illegals in food stamps, childcare, and the state’s women support program.

    These women will tell the state they got a divorce… may even get one. Have 4 kids. Need assistance. So, they qualify for support. Only rub? Husband never left. Still lives with them. They play the system. Married, they get maybe a little here or there… but as a single, poor, head of family, they get a WIK card and many times the support…. AND they all know it.

    Most of these folks ( not fair to generalize, but I can’t help it ) see the government the way they viewed the Mexican government. Corrupt and get what you can. They are practical… they will do what they have to do to get by and if that means cheating well-meaning programs, ok. Vote Democrat to ensure the programs will continue? No problem. They don’t care about anything but their life right there in the valley… and their families and heritage across the river.

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    What’s especially galling is how the Dims talk-up the “contributions” of the illegal alien, yet ignore and/or minimize those who continue the time-honored traditions Americans hold dear.

    To wit:

    CAMP PENDLETON, Calif. – At his brother’s funeral nearly six years ago, Ricardo Peralta made him a promise: He would join the Marine Corps and carry on his example.

    On Friday, Peralta, now 19, fulfilled that promise as he graduated from the school of infantry.

    He will report to a battalion in Twentynine Palms, Calif., and, like his brother, probably deploy to a war zone as an infantry “grunt.”

    “I have big shoes to fill,” Peralta, a Marine private first class, said quietly.

    His brother, Sgt. Rafael Peralta, was killed at age 25 during the battle for Fallujah, Iraq, in November 2004. He is revered by the Marine Corps as one of the true heroes of the long battle in Iraq.

    His story is told to every recruit at boot camp in San Diego – he saved the lives of fellow Marines by smothering an enemy grenade with his body. Marine brass, famously stingy in recommending battle citations, nominated him for the Medal of Honor.

    At Friday’s ceremony, Capt. Robert Gill told the 226 graduates and dozens of family members that Rafael Peralta’s bravery and sacrifice were the essence of the Marine Corps’ motto: Semper Fidelis (Always Faithful).

    Rosa Peralta’s eyes filled with tears as Gill told how her son had taken the lead as his squad sought to clear heavily armed insurgents from a barricaded house. Struck by gunfire, Peralta fell to the floor, Gill said.

    Five Marines who were there would later testify that when insurgents rolled a grenade into the room, Peralta found the strength to pull the grenade toward his body, absorbing the blast and saving lives.

    Peralta had long urged his brother to enlist in the Marine Corps, but he had rejected the idea.

    But at the funeral, as Ricardo looked into his brother’s casket, he made the promise to become a Marine.

    “I would never have disrespected him and not enlisted as he wanted me to,” Ricardo said. “I just hope that wherever he is now, he is proud of me, like I’m proud of him.”

    The day after the Peralta family was notified of Rafael’s death, a letter arrived that he had written to his brother.

    Rafael, who was born in Mexico City and joined the Marine Corps the day he received his green card, told his brother to appreciate their adopted country.

    “You should be proud of being an American,” he wrote. “Our father came to this country and became a citizen because it was the right place for our family to be. If anything happens to me, just remember I’ve already lived my life to the fullest.”

    Rafael Peralta posthumously received the Navy Cross, rather than the Medal of Honor, because of conflicting medical analysis about whether he consciously pulled the grenade toward him or whether it was an automatic reflex of somebody already dead.

    The decision, made by the secretary of defense, has angered Marines, and Rosa Peralta has refused to accept the lesser award.


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    John Cooper


    Ann Coulter wrote an article for Town Hall which contained some history that I didn’t know. Justice Brennan’s Footnote Gave Us Anchor Babies

    Democrats act as if the right to run across the border when you’re 8 1/2 months pregnant, give birth in a U.S. hospital and then immediately start collecting welfare was exactly what our forebears had in mind, a sacred constitutional right, as old as the 14th Amendment itself.

    The louder liberals talk about some ancient constitutional right, the surer you should be that it was invented in the last few decades.

    In fact, this alleged right derives only from a footnote slyly slipped into a Supreme Court opinion by Justice Brennan in 1982. You might say it snuck in when no one was looking, and now we have to let it stay.

    The 14th Amendment was added after the Civil War in order to overrule the Supreme Court’s Dred Scott decision, which had held that black slaves were not citizens of the United States. The precise purpose of the amendment was to stop sleazy Southern states from denying citizenship rights to newly freed slaves — many of whom had roots in this country longer than a lot of white people.

    The amendment guaranteed that freed slaves would have all the privileges of citizenship by providing: “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside.”

    The drafters of the 14th amendment had no intention of conferring citizenship on the children of aliens who happened to be born in the U.S. (For my younger readers, back in those days, people cleaned their own houses and raised their own kids.)

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    Old Trooper 2

    Skookum, Congratulations! Your addition as a bona fide Author at FA is long overdue and a very keen decision on the part of Curt, our gracious host. Your stories are always chock full of information, amusement and never fail to entertain. Home spun humor and good old fashioned common sense are your trademark and a simple logic that reaches out to even the most sophisticated reader hits the mark.

    The 14th Amendment, like the Necessary and Proper, Commerce Clause, General Welfare and others have been stretched over the years by the Parliament of Whores (Congress & the Senate) and numerous others that have been the Temporary Residents of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to place tests on SCOTUS and take Un Constitutional Liberties with the Treasury for shiny things that worked as well as the Great Society, the War on Dope and Welfare for those too lazy or sly to work. After all, with all of the Lawyers in Congress and the Senate that were too slothful to practice Law, some folks always resort to the low hanging fruit such as collecting welfare, holding elected office for a lifetime or Self Service in Government that yields vote buying, poor Domestic and perfectly lousy Foreign Policy that is the legacy of the current Regime and others that were socialist inspired.

    The 14th Amendment can be hailed as breaking the bonds of the residue of slavery and establishing Equal Protection Under the Law. It is now greatly abused by those that want US Citizenship for their offspring and a permanent place in the soup line and on the dole. It also promises Immigration without documentation and a couple of million feet under the taxpayers table, free medical care and residency without the hassle of going through Legal Immigration.
    An undocumented immigrant is like a dope dealer, an undocumented pharmacist, in my opinion.
    No such thing of course.

    I know folks that waited years for Citizenship, filled out the paperwork and completed the Legal Process while others were permitted to “jump the line, the fence or swim the river”. It is an insult to them and a travesty that existing Federal Law is not enforced and that the Holder DOJ takes aim at the State of Arizona regarding their recent State Statute.

    Citizenship is a Privilege, not a Right. Some are born here and got the gift. Others wrangled it by means of taking Liberties with the 14th Amendent. Others EARNED it by going through the lengthy Legal means. This, amongst other issues, needs some repair.

    Again, Congratulations Shookum!
    And let the rock throwing resume!

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    premium_subscriber, subscriber

    I can’t speak for ALL Texans, but BY GOD this is one household that will fight and DIE if necessary. Texas will NEVER fall under Mexican rule, not as long as people like me draw breath and have guns to fight with.

    And the day I don’t have a gun to fight with is the day I stop worrying, because if you see TexasFred without a gun, it’s because I am out of ammo and got killed in the hand to hand combat!

    God Bless Texas and to HELL with the wetbacks that are trying to overtake Her.

    And to the gutless traitors in Washington that are allowing it to happen!

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    Note on your headline, there is no such thing as an illegal Democrat. Only conservatives or Republicans are illegal in this country.

    On an off topic, maybe –

    In real life, the president can veto bills, do a lot of arm twisting and even ignore enforcement of laws, the congress can override vetos and pass or stop legislation, and the courts can declare something out of thin air constitutional or non-constitutional.

    But how does the Executive or Legislative branch put a check on the abuses of the Judicial branch?

    If all three branches determine that the Constitution grants the federal government with almost limitless powers – as they appear to be going with Obamacare, TARP, education, and others, what is left of the totally unique and exceptional American form of government?

    I can move to Europe to have European style government. I can move to Cuba to have totalitarian style of government, I can move to Sweden or Canada to have socialistic forms of government, I can move to Somalia to have a totally broken form of government, but nowhere else in the world can I move to have an American form of government.

    Why do the Democrats insist on destroying the exceptional American form of government and replacing it with a style of government like in other parts of the world? Is this really what the Founding Fathers had in mind?

    There were reasons they rejected other forms of government known to them. There were reasons they produced our unique experience. Those reasons are still valid today, even if the Democrats have forgotten them.

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    If this does pass I can guarentee that the number of births in the Texas and California hospitals will plummet. Add in the enforcement of making these illegals pay for the services they take for free and that will bottom out the number of births that we hard working Americans pay on a daily basis.

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    premium_subscriber, subscriber

    Fred – I’m with you buddy; but could you please be a little more specific.

    Yeah, that’s always been one of my faults, I never have been able to express myself very forcefully… :mrgreen:

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