Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

42 Responses to “Black Panther Leader – Blacks Can’t Be Racist Because Their Ancestors Suffered”

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    Glad to hear that. My ancestors were native Americans and the Irish, peoples who suffered under the evil European powers. Now I am free to criticize Obama and blacks in general. 🙂

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    That is the most idiotic statement I have heard in awhile. All of us have ancestors at some point who have suffered under terrible living conditions. Anyone who allows themselves to listen and agree with this man is a fool.

    Even more outrageous is the MSM’s virtual silence on the DOJ’s refusal to prosecute an obvious act of voter intimidation by this man and his group. AG Holder, and ultimately Obama himself, must answer to the American public for this. This story should be getting blasted to every corner of the country, yet as we know, the MSM’s blatant bias will not allow them to call things as they truly are. It is truly amazing just how much they are in the pocket of the liberal/progs who hold office. On the one hand, we have a completely unverified, unproven, slanderous charge of racist language hurled at a black congressmen making his way into the Capital building and they, the MSM, repeat the lies and influence viewers and readers of their media that the TEA party is racist. Then on the other hand, we have an act that is blatantly racist, purely verifiable, has already been prosecuted and judged against, dropped by the DOJ prior to sentencing. Interesting that the head of the DOJ is black, the president is black, and the instigators in the crime were black. And not only do we have the act itself that is against the law, but also video of the group’s leader issuing racist rants and calling for the death of a certain race. And all we get from the press is silence.

    Ladies and gentlemen, we no longer have a free press anymore. Anyone who cannot see the contradictions, and blatant bias from the above two examples is simply an idiot who would blindly follow the Dems off a cliff if led that way. There is no other way to look at it. When the libs/progs come for the internet, I would hope that the defense is every bit as solid as it has been for the 2nd Amendment, because if the freedom of the internet falls, we will be left with nothing more than a different version of Pravda in this country.

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    It might have been entertaining to ask Shabazz ( are all Black Panther members named Shabazz?) if only white people can be guilty of voter intimidation or if white people have any civil rights at all.

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    Rob in Katy

    A once powerful and noble warrior race reduced to blaming crackers.
    I’ve said it before:
    Vietnamese boat people come here knowing little or no English and withing a few years are a productive and vibrant part of society.

    Illegal Mexicans come here and thrive speaking little English and only a strong back and they make enough to support themselves and send money back home to support family.

    Muslims come here speaking little English and within a few years have a grocery or fuel station and make enough to send home to support efforts to blow us up and continue Jihad.

    Explain the problem with Black to me? They have had Billions if not Trillions pushed their way with all the programs, set asides, and government coddling and they can’t do what all the other minorities seem to be able to do. Each of the minorities has had to overcome hardship and yes, discrimination, yet they have done so, why is one different from all the others?

    I know, I know, I am racist for asking, but never having owned a slave or personally kept the black man down, I just don’t know…

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    After sitting in and listening to the Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s sermons rants, I can honestly say that I am not a racists.

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    Hard Right

    That’s a new spin. I’m used to hearing blacks can’t be racist because they don’t have power, but whites do. Racism is really about power.

    🙄 🙄 🙄 🙄

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    Hmmm… Well the Jews were enslaved by Pharoh… so they get a pass to if this was a valid argument… Orrrrr… is there a statute of limitations on being the descendent of a slave?

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    I hate to disappoint Shabazz, but thousands of our WHITE ancestors came here as indentured servants – slaves – just like the blacks that were brought here. That includes all but three of the colonists that came on the Mayflower. American Indians were held as slaves in the Southwest – after the Civil War. Free blacks in the South themselves owned slaves – documented and enumerated in the Censuses taken at the time.

    And one other little thing: many of our American Blacks have as much white blood as they do black. Our president is a prime example. Just who is it putting themselves into that old Jim Crow “one drop of black blood makes you black” box? Hint: isn’t the white folks.

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    Go back even further Granny, everyone regardless of race and color was enslaved by someone at some point. They just had it the most recent and in my opinion the easiest. Didnt see them build pyramids, coliseums, be fed to the lions or fight in gladiatorial rings. Let alone died fighting for there freedom in countless ancient and modern wars.

    Romeo, of course there’s a time limitation. Cant have them pesky white folk proving them wrong with facts. That wouldn’t be fare at all now would it.

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    What does “racist” mean? If it means biased against a person’s race, then the definition covers any race against any other race. Slavery or suffering of one race at the hands of another doesn’t give them a pass.

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    YES I realy love this BLOG, WE have such INTELLIGENCE here and every POST made by COMMENTERS and
    SUCH intelligent AUTHORS, again and again the KNOWLEDGE flow like a river freely and if challenges, MORE will flow to get to the understanding we all look for.

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    Without the hate they foment, the NAACP and the NBPP would lose relevance. Neither is interested in Martin Luther King’s ideal.

    The same goes for Jackson and Sharpton.

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    I believe that MLK would be at the forefront of the groups, and I mean ALL groups, denouncing the NAACP and NBPP as racist organizations.

    We do not have anyone, either white or black, or any other race for that matter, who has the stature, honesty, integrity and conviction that MLK had on race relations. He didn’t ask for handouts. He didn’t ask for special exemptions. He didn’t ask for race-based considerations. All he asked for was to be judged as a man. Nothing more, nothing less. He should be revered by the right as someone who stood tall on principle.

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    Wonder what kind of education Shabazz had…

    “The earliest records of slavery can be traced to the Code of Hammurabi (ca. 1760 BC), and the Bible refers to it as an established institution. Slavery was known to occur in civilizations as old as Sumer, as well as almost every other ancient civilization, including Ancient Egypt, Ancient China, the Akkadian Empire, Assyria, Ancient India, Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, the Islamic Caliphate, and the pre-Columbian civilizations of the Americas.”

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    CURT, good post, that allow me to mention how just to bad the new leader SHABAS is lacking,
    his followers should choose their leader with more scrutiny,and not by their pursuit of hate talks,
    SO many BLACKS are gifted with the brain to rise above racist behavior,they are not all from new generation, many older one have warn their brothers of that danger we see today,
    I think of so many gifted with acting or signing ,others are the professionals such intelligence,
    which by the way has no skin colour, don’t the racist who are stuck with backward thinking
    know that, they better wake up if they want to become successful in what they choose to do
    to better their life,

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    @ilovebeeswarzone: it is not a matter of them wanting to realize what would be in their interest or society at a whole. A certain number would be sociopaths , a sociopath revels in doein g evil to others, that would have less to do with race than not. that could explain why prison populations are more than 50% black though they are only 18% of the population. The problem isthe making excuses for bad behavior. there is no excuse and should be no pass for bad behavior. Responsibility for crimerest at the feet of the criminal not at another. People have to get that well ingrained into their minds. Plenty of good black people are not the problem, but there are quite a number who choose the route of theft drug dealing and other criminal associations, they should not be given a pass because of the color of their skin. Till society changes to stop accepting that notion, we will be doomed to this state of anarchy which is devastating to the victims as well as these people taking on this negative lifestyle because of the current notion of turning the head till a murder occurs.

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    chris, yes absolutly true, It seems that they increase their power of wrong thinking since the election of the president,they made it their own, because of the way they contribute to the election, and they
    are being incited by OBAMA still at this time, dont they know that they will be drop by him
    any time that he wont need them, he is not for them, he is using them, that is 2 different things,check where ALLEN WEST is climing so fast like a lightning speed to show them the right way is open to everyways, and he don’t need to use anybody to become what he is and to deserve the respect of all
    people with the whole spectrum of colour, united in TRUTH AND HONOR IN THIS BEAUTIFULL AMERICA

    chris, yes, absolutly, they are being incited to hate by their leader as we speak, they are being used only for the violence they show, but they should know their leader at every step of the lader going up to the top INCITER, don’t give a split second of interst about them,

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    @mark: slavery is an unfortunate but necessary institution, civilization cannot exist without it. It becomes unfair and obnoxious when it singles a group of people whether it be because of their ethnicity or religion, or race or any other benign attribute. We have the opposing sociatal problem that sociopaths are not sick persons that can be repaired or restored to what we would call normal. It is possible to, not diagnose them, as that would be an illness, but they can be identified, To wait till they commit some crime and then imprison them, does not go to reform them as reformation is impossible, prison time makes them considerably worse and harder to capture next time. Over 50% of crime is commited by 25% of the prison poulation detained as sociopaths in which a corrupt government wrongly thinks they are reforming. There true objective is to pad pockets of Lawyers and other friends. It would be more human to detain them compationately in a system of slavery in which they can be housed and watched over life and have limited movement without restraint within the compound. They could work play etc. but not own property or any other item that makes a sociopath look for methods to assualt others. Their lives would be better and society at large would be better. The prison system would be greatly relieved and those few persons who are rehabilitable by the same would then be so taken and reformed.

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    Blacks hate whites because they can’t compete with whites, and they can’t succeed on the same level as whites in an advanced civilization in spite of the fact they’re awarded jobs, positions and social benefits strictly on the basis of race. Jealousy and envy are the fuel that propels their hate.All their attempts at being successful in any of the sciences or professions have either proved fruitless or very limited. So when they see whites succeeding all around them in business, academics and the sciences, and just about everything else that requires intelligence, they can’t stand it. Limited in their mentality and therefore limited in their understanding, but being arrogant in spite of it, they conclude that whites get their positions through favoritism, knowing somebody, etc., and they conclude that whites in business succeed because they do dishonest things to get ahead, but all the while these same whites have oodles of time doing what they can “to keep the black man down.” Black demagogic leaders and preachers reinforce their beliefs with fiery, lying rhetoric that is well within the area of hateful incitement to commit crimes and not within the boundaries of free speech, yet, because they’re black they get a pass for what whites would be arrested and tried in court for. If they have a HUGE percentage of black males in prison, who failed to try in school because it is “acting white,” and they have a propensity for crime and violence, they condemn whites for the high incarceration rates. It’s never the fault of the black criminal who turns to crime, because he’s too dumb to learn academically and refuses to learn a trade, because stealing and other crime pays better. Everything is the fault of whites. Everything. And their rage grows. And their Reverend Wrights, All Sharptons, Jesse Jacksons, Barack Obamas, Oprah Winfreys, Condoleeza Rices, all reinforce their pitiful beliefs that whitey is to blame for all their ills. And their rage grows. Only an imbecile would believe that a people who have had more than equal opportunities for the last 40 plus years have not succeeded because they got a late start due to slavery or racism, but that’s the nonsense the black rank and file are fed, and they eagerly eat it up, because it provides them with an excuse for failing at everything so miserably. It’s not their lack of intelligence and ability that holds them back, it’s whitey. It’s not their lack of intelligence. It’s not their propensity for crime and violence. It’s not their lack of effort put forth to learn a trade. It’s all whitey’s fault. So if anybody were to conclude that nothing can be done to appease the black anti-white racists he would be right. Nothing will appease this hateful population of people. Nothing. Whites could give them the entire country and leave and when they made a mess of things and imploded, don’t worry, that would be whitey’s fault too. No nation will ever know peace, serenity and prosperity that has these savages as citizens.

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    Rob in Katy

    16 Trillion in special benifits and equal rights benifits over the last 40 years, 16 trillion, that is a lot of fail brother a whole lot!!!

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    THIS POST started july 2010,
    well well, read of a demolition of some opinion on the BLACK saying that whites are racist,
    the administration let that go as a truth among the BLACK COMMUNITY,
    because they want to keep the CONTROL over the BLACK PEOPLE it keep them in their jobs in GOVERNMENT,, shame on them for being so wrong, and they know they are,
    and hear him speak of the truth for all AMERICANS, no color divide like this country has been spoken of by this leader,
    listen to HERMAN CAIN SPEECH and you will hate the word racist from BLACKS OR WHITE,
    the man has got it, color is not the problem,
    the problem is to follow the wrong leadership and embrace their speechs hatefull speech and let them lead you, whatever color you are into the pit of destitute destruction,
    just turn about and listen to HERMAN CAIN wisdom speech and you all will be enlighted and free from the haters that try to keep you hating for the rest of your life.

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    @Rob in Katy: that s government program expense, doesn t count the vast sums of the penal judicial system, they comprise 16% of the population but commit over 50% of the crime. don t forget the theft of other property and damage, the cost to society at large would be more than double that figure, plus, the new studides are out and they now know that iq is totally heredatary, the special treatment in schools has totaally failed and their new hope is genocide through integration so that the black african american no longer existsm ANY HOW IF IT WOULD WORK, IS IT ETHICAL, and by God, why do we have to waith another 50 plus years for civility

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    @Winning: you are right on everything except IQ caucasians average 100 and blacks at 85, substantially lower but not to where with effort they could perform in some tasks, they cannot very well compete in higher sciences as well, I believe the largest problem is that sociopathology runs at a significanty higher rate amongst them as well as all tribal persons, that it is a form of survival in the wild. problem is we in this land are not in that situation. So it creates havoc in our society

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    @steve: you don t expalin yourself at all, the only significant racism is black racism, it is a problem round the world, from the somalia pirates to the alabama criminal and every nick and cranny where black racists inflict their injury, it is fairly evident the reaction to black racism in the past caused the reaction of some whites to retaliate, it is not that abnormal that if you had a family member assulted by someone of another race that you would indeed have the tendency to take matters into your own hands, look at the blacks i believe in kentucky recently that sexually mutilated the white couple and then burned them to death, and of course the insult to injury was the media keeping it under raps

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