Glenn Beck – All The President’s Men

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Very strong show by Glenn Beck today on all the President’s men, it’s an eye-opener. Yes, he is a bit of a showman but the information provided is a must see. Spend 30 minutes to watch all of it:

Curt served in the Marine Corps for four years and has been a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles for the last 24 years.

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    @Hard Right:

    Itโ€™s funny, I remember the left making the same attacks on Rush. The claims he was lying, was a loon, etc.

    They elected one of their idiots to the Senate. ๐Ÿ™„ Beck for President. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    MISSY: hi, they must feel threaten to stick on thoses journalists, who keep them from hiding their game. bye,thank you for. ๐Ÿ™„

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    Victor Tiffany

    Hard Right, Beck lies a lot. So does Rush Limbaugh who is also a racist. That you embrace him is all I need to read.

    Also, reread these comments from the top. I posted, Hankster responded. To read this as my stalking his is absurd at best and misleading in fact.

    It’s clear that Beckerheads don’t care that Beck is a liar and a hypocrite. You don’t care that he’s not qualified to address most of the topics he takes on; he’s a fraud.

    Hankster, your unwillingness to read my blog reconfirms the theory that conservatives are close-minded. Apparently, so are reactionaries. Calling my wife “wifey” shows how much you are anything but pro-family. You’re probably a closet gay.

    I’m terminating my notices for when someone responds to one of my comments. I have more important things to attend to than deal with bumpkins who want a liar, hypocrite and a fraud to be President. My guess is that Missy would miserably fail any civics test.

    So would Hankster and Hard Right, but that’s just a guess.

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    the less than a gem, Tiffany: Iโ€™m terminating my notices for when someone responds to one of my comments. I have more important things to attend to than deal with bumpkins who want a liar, hypocrite and a fraud to be President. My guess is that Missy would miserably fail any civics test

    Wow… could it be the obsessed one with the wedgie discovered a life afterall? One can only hope….

    Personally, I’ll take Missy over Mr. Wiz any moment. She’s got more civics and historic knowledge in her deepest REM sleep this this chump has in his waking hours. Like we needed another prog/Marxist around… LOL

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    Aye Chihuahua


    Beck lies a lot.

    Wow! “He lies”?


    “A lot”? Really?


    Cite one example please with evidence to support your claim.

    We’ll start off easy, just cite one example for now. If what you say is true then one example should be easy for you.

    So does Rush Limbaugh who is also a racist.


    Rush “lies” and he’s “a racist”?

    Again, cite just one example.

    And please…no more of your drivel about your new no-hit wonder blog site and how the old one was shut down and your old posts were lost, blah, blah, blah, and blah.

    You’re on our site now. This is not your home turf so your arguments will have to be supported by facts and, no, we’re not interested in going over there to have a discussion with you.

    Cite the examples, bud. Bring forward the proof to support your arguments.

    You’re gonna have to play your “A” game here.

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    Liars, Racist, um you forgot REDNECK TOO!! Those are the three terms the Libbies always seem to throw at anyone who doesn’t worship “Big-O”!!! LOL!! Yeah I laugh, I always laugh at clowns, and Barry is the biggest and best of em right now!
    Beckerheads?? My, now insults to b people not even here to defend themselves, not nice!
    As to your “Blog”, man, I can read you from HERE! (Central Missouri!) We have a local guy who “blogs”, and after having to deal with him on local politics, I’ve had enough of those kinds of places….
    As to “Wifey”?? I was being “flip”. look it up. Gay?? Now we get personal insults and homophobia perhaps?? LOL!! You’ll have to do MUCH better to hurt me!! I asked MY wife, who is here in the office with me, how “gay” I was…. sorry, no gay here!! LOL!!!! Pure Missouri Horn dog here perhaps… maybe a few to many male hormones on the loose, but no gay about it!! LOL!!!
    You “Quack me up”!!!
    AS to “not being notified” OK! Kinda like “sticking ones fingers in ones ears”…. don’t forget the “sticking the tongue out part and wiggling the fingers at me too”!!!! Say nanner nanner!! LOL!
    Civics test?? Bring it!
    Later…. got Horses to feed and hooves to trim before the heat of day…..

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    So he mentioned my name, didn’t know that because I stopped reading his nonsense quite a bit ago. As for civics, those in my age group were actually taught civics from elementary school on and believe it or not, never failed one test. Passed econ and the Constitution with flying colors too. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Thanks for the kind words and support, means a lot coming from you!

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    Aye Chi… what the heck have you been? Lost in the daily toils of life’s tasks as I? Glad to see you could also pop your head up for air. Too bad it had to be wasted on a bottom feeder.

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    premium_subscriber, subscriber

    Victor Tiffany does not know anything about what he is ranting about. Beck as a tool of Rupert Murdoch? I highly doubt it as he has been talking the same way since he was just a syndicated radio talk show host well before his arrival on the Fox News Channel. I know, as I used to listen to him quite a bit traveling in SE Wisconsin area. I tried counting how many times you called him a liar and a hypocrite and a fraud but lost count and interest in it since it seems every other sentence contains those words, yet barely any actual proof of your accusations. I would have taken a look at your blog, yet cannot seem to connect to it.

    Your comments have only been the rant of a leftist ideologue who hates everything conservative, hence the Bush bashing in post 23 along with your claim that Kerry’s approach to war would have been the right way.

    In post 33 you tell Hankster that you aren’t a liberal or a fool. The problem is that you come here and make your opinions of Mr. Beck, toe the line about Bush, yet no mention of Becks counterpart on MSNBC, a Mr. Keith Olbermann, and his way off base accusations and thoughts. We here, of course, know that you truly are a liberal by your own words, and because of that, we also know that you are, indeed, a fool.

    This: “I had on my old blog a challenge to Beckerheads to prove that any of the literally 100โ€™s of proven lies exposed by Media Matters, PolitiFact, Crooks and Liars or News Hounds were not actually lies. No one was able to do that.{”

    You do realize that here, at a conservative blog, those particular website organizations are considered liars themselves and do not hold any respect by most posters here. As for your challenge, I would hazard a guess that no one wanted to waste the time it would take to try and prove a negative. If you truly want to offer a challenge, why don’t you take a particular story or claim of a lie by one of those websites, make a post here, and challenge the numerous conservative posters here to dispute it. I would hazard a guess that it would be blown out of the water very early on in the discussion.

    I commend you for coming here and trying to take on conservatives and their thoughts of Mr. Beck, but you must come with more than shouts of “liar”, “hypocrite”, and “fraud” accompanied by your so-called proof of those claims. We are not a close-minded bunch here, but are, in fact, a collection of independent thinkers who have conservative leanings on how we see the world. If all you are going to do is take your ball and go home, because you think we aren’t playing nice, then fine. Good riddance. If you want to come here with actual thought provoking analysis and references to support your claims, you will be more than welcome to join in any discussion here.

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    Donald Bly

    Nice Blog Victor…. This blog has been archived or suspended for a violation of our Terms of Service.

    Bet you’re getting lots of traffic… roflmao

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    Aye Chihuahua


    Ah yes, the daily toils indeed….

    Have you ever seen “The Money Pit”?

    Well….I’m Tom Hanks with The Neighbors from HellTM added in just to make it interesting.

    I never wanted the nine foot privacy fence we now have….the neighbors drove me to it….

    In the interest of being neighborly…I haven’t painted their side hot pink….yet.

    The meetings with the Zoning Review Board have been interesting…Their efforts to create, back date, and enforce statutes and standards that, even now, don’t yet exist…Well, those efforts have been humorous to say the least.

    The whole small town blue-blood, good ol’ boy network thing has been…well, interesting.

    They chose to stick their arms into the hornets’ nest all the way to their armpits…as a result they discovered a side of me that none of them knew I had.

    By the way…I found out that a newly installed back yard chicken coop…and its’ 20 cackling, egg-laying, crowing, smelly residents…can bring otherwise unreasonable people right ’round to my way of thinking.

    Hopefully, things will be dying down and returning to some semblance of normalcy soon.

    This business of starting my day at 5:30am trying to beat the GA heat…then working the day job….then working on the house after work until 10pm or so at night is for the birds and doesn’t leave much time for the things I prefer to do instead.

    I will, however, make time for this bottom feeder.

    If he wants to trot out his inanity and vapidity for everyone to see, I’m happy to shine the light on him.

  12. 62



    Ah… not to venture far OT, Aye, but I can certainly identify with the frustration of dealing with zoning, regulations, enforcement and the speed bumps between them all. But I’d wager a guess that most city ordinances have regulations about chickens in city limits. Most of our towns, if they allow them, designate how from from the boundary lines their coop must be, and if they are allowed to “free range” anywhere on the property. But always good to hear from you…. not that I’ve been around much more than you of late.

  13. 63

    Aye Chihuahua


    The thing that’s been funny throughout this ordeal is that there are basically no regulations or written standards of enforcement when it comes to historic structures, color schemes, preservation/restoration vs. remodeling, etc.

    The neighbors were having fits over the color scheme we chose first. Then they got themselves into a twist over our choice of roofing materials.

    There is an historic precedent for the body color, the trim colors, and the roofing. We found the colors when we scraped…that’s how we decided. The roofing choice (cedar) was underneath the asphalt shingles.

    The other thing they were in a twist over is the length of time the exterior project is taking…and they tried to get the Zoning Board to fine us even though there is no ordinance on the books specifying time limits on projects. The whole thing was laughable and I told them all they could go pound sand.

    All the while their four children are running rampant on our property, making themselves at home on our side since they have virtually no yard to play in on their side.

    As far as the chickens, the only restriction is that they have to be contained on our property.

    As a result…our neighbors now have a chicken coop a mere 15 feet from their house.

    Another sterling example of the lack of effective, enforceable regulations…

    Hopefully things are good with you and you will be able to get back to much needed normalcy soon too.

  14. 65

    Aye Chihuahua


    From todayโ€™s Glenn Beck radio program: Creepy: flies love Obama. Really. Who listens to this creep?

    Who listens you ask?

    Apparently you Hoss…since you claim to be such an expert on what Beck has supposedly said or not said.

    Perhaps you missed post #53 since I see no evidence of you even making a cursory attempt at an “A” game.

    Tick tock Tiffany….

    Tick. Tock.

  15. 66

    Victor Tiffany

    Aye Chihuahua, reread what I’ve already commented here. Adding any more won’t matter to you or any other commenter.


  16. 68

    Aye Chihuahua


    @Victor Tiffany:

    You’ve yet to bring any facts to the table Tiff, just a bunch of blather and spittle flecked spew.

    Sorry. That doesn’t work in these parts.

    Your argument. Your onus.

    Bring out the facts.

    Tell us what Beck has said that you claim is false. Then make a fact based, evidence supported argument to support your position.

    Simple really.

    Especially for a fellow who claims to have the supposedly advanced edumakashun that you claim to have.

    Let’s see what you’ve got.

    Come on smart guy. Just one fact based, evidence supported argument. Just one. That’s all I’m asking for.

    Bring it on bub.

    Can you do that? Or are you just talkin’ out your azz?

    Tick tock Tiff.

    Tick. Tock.

  17. 70



    Dont bother trying to get facts from the delusional Beck hater Aye….he will just pimp his blog some more and insist you go there instead.


  18. 71

    Victor Tiffany

    “Dont bother trying to get facts from the delusional Beck hater”

    I don’t hate Beck, Curt. You want facts? Ask me.

    If you think I’m “delusional” then I’m part of the majority of Americans with three digit IQ’s who are “delusional” toward Beck, including many conservatives. Google Conservatives Against Beck. See
    Why Glenn Beck’s Producer is So Freaked Out By the Weekly Standard Cover Story.” Other conservatives are critical of Beck.

    Reactionaries like Beck, including many Libertarians.

    If you think Beck is honest or that he has integrity and want to call me delusional, talk to the hand.

  19. 73


    VICTOR TIFFANY: I dont think you’r related to LOUIE TIFFANY, because he would have not waist his time trying to sell hate like you do: he got busy doing beautyfull things for the AMERICANS; HE would not debase himself in hate and trying to spread it to others. bye

  20. 74

    Aye Chihuahua


    You want facts? Ask me.

    Ohhhh…..looky looky everyone.

    Mr. Smart Guy with the mail order degree stopped by again to scatter more crumbs on the carpet.

    Still no fact based, evidence supported argument even though the clock is running on his credibility.

    Strange that the Glenn Beck stalker claims to have a “three digit IQ” [snicker] yet he is unable to string together any sort of foundation for his claims.

    It seems to me that if Beck “lies a lot” and that if Limbaugh “lies” and is “a racist” too then Mr. TOS Violation would be able to support his claims with a minimal amount of effort.

    Facts and truth are darned stubborn things, eh?

    Beck is on the radio 15 hours a week and on television for another five. That’s 20 hours per week. If Beck is the liar you want us to believe he is then surely you could find something in that 20 hours per week to support your claims, right?


    Tiffany, sweetheart, I’m beginning to wonder who is really the liar here.

    Tick Tock.

    Tick. Tock.

  21. 75


    @Aye Chihuahua:

    I was kind of thinking about asking him if he did his anti Beck stuff dressed in a cape, tights and a spandex body shirt with a big red -Beck on the front, but, thought that might be rude or out of line, please advise. ๐Ÿ™„

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